GRB Round 3: Duane Jackson vs. Punches vs. Buzzooka Joe (top two advance).

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Who won?

  1. Duane Jackson

  2. Buzzooka Joe

  3. Punches

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  1. J o o k

    J o o k Win your battles before they’ve even been fought.

    Mar 1, 1999
    Number your votes in order from best to worst (example: 1. dljdsj 2. ljfljfs 3. dshdks)

    GRB - Grand Royal Audio Battle 2013 Rules - Second Round

    $1,800.00 up for grab!

    - 3rd Round Audios are DUE Monday night September 2nd at 11:59 pm EST.
    - Theme: up to 2-3+ Minutes must be about your opponent(s).
    - You must mention their BOARD name(s). Must be at least 2 minutes.
    - YOU MUST post using your board name that is registered to the match. Others will be DQ'ed.
    - NEW RULE: All participants must vote on at least six (6) other battles and post the links to the battles they voted on in their matches using ONE post to do so. If your links are not in by the time the battle closes for votes (Friday 11:59EST) then you will lose one vote for every link missing.YOU MUST LEAVE AT LEAST THREE LINES OF FEEDBACK WITH YOUR VOTE (IN ADDITION TO VOTING ON THE POLL). IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK YOU WILL NOT BE CREDITED FOR THE VOTE.- No Comments allowed on battle until both battlers have posted their battle songs. You can also post videos.
    - Aiming for votes or voting rings will not be tolerated. If my team catches wind of such you will be DQ'd without question.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact me immediately via PM or Email
    Polls will be edited in mid-week (as they are only allowed to be open for seven days due to board settings).
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  2. Duane Jackson

    Duane Jackson Active Member

    Nov 16, 2012

    yo jook i got a bone to pick
    how the fuck you go an pit me against some niggas that don't exist
    i mean they got an online personality
    but outside of this battling they don't do shit
    they're like the '02 Nim(rod)
    punches never threw a punch in life he said that he above that
    got shoved in lockers in school an prayed to god that they come back
    type of nigga that struggles to grow a mustache
    its probably cause you have the same characteristics a cunt has
    when i look at you i wonder why you chose this
    your hopeless
    unless you learn to photoshop a flow in
    shits sad, every time you dress you look mismatched
    you wanna be lame but macklemore already did that
    I'm no one you can get past although they say you real nice
    it feels light, the difference is my punches land in real life
    i mean you gotta see this nigga try an love a chic
    he's gotta study drunken fist as awkward as punches is
    thats gotta be the dumbest name that you can come up with
    especially when you embody everything that it doesn't fit
    I'm just sayin i aint hating thats the facts kid
    go tell a crowd your name is punches.. an tape they reaction
    now you looking like you just got sonned
    trying act like you nice on stage but you just not cut
    say you only fuckin girls cause its just not love
    but by how many games you play its clear your ex box won (xbox one)
    liar, aint no shit for me to run with
    watching boxings the only time that I've ever seen consistency in punches
    riding round in his chevy white/black
    type gassed singing jeezy in his betty white swag
    bet he likes that, till i come an take his whole system
    and ill leave punches missing like when silva faced griffin
    get your words maimed for thinking you could merk jay
    your flows bout accepted as miley cyrus twerk game
    you so soft that you constantly have the hurt face
    an after seeing pics it won't surprise me if you turned gay
    it's like ya score up, that light in ya closet got its cord cut
    you a fanny pack away from Warbux

    Buzzooka Joe:
    as far as battling wird i don't give a fuck if its true
    that he bagged an underage girl he look a hundred from you
    he ate food off the plate you was accustomed to use
    gave you the same treatment he gave bitches he fucked in those schools
    yet, you walk around like you got nothing to prove
    when you one of the worst rappers to ever jump in the pool
    you'd drown without those floaties you swimming in the deep end
    breathe less, ya vocal tone sounds like a rejects
    pop quiz, who the hell told you that you rock shit
    cause he should probably die the same fuckin death that pac did
    you play double dutch
    one of the softest rappers coming up
    i mean everyone already knows that bazookas bubble gum
    you make me feel like this a comedy short
    so if, you bazooka joe than punches gotta be mort, fags
    you a sucker proof is no one ever runs with you
    ya bitch ugly too and you still lucky that she fucks with you
    but you burn down the club, you that herb that i love
    on the dance floor yelling turn down for what
    you probably the type that goes out an bowls with kids
    when it comes to pussy its like it don't exist
    say you got it then you full of shit
    cause when ya moms makes you late is the only time that you ever gon' pull a chic
    how you liking that corner you getting bullied in
    if joe got bazookas I'm thinking he better pull em quick
    heard his song game its wacker than you'd ever think
    going to war's the only way buzzooka's killing anything
    on that stage you'll get pressed like, who the fuck you came with an when
    i bet he change up his steps
    you a lame, you just feign you a rep
    my only wish in life is hoping miguel will leg drop you next
    even the internet is going by the shooters code
    you say you click an i aint buying it i think bazookas broke
    an fuck Bux what you 5 foot 3 tall
    you been here for 20 years i think its time you leave dog
    mad i beat on ya girlfriend, fine ill meet ya'll
    an show you exactly why my grind exceeds yours
    this is light, the only use what i need form
    as soon as i get Bux you'll see exactly what I'm here for

    then my favorite freestyle concept to ride out.. "fuck everything".. including you

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
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  3. Rex Skully

    Rex Skully .......

    Sep 28, 2004





    O! Michael Buffer ready to rumble let's go
    I know this a 3 way but they ain't fucking with Joe
    D.J. (DeeJay) has absolutely no “Hustle and Flow”
    Punches couldn't be more white if he was covered in snow
    With those sensual lips look like he missing a dick
    I'd kick his bitch ass but I'm against hitting a chick
    So I'll stick to just spitting on his shameful image
    I be shitting on Punches like anal fisting
    This gay love seamen (semen) no Navy vets
    But he lays in bed sending racy texts
    With his shaven legs and his naked chest
    Saying he wet and want his pussy ate like Asian pets
    He should save his breath and just fake his death
    Instead he'll say these threats claim he's spraying techs
    That in retrospect yeah he'll hate and regret
    Cause he'll make little progress like a baby step
    If he literally spit fire couldn't make me sweat
    Cause he soft as tissue paper and a lady's breast
    Yo I'll shake his head until I break his neck
    Laid to rest catch a body like a safety net.. bet

    ---Beat Switch---

    No oxymoron but he's a straight faggot
    That makes Clay Aiken look like Tank Abbot
    His fiancé's body got curves like a drag strip
    Anorexic, she eats salad and cabbage
    Teeth like a rabbit so it's actually accurate
    And needs toothpaste laced with battery acid
    A grill like that she can chew through magnets
    Chew through bullets with full metal jackets
    How you French kiss she got a mouth full of Ginsu's
    How you a dude and wear more lip stick than chicks do
    How you a rapper and look like a shemale
    How you named Punches and you getting beat down
    How he named Punches and won't throw those fists
    And don't got no hits batting zero percent
    Like he a Ho bitch and we know this
    You can look at his pics and see he blow dick
    Yo he prolly got a clit where is pee hole is
    Yeah I'm reloaded and I'm Chemo sick
    Leave him missing under water like the Nemo fish
    We seeing Punch out like when you leave yo shift

    ---Beat Switch---

    Yo he came here trying to win Rookie Of The Year
    Like he a new comer just cooking something fierce
    He was gassed from the hype til his cover was blown
    And we found out he got over 10 thousand posts
    Last round his opponent battled a ghost
    But now that Duane Jayo Atom's exposed
    It's a roast for this joke and his sneaky plan
    To be a bitch and hide identity like “She's the Man”
    I hit Jayo with a K.O., have him collapsing
    Duane Jackson's, just an atom reaction
    Peeped his tracks and here's my critique
    The best asset he has is picking a beat
    Cause his rapping is weak and had me half asleep
    I see why he change names when his albums release
    I would do the same thing if I sounded like that
    I mean he passes cd's out and they hand them right back
    So why the fuck is this faggot so cocky
    Ima drop Atom not talking Nagasaki
    I'm talking catch a body yea D.O.A
    Red dot on this square like a bingo game
    Ima put'em in a bag like Frito Lay
    First thing we think when we see yo face
    Is What's on ya forehead a mole or a tumor
    Either way it's bout to be a bullet hole from my Ruger
    Or maybe I might cap you with that rifle blast
    Joe beating Jackson ass like Michael's Dad
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2013
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  4. Punches

    Punches a.k.a UH OH

    Oct 21, 2005
    Comcast no-showed me, sorry to post so late, went through hell to upload, love you guys....postin live from Panera no ~Omagic~


    A threeway before the semis? Thanks Jook, thats a great bye
    I'll take the top off like a hat trick when I skate by
    HI, You know I'm passin, little bastids, better say bye
    cuz when they askin what this match is I'll say "practice!" more than AI

    I heard a rumor through the grapevine
    That both my opponents aint showin, pulled over on a late drive
    They failed the field test, I aint lyin
    Double DUIs, cuz neither one can make a straight line

    Mr. Jackson, last round, I came on your side
    I'm thinkin DZK is complainin? should be ashamed of this guy,
    Duane said its his government name, you blamin him why?
    Till I found out, damn, that ain't your government name and you lied

    So meet Duane Jones, 125 pounds of shit talk
    He's Hines Ward in the face, but the rest of this kids soft
    When this Mexican is flexing you can get bet that I'm pissed off
    If you Hines Ward, then I'm Bane, theres chaos when this kicks off

    Your name holds no weight in this game, so don't say shit
    Quit actin like you aint (just) another lame in a basement
    Said you beat point game? Nah, face it
    I'd rather listen to Point Game roll over in his grave from that statement

    We figured out he's wack as hell in every way that's possible
    Diggin up your past to make your present self responsible
    And put you in a hospital, I never trust a maggot
    I got a Duane Jackson theory: he's a fuckin faggot

    You ain't blammin on a choppa, what planet did you drop from? fra
    If ya manager was Janitor I'm standin here to mop ya
    Man, I'll never plan to ever cop ya, cuz
    you hid behind a
    mask in all your tracks like you the Phantom of the Opera

    So don't hide from me, I promise this aint hide n seak
    Countdown from 10 and get a fist up inside your teeth
    Yeah he can rap for weeks, but if you actually listen
    He moves his lips but don't say shit, yeah he Ashley Simpson

    So Duane, somethin's missin, cuz you got multiple names
    but I think it's strange that I can't name a single song, listen
    I think you're doin something wrong, go change your mission
    You in the same postion as all the old lames that you're dissin

    I got your mixtape, I don't understand the hype with him
    Every track is the same trash, I prolly should enlighten him
    Nah, I'm not a dick, its all good, so I was nice to him
    like "Shits dope!" Then right click, empty my recycle bin

    Crush em like a vicodin, he look a bit weak
    They asked me how much Duane weighed, I said a Big 3
    So I'ma dead this guy, promise, When I end this rhyme,
    You'll have to go and change your name for the 27th time


    Now theres one man down, I'll go and open the van up
    And get Buzzooka off my back like I'm Cobra Commander
    We ain't boys, we ain't friends, Nope, I'll blow your tires off,
    Career suicide, he better hope that friendly fires off

    Rippin all his wires off, and if you start the vio-lence,
    I'm flyin in to hold you by the neck like a violin,
    And I really hope to God, that if you talk to a bitch
    That you cover up those arms, they look like popsicle sticks

    "I'm fast like a cheetah" clip -- How does he write this stuff?
    "Sonned like your mother" -- Why does he write this stuff?
    With those simple ass bars, I can tell you aint a vet silly,
    Your lines go in and out of ears like a wet willy

    His favorite rapper's jelly roll, That's how he used to flow
    But nowadays he's all commercial like the Super Bowl
    You're useless bro, and I never liked Bazooka Joe
    Cuz under every single (w)rapper is a stupid joke

    He said his booth is hot, I hope he spits fire in it, I mean
    I hope your booth catches on fire and you die in it
    Says hes from the toughest town, I don't care where this fakes livin
    You could barely make the hood, you just Blake Griffin

    "I'm stackin chips like I ate Pringles" thats some wack shit
    hope you got better lines when you gay mingle
    Don't lie and say you aint single,
    You look like a bitch kickin it with the dolphins, I guess you Ray Finkle

    So if you votin on this shit, then you better be smart
    You know better, he's a fraud and no lead will be sparked
    And if I look up at the polls and I'm not ahead of this narc, then
    my lines are going over heads like their measurement marks

    So sorry Joe, you the worst of 3, so go ahead and haul em out
    He'll say he got robbed, but nah he's just the Odd Man Out
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  5. J o o k

    J o o k Win your battles before they’ve even been fought.

    Mar 1, 1999
    This was a dope ass battle.

    Duane Jackson killed it with the mort line :funny:

    And Duane dissed punches and Buzzooka the best. Good flow, delivery, but would like to hear you a little more aggressive in your presence.

    Buzzooka had a hard ass beat man. The way ya shit starts off made me nod my head like got damn. But your content is weak bro. You don't even understand that everything about you, your voice, delivery, presence, flow, etc. is fuckin dope. If you had content or had me as a ghost writer you could have won this tournament.

    Punches fuckin killed Duane Jackson with the most deliberate, methodical breakdown of his character to date lmfao. Dope as fuck man. Especially cuz everything you said is 100 percent real.

    Then you fell off dissing Joe.

    This how I got it:

    1. Duane Jackson
    2. Punches
    3. Buzzooka Joe

    Again dope battle!
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  6. SHITTY Bang Bang

    SHITTY Bang Bang freestyle fanatic

    Jun 28, 2004

    in that order...

    no need for break down just felt punches dropped the illest then went duane and joe...joe dont spit so many gay jokes because that means ur thinking that gay shit in ur head lol
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  7. PicholasNaugam

    PicholasNaugam Active Member

    Mar 18, 2013
    Duane Jackson –
    Lol at the Miley Cyrus Twerk game line.. liked the beat choice on your whole track.. continuing to listen.
    Bazookas bubble gum haha.. this is pretty dope, like your flow on this joint.. Miguel line was pretty cool
    “ fuck givin dz a free ride cuz u fuck with em “ damn.. nice diss track, felt the whole joint.. liked it a lot.. you ripped it..
    Buzzoka Joe – One of the worse beats I ever heard.. Don’t like how you delivered this first part and that throws me off.. Nothing complex here. Like the second beat, lol curves like a drag strip... Like the beat switch, love the DOA beat... Haha came add dudes fiancé heavily about her grill...
    “drop atom not talking about Nagasaki”
    Don’t think you did horrible, just don’t think you will advance.. but I still have to listen to one more artist..
    Lol @ moley moley shit at the end.
    Lol at your intro..double DUI line was pretty nice..Hines Ward, Bane line was sick. Flow was nice on this joint, Point game line was vicious.. Ray Finkle Line was straight..
    Dope battles, and goodluck to those who advance..
    In order:
    1. Duane Jackson
    2. Punches
    3. Joe
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  8. Vulgar

    Vulgar 80s baby

    Mar 8, 2004
    Duane-flow was killing it. Shoved in locker line. Miley twerk line leg drop line. Wird/joe scheme. Etc etc im missing somr other shit you said but the verse was fire.

    Joe-hated that flow on the first beat my nigga. I felt you came at Duane the hardest thats were most of ya lines were imo. The rest of that verse wasnt that hard hitting. Everything bout you works you just lack killer instinct

    Punches-you could have took the number 1 spot easy if you came at joe as hard as you did Duane. Change his name for 27th time. Phantom of the opera. PG rollin in his grave etc

    Soo vote 1Duane 2Punches 3Joe
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  9. g.t.

    g.t. RM Radio Host

    Jul 29, 2008
    I think that all three of these guys can rap. I'm going to have to vote on this one strictly based off of the diss, nothing else.
    Joe came sounding the meanest, his delivery was the most fit for a battle - but as far as lyrics / word play / content, I'm of the opinion that it went:

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  10. Rex Skully

    Rex Skully .......

    Sep 28, 2004
    Thanks to everyone voting - although it doesn't look like I'll be moving to the next round, I didn't enter this GRB expecting to win.. This is the first GRB I've competed in so my goal was to win 1 battle and I ended up winning 2, so I surpassed my expectations. I did this as a way for me to get back excited about making music, which it did. Hope y'all will be willing to peep my music as I start dropping more in the near future - would also like to work with some of y'all.

    @Punches @Duane Jackson good luck to y'all, I can see either/both of you making the finals.
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  11. g.t.

    g.t. RM Radio Host

    Jul 29, 2008
    Classy post -

    You did really good dude, I think just your writing got the best of you this time but all else seems to be lining up. Sometimes it's just a matter of waiting on a better lyric to hit you instead of using one that comes to you faster if that makes sense.

    I'm ready to make music all of the time.
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  12. DZK


    May 25, 1999
    That explains why Atom React wears his hat like a 1980's skateboarder.

    THE MOLE, you guys. He can't get the hat around it.

    Fuuuuuck, if only I knew about this mole.

    I thought it went

    2-Atom React

    voted for Joe because Punches will obv win this
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  13. ENGengENG

    ENGengENG victim of power issues

    Mar 1, 2013
    god damn.. punches !!!

    i remember in 07 i said something about "how did punches even get here" in my finals verse..and dissed ur girl but now ur real dope and i kinda wanna bang ur gf

    u done came up my boy..

    completely murderd that shit..

    duane bodied it too..

    i like bazooka joe and he had a good showing i just felt like punches outclassed everyone.. duanes delivery was a bit better but punches bars just hit hard as fuck.. original and hard hitting material..

    here is my vote in order;

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  14. Free Lynx

    Free Lynx ®m legend Peter Parker

    Apr 30, 1999
    Joe is dope man... id like to hear more of your music bro.. got that ugk vibe

    U killed it this tourney but this round was hard for any of us to have been in. With that said

    Duanes delivery was flawless. Punches had one of the best verses ive heard from him

    Tuff 1 but here it is

    1 punches
    2 duane
    3 joe
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  15. MC propaganda

    MC propaganda Well-Known Member

    Nov 4, 2002
    Finally got some time to listen, so i'll pick the longest battle first.

    Duane - Old school mobb deep kind of beat. Had you on my list as one of the doper heads as this tourney started. Struggle to grow a mustache, cunt has......Macklemore reference.....punches land in real life....some good lines here. Flow and delivery is very confident....punches missin silva/griffin.....hahah@miley cyrus line. Great start.....bux reference leaned me too. Second half of the verse was nasty too. You got balls and confidence which is what I like. You're not intimidated as a newcomer whatsoever. The bux, dzk, and other references LEANED me. Good shit my dude. You don't play into the RM circles of friends, and I respect that.

    Joe - You got that mainstream appeal. You are someone I definitely check out some tracks by. Battling aside for a second, you do got that type of appeal. Anal fisting, racy text, asian pets schemes were dope. Rode out for a minute. This beat goes hard, although its not exactly designed to fit the "rapmusic" battling formula. Beat switch is dope....Tank abbot line was funny. I dont know why you only had one battle to win in mind this tourney, you got some good talent to go far. My only advice would to be bring those stingers of lines and take some more time to develop real raw lines. Like the Jay beat switch, some more solid lyrics. Great showing man. Theres still many people this ROUND you could have beat and advanced. You've been a solid competitor this entire tourney.

    Punches - beat is're coming pretty nasty on it so far. Dzk/duane references were dope. Hines ward in the face....You got a real dope style. Point game references were dope. Duane jackson theory lol.....phantom of the opera line. Some great stuff in here. Vocals are delivery are polished. Between you and duane, you guys definitely came out hungry. Joe as well.

    Duane weighed line was dope as well....good beat switch. Good lines @ joe....friendly fires off....damn. Great verse. Odd man out....verse ended dope.

    All 3 of these dudes should be proud of what they brought, all had potential to go further.

    I got Duane and punches, with Joe coming just SLIGHTLY behind. I think if he took more time and had higher goals, he could realized that he could stretch as far as anyone else.

    Great job fellas, and great attitude Joe.
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  16. Duane Jackson

    Duane Jackson Active Member

    Nov 16, 2012
    Shoutout to my opponents, I'd battle for free just to hear the angles, y'all leaned me this round lol I like it

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747
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  17. Rex Skully

    Rex Skully .......

    Sep 28, 2004
    Yeah man, laid back southern shit is my specialty

    Preciate it bro
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  18. Pace Beats

    Pace Beats Doesn't Feed The Trolls

    Aug 14, 2004
    1. punches
    2. duane jackson
    3. bazooka joe

    duane - flows about as accepted as miley cyrus twerk game lolll went at punches pretty good , fuck everything huh

    joe - not a fan of the first beat but was pretty dope , going in on his girls teeth lol punch out line , i had one of those! lol liked the second verse damn @ going in on jayoos mole tho , to mean

    punches - swagging jackkin lmaooo , practice more then AI , went in on duane damn , odd man out finisher killed me

    over all punches got first for me , dude killed it , duane comes in second with a pretty nice round , joe was cool but gotta step it up line wise cause you got a real dope style
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  19. KooL La!d

    KooL La!d iRock Cafe

    Aug 6, 2003

    straight line.. Duane Jackson Theory: he's a fucking faggot.. Ashley Simpson.. Cobra Commander line was murderous... I really liked that one.. wet willy.. stupid joke.. Ray Finkle

    Buzzooka Joe...

    No hate, but I don't think your shit picked up until you got the Duane Jackson diss... the beat you chose and your energy matched beautifully... She's the man.. line was cool... a lot of meh stuff with a few sizzle lines...

    Atom React...

    Real life... punches is... doesn't fit... twerk game lol...

    Honestly... tough tough call.. I'm choosing Atom because he simply had the overall enjoyability of his track over his opponents... Punches was very surprising.. never expected for him to come with what he did.. I was honestly ready to turn off his track until I got to the first quote I mentioned above.. from there it was smiles and chuckles... really cool verse, Punch... Buzzooka showed good effort... only unfortunateness is you didn't have as many quotes as your opponent did... disses were kind of subpar... (compared to them) ... felt your Wird of Pley diss was alot more focused than this one... Atom's diss may have not had the same amount of quotes as Punches, but I felt even his non-quotes were strong hits... really personals, deep in the wound type of stuff that was clever all the same.

    Vote - Atom

    ... then Punches, then Buzzooka.
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  20. GarciaVega

    GarciaVega Razor Ramon

    Nov 21, 2003
    Three audios is tough to judge.. And I'm crazy bent right now... I completely forgot Duane's audio and half of joes by the time I got to punches..ima have to relisten in the am and vote then..I think y'all sleepin on joe tho..real talk..
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