Gravity Knife

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    TANGLUNG neo beatnik/peacemonger

    Jul 30, 2004
    (for Lou Reed )

    "This was really exciting and it just sort of blew people's minds
    because they had never seen anti matter before plus this was the first particle
    they had ever seen that was not found in an atom.nobody had thought it
    possible till they actually saw tracks" -Andria Erzenberger
    The amplified polarity was velocity
    and evolutionary wavelength pattern
    walking upright as sound.just as God
    said,"fuck it! leave him to his own
    devices.test his worthiness to dazzle ghost.
    write his own mythology.fondle the
    buisness end of identity's esoteric black hole"

    There I am at the end of the begining,
    future gentrifications from now. Mr nova
    super the time warp trooper.loosing myself
    to learn myself then forgetting myself out the
    box for art form's sake.

    Me & Bowie like out of tune words
    without wires.contemplating Warhol.
    delved in NY alchemy.mapping dung coordinates
    & urine soaked distortion.deconstructing
    stardust while shooting particle beams at
    the third eye and in the process, discovered how shattered
    chord licks are quantum reverberations of hums
    left over from the big bang just now arriving to
    Earth to worship the number 3.

    In the super cluster fuck of primal matter,
    I am convinced that universal rhythm was
    never perfectly symmetrical !

    For instance.gamma rays are androgynous.
    a crossed dressed sacrament running counter to
    the magnetic pull of order.fem fatale gases,liquids
    & solids traced to its glam rock nucleus without
    understanding what it's nocturnal essence was.
    the Kali Yuga of lower Manhattan glowing blood red
    like the dancing aura bodies of colored girl muses whose
    velvety chakras go, doo dee doo dee doo when the
    sun sets & kundalini rises.

    Call it uranium & pitchblend punk.lycanography
    & lifeforce attempting to fuse dots too ecclectic to connect.
    meanwhile, im somewhere in Brooklyn.lost in
    translation.doing the dog paddle boogie in the
    white spaces between notes.floating atop the
    surface.waiting for vanity to transmute itself
    into music.

    Lets just say we're all black once the theatre lights
    dim & leave it at that.just let the string theory
    go waaaang! & I'll talk you through the biochemical
    experience.afterall, you're not an're
    an electrostatic mine field. a subatomic underground
    dreamscape of every beautiful hologram desperately
    feeling for a sound concept thats painfully beyond
    your attention span's grasp.

    Therefore, as you listen...beware.
    I am a neutrino hypothesis.
    a particle the opposite of an electron.
    I am accidental anti
    not shake or kiss my palm is a
    chess piece moving toward inevitable demise.
    my vulnerability trumps your obsession.
    my 5 burough laments laughs at your masks.
    my week beats your year....
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