Good Deeds (pt 2 of 3)

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones

    Feb 25, 2008
    You cant make your own karma, hard as you try
    Just like you cant choose when its your time to die
    Karma has a wrath like a woman when shes scorned
    But is a good deed a good deed when you do it for a reward

    The planning passed, the memorial and funeral too
    Driving home from the burial, still don’t know what to do
    I lost my best friend along with my armor
    No longer bullet proof, no protection from karma
    Swing a right on SRV, where I can see a car’s hazards
    A woman outside her car, I look at her
    Déjà vu by Eminem playing, too much of a coincidence
    The vividness, the incidents of insolence I can then repent
    For treating my last chance with such insignificance
    The villainous dissonance can be wiped clean by this act of vigilance
    My soul can be saved, my road to heaven repaved
    My foolish mind thinking somehow my debt can be paid
    I killed that girl and my sister too
    They put their hand out for help but I dismissed her, you
    Have no idea how that feels, something I hope to never feel again
    I got this fish on the line, believe I’m gonna reel em in
    I pull over, hopping out, approaching the car
    Doing something I never do, showing a heart
    She steps out, I’d say she was a dime but she was beyond there
    April Rose look alike, including the long blonde hair
    I would have stopped for her the first time
    Fuck I am the worst type of piece of shit, I just watched a heart drive
    My sister away and I’m checking out a girl an hour later
    Whatever, the past is the past, I’ma save her
    “Hello, my name is Ronnie, I see you’re broke down”
    “Nah, I ran out of gas, the fuckin gauge is broke now”
    “Oh, how about I drive you to the gas station down the road?”
    “You’re that guy whos sister died” “How’d you know?”
    “I saw your family on the news, it was tragic
    So sorry for your loss, here’s 100 dollars, please have it
    For helping me, while you’re going through such a tough time”
    Smiling at her, “The good karma should do just fine”
    Walkin back to my truck, I hear her car door slam shut
    Started I jump, “what in the goddamn fuck?”
    She looked at me as if I was crazy, almost fearing it
    I shake it off, damn, guess I was just hearing shit
    As I open the driver door, leaning over to unlock the passenger
    I’m met with a gun to my face not sure what has occurred
    A man appears, demanding I get in the back seat
    A car jacking, who the fuck in San Ramon packs heat?
    Doing as he says, he gets behind the wheel
    Her besides him as I hear the tires squeal
    The car speeding off faster than my heart beating
    In shock with the hard breathing, gasping as I start pleading
    “Take the truck, just please free me”
    “You ignorant motherfucker, you don’t think we see TV?
    You’re a piece of shit, deserving to indeed be hit
    We’ll let you go but first we need this
    How bad do you want to leave this truck alive?”
    “I’ll do anything” “Motherfucka, fine”
    He looks to the chick with a nod of approval
    Then what came out of his mouth I thought he lost his noodle
    “Jess’s baby daddy is a piece of shit too
    So you’re gonna kill, or were gonna hit you
    But you aint gonna kill him, check what this motherfucker did
    He was cheating on her then went and had another kid
    And I’m her brother, skid, and I don’t play that
    So were gonna drive to where this punk ass stays at
    You’re gonna ring the bell and if they don’t answer kick it
    Then take this gun I’m holding and stick it in the kids ribs
    And don’t try no bullshit, cuz I got another strap
    That’ll make your sister be at the place where her brother’s at
    I’ll follow you every step, to make sure you follow every step bro
    Then we’ll drive back to where we met and you’ll be let go
    A lump in my throat, sweating, tears starting to stream down
    Unable to think any thoughts other than scream now
    But my vocal cords wont make a peep, try as I might
    Someone around is gonna die tonight
    As they drive through my neighborhood, a few streets past
    2 rights, a left, stop sign ran as he speeds fast
    Parking in front of a house I seen a million times
    Big tree, green lawn with a fountain, I realize
    As soon as I see the red suburban where I am now
    Jaw dropped in shock as they put the glock in my hand, how
    Can I hurt this family again, as they push me out the truck
    Slamming the door behind us now loud as fuck
    Crickets chirping as the starts are our only light
    Wishing I had my mom here right now to hold me tight
    We walk up the steps of the porch towards the door
    Thoughts in my head of the hoards of gore in store
    I knock but am greeted with bold silence
    A few seconds pass and I kick in the door so violent
    I almost fall back, as we rush in, up the stairs
    Hearing an older woman scream unprepared
    For this to happen, the mom of the girl I left hanging
    Turned and ran back in the room, I hear next banging
    Through drawers as if she’s looking for a weapon
    Jessica says, “I got it, let me teach this whore a lesson”
    As the man and I walk down the hall I see a child sleepin’
    Looking exhausted like hes had a wild weekend
    The dim lights of a TV with Spongebob playing
    In my mind asking the Lord for forgiveness but not praying
    As I place the gun to his sleeping head, shaking
    Soon enough he’ll be dead, waking
    Aint gonna happen, as I turn to face my captor
    “Shoot him now motherfucker so we can close this chapter”
    His dad rushes in, “What the fuck is going on”
    To be met by a gun in his face and the sound of his son groaning soft
    “Do it, do it now, fuckin shoot him before I do”
    I breathe and start to squeeze, hoping that he might move
    Click…Click, I pull again then hear the blast
    Thinking this all has ended, the end is near at last
    Looking down to see the kid sitting up scared
    Confused as all fuck, what the fuckin fuck, where
    Did the bullet go? As I turn to see the dad on the ground
    And the man who kidnapped me is not around
    He left his gun, as the cops bust in
    To find me holding an empty gun above Justin
    “Freeze” he screams, throwing me to my knees
    “I can explain, it wasn’t me” I plead
    Even when I try to do good, I fail, fuckin fed up
    with this bitch named Karma, the cunt got me set up
    Fuck it, I aint going out like this
    I’m leaving this bitch in a coffin, just like sis
    I reach for my gun, turning it to the cop, I squeeze
    As they pull the trigger, Lord watch over me as I die, please

    To be continued…
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  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones

    Feb 25, 2008

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