Gold nanoparticles for cancer treatment

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    From what I know, Gold salts (Tauredon injection) have been used in the past, however are in present times rarely used, mainly for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Those have been almost entirely replaced by the use of methotrexate and other disease-modifying drugs.

    With some patients this method of treatment has proven to be successful; administering Tauredon by injection once a week for the duration of six months, then once a month, usually for the duration of several years or even life.

    Their effect is often slow and sometimes occurres after a few months of treatment. Because it may affect the haematopoietic organs; kidneys and rarely on liver; in the beginning of therapy, hence after a weekly injection, there are necessary controls of blood cell counts and urine, and as time goes on, those are done on a monthly basis ~ basically tests to check kidney and liver funtions every three months.

    Amongst gold salts side effects, one could count skin rashes, protein in urine, low white blood cell and platelet counts, mouth sores, etc. During the treatment, sunbathing is strictly prohibited, because it may result in skin rashes and permanently darker colored skin.
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