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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Sir Bustalot, May 13, 2007.

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  1. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    "the forests, grasslands, Deserts, Tundras, to buildings"

    the 4 major middle latitude forests/
    Schlerophylis woodland: Distinative or Natural vegetation//
    Broadleaf, Oakwood trees, Forest Biome in the rainforest/
    Grassland and Savanah Biome work torwards//
    Xerophytic vegetation adapt to a drought and moves forward/
    Then you go to the Plankton, Nektar. Fish & Whales known as Benthos//
    which lives at the bottom of the ocean in Marine Ecosystems//
    Then we study Soil on the Hydrosphere/
    Soil is the Breakdown of Rocky Material that appears//
    And is made out of minerals, Quartz, organic left from Dead leaves and Air/
    Which includes an Organic and Humus soil layers//
    and this is all Pedology the Science of studying soil/
    field minerals, and nutrients within' and royal...//

    I'm taking a science class at school... [funny] peace
  2. LetteRfOUR

    LetteRfOUR New Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    I took a class on growing weed
    Im glad that you are taking science.. You can exceed
    The expectations.
    And get a better education..
    tHAN any regular rapper throwing his life around
    Half Hazardly..
    Still having bags dad has a seed.
    Not to implicate myself into a finish race
    But if this is a race im thinkin that im late ill quickly switch my pace
    A glisting face and then erase the proof that I existed wait..
    Im waiting on a day to spawn a seed so he can be like me
    Before I was curropted and i can see my introduction into this
    Bigots function
    Now that Im sitting drunk twisting blunts friends are likly to pretend to like
    Remendys invite the quick type
    This type will be gone beyond the neon light that you see all night when you be gone
  3. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    //field minerals, and nutrients within' and royal//
    you the "regal" begal and im breakin your "hoyal"..//
    like the "casino games" my names' changed loyal..//
    like pre the "t i e"s you "tough guys" are slackin..//
    gettin caught wit "black eyes"..//
    next ya'll showin up in court..//
    wearin your "black ties"..//
    last time i saw you were about ta cry..//
    was standin lonely askin that bitch to ride..//
    the "matramoney poney" call her "run away bride"..//
    nicknamed ya "julia" or betta yet "thunder thighs"..//
    ya games like a car wreck can't look away..//
    but no where for my eyes to hide..//
    just bide ya time buy a line..//
    steal a beat and kidnap an emcee..//
    none of its ever gonna stop smeady..//
    from commin thru and wreckin all three..//
    chea its ya boy S M then the E A D..//
    spittin this stylish-"ish"-smead-spits-"splits-wicks" like a "ginsu"..//
    neva miss you as "accurite"..//
    as the lines you "spit"..//
    call ya a "fish"..//
    cuz erryone of em is another you "bit"..//
    now drop the finish like nas did..//
    "my lines you spit, the dimes we lit, makes niggas lose conciousness"

    haha personally, i think its good for my first rapmusic.com drop it's SMEAD peeeaaaccceeee
  4. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    haha my bad, that was supposed to be for hiphopsgiftshop but i guess letterfour beat me too it, oh well
  5. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    "my lines you spit, the dimes we lit, makes niggas lose conciousness"
    like the bomb we lit hittin ya chest harder then that iraqui shit
    more of an "eye opener" then a pimp slap to ya jaw n shit
    ya lip's fat, eyes black broke back neck fat and jaw slack
    "damn you got knocked THE $(*& OUT" so call me "tucker"
    cuz im loose in Debo's pigeon coop after dustin wit hector
    like endin this cypher wit a cannible just call me "lector"
    cuz my vector is understandible as the unwritten holy books
    devowered by the rhythmic cowards modly mandibles
    keep it in the dark like "below the man holes" this man goes
    "blow holes" thru ya mind flow, i stole the show wit hoes
    like i was "the master pimp"
    you be "the aftermath" and im a shiny "50 cent"
    but curt jack aint got shit on this kid
    i gave ya mom's more battle wounds on her upper lip kid
    i see no need to release a ragin banger to "hit"
    cuz ya livers gonna fail after i drop this "hit"
    you wanna do better then the shit i spit?
    then brush ya teeth chin knockin to this
    cuz only ya plaque is thick enough to "spit" like "this"

    haha, im told i always sound like im battlin, but as you can see i was tryin to go hard against myself there too, all in fun, if its not what's the point of layin down one?

    its smead
  6. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003

    spit like this, sick like this, tight that wrist, your not nice as gift/
    propanium liquid-titanium, sittin' on cranium//
    your full of uranium, constantly aimin' them/
    to get inside the skull again, take a Holiday at the Culligan//
    Giftshop he be thuggin'-in, Hackshaw Jim Duggan-in/
    ain't no way you bubblin', don't make it get troublin'//
    Giftshop, double'n, but never when I'm dribblin'/
    Beat me? who are you kiddin-an', like you Mony in the middle-an//
    Takin' out ya pention-plan, like Physical exam/
    Done by Doctor Doom or Magneto's accomplices//
    Broken promises, leave me astonish-with/
    Bombin' atomic-an, leave the backboard kind of throbbin'-an//
    call me the role model when, I come through polishin'/
    you come followin' when I 40-bottlin', clear the lobby like I'm Billy Donovan//
  7. Mike Sullivan

    Mike Sullivan New Member

    Oct 12, 2003
    who the fuck is Billy Donovan, is that the guy you jocking man ?
    your wearing the skirt so i guess hes the one thats DOMINANT
    u need to stop with your hustle, u got product i heard before
    so i went to the hip hops gift shop...and found nothin in store
    i havent begun to slap him, but i seriusly dont want to have it
    cause if i went off your Last Line, i'd prolly become an ADDICT
    im just playing Gift, im a savage & plus im the livest one here
    and you guys are like innocent suspects at a trial thats unfair
    and im sorta like the JUDGE, i hold mics spitting flows so tight
    cause only 1 SENTENCE from me, can RUIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE

  8. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    ruin your whole life, that is a bad thing/
    gift bling, like one of those diamond rings//
    From Roc-a-Fella, how I rock a fella?/
    So bad, that he's scared to do his written accapella//
    in front of hella fella's, not talkin' broken umbrellas/
    I'm talking verbal 45's, tech 9's, and barrettas//
    Lyrical ones, don't confuse it with guns/
    my insuffiecient funds, got me played out like a drum//
    My style weigh a ton, and you don't want none/
    If I was Ken or Ryu, this would be a "How-you-doo-gunt!"//
    Catch the pass of the punt, run it back, not a chump/
    system sounds, how it thump be the epitome of crunk//
    this a slam dunk, with a nickel bag of funk/
    I swing so much on mics you should call me "punch" drunk//
    but just an ordinary chump, with no hoes with no pumps/
    just a nerdy basketball playin', from the wack rhyme sayin' bunch//
    as I eat brunch, eat chumps like Green lumps, I mean green beans/
    and collard-greens, I'm extreme//
    They call me giftshop, cuz I'm always in the thrift shop/
    Talkin' more ish to emcees than Eric Bishoff//
    Tell you to piss off, with a middle finger flip off/
    ridin' motocross, an albetross slash football hand off//
    get your hands off, you 'cant touch this' like Hammer/
    he invented 'baggy pants' when I was barely out pampers//
  9. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    let loose the hammaass!
    D-eagles chew thru ya "bamboo" ass like pandas
    us guys rock "chinese eyes"
    like rollin up that "thai, stick"
    get head from a "chinigh", bitch
    hip-hop "bust a move", like, THIS!
    smead bring it up here like "NEXT!"
    we finish these dudes that "boo hoo"
    how you gonna say "fuck you"
    when you aint got a "driver" to "screw"
    gift's on that hot "sold rock" slang
    callin him "the cali jeezie"
    like the bitches he fucks wit
    clap havin sluts that buck
    callin em "the ally sleezie"
    collabin on the cypher, wit this dude
    makin it easy like 10 against you
    call us dudes "shake and bake"
    like we over for chicken dinna
    but its ya momma's ass
    im lookin ta enta, cum out a winna
    like we was "tracks stars, crack 'in septemba"
    codenamed the "black art" stackin da bennas
    like the freaky bitches i ate practicin wikka
    "i put a spell on you" like clear water singas
    this bing's made to bang on ya beaners like frijoles
    this magnum'll blow your colon out like guacamole
    escuchan mi musica punetas, imma bilingual hombre
    that mean's "spittin in 2 languages all day"
    when i talk about the music i dont fuck around
    you in the dark like the sun goin down
    you fuckin clowns gettin laid out this round
    no surprise that the SME conquered "rap music"
    like "vinni vitti venci"
    against he
    that held the title
    another acapella laid down
    i should write me a bible!
  10. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    fuck that
    flow off the last line, flow like it's past time
    baseballs thrown couldn't pace my flow..
    fuck hoes while i'm bad spine'd, bent,off half pints
    hate a bad night like when bitches on rags,right
    i just, drop'em off and put up my mag, right...
    foot'd the pedal on my lap is the metal
    cuz u, never know what beefs unsettled
    u could be deaded for sleep drivin thru metro's
    dont let go, bet 4 , i'll bet 5 i stretch nines...
    keep a vest, nine, tech 9's and x'd ties...
    my x'd died, but i didn't kill her
    just had a vision
    of it while dreamin it's considered familiar
    real talk to my consious who killed her, sometimes..
    these are the thoughts in my mind transpired thru wires type rhymes...
  11. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004

  12. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    listen to this man, twisted lyrically spittin writtens online
    who'se throwin money away to listen to that "jive"
    call your ass "mr. turkey" cuz "jefferson's" about to go "live"
    "washin your game up" after i shat all over your lines
    it's the "chef to death" rhymin in my pastime "half pint"
    "crossin your ass up" like "kobe before half time"
    sittin on this computer genetically boastin postin mine
    my multies "hittin chorus chords" like "verbal punchlines"
    1, 2 punch lay your ass out like psycho housewives
    im "generally slaughterin audio morality" call me "Himmler"
    cuz this "desert fox" is outplayin the "troops" like "camel jackers"
    callin you and your bitch "crash and burn" like watchin "hackers"
    im spottin your "peepin tommin" like "peter griffin" in women's lockers
    hearin the speaker box knockin, chin rockin, to the audio tick tockin
    im spittin and freein you fuckin up talkin while ya cock jockin
    tryin to let loose ya musical goose but i got it's box lock-ed
    addin meanings to endings like "i n g" pre-beginning, mock-ed
    your game like leno since im "Jay" you can be my cronie "Gay Ed"
    musical composition like "beethoven" but his "faggy cousin"
    lockin up the "magic box" like "harry houdini's" window lovin
    your new school bitch learned in 3rd worlds slut slummin
    like you caught pollio
    who the fuck are you?
    a bolivian 8 year old?
    legs twisted like the rhymes you told
    and by now ya shit's gettin so old
    so im finished rappin and scrappin
    call up your ma' dukes
    cuz my back needs scratchin

    and that's the truth bitch!

    its smead
  13. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    back needs scratchin ya raps need practice
    u have no angles, SMH @ smeads casket
    if a weak bastard picked a fight wit a beast rappin
    the outcome would be the bout won, by bar nigga and u the deceased faggot
    listen my flows danger, u no banger..
    more like a runner, i'ma young hustler that tote bangers
    u in the clost like my throwbacks on coat hangers
    my rhymes deep like boat anchors...
    u's a no namer, ya rhymes would be cool...
    2 many qoutations using words u aint seen since school
    faggot ass post hatin....prolly can't get pussy
    try me u get put in a crypt like tookie...
    i'ma smack yo kufi....
    u either that or a whiteboy either way u goofy
    aint no newbie better than yours truly, ya rhymes is suspect usually
    my life's a movie, it's post directed yet precisely perfected
    u aint got no essence no rhythm or soul
    u's a devil adapt to my level of writtens is gold
    u, pick up ya teeth if u fist thump wit me
    u can't keep up the speed, fuck is a smead
    my name, explains it self if u of age and wealth
    barnizzle that bar nigga drink hard liqour mindframe get dark quicker
    i prolly would fuck ya sister then pistol whip her...
    the pennicle but just fuckin around still put an end to u
    this aint meant to injure u never here to make, friends wit u
    u flame solider u stay postin them gay notions
    rappin bout beethoven u's bitch if i seen one
    i'm 2 swift wit a tucked gun a clean one
    u prolly never even bucked one
    and as far as bitches go u aint even fucked one
    my lungs young vocal's gritty i'll post up piff
    u's a...doped up snitch wit the broke up wrists
    took a hit of this dro and i spoke up this...
    free typed and smead died casket closed up shit

    bitch ass nigga

    one hunid
  14. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    "free typed and smead died casket closed up shit"

    closed up shit, the petron-blunt ash lit/
    give rappers fits, unconscious ish//
    Barnizzle & Gift, peal rappers like banana's real quick/
    constantly training the wit, of a lion, to spit//
    rappin at zero degrees pressure, zero degrees pleasure/
    with a girl that Hunt's like Heather, on a constant endeavour//
    of "finding forever", brushing rappers like feathers/
    taxing you with a leather,paddle/
    Now Who wanna battle? leave you like a baby's rattle//
    Cuz you like to tell and tattle, follow you like a shadow/
    From here to the "Westerlies", spit energectically/
    and profressionally, now who's really's testin, me?//
    Pass me the Scantron, and turn the fan on/
    it's gettin' hot in here, and it's hard to land on//
    the right pedigree, who's the better mc?/
    my intellectual power, devours, wack cowards//
    within' glass hours, while takin' a bath-shower/
    after that I'm smellin' like fresh flowers/
    Draped in Eddie Bauer's w/ a chick that smells like baby powder//
  15. YoMamazMan

    YoMamazMan Over 1.000 served...

    Jul 19, 2007
    "baby powder"It may be hours before these cowards pushin up daisy flowers.Cuz we gotta hunt them down and Dick Chaney these cowards.Then after that we can hit the club see some ladies crowd up around us like we handing out a daily allowance.Surrounded by more hoes than a baby shower.They wanna hop in the whip like crazy and pile up.If you a wild slut who's butt got crazy mileage.I got a job 4 yo ass make crazy dollars.Giving brain and knowledge like an a amazing scholar.pop ya puss while I pop my collar.I'll Holla!
  16. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    "Pop ya collar", I will hollar, propanium mortar rocket shot's explode/
    when Giftshop "flipmodes" like Busta Rhymes, understand the secret codes//
    Explicit, sadistic, slightly simplistic, cannibalistic/
    I spit it specific//
    For rippin' your district, gift is terrific, for this paticular excercise/
    Desire is seem from intense eyes, bulging out//
    I spit with no clout, just me, myself and I/
    Watch me fry all you american pies like McDonald French Frys//
    Whatever apply's, for me to bustin', mentally experimentally crushin'/
    My spits disgustin', I spit hot-loogey over percussion//
    To end your discussion/
    your style I'm lyrically flushin//
  17. SpeedyCalhoun

    SpeedyCalhoun Obviously...

    Feb 19, 2005
    Lyrically flushin, but this here, to me, is nothin/
    But I'm tired of ya'll acting like ya'll ain't feeling me or something/
    I'll be killing these discussions when they ask Cal/
    How's your music banging through the street?...
    On a beat with no percussion?!?!.../
    With the heat I keep it comin', but that's pretty much obvious/
    But you welcome to step up, if you thinkin' you stopping this/
    Cause you would have to be the sun, just to keep it as hot as this/
    I'm fly...
    And that explains why Speedy's on top of shit/
  18. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    And now the king steps up to follow it..
    Me And Speedy got it kids.. Because
    We keepin it locked from Texas to Chicago Bitch
    Watch this shit, as my flows blow through like hard wind
    Cuz I was born to fear nothin like a mother fuckin Spartan
    Shit I could write it dope but I'd rather off the top...
    Thats why I'm Badder on the Block & never Stagger With the Rock
    Shit I know I'm dope because when the King stops..
    The next dude spittins first bars ganna be givin me some Props

    - King Grimet
  19. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    uh givin me some props my kidney and lungs shot
    broads givin me bomb top droppin like bad stock
    last of the rap crop that rap like he past mach
    bad droughts pad locked the gift of my gab, ock
    hang out wit money runners hustlers grab glocks
    ave cops
    patrol reckless guns drawn get u froze steppin...
    if u holdin no weapon chances are u'll be sleep catchin
    but, on the other hand if u got one and the d's step in
    fucked up a brothers plan went back to my mothers land
    fuck a son of sam i aint got no uncle named him neither, look at the skin features
    mines tanned like a rubberband
  20. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    fieldy, sling-wielding, a long sling blade/
    check out my chick, she got a ring made//
    big diamond crusted, to express how much I've lusted/
    over her presence, of her existence//
    this is for instance, sick lyrical linguistics, to be specific/
    east west, south pacific through your residential distric//
    gift spit it ballistic, like radar dopper, I'm a true hip hopper/
    blue chip spotter, through the radar dopper//
    non-stop dropper, that's where gift be/
    verbally lifting, asking frank, who is dissing?//
    Gift dismissing, dudes I'm stitching/
    make sure they take the linen off, you never won, this been a loss//
    the side of the street you don't wanna cross/
    without a officer holdin' up a 'stop', oh you feel me 'ock?//
    what I concoct? old school like 'Pac and original hip hop//
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