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    May 21, 2004
    I'm a chessmaster
    We control the center, Bobby Fischer
    then I castle
    Heat of battle, to the winner -
    Goes the spoils
    And its ugly Susan Boyle
    loyal, to the rules til' I break em'
    fast breakin, pump fakin', nobody holdin' him
    standing at the podium
    Gettn my Malcolm on, but I'm a modern day Napoleon
    ill, without question
    get out cha buckets for a spill like British Petroleum
    the chosen one, checkin' rolls
    You know the drill, whatever folds
    Or pick your shop up and cop a fold, like Nomads
    Start a riot like the cocs bad
    Infared, Murder for hire
    Herbies scared, Maxi-pad, rockin'
    We like the taxi-cab drivers, moving clients through the City
    They say the streets is a "short stop" so big shouts to Biggie
    We'd rather move with the White Flight
    Payback for these White Knights
    The modern days templars
    They killed off all our ministers
    Penitrated our armours and gave us Benedict Arnolds
    I've never been a conformer
    Got em' locked in target zones of my predator drones
    the x-factors the unknown, bureau buggin' my phones
    Was once looking over my shoulder
    That was last administration, my fist up with Eric Holder
    Gimme passcodes we the frontline soilders
    pushing hidden agenda's
    smoke is thick, open the winda's (windows)
    unless you're the super-rich
    We let em' drown in the ash air
    We're all caught up in the crosshairs
    Of board room conspiracies
    Secret and ancient money.. Diocese to Diocese
    Freemasonrys, this is deeper than the press release
    dare we open the lid
    Just know we're under control, 'til we launch a successful probe - into who the enemy is

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