Give Her To The Skies

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    Jul 31, 2012
    Wrote this to Kno's Interlude 2 beat.

    Awkward eyes greet me when I look in the mirror,
    So I duck from the glimmer and carry on with cooking her dinner.
    She's looking thinner than last week,
    Her grasp weak, when she tries to ask me what's happening to her.
    I wipe the last tear as I turn and say nothing,
    I use the rain thumping on the roof as an excuse to exit the room.
    It's a makeshift life and the days drip like the aching nights,
    When I paint and write to make her smile arch I pray she likes it.
    I sometimes choke but catch it before she notices,
    Then blow a kiss with open lips while she lays there motionless.
    She takes a potent hit of marijuana to numb the feeling within,
    I'm keeling with sin but don't want doctors interfering and keeping her in.
    I need her to live, it's hard to justify my actions,
    But I don't want any percentages of survival or fractions.
    Keep telling her it's viral, but it's spiralling with no sirens in the distance,
    Is it resistance or a sixth sense? I can't let go.

    It's been three weeks of hoping but she's losing and trimmer,
    My conscience is feeling the burn of having lucifer in her.
    He's looting her beautiful soul which makes me dutiful,
    Cleaning a bowl of bile and telling her it's a hell of a cold.
    I keep forgetting we're old remembering lives we ensured,
    Regretting the silence we sat in, forgetting that time is so pure.
    Sometimes she climbs my hand with her pale finger tips,
    Her nails dig into my skin as her eyes wave like flags in raging wind.
    I hear whispers from my dearly beloved,
    But it's merely an uplift of air from her mouth as she's nearing the summit.
    I tear as I push them into her hand and she closes it,
    She knows what it is and nods her once for acknowledgement.
    I'm confident she understands as we swallow the pills,
    She manages a smile that makes me cry as we follow the hill.
    We lie in parallel and hear the rain still dripping,
    And as the last moments slip away we hear the angels singing.

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