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    Oct 4, 2005
    All his facts be nice
    Tall exact and precise
    Yall never had crack in his life
    Was down had to comeback twice
    But my plot’s a concern right?
    Because it’s not firm or tight
    Really hope his future turns bright
    See a girl in a skirt flirting friction
    That put my world in a certain position
    Her hair in candy curls alerting tradition
    Body so thrilling brown and wet
    He’s willing to put down a bet
    Right now chilling in town but yet
    Wanna a kiss today
    Ready to display a map
    Pinpoint where to lay a trap
    She’s jest bed bait have to keep
    His head straight try grab this sweet
    He aim to party
    Lay claim to her body
    A fine phat dame with a snotty
    Attitude gets me in a phat mood
    For sex, body impose a burden
    Wanna buy her a rose for mini-skirting
    This girl got loose juice in her pledge
    Enough to really produce an egg
    No excuse ain’t too proud to beg
    Use protection to avoid a preg
    Adapt plans to get a date
    If his rap stands he gets some cake
    Need help with his puny thirst
    He has no concept of the universe
    Wants talk to the girl must step first
    Required a girlfriend for means of gaining
    A desired end quotes bless promote success maintaining
    His composure, no doubt today his emotion outweigh
    His pride

    I bet her boyfriend buy her roses
    Washed in dew the room door closes
    Do hardcore poses in gowns oh wow?
    She’s flirting today in a certain way somehow
    Got my attention I bet her boyfriend kisses her
    Lips a lot, realized by her action she prefer
    Being a wise attractions, boys be on job
    Toys with her knobs they be so involved
    Trying to open her doors her boyfriend
    Jest goes crazy loving her to no end
    A class dame can’t cast blame sit on the bed
    Thighs open pies smoking in panties he said
    Baby I love you and jest kiss her lips right there
    In the bedroom, her body get so hot and he aware
    Of that, her body jest buttered cake on colored plates
    She can’t escape the love panties red and damp drapes
    Closed turn out the bed lamp jest get her tongue he get
    Wet cake galore he still thinking, can’t take anymore he let
    His mind roam wanna find her home and visit kiss her
    Lips play galore and lay at her door, the begging occur
    No doubt this girl’s above the rim
    He’s sweaty and ready to go out on a limb
    And rap to her he need a girlfriend to make
    His world spins like a whirlwind wanted cake

    HE SAID:
    Look boo you amuse with butter we can use each other
    Walking proud and talking loud so reach out to me your lover
    Wanna deliver a speech while your river reaches my bed room
    Breast gets wetter while I address this letter so boo stay tune
    Convinced that wisdom is like a defense system it protect
    You from foes and dumb flows I hear leave my ear a wreck
    Hood made get good grades, apply skills to try fill my brain
    Wanna thrill dames with love talk, wanna a degree gonna be
    Free after I graduate but disaster and bad fate causes me to flee
    Got a rubber keep protection because of the deep affection we
    Will have for one another tons of butter will cum in bed look
    Girl you got honey that smoke and it’s not a funny joke, shook
    Because your stuff is produce by bees and your juice is like seas
    Crave for potion and the waves in your ocean body 100 degrees
    You all chocolate and my tall rocket is about to take off I know
    Your cake is soft break me off a piece boo, make a boy go loco
    Your divine perfume is fine-tuned it smells swell and I can tell
    You’re a hot girl, wanna git you on my new desktop ring my bell
    While your breast are hot be under your dress a lot, not an infidel
    Try be a slick dame with a nickname and bring quick flames to bed
    Panties wringing wet I’m blinging but yet to get some boo, your red
    Lipstick on my collar watching a chick flick had to holler, really fed
    Me sex, strong talk led to a long walk in search for a girl and now
    Wanna touch her world be we could be crawling around somehow
    In a sprawling town but instead we could be balling down in my
    LEX for se with the top drop listening to HIP HOP and really tries
    Kissing your lips a lot, girl you jest a peach let me express
    In speech feel bless to reach your body now sex is a test
    Use strange verbs as we exchange words in love conversation
    A hug of domination girl I want some tongue and accommodations
    Winner with knowledge gonna enter college but right now
    Eat dinner and dump the garbage still remain tight somehow
    Standing under bad light and you still a mad sight glad tonight
    We met I know you be wet alone and home with boyfriend right
    Like MARIAH CARY go to the library and boys be so obsessed
    With you because you bless with beauty and booty girl oh yes
    You a real cutie wanna take you home and all but may run into
    A stone wall with my the love talk this is a hug assault this menu
    Includes kissing couple with moods of reminiscing, girl you got
    Features and fast perfume and instruct like teachers in classrooms
    Can’t miss the show a kiss can go a long way like them gas fumes
    And be transformed into art thatl storm the heart and calm a smart
    Girl down, boo I’m a sprung guy and my thoughts hung in the sky
    Like spaceships your lace a trip let me embrace your hips and try
    Go to my place and sip some wine because you plumb fine no lie
    Get a wet date, boo you phat got plenty cake at any rate can’t escape
    That, lot of jazz I see but as for me except for an occasional cake date
    Feel horny as I ever did only a clever kid can get through this so concern
    And hot out to learn a lot, receive taste after I squeeze waist then turn
    And take cake, me and your skirt collided so there’s work provided it’s
    A bizarre day I don’t want to be far away from you boo my love legit
    Defensive with quotes comprehensive in scope facts renown they come
    From my background but may face a smack down If I talk really dumb
    And not get a date, maybe on a dumb trail ouch! Hurt my thumbnail from
    Dusk to dawn like GEORGE CLOONEY

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