Ghost Writer, decades of murking kids. Good price.

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    Nov 20, 2013
    I've been in the rap game since the early 90's, had all the talent in the world, a producer, free studio, caught a case and had to split. Took it to battling and freestyling at clubs an parties out west. I started text and audio battling online around 06 and compiled a record of 96-2, I won multiple awards, #1 ratings in like 10 sites at once. I was an admin of the King Of The Dot text battle forum, I had the #1 spot at God MCz, a group of only the nicest heads from Lets Beef, Face Book and Myspace. I retired it, nobody took it. I excel at nameplay in punches, gunplay, multies, internals, themes, alliteration, etc. I can hook you up with a battle verse for a decent price, or a few steroid bars for cheap. People been caught stealin my shit in big battles, no more, everything is copyrighted. Some examples of punches. Gunplay...

    Walk it out son, ya'll takin bout guns and aint got pots ta piss in/
    I bring shotguns to MY battles just to "Gauge" the competition/

    A bullet aint got a name and when it kills, the leads not gonna care/
    I start spraying things yo, aint playing bingo when I put a "red dot on a square"/

    I have hundreds of unused gunplay punches, plus nameplay, whatever. I usually use 5-6 syllable multies to end bars and carry the multie, but I can craft bars in your steez. Song topics is also no problem, give me a theme or write out a story for me, I'll make the shit rhyme with multies and internal rhymes. My main inspirations growing up were Rakim, Kool G Rap, Big L, Big Pun, Monch, Necro, Em. I am a seriously technical MC, I just cannot post a bunch of bars cause I've been bitten too many times. My name is the same as my old graff name, ELSE ONE aka ELSE WON aka Mister E aka ELSE3573 aka St Elsewhere aka Tim Burr aka Boomslang aka Baron Von Gropenfeel ESQ GMCZ, ATB, Dusted Dons, QM8, Team Wonk, AHM. Scream at me.

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