Get paint and Color brains rap get butter from dames then Clutter the aims of rappers tame them with

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    Get paint and Color brains rap get butter from dames then
    Clutter the aims of rappers tame them with chapters when
    Its time to walk as king, talk wear bling my flow ready to
    Go on steady through microphone the true psycho tones knew
    By NORMAN BATES, damn great because I amputate all
    Microphones after talking to the proper doctor and this fall
    Into the same category as a lame story told by a rookie yall
    It’s fun no doubt to run about in a love frenzy, got a short
    Name gets all sorts of fame draw pictures but can’t abort
    These raw scriptures got my jaws in pitchers of lemonade
    Feel extreme love when I meet queens in the club persuade
    Many to give me a kiss and live brisk in bedrooms window shades
    Pulled down, can’t regard with disgust take hard trust, parades
    With flows go to trade-shows, parades of humanity like Wesley
    Snipes got blade of insanity wrestling with vampires is messy
    Defeats the witty on the streets of the city get beats from P
    DIDDY and make a band after a great plan and folks come to see
    Seem like having good stuff would be enough but there’s more
    Than meets the eye put on my knowledge cleats gonna fly and soar
    In romance wanna hardcore chance to git a chick vocab did pour
    Flavor that was strange and my behavior changed couldn’t ignore
    The love one girl tore my rug while having sex and grabbing the kotex
    At the same time man that dame was fine, oh the sex juice flow complex
    Like thunder my plan flows must understand those wet issues with girls

    One boy was living lavish wanna dame but must establish some game
    On the side and maintain his pride as the horny flames arise to tame
    His brain, thought if he rap quick could trap a chick and possibly take
    Her home, his thing is a menu to bring her into some kind of relation
    But right now a blind situation exist time for creation with a kiss devastation
    Struck in the form of love not the norm to get a hug at this time, where
    Is her boyfriend? He ask himself this task could be deft must beware
    Wanted to use love talk to gain an advantage seem plain but hard
    To manage the scars may require a bandage feelings maybe retard
    He works aboard ships at home got a ford that’s stripped and sitting
    On dubs but gitting to the club maybe a problem thinking is splitting
    His pride admitting inside he may not be good enough with jest rapping
    Hood stuff it would scuff his emotions if the wings of love not clapping
    Happen to be stressed out her breast no doubt poking and he’s hoping
    To get her in bed, extreme shy she’ll be a queen to a guy mini-skirting
    With plenty flirting wonder will there be any twerking? While she working
    Them round hips while he kiss them brown lips, he live in thirst for affection
    She’s a soft thing ready to give birth to his offspring must go right direction
    To reach her heart and teach her body parts to respond to him but rejection
    Could put him on a pedistool and feel like a misled fool but anyway he must
    Set it off because she’s wet and soft, yet to toss her panties and bulid trust
    Too early to make a fuss but cake can be thrust into bed quick by a chick
    She’s swell and hot and well stock with a body party like CIARRA can flick
    His BIC with jest one kiss she’s tall with pride on all side body quite enough
    For tonight and stuff guess he has a right to really wanna huff and puff no bluff
    Will do he’s got to come real with some sex appeal and reveal his emotion this
    Could be an ocean to cross she use lotion on her soft legs and boys beg for a kiss
    She’s true and bless in a blue dress this is a new test for him so he can’t miss
    This opportunity he must be ironic with the EBONICS and like the DELFONICS
    Say “LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! I LOVE YOU BOO” what else he’s gonna do chronic
    Will not be a part, see a girl dress white like spilled milk he’s thrilled to see silk
    She fine and feel no guilt her shoe heel built high breasts equipped with milk
    See a girl he wanna grab and hug her body jest a slab Of love a cherry fact
    She’s very exact, try rap quick and trap a chick and that’s a merry act
    Blind no doubt and wanna find out how to score now must ignore his
    Emotions which soar like oceans need a dame tonight time to take care of biz
    And gain sight and get his brain right he came to ignite his sex life
    Wearing plenty bling didn’t purchase anything he know many bring their
    Best game to try impress a dame this girl’s breast plain with nipples everywhere
    His luck absurd and that struck a nerve can’t buck the words of other players
    She got buttered layers down there juice in pounds to share

    I bet she be wet itching in the kitchen her boyfriend in the living room //
    Giving bloom to sex pivoting toward the bedroom so complex and doom!
    He’s hot for her body and want some the food yum yum she’s cooking
    And now he’s look at her body dressed in a gown breasts so renown booking
    A flight tonight for the bed her airplane is an affair to be maintained she jest
    Strut butt he’s trying to plan while she’s holding the frying pan so I guess
    Her boyfriend really want some later the flavor will fill the house the rest
    Is history with a mystery in the bedroom, he jest wanna go crazy on it
    Doggone it, she just give him all kind of tongue his mind now sprung a bit
    She’s sweet he wanna greet her with a loud applause proud no pause on
    The kissing all about the flames he wanna shout her name and play along
    But like TREY SONGZ said the neighbors gonna hear so much flavor she’s
    Sincere she jest sit on the bed gown open tits brown and poking he can see
    Her body hot his house is a party spot, he jest kiss her lips and get some tongue
    Everything cum together he’s plumb clever at that point she sit in his lap //
    He cum with legit rap strong better known as love talk she’s now jest trapped //
    In his arms lips sweaty and red ready for bed like TEDDY PENDERGRAS //
    Said he jest “turn out the lights” concern about the night body grows tender fast //
    Oh he jest goes crazy trying to break the headboards like JOHN LEGEND and //
    DRAKE he tells her “you the best I ever had” and start to brag he definite planned //
    All of this, he drink sweet red wines and try meet deadlines and keep her head //
    And mind straight as he get divine cake from a naked standpoint the bed bounce //
    He said: “wow I must holler at her”

    HE SAID:
    You got mad behavior let me add flavor to your body had a major
    Party in my bed with some chicks so cum quick let me lick it my pager
    Is beeping, nolthing to be concerned about this could turn out to be
    A love affair let me rub your hair get in the bathtub prepare to see
    Your body, Kisses attack best plus my facts are stressed and the lack
    of rest make me tired but still cake is desired need a belt for my slacks
    my romance need help then a chance to step into the lime light

    Look boo I keep my bling intact trying to spring back my thing is to act //
    Normal and wear a jivy bandana in a lively manner and drive Cadillac //
    Let my foot strike the ground I like to crown chick then go down town //
    And lick quick listen to a smooth song and move along and hound around //
    And bark before I start, wanna be a great winner want cake for dinner but //
    Delayed couldn’t enter your heart with the art of love talk girl you jest a cup //
    Cake, look boo your body is a steamy pop tart and it’s extremely sharp //
    Get the lotion you have a wet ocean I’m about to set in motion start //
    With one kiss you gonna have fun with this girl, you soft and brown //
    Let me get you feet off the ground hop in my ride we can pull down //
    the top as we glide, no doubt satisfaction when I carry out this action //
    my love fall in drop and they all hot and ill like smallpox a fraction //
    is all it take, strange keep my head alert this could change into bed work //
    can’t hide my affection my gone in a specified direction under your skirt //
    cake the best ready to take the test, girl my kiss is a force it’ll twist your //
    cource, never a dumb circus always for some purpose for girls galore //
    I’m a hot guy and you have a pot pie so boo please stop by my new crib //
    Have some barbecue ribs and like SIDNEY PORTIER I’ll be mister TIBBS //
    You have divine lace at my house there’s time and space, you dame //
    Be grinning I wanna obtain by winning your love this whole game //
    Is beginning to squeeze your waist and seize your lace boo please //
    Lets go to my place, I interpret your love a certain way you mini- //
    Skirting today and it’s hurting to say I think I love you a plenty //
    We can roll on gravel hot and bizarre even travel in a drop top car //
    If you you unravel my plot you’re a star we can stop at the bar //
    Maybe a bitter step but consider the concept without thinking the clout //
    Linking us to sex, a kiss so fine exist in my mind separate my brain about //
    To devastate my mainframe so boo educate and tame my body need some //
    your cake soft I wanna make off with a slice this circus dimension come //
    with purpose and intention, girl you wet in that skirt and your body is set //
    to work upon my hormones hop in my car gone home, boo it’s a sure bet //
    you will be satisfied love them phat thighs as my stats fly to your ear it //
    appear I may get some for real

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