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Discussion in 'Audio Help & Tips' started by TommyHavok, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Dec 11, 2013
    Hey y'all, hope you doin' good. I want to purchase a decent USB Condenser Microphone or a USB Audio Interface/Condenser Mic Combo to record with on my new DAW.

    I am wanting the best possible audio quality and the lowest amount of latency as possible.

    My Budget is: $30-$60 for a Microphone and $100-$150 for Interface Combo.

    It doesn't need to be brand new, as long as it is in decent shape and works well I will be happy.

    I am trying to get my home studio going again for my label, I hit a rough patch last October 2012 and me and my fiance and newborn son became homeless and were staying at a shelter so I sold everything I had to get us an apartment and was only getting 710/Month on SSI disability. I am doing rather well now thank Jesus so I am using my gear fund I have been saving up on to get my studio going again.

    Any advice would be great, I know my budget is a little thin so if you have any products that are less expensive but have a decent sound quality please reply them to this thread.

    Thanks y'all, HMU anytime on Skype!

    Skype/MSN: live:havokmusik

    Be blessed!

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