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    Gallery Rules/How To Post Your Pictures:

    Gallery Rules

    1. Pictures or videos must be linked in first post...

    2. No deeplinks of nude pictures (Deeplinking means posting pictures with IMG tags)... No bare female nipple pics and absolutely no crotch shots of either gender...

    If you feel the need to post a nude picture post the link without IMG tags...

    3. No morbidly graphic pictures such as beheaded or mutilated bodies and ect...

    4. Before posting a picture or video please browse recent threads to avoid duplicate posts and having your thread closed...

    Repeated failure to abide by these rules will result in banishment...

    How To Post Your Pictures

    This is very simple.. first choose an image hosting site. There are several of these but three of the most popular are, and

    Once youve uploaded your pics to one of these, you can use the links they provide you to post them. The tags are designed for forums and let you deeplink your pics, which makes them show up in your post.

    Thats it! Have fun..
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