From HELL to Heaven... STory cypher.... BUst the real..

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by 6ftground, Aug 27, 2005.

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  1. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    In life we travel, to roads and through roads....
    Picture those roads traveled,
    with razor sharp turns ending
    at a dead-end... Your life.... in depression and no-hope
    "That's me dog!"

    What about you fam?
    I know everyone goes through depression!?!
    share those stories... When I wrote this I was depressed...
    But my story is still going on
    I'd finish it, but i wanted help from the
    go getters in here, who can relate to depression..
    Going in it and coming out a victor...

    There are no rules... Just know this cypher could go a long way(or as haters say NOT)...
    Because you post the negative side, you know your going to have to post
    the positive... so IF I POST A NEGATIVE PART YOU POST A POSITIVEThis is a story cypher so flow the real..

    I'll start it off...PEace
    (orig. posted in open mic)

    Depression is my confession,
    to nothing but pain..
    it's all I know, this one-thing I flow,
    Blood, tears and words of hope
    Are the first to go...

    Faith, hope and depression is the dope,
    and I'm its fiend,
    is this part of the existence game...
    I use to feel happy with fame
    Now I'm feeling like the
    shooter shooting his last good vain,
    The shooter who missed
    the point winning game...
    I feel like that kid who has no high school name
    Just a bully's way of gaining fame off Shame
    What's the use, I mights well tighten the noose..


    Is my doorway to hell
    this picture perfect world got me
    feeling like hell,
    my fist to hell,
    my head to heaven,
    I've built my own jail
    and it far from heaven
    I'm walking alone side-by-side with the un forgiven...
    I failed to prevail and now I'm stuck in a cell,
    Forever to dwell.... IN

    I want to bail on my life,
    but my legs won't spin, thrusting
    head first into that knife,
    double-edge is the meaning of life,
    my time is nearing it's end,
    I'm in depressions delusion on take a life,

    I'm too far lost in my own sin,
    I'm sip 'n on HEN, roll-in on chrome,
    treads so thin,
    it looks like I'm roll-in on chrome,
    with the chrome plated in hand aimed at my dome
    I thought of taking life at the funeral home
    Bringing my life's depression to its end...
    Lord I'm coming on home....

    Now the past is the present forever burning,
    cause I went out like a nicca on burner,
    like a Trix with no rubber...
    I see the brother of evil burning, and
    yelling, laughing, with tears bursting to flames,
    I'm fo-ever lost in the flames,
    and purgatory the other side of,
    my depressions story,
    I see visions now- forever gory,
    like seeing ya mother die of cancer,
    in fast forward, if I could I'd eat that cancer,
    I have no answers, the questions, still
    unanswered.... in my


    I see I haven't made an impression on the living,
    forever cursed to walk in shadows of the sinner,
    I'm inner- like an exorcist, cursing those living...
    now I'm permanently depressed,
    a depressor of the un forgiven, a
    devils advocate,
    forever I'm depressed,
    subject to immortal living all this from...


    grasp on me
    Grasp on he
    Shame on him
    lost in ...

    DEPRESSIONS, game on sin
    lame, I am,
    Intentions like the son of SAM,
    so I take that grain of sand,
    place it in the left hand and in my right
    I hold a picture PAC, PICTURE of FRANK WRIGHT,
    hoping to gain the reincarnation's of fame
    LORD please take me out of the GAME
    OUT of ....



    Jul 20, 2004
    lame you are/happy with fame? you never became a star/
    you think you a celebrity?/if thats the case, your career's in jeoprady/
    don't ever try to step to me/bitch's love me, like emeril's recipe/
    I'll agree though, your chick give the best head/
    but now you're boring me so ima go to the next thread/

  3. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Your depressions rare -to a positive I'll give you..
    Your post made you laugh, like a kings fool...
    You are to this king dude... i grant you amnesty
    and just ignore your tyranny, you below this Majesty,
    so make me laugh again LYRICAL WIZARDY,​

    Next person post a negative
  4. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Im depressed, slice my wrist, hopin everytiem i do that ill die from it..
    Never cry n shit, but i stay high n shit, ima lunatic craving attention,
    I wanted my dad to notice me, so i stabbed my mom today in the kitchen..
  5. iceheart

    iceheart The Frozen Poet

    Jun 22, 2003
    a long road i have traveled, searching for something never found
    my plans have all unraveled and im trying not to fall 6ft down
    nothing to look forward to, and a past that doesn't exactly shine
    i wonder what i can do to reverse this acursed dilemma of mine
    my steel friend distracts me from reality with his little red line
    giving me a chance to escape into the forgiving yet forgotten sands of time
    but on the threshold of living the pain gives me clarity of mind
    the agony i went through was not necessary, but was caused by me -
    by the simple fact that instead of letting failures go, i held on tightly
    hoping that the hand that fed would kindly provide me
    with an easy way out from under the avalanche i walked into blindly
    instead of picking the locks on the chains that i let bind me

    this knowledge i gained from feeling the kiss of death
    but i knew if i didn't do something fast, i would soon breath my last breath
    quick as i could, i called 911, fighting to live a life that i had only just begun
    gave my name, my address, and told them like the wind they must run
    time was running out if they wanted to fix what i had done
    the world started shrinking, fading to black
    i put down the phone, and just laid back
    while i listened to the sound of a crying cat, i wondered where the medics were at
    i said to the goddess of fate quite clearly "you are a bitch and i know you can hear me,
    why did you take away everything i loved so dearly?"
    but an answer came not as the world by darkness was overtaken
    and i thought i saw lights, but i must have been mistaken
    cuz all of a sudden i heard something that sounded like a floodgate breaking
    the darkness had enveloped, and i felt my body shaking
    everything felt so cold, and so distant, almost like i was nonexistant
    i felt myself being lifted, and then felt a tightness in my chest
    all the while wondering whether a tail or a halo would suit me best
    then there was nothing. but still i thought?
    what manner of realm is this in which i am caught?
    suddenly, i realize that the world has rejected the embrace of darkness
    im strapped to something, and my motion is restricted by a harness.
    i look up to see a blue man with a shiny name tag
    running down a hallway holding a clear plastic bag
    i look at him quizzically, and when he realizes im awake
    he says "Hold on" to me, "don't let this be the last breath you take"
    then i fall back into darkness, but this time just waiting to reawake
    i have made the decision to live, it seems to be the best decision to make
    i know when i go back to life the world will not be so fake.
  6. Etebom

    Etebom New Member

    Aug 30, 2005
    been depressed, sin impressed upon this kin-in-stress, winning-freinds
    was not the only thing that made me smile, it was killing-gents
    spilling-pens cuz I'm so full-of-writtens, it just warms up my heart ya know
    like the wool-of-kittens, drool-my-spittens, I never got accepted in the
    rapping club, never got dab-or-hug, just a muthafucking capping-thug
    my strength is sapping dawg, cuz I memorize the words they said
    like "you will never make it, like herbs you're dead", well guess what bitches
    my nerves are lead, those perves they bled, like sick scripts I spew
    thru verbs-that-shred, this kid unerves-the-dead, I'm like cancer
    I'll curse-ya-head!!, or wait till it gets born then slaughter it on ya nurses' bed!
    this kid rehearses his verses like the universe's vet, then spits fire so live
    it'll get net hearses wet...oh fuck it, I'm done spitting, and I'm still depressed
    even tho I conviced myself that I'm ill, the best...
  7. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003

    I rebuke you, shoot you with holy water,
    I'm no longer at the bottom, I've reached the top,
    No props, stop, I got to the top with non-stop chatter,
    haters words kept blood on the boil, so painful to haters,
    that when they talk bad On 6, they tongue riddled with boils,
    I got holy oils, to rid us of depression, and prayers that relinquish,
    the shadows of impressions, Who mislead the precious,
    I got happiness, my life is looking up above the falling rains...
    It's, life's challenge of the souls dedication,
    To deliver us to the passions, fuck depression,
    I got a girl, peoples, and nicccaz, who love me...
    Bringing me out my.....
    I'm for-ever looking toward the skies
    with tattoo tears in my eyes; as I spit on...
  8. Etebom

    Etebom New Member

    Aug 30, 2005
    slitting-my-wrists,as I sit-in-the-pits..
    wondering if I'ma ever make it,thru the shit-wit-my-wits
    my-spit-it-depicts,the emotion-that's-boiling
    within-me? my heart's commotion-is-toiling
    like an ocean-recoiling,spoiling-I'm soiled-in-oil-n
    waste and puss busting thru my boil-in-my fuckin embroiled-skin
    like foil-tin,I'm sharp-and-edgy,ready to spit a shard-like-Freddy
    ripping any retard-that's-heady..I'm air.slip-in ya-steep-heart-unsteady
    I'm fucking-insane cutting throats and smiling while-in-the-act!!!
    like a parasite-sucking-ya-brain,I'm full of sick-notes,a style-I-attract
  9. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Im insanely um..let me see, psycho wits inside my cranium..
    Crazy drums, beatin my temple from inside, im daily strung..
    I cant fathom my own predictions..
    Im AT HOME, and im havin some homely sickness..
    Its wicked, i roam my district, tryna bone some chic-kens..
    but im to upset with myself to be prone to this shit..
    Im tired of life, so im helpin the dead..
    Joinin em by shootin myself in the head..
  10. v0id

    v0id Everything

    Apr 24, 2005
    rewind......*looks into the past*...

    "Motherfucker open up," I stand there with my friend in the bathroom, hands shaking with tears going down trying to face doom, bangings on the door shaking our spirit and mind, soulsearching never gave us the inner peace to find, "OPEN UP," he says, I thought I was going to die that night and be on the press.. memory

    "GET THE FUCK OUT," im running faster and faster than ive ran before, the devils behind me with a switchblade trying to cut me like a bore, the night's not helping that I can't see, then I look back and my friend's gushing blood out of his knee, the switchblades on the ground so I throw it away, i thought find that and leave us alone i pray

    I g2g but I want to post more I got "Heaven" material too :) . I exaggerate on these stories so you know I'm not a disturbed kid or anything. So rock on with this post....
  11. Nam~AdruM

    Nam~AdruM THe INcaRnaTioN

    Aug 18, 2005
    The story of my life is a dismangled thing
    But yet amidst the strife I can see angel wings
    Even in the horrors of night I can have sweet dreams
    Everyday fighting for my life while chasin' these street dreams
    Some say it's all about the C.R.E.A.M. and yes I've seen
    Crack feens' shootin' folks to jack their TV screens
    And little girls becoming mothers at the age of thirteen
    The death tolls rise in the ghettos like the prices of gasoline
    Born a black panther but got moves quick like a cheetah
    Life's can be b!tch dependen' on how you treat her
    But I hope I never leave her or ever cheater
    Cause I know she'll let me go like subwoof through speakers
    Running through the alleys with blood on my sneakers
    Cop cars sounds rally while they read my rights through the speakers
    My heart racing and I'm tryin' so hard to catch up
    I hide at my homeboys girls' house rollin a dutch
    My homeboy don't know but his girl let me touch
    Yeah he proud of soon to be son, but in some months
    He realize his child don't smile like him, don't look like him
    Don't ask me why did I ever took from him
    Something I can't take back now, just look at him
    Came from behind the back with that metal barrow
    Didn't want too but sent his soul flying with the sparrows
    Sweat falling down my face like rain on the streets
    Conflict in my soul rages, feeling the pain of the streets
    Wondering if redemtion is available at any cost
    Crucified wit to the Messiah like the theif on the cross
  12. v0id

    v0id Everything

    Apr 24, 2005

    Happy green daisies with the purple on top,
    smoke filled valleys that are cream of the crop,
    man...this place was bumpin with chicks with the curves,
    and pink couple devilles that we could joyride and swirve,
    in my heaven dude we have food for all,
    and nice restrooms like girls with lots of stalls,
    no one would be robbing and fighting,
    because it's free for all who taketh like lightning,
    no government and raids for oil,
    no scandals that people would have to foil,
    all around the charma is filled with love,
    bright green trees and white doves,
    then i awake from my dream of above...........or agnostic.
  13. Etebom

    Etebom New Member

    Aug 30, 2005
    the rain is falling, so as I strain I’m bawling
    calling for a Savior to heal my soul now that’s appalling
    never knew to think that I could this act, I would spew in fact
    Garbage on a useless track, now that my soul is lost ripped up
    like a useless fag? Do I accuse the jag in this jungle book of life?
    Or do I abuse with a noose and Mag every excuse I had
    to reduce news because dudes were glad I was losing bad
    to my lusts and pleasures, leaving me dirty like dust on treasures
    Of course my measures were drastic; I used to abuse my records
    And sit in recluse like seduced leopards, just bruising shepherds;
    those There to see me through valleys of booze and sepulchers.
  14. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    we feed off life, fightin off vultures writing scriptures
    molding sculptures, enlighting like fixtures
    dispite all the adventures I realize a composure
    and If I die im going to jehovah, at night we're closer
    to the ulmighty the ultra\\\\ a sighting to froze ya
    aint no write off for christ life is the price that we owe him
  15. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Financial depression
    got me lost in my session
    green got my mind depressive
    in a place where the atmosphere
    is grey where the sandman plays
    with my thoughts where spheres of fears
    float to a burst hitting me like spears
    shock -shaking my body like a defibrillator
    humiliation tasting like fainting vomit
    waking up drunk off failures weak stomach
    tomahawk stress strike my chest
    I wide open to depression
    somebody send me some blessings
  16. inFLOWenced

    inFLOWenced New Member

    Aug 12, 2008
    from hell ta heaven for me - itll neva happen
    im already burnin eternity and im only rappin
    burnin kush like tricks be burnin dicks, jaw slappin
    all this jaw jackin got me packin heat like im african
    yall cats need an army to target me on this harsh beat
    sparked weed, embarked greed, i get mine on hard streets
    bombard MCs and vacate fuh weeks to the Carribean keys
  17. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003

  18. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    ''man Since I Was Small
    I Had This One Dream Ta Ball
    I Wanted To Be Tha Neighborhood Nino
    Stacks In Ma Pocket,the World Is Mine Like Alpacino''
    But As I Got Olda,an Relized Life Was A Diva
    I Laughed Wen Momma Said It,now Im A Beleava
    I Seen To Much Pain,from Blood Ta Tears
    Pops Use Drugs,so Tha Thugs Were Here
    I Listen,but Didnt Fear,i Jumped Off In Them Bricks
    I Cant See The Pain I Cause,cuz I Only Invision Licks
    I Gotta Get It,its Wicked Plus Aint No Love In Ma Town
    Wen U Paid Ya Clown,wen Ya Broke Ya Frown
    I Wanted Ta Get Down,i Was Tha Lil Nigguh
    So I Did Wut Tha Big Nigguh,told Me
    Ma Dreams Bigga,chop Chop If Ya Owe Me
    Neva Let Em Ho Me,an Neva Let Em Hold Me Down
    Im Deep In That Water,but Didnt Drown
    It Was Around,the Time I Was Fif-teen
    I Got Mean,i Smoke Weed I Drink To An Sip Lean
    I Stayed Clean,but People Hate That
    I Screamed If Ya Gotta Hard Head
    Then Imma Amp-u-tate That
    I Seen Girls Sellin Kat
    Ya Own Freinds Turnin Rat
    Tha Only Means Of Money,iz Flippin Drugs
    I Dip In Clubs,wit Ma Thugz,in Tha Car Iz Clips-n Slugs
    I Yelled At Tha Otha Crew Dont Make Me Hot
    Dey Reply Wutcha Mean?i Say Dont Make Me Pop
    Yung As Hell,but I Gotta Temper
    Heart Cold Like December,call Me Mr.winter
    An I Remember,wen I Went Ta Jail On Sum Bogus Shyt
    Fukk It Im Fightin,cuz Nigguhs Be On Rogus Shyt
    Man I Den Been Threw Alot
    Das Jus A Lil Bit,an Do Beleave Hell Is Hot
    An I Aint Neva Been To Heaven I Hope Its Not
    Feel My Pain.
  19. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    mad cuz i mirror god, created wit likeness
    devils infected our plite and perfected they trifeness
    i hate when its like this, i'm just
    staggerin the line of whats wrong and what right is
    i used to win knife fights wit icepicks
    real life shit always prepared for how dark that it might get
    trip off how safe light is and how smart that the night is
    and how dark skins dont bond like they should wit light skins
    willie lynchs theory you liked more if u light shit..
    still a everyday struggle, had to hustle for structure
    i cant relate to them white kids
    life is a tramp,
    so 5%r's spit bout lost tribes..i'm relatin wit that
    wish i had interest in stock markets and facts
    gangsta turned gentleman tuggin the margin on that
    still would, corner the market if wasnt narc'n and rats
    trappin be neverendin..
    be simple to get life on track, but it isnt,
    so i spit life on wax
    food for thought from the hungriest spittin ..
    sippin, hen rockless trippin,
    off some hen topless strippin
    blamin my oldheads diction
    and rules taught i was missin,
    dealin wit stress from bad descsions
    in school stayed skippin and blvnt liftin
    house to house livin in, section 8 issuance
    bettin on 7, pray err time i see 11:11..
    meddlin in endeveavors extra-curricular sellin
    at 15 i was a peddlin predator...
    but i knew from kin
    the game has a end...jail and time'll tell ya
    got a gig 17, fellback, no felon
    i was to clever for h3ll i felt better in heaven
    truth breed light so knowledge never get severed
    thats why my level is 7 i'm just waiting for blessings
    old folks say money the key to sucess-and
    what i need is a check
    and whats to follow is power, respect
    whats next is the stress...
    so i
    roll more s3ss and drink hennessy less
    jealous ones, still envy and come at ya neck
    since i aint no sucka Nigga like hav plenty...
    enemies...i have plenty,
    beefed wit a many of men wishin me death,,,
    throw out my 2 cents, nickel plates short change'em the rest....

  20. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003

    Man B-nizz=[​IMG]

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