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  1. J o o k

    J o o k Guest


    RBL North Hype
    By: J o o k

    Welcome to Week 13 of Rapmusics North Battle League. It was an electifying week in text this week atleast for the people who showed. It was filled with a bunch of victories by 2 or less votes and also a New Champ of the RBL. Will this be the first Champ to hold the title two weeks in a row. You better believe it. One thing I would like to address though is the voting. You do not have to wait till Sunday before deadline to get you votes in. Get them in early. The mod staff will be monitoring to see if anyone throws a hate vote in i.e. (if they are voted against and they come back then vote against you). We just need more voting to go on to be successful. So with this said lets slide into the No Show Shine.

    No Show Shine (x2)
    Verse by: John Nash

    man u suck, this dude aint hot...its more like a low fever
    and after that shit u pulled last week, fuck i wouldnt show either
    guys a bitch, flaming' almost done with the mockings
    and he'll wear the pants...just to hide the run in his stockings
    u been a bust, we're fed up with the crap, so stop it dude
    i just left the south, which means, theres still a spot for u
    i'll drop this fool...Nash run through these hoes and blast geeks
    now he's so afraid of the guy he lost to last week
    i'm raw as fuck, i bring crowds to see this loser get tossed
    and JD aint produced something dope since signing Kriss Kross

    Pretty solid for a no show verse thanks for investing a little time even though your opponent No Showed.

    Verse by: Alpha Prime

    you no show this week, lil'bitch cant best what i've wrote
    and i'd whipe the table wit em if he wasnt german the cloth like our pope
    past verse's suck in all forms and hopefully he's understanding me
    perials life described in gay bars...the way fruits hang on his family tree
    classified as a no show now, shudda compiled your words son
    so why am i gonna research Imp? when i saw how he sucked on the first one
    been a lil aggravated by the voting, so its been told that i'd bounce
    but cats labeled this guy dope
    n when im finished he'll get sold by the ounce
    well shit...fucka Imperial, i'd say he aint no king but its known yo
    n when he's put in the south
    he'll accuse the power like his reason for no show

    Top 10

    that chip on your shoulder? Rev's about to dip it in sauce
    I know the wizard's from there...
    but I was shocked to know you get your lyrics from Oz! - Revanon

    He's got bad plaque, so he's never smilin' to us...
    So much film on his teeth, Kodak had to design his toothbrush - Purfektion

    youre a fruit dude, a net loser , this be truth too
    in real life ya cant just go up to someone and say *shoots you* - Super

    I choose to fight, this win may further be rehearsal..
    You hold the crown...
    And a sandwhich on The Burger King commercials... - J o o k

    more than just ya ordinary vet,im the king of this text
    ops lookin like bitches from african tribes tha way im ringing his neck - Money Bags

    forget nice im outta the phaze, lift the frown from ya face,
    and get that 'dirt of ya shoulders'.. take a shower and shave,- Ribo

    You suck dick, s'nothin to be proud of queer
    So im givin money....bags to pack up an get the fuck outta here - Opshins

    Ya fake personals just pissed me off. Ya drops are flawed.
    dunny, i'll slice ya life-line up into a conference call- Butler

    I'll have you turning in the grave I left you in, with the fire burning
    I schooled you once in the South. So consider this Higher Learning. - Guile

    Fucka closer, i'm done...cuz it's clear this jerk lost
    And i'm still wondering why Guile had your picture with your shirt off- Troublesome

    CONGRATULATIONS to Guile for being the only one to not misspell a word in his punch. GEEK = ] !


    - Congratulations To TROUBLESOME for breaking the tradition of signing out after the Champ match is lost. Trouble will continue to be a great impact in the league and also brings a veteran presence that is truly needed. Thanks bro it's appreciated.

    - Yes Serge, Imperial and AlphaO, all noshowed.

    - We got some new talent up in the north, with John Hensley back and Allah, also Prhyme making his way up to the North so welcome them all.

    - Revanon signed out after a hard return back to the RBL = [. It wont be the same with out Revanon.
  2. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Interview with H Deezy V Meezy

    get off the blok [5:31 P.M.]: First off whats goood
    Deon3485 [5:32 P.M.]: Porn....and lost of it.
    Deon3485 [5:32 P.M.]: lots*
    Deon3485 [5:32 P.M.]: yikes
    get off the blok [5:32 P.M.]: What type of porn most interests you?
    Deon3485 [5:32 P.M.]: Latin lesbians
    Deon3485 [5:32 P.M.]: or a nice black chick who has an ill ass
    get off the blok [5:33 P.M.]: Yes definitely
    get off the blok [5:33 P.M.]: So why are you in the league?
    Deon3485 [5:33 P.M.]: Honestly? It use to be a hobby, but now I just do it because when I aint at work, Im bored.
    get off the blok [5:34 P.M.]: Word. Do you have any goals or intend to go for the championship or do you even care?
    Deon3485 [5:35 P.M.]: I'd say I didnt care at one point and then thats when I actually got the contendership match. I lost that, but its cool. I know I'll have the title in 2-3 weeks.
    get off the blok [5:35 P.M.]: Word.
    get off the blok [5:36 P.M.]: Do you have any one you especially want to beat?
    Deon3485 [5:36 P.M.]: Nah, anybody can get it.
    Deon3485 [5:36 P.M.]: Its nobody special in the league
    Deon3485 [5:36 P.M.]: I cant front
    Deon3485 [5:36 P.M.]: I may not be better than everybody in the league, but the people who are ahead of me arent that dope.
    get off the blok [5:36 P.M.]: I agree that everyone in the league is beatable
    Deon3485 [5:36 P.M.]: Thats why no champ has had a run really
    get off the blok [5:37 P.M.]: true
    Deon3485 [5:37 P.M.]: I'd like to at least see somebody hold it a month or somethin
    get off the blok [5:37 P.M.]: What's your thoughts on how the league is being ran any thing you would change or would you keep it the same?
    Deon3485 [5:38 P.M.]: It really doesnt bother me so much, I just got heated how I went from 3rd to like 16th in one week. I bounced back though.
    get off the blok [5:38 P.M.]: Lol yea , so the way things are going this week you'll be facing the infamous Butler... How are you going to approach that battle?
    Deon3485 [5:39 P.M.]: Eh, I faced Butler on some gay site a few months back...
    Deon3485 [5:39 P.M.]: lost though
    Deon3485 [5:39 P.M.]: I didnt really have effort and he didnt either
    Deon3485 [5:39 P.M.]: I dont have an approach with people to be honest
    Deon3485 [5:39 P.M.]: Its however I feel that week
    Deon3485 [5:39 P.M.]: It should be good though
    get off the blok [5:40 P.M.]: Indeed. So at the end Hotdog will be victorious over Butler?
    Deon3485 [5:40 P.M.]: Basically
    Deon3485 [5:40 P.M.]: I have no problems with predictin myself
    get off the blok [5:40 P.M.]: Haha Then say it nigguh!!!!
    Deon3485 [5:40 P.M.]: ok ok ok
    Deon3485 [5:40 P.M.]:'ll lose fam
    get off the blok [5:40 P.M.]: Lol Thats whats HOOD
    Deon3485 [5:40 P.M.]: everybody from 411 dont flop like Super and Muff
    get off the blok [5:40 P.M.]: lmfao
    Deon3485 [5:41 P.M.]: They both my nigs tho
    Deon3485 [5:41 P.M.]: Imma hear bout that later
    get off the blok [5:41 P.M.]: So that brings me to my next question... What do you think about ghost writing in the league?
    Deon3485 [5:41 P.M.]: Lol, its fucking stupid to be honest.
    Deon3485 [5:42 P.M.]: I'll admit though.....I tried to give Super a concept 1 time cuz I knew I wouldnt need it...he fucked it up....he's always fucking up.
    Deon3485 [5:42 P.M.]: I never had shit ghosted for me though. I dont even show people my verses really.
    get off the blok [5:42 P.M.]: Word I feel you on that.
    Deon3485 [5:42 P.M.]: Didnt I battle you before?
    get off the blok [5:42 P.M.]: So who do you HATE in the league or think is the biggest faggit(s) in the world
    Deon3485 [5:43 P.M.]: hmm lemme go look at who's in....i forget names really
    get off the blok [5:43 P.M.]: lol word
    Deon3485 [5:43 P.M.]: oh
    Deon3485 [5:43 P.M.]: I dont hate anybody
    Deon3485 [5:43 P.M.]: But Lampoon is queer
    Deon3485 [5:44 P.M.]: I forgot about him....the "Legendary 411's Junya"
    Deon3485 [5:44 P.M.]: Dudes average
    get off the blok [5:44 P.M.]: Chea
    get off the blok [5:44 P.M.]: Ight so what do u think about all these dam aliases
    Deon3485 [5:45 P.M.]: They dont bother me
    Deon3485 [5:45 P.M.]: If you can win, you can win....doesnt matter the name
    Deon3485 [5:45 P.M.]: thats why I laugh at dudes who say shit like "if i knew it was you i woulda did blah blah blah"
    Deon3485 [5:45 P.M.]: Do you everyweek
    get off the blok [5:45 P.M.]: lol
    Deon3485 [5:45 P.M.]: admit to a bad week......which we all have them
    Deon3485 [5:46 P.M.]: but dont hide behind dudes havin an alias
    get off the blok [5:46 P.M.]: Definitely
    Deon3485 [5:46 P.M.]: Every battle I had was against an alias as far as Im concerned. I dont talk to folks from rbl
    get off the blok [5:47 P.M.]: true i feel you on that
    get off the blok [5:47 P.M.]: Ight this is your time to shout / talk shit / or give props
    Deon3485 [5:48 P.M.]: Uhmm...nah, end the mag. Pz
    get off the blok [5:48 P.M.]: Lol man u dont wanna talk shit? thats the illest part
    get off the blok [5:48 P.M.]: lol sucka
    Deon3485 [5:48 P.M.]: Fine
    Deon3485 [5:49 P.M.]: Super, that'll be 20 points for that vote against rev
    get off the blok [5:49 P.M.]: lol
    Deon3485 [5:49 P.M.]: Fuck everybody
    Deon3485 [5:49 P.M.]: and Im gonna go eat another hotdog
    get off the blok [5:49 P.M.]: CHEA!!!
    Deon3485 [5:49 P.M.]: we actually had some today
    get off the blok [5:49 P.M.]: worddddd
    get off the blok [5:49 P.M.]: thanks for the interview
    Deon3485 [5:49 P.M.]: thank you ;)
    get off the blok [5:49 P.M.]: Pzzzz
    Deon3485 [5:49 P.M.]: 1
  3. J o o k

    J o o k Guest


    RBL North Championship: 1. Troublesome 9-2 vs. 2. J o o k 8-3

    This battle was in my opinion one of thee closest title matches in a long time. Votes showed it 7-1 but I can definitely say it was closer then what the votes read, because when I posted my verse I could see him taking it. I take my hat off to trouble because in all actuality he's one of the best competitors in the league. But in the end after being almost murdered with that shirt line, I managed to pull a hat trick and grab the title. So welcome J o o k as the new RBL champ. Dope battle trouble.

    21. Money Bags 0-0 vs. 22. Opshins 0-0

    The infamous Money Bags, and the return of Opshins. This turned out to be a pretty good match contrary to belief. Opshins came out swinging from the start with some witty lines, and a no fear type of attitude. Money Bags the most cockiest motherfucker in the league also produced a very decent verse. Money Bags has a "straight at your neck" type of style and came right at Opshins. The ending verdict was that of Money Bags coming out on top just as he said he would remaining flawless while Opshins falls to a 0-1 record.

    7. Purfektion 6-2 vs. 8. HotDogVendorMan 5-3

    This was a great battle, Not nescisarily skill wise but just the competiveness alone. This was one of the better battles in the league no doubt. Hotdog had a few cool lines like the instrument line, and kept a pretty solid verse overall. Purfektion came almost with the same intensity if not just a little more. Pur had lines like that toothbrush line that hit hard as hell, it actually gave him a hair follicle of an edge. Then ending story was Pur coming out on top by ONE vote. Good luck in the contendership Pur.

    13. Realism 4-2 14. Guile 4-2

    Realism was the favorite going into this battle, with both opponents having an even record realisms rhyme scheme gave him the edge. He came with a very decent verse and nice structure. Guile known to pack a punch did his thing though. He came with a verse that in my eyes was very well orchestrated. In the end Guile comes out on top and I wouldn't be surprised if Guile is back in the contendership next week. Realism drops to a 4-3 record but don't sleep cos this kid can contend with the best of them.

    5. Ribonuclease 7-1 vs. 6. Butler 2-1

    Ribo came with some illness, I mean he definitely gets better with each drop. I remember battling him along time ago and can honestly say that he has stepped his game up to a new level no doubt. Butler the kid from b boys working on his 3rd win pulls a verse literally out of his ass this week and honestly I thought butler was wack but I seen a line that made me think twice and acknowledge his talent. I even did a few searches @ b boys and the kid is pretty good. The outcome of the story is that Butler came out on top and outshined Ribo. Good battle fellas. Good luck to Butler in the contendership.

    9. Revanon 2-2 vs. 10. Super 2-0

    This was by far the battle I enjoyed the most. There was a lot of animosity that put pressure on this battle. Revanon a vet from the earlier 01 has shown over and over again that no matter how old a person is they have to prove their selves continually. Revanon posted first with what many called the best verse he's orchestrated since he's been back. With crucial personals and a solid verse. Next super posted with a verse that was just as nice as Revs consisting of a nice scheme and good punches. It all came down to the wire. With being tied for 2 days it eventually ended up in supers hands. Revanon signed out of the league after defeat, and Super moves to 3-0. Rev we miss ya man, Good luck in your future en devours.

    In Conclusion

    This week was pretty solid in the North. I actually got a chance to check out a few more people and do the honors of dropping some feedback with the votes I gave. Lets not forget to stress the voting fellas. I know its difficult sometimes when you do not have the time but please set aside some time to get at those votes. Well this concludes this weeks mag so with that said, have a nice week and good luck in your battles. Peace Love and Happiness.​
  4. John Nash

    John Nash New Member

    Jul 13, 2004
    thanks for the recognition

    nice mag...good to see more battles and less no shows this week...
    hopefully u guys will see me in the contendership next week
    i plan on moving on to bigger and better in this league
    so watch out...

    the interview was cool..its w way to get to know some of the
    members of the league on a more personal level....

    keep it up guys
  5. FaceLess

    FaceLess jook is my dad..

    Nov 22, 2000
    good job jook...sorry man i wont be on for the next 2 days after this so i cant help with the south mag this duke holla at me in a couple days cuzzin
  6. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Word fam I havent seen you on in a couple days . I hope everything is cool bro holla at me when you get back.
  7. MFB

    MFB Ciroc Boys

    Feb 14, 2001
    def, a dope read...keep up the good work yo
  8. Mets

    Mets 40 Cal. Ripken

    Apr 25, 2005
    tight little mag jookster.
  9. Mets

    Mets 40 Cal. Ripken

    Apr 25, 2005
    sign me up next week too.
  10. Phryme

    Phryme lets get it.

    Mar 14, 2005
    good looks on that intro jook..
  11. HotDogVendorMan

    HotDogVendorMan New Member

    Jan 22, 2005
    I seriously got Jewed.
  12. ThaAlleyMc

    ThaAlleyMc New Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    hotdog u seriously got your ass handed to u on a rusty aid infested platter
  13. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
    cool mag jook.
  14. HotDogVendorMan

    HotDogVendorMan New Member

    Jan 22, 2005

    obviously a lie
  15. Guile

    Guile ..

    Feb 18, 2005
    CONGRATULATIONS to Guile for being the only one to not misspell a word in his punch. GEEK = ] !

  16. M.H.

    M.H. New Member

    Sep 21, 2003
    He's got bad plaque, so he's never smilin' to us...
    So much film on his teeth, Kodak had to design his toothbrush - Purfektion

    i know i saw this on bboys. why be in 2 leagues if you're just going to use the same lines in both?
  17. Sick'll Sell

    Sick'll Sell Habitual Disease

    Feb 25, 2005
    next stop: RBL.

    Jook. this is classick.

    i'll be signin up for RBL soon. i dont know if i have 200 posts combined with this and my Quintessential account. and i dont really feel like battlin in the south.

    hook it up.
  18. Allah.

    Allah. nice with the hands

    Nov 15, 2004
    classick and jook in the same thread

    Im a faint:)
  19. Revanon

    Revanon Comeback of the Year.

    Nov 25, 1999
    Much Respect Jook.

    I'm Taking Some Time Off To Work Some Things Out. But I'll Be Back.

    I Will Get The Title.

    Revanon Out.
  20. Mets

    Mets 40 Cal. Ripken

    Apr 25, 2005
    hook me up the same as classick fore i hit you.
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