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  1. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    the old and the squeemish
    can't take the poems he preachin
    he too cold of a teacher, soul of a mobster
    know of some rasta's
    deliver codes in they speakin, thru the brokest of english
    in the booth breathin...
    zone of a doctor durin surgery sharp wit...
    words as a scapel guess my rappin is proper quick to get atchu the ratchett'll scold u
    locing wit demons always be cheefin hardly ever be sober
    lyrical coast to coasters....40 oz on top of the coaster
    bookbag full of work like 40 oz's over my shoulder, black tint 04 rover
    when a verse get kicked a hearse get sent
    alias khyza sosa
    words is sick
    man of steel in the cape limpin over beats i'm great
    but freestyle verbals kent(kint)
    smell the usual suspects scent? in the streets i'm ape
    change ya lane
    u 2 plain wit cane...not even worth my cents....dont even state my name
    talkin bout deliverin piff...
    i'm deeper than having bricks for kicks
    or when wiseguys bottom river a snitch
    rhyme schemes always have meaning....just a matter if u get it or didn't
    but i hardly ever miss....

  2. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    i just tripped....

    this thread got 2 thousand views
    so 2,ooo souls seen all my thoughts and views
    coffins..guns coughin shells get threw
    seen how i smoke L's to cope..........
    this is my hell to u, call it murder he wrote
    u never heard that he broke
    since 2 months ago i got back cuz of a sale i had moved....
    verbal e-wrote, verbally qouted words from my internal notes
    herbal he smoke...helps him turn to a burner to throats...
    soul eternal eroding....nexis is stretched far
    heck naw, heckaler get raised from his coat
    aint no stoppin ya know ricardo's in mexican mafias...
    was raised in the most...treacherous projects thun
    robbery had'em in the lobby strecthin from guns pointed to gums
    hopefully i'm the next to get popular, done having some fun
    no point in tryin to run....all seein eye keep watchin'em
  3. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    Beat: Dem Franchise Boyz- I Think They Like Me

    Oh, I think they like me, listen how they spite me
    They hate me so much, I feel the pressure from the NIKE's
    So broke, I feel the holes in my pants pockets
    Closed the book and locked it, so you niggas can't cop this
    Bite my shit like you gnawing on a chickenbone
    You don't want this, anything including the physical
    Hear my name out the speakers once the tape hits, feel the dough Ima make quick
    Time to sit up in the grave that you dug
    You aint gotta sit below the dirt to swallow the slugs
    But then again, who said I'm using the guns
    Come up short of the title, like you played for the Suns, what?

    COME WIT IT!!!
  4. merkage

    merkage New Member

    Jan 27, 2006
    so to speak,try to sort out my speach,notice how its sorta unique
    afford ur personal quotas in no more than a week
    u folks quoted my flows that was my motive in deed
    too dope for these geeks,ill have the pope to my feet
    when hes in his moment of need,u know that ur weak
    when ur punches dont conect,u need a modem for me
  5. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    niggas prechin this heaven and hell, and I'm sittin here locked in a cell
    not prision, but well, it's the home where I dwell
    and my pops just found some of th guns and amps I sell
    so he got me locked up, and I can't escape
    it's like the more I try to, the more I become taped
    or glued, niggas I'm screwed
    cause he saw a stolen cd player next to a loaded 22
    and this is real life, ask this fuckin mic
    cause it sat there last night while my skin turned white....
    fuck my life it's too wild and I'm no longer a child
    so I'm to behave as such, but I'm flowin like the nile
    so I can't be senile and jus forget about my past
    cause good things never last and I'm forced to blast
    to get what i want, and what I want is to stunt
    cause hip hop got me thinkin that I ain't shit if I don't get cunt
    so I'm rollin blunts and smokin black n milds and puffin phillies
    actin silly when I get a lil bit of drink in me
    and it's jus where I'm at today
    I'll be iight if I let the past just slip away
  6. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    dillinger raiser....
    killings cover my thoughts
    kids hit wit the razor or clipped by the eagle
    criminal boss.....pic a Don takin a loss
    ask for a feature...i deliver no cost
    guess styles is free.....
    name a nigga wild as me....
    get head, bust in her e-y-e, smile and i leave
    find someone wit a past as violent as me
    i been on islands...go work on ya grindin
    while u here...i been there so i'm perfect wit rhymin
    lines leak wine, strict 9 spiked...fresh sneak stylin...
    c-note pile'n...havin the best time try and find'em
    u dreamt to be in a spot that i'm in

  7. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    I stay chillaxin relaxin like a mob boss in action
    packin a four five and a couple of clips to do my clappin
    adaptin to this lifestyle that's so wild and foul
    I'm mild mannered a golden child born on the bank of the nile
    senile old geezers forgettin who do the go-gettin
    so they sittin in retirement homes while I'm still spittin
    still tippin' drinks and whips til we make them chips
    and my squad make enough hits to win a boxing championship
    the clips, i disperse rehearse my next verse what's worst
    is the hearst awaits all my foes who thirst
    to reunite wit the dirt, of course, my main source
    ran it's course of work now my throat is coarse
    the horse, on the back of that bitch makin my imagination rich
    to the point that my balls twitch and I itch to get a hit
    so split, the game in half, the man of the hour is back
    freewritin for blacks who have a hard time tryna adapt
    to the trap, the government, is lovin this struggle
    so we muzzle our pain and stay hustlin to we crumble


    who free typin like me? who free typin like me?
  8. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    Beat: Prodigy- H.N.I.C.

    Chillled for a minute to relax, nourish my mind
    Get back on track with spittin', before I get left behind
    All the others, here comes another sixteen
    The world's never seen off the brain, the sick's seen
    You don't know what you worth, like a black girl lost
    Struggling to survive the life given at every cost
    Summer's soon to end, getting cooler outside
    Which means the heart is colder, the heat's out at night
    Walking down the same line as Johnny Cash before he died
    Writing my life lines, off like Pac before he died
    Drawing inspiration, pen tips sharp as a syringe
    Dropping heavy amounts of rhymes, like binge
    Scribbles are jagged as a little pill as I crawl
    With words dirtier than a grill hidden in Paul Wall
    It's funny how we driven ourselves to new tolls
    When we ain't smart enough to find ourselves a soul
    That's why I'm playin a role, and typing instead of scribing
    Save the hot shit, if not this, then later rewriting.....

    COME WIT IT!!!
  9. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    dear fall...
    know u mad i been missin the heat
    when u came this year iaintevenspeak
    after u left 24 yrs ago,i was concieved
    first time i had breathed still remember the breach
    ...feb 82,
    middle of blizzard snow sittin some feet
    know u aint here yet...
    hopefully my post'll sit for some weeks
    pistols is liftin
    thems equivilent to when pencils is pennin
    get this knowledge for a lesser fee
    lyrics is kicked in a cypher that's free
    ...biters feel free to steal whatever u see
    u dont need..
    a college professor that teach and lecture wit speech to understand the lyrics u read
    please believe...
    i got the witt
    get blitz'd if it's a lesson u need
    true indeed..
    know a couple niggaz aint on they deen
    malik and raheem,
    1 blown away, other trapped in the bing
    lost another,kinda sad but times is bad
    martin luther king woulda been kinda mad
    if he lived to glance at saggin pants
    camaflauge fitted caps..pivot'd 2 tha back
    children livin bad...
    eatin hardly...lighters, flickin'em at the rats...
    growin from orphans to teens pushin'nem packs
    wig pusher backers...cig smokin bastards...
    dreams...we never was reachin that....
    kids in caskets hit from a stray without a name...
    tiny bodies still fillin a grave
    pain was instilled...we sip liqour and spit out water distilled
    alleyways dead bodies lay in the back...
    youngest of brothers killin for pay
    made it out only cuz i had prayed for the day
    and my blessing had came in a way i can't even explain on a page

  10. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    Beat: T.I.- Doin' My Job

    Doin' my job to bring the level of rap back to the basics
    The streets are littered with pain, all gang related
    Guns on both sides, with roses on the concrete
    Signaling end's meet, soon as slugs and chests meet
    16's on the loose leaf, that's where rhymes leak
    Like records before they released, these cheats
    Make the grade and at the same time clog the cash flow
    I'm feeling like Lupe falling for these Fiascos
    Don't understand why my best comes from the dome
    Without a pen in my hand, where my ideas roam
    Paint a complex view of the life that I dream about
    Where I can get out, and enjoy once the heat is out
    And I'm talkin bout summer not the barrels
    Of AK's and Tech's, they mesh to make the brain sterile
    I feel weak in mind and spirit, blame the drugs
    But in the end, I'm just doin' my job for the love

    COME WIT IT!!!

    HILARIONSOUL "one of the roughs,"

    Aug 6, 2006
    And happy came when haters die by the hand of a thug
    all in the name of love....Yeah

    Even though what we do is wrong
    right fights with life and right wins
    I see delight even when lacking ends
    there’s no end to what the real holds within

    Even lacking ends I smile from the inside out
    Conscience say wait awhile money coming in piles
    Gossipers couldn’t kill my style
    snow white it, bodies better know sleep on me is foul

    cause in my belt Miles Davis heat, it leaves you kinda blue
    Catch me excited with a cocktail in my hand 007 fool
    I’m fresh dressed with a master plan for money in miles
    I let em know murder me another day, Still I smile

    you figured it out, the outcome, comes out to be me
    see materialist got that hater blood, that’s not in me
    not saying I’m the one, I’m high landing son,
    So many want the head of this wanted one

    like the beef I get from lovers loving another
    this goes out to you, shifty eye’s ready to die, for ya lover
    I’m talking to you, I chase nothing, so something chases me
    something dressed in 1months comish, she’ll be rep’n this G,
    with your credit card, she’ll buy me some 1's... capeesh
    I seen broke and broke showed me riches dumb- dumbs
    even though what we do is wrong, everyone plays the dumb-dum....yeah
  12. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    they play the role then they gotta pay the lump sum
    to support funds for guns that terrorists use son
    no al-qaeida I'm talkin crips and bloods
    latin kings and niggas that say "wut up cuz"
    those are the american terrors, african american youth
    the truth it only comes out when I'm caged in this booth
    cause if i tell it how it is, niggas be ready to dismantle
    my frame and place it up on a mantle
    but from the comfort of this prison cell that some of ya'll record in
    I'm endulging in life's pleasures some local others foreign
    like hookers from spain who heel game is insane
    put complain about how all the sex sends pain to their brain
    the high powered CEO from new mexico
    sayin she a classy ho but really I don't see it tho
    keep wit the flow, I'm talkin latin kings in the mil
    who send bullet casings through ur childs window seal
    or how about them niggas in the back woods puffin on indo
    fuckin every broad no matter if she bestfriend or kinfolk
    kissin cousins, in the worst of ways
    these days it pays to strap up and be safe
    even if u married cause she prolly fuckin other niggas
    go figure all bitches nowdays is gold diggers
    and I'm jus spittin wut i see in my hood
    cause as the leader of black youth I gotta search for some good
    and it's hard to find, so I rhyme on everything and I'm
    realizing, that evil is in it's prime
    watchin wit beady eyes, awaitin the next crime
    a sign of the revelations I ready in this book of mine
    the bible....real liable in fact
    it teach u how to act no matter, if u white, yellow or black
    at that's where I'm at today
    I'd prolly be in a better place if i just passed away
    hopped in a casket to lay
    nah, maybe I jus need to get on my knees and pray
    to muhammad, no God, who am I kiddin
    i'm lost nowadays and I can't find religion
    cause it seem like no matter what I do or how much i repent
    everything is hellbent on me bein sent to hell
    i might as well be in the cell
    rottin away in an 8 x 12
    and there I'll dwell, til the judge pass the sentence
    it'll prolly come before I finish my next sentence
    and if it don't come then I guess I'm done
    I'll sit here and wait til my mind start it's run
    and if it's lost I won't even chase it
    cause if I'm chillin here it'll jus be wasted

    ima post this here cause i dont feel like continuin....and i decided I'ma actually revise this into sumthin bigger and better
  13. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    Ain't no fuckin beat this time....ima spit it from the heart.....

    Something bigger and better, instead of reused and recycled
    Is the way I see these words when they follow the cycle
    Of getting rehashed, and then my message has no point
    No way of getting outta here, so here I appoint
    This pen to guide me, through my troubles and struggles
    That keep me buckled like a passenger in car seats
    This week, I made more mistakes than the usual feat
    But today, I made it a way to sweep through the beats
    Like a broom to glass, you get yourself carried away
    Ya better away from here, it's clear you afraid
    So ima end this cause Im just too tired to move along
    All around the world, we stuck on the same song
  14. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    could that be the song about never movin on
    cause sometimes I jus wanna give up and be gone
    from this earthly frame cause it might bring me fame
    but it's brought me more shame and I've lost a few dames
    won't name any names, but shit's insane
    the way they force u to live ur life in the fastlane
    no matter young or old, rich or poor, deaf or blind
    they make u ignore life's stop signs
    and keep pushin forward to your unavoidable demise
    which is created behind government lies
    and terrorists ties

    the heat is still on....
  15. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    tamperin wit a pro, that's crazy...
    dro get blazed then them 4's raised and blast fulgasies
    get'em ghost no swayze
    ready for war
    isralie threats sent thru ya doors on daily..ugh
    style souful like carriene baily...
    wild flowin obsence pages
    mind in..
    a fuck u pay me set when i'm rhyming
    rare words is raw in the middle
    9 in the linin then i'm palmin the pistol, calm yet phsyical wit u
    tryin to take care of my baby
    but her momma's drama is crazy...
    stay smokin marijuana, still in shape cuz i'm training...word
    sweat and i ponder words...mouthed in a sauna
    use to be in the house on the
    i'm in a house by obama....feelin alil bit
    well my winters a lil bit warmer i, target a spot in the market...dow?
    no....block wit a cartridge...glocks in glove
    seen a light thru the darkness, good lawyer ate all them
    skills get sharpend hear my german shepards barkin loud
    they just antsy get angry of the slightest of sound...
    i'm living good sittin and choppin it...used to be livin hood in a project
    just a lucky kid that god had adopted
    a logical prophet wit comical topics...
    look in my sig crew name in the writings of the hottest playin wit ya optics...
    just imagine if i jotted off my mind on top of it....

  16. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
    just imagine if i jotted off my mind on top of it
    over-kill it like shrinkin hobbits or floor kissin like a mob hit
    what, you thought you could match our ethics?
    relax, thats a sedative, why am i saying this... you injected it
    serotin sublime in the neck of it, fuck the hectic shit im wreckin it
    we're blood ethix prick,learn it or ill put blood where your vocal chords should be
    and send you in a home livin with the disorderlys, i spell iller than witch sorcery
    mournin and drownin, like born in sea/
    so learn to spit..out that water, our smarts reach pass the hard sheet
    learn to flow or you'll be swimming with the fishies, you'll be shark meat
    i hear some weak cats purrin, i got a bark that'll give you box beats
    i dont know if you know but i jus handled you your ass, can you see write?
    bring a katana to a knife fight, fuck beef in open mic squared spits it infinit in this free-write
  17. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Family I'm back.
    I thought I was getting deployed.... tu Iraq!
    That is why I though I wouldn’t be coming back....
    Man shit... The cypher still going like lava from Hiroshima....
    Can I get back into the game or what... I see my niccaz done started that
    bar none click BLOOdETHIX. I’m loving it..
    So I missed the draft into the click....Damn.
    I’m back though ready to support the flow 4ril...Lets GO!
  18. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    HE right,
    tight like nooses
    feel like a knife in the back,
    but I still write watch-in my back,
    Click- Clack
    what’s that?...
    sounds like the power of the freewrite
    aimed at ya nomes who don't write
    to free- write,
    is to free spit,
    Freestyle tip.. right?,
    it’s all in the tap deck
    Hit that treble on the deck,
    turn it up a bit,
    that nicca 6 blast bass at decks
    I’m back in the mix,
    call me Kool aid- I’m support-in ya thirst
    6 click less- never clueless,
    nonetheless, 6 all ways down to Obey the thirst
    I bust first W/freestyles that quench that thirst,
    meanwhile, I be that support gunner,
    I get at the stunners,
    with quotes of real gunners
    “bring em out”“bring em out”
    “It’s hard to spit with a bath rail in ya mouth”
    I got flows that’s like no other, see profile,
    Crusifix and dog tags show just what i'm about
    I got licences to take you out,
    send ya soul to the clouds nodoubt
    leave ya body dug deep in six feet ground...
    Got foes like how now brown cow..You niccaz iz clowns...Lets GO!!!
  19. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    since that nigga 6 back....i'ma try to type some clever shit...

    we holdin paper haters our thinkin is major
    moves we make'em rules we break'em
    laws we bend'em..dues we take'em
    pause my mental bar's genuine
    riff wit'em i brawl wit physical
    bar drop jaws wit lyrical
    paws all defensive, real talk
    i hope it appear to u
    fore them fists swing near to u, then it get dark
    600 ft steel arch i'm from round that way
    stl kang
    underground songs ready to go
    floodin the streets mixtape'd sounds of soul
    still i gotta get doe so i flip pounds of yay...
    get hit from a round of strays from around my way
    dro to the face and i get to typin on pages
    driving away i picked this broad number up ridin on page
    cyhpers i blaze on my streets rhyming the greatest...
    chyea duke...real stupid for u to rhyme in my face
    keep a heater tucked in the lining
    nina clean barrel stuffed right in the waist
    get snuffed in the brighest of day
    soul old in years twice of my age my life is deranged...
    dreams is fucked lean u up what u see on ya screens wutz and start hearin screams and such...
    style fresh to def air force checks clean as fuck

    freetype, long nights of strong fights, wake up eat pride, smoke blunts for lunch...
    dinner decrease life, increase why's from snitches wit precint ties

  20. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    Beat: Outkast- Elevators......

    What don't kill you makes you stronger, I learned that most
    I like to welcome you to Hades, and I am your host
    Been high off the vibes, with the cypher I wreck it
    Stabbing notepads with pen tips, unleashing blood ethics
    The roof's collapsing on the niggas that detest me
    Wrench learned that first, you feelin that, rep me
    Blowing ink in your eyes, invading the cyber waves
    Super highways clogged with these letters I saved
    Put together and constrcuted words of terror, since I met her
    You're the hip hop heads, Medusa and I will sever
    Backpacks need to be put away, spraypaint loaded up
    Aerosol fumes blazing, it's like we toking up
    The new wave of lyricists taking over rap music
    Dot c-o-m, "2xtreme, do you know him?"
    That's me, along wit Wiz, squared, nizzle, we surround sounds
    Along with the newest recruit, 6 FOOT GROOOUNND!!!
    That's my nigga fa sho, I'm reppin' the kid
    It's a good thing we got ya, before the bombs did
    Now he's home, and he's sound and safer
    Ready to stake his claim inside that white paper
    Let's not forget, Get Ill and Panther
    Fuck wit em, then you better alert the ambers
    Caesar holdin it in the text division, his lyrics sells
    If one of us dont get the title, then Ill see you in hell
    Shoutouts to the family, outside and inside the crew
    Making history, with every syllable spewed
    Until the day that I die, I dedicate my rhymes
    To my loved ones, which are now gone with time
    Rest In Peace, Esterline and Willie, you're together again
    I'll wait the day that we see each other again
    Until then, I gotta make you proud online and on the stage
    Using this mic, vocalizing my inner rage
    The greatest stories never told through me
    Any nigga wantin problems wit us, step to me
    I will truly, rip you apart like shredded notes
    So get ready to feel the shit that we just wrote.....

    COME WIT IT!!!
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