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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by DuBuLouS, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Let me in... this... Muh'Fucka
    I spit sick shit I flip thick bricks
    FUCK YOU...

    Dom tha niqqa you afraid to bump heads with
    Fuck that shit... I'll kill you with my bare hands
    You scared, fam I could hurt you
    Catch ya off guard n I'll murk you
  2. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    high as fuck...leaving for the club.....east block ...realest niggaz in STL....lou summers the quick thinker....

    the streets so lethal,
    cats lying in rhymes
    bout what they doing to people all u niggaz is see thru
    my life is the prequel.......
    to the birth of my daughter
    words of a scholar in the verse of a marter
    peek thru to the sequel
    motion picture reel you
    witness the worst of the carter,and the worth of a father
    still you...
    mug the person the prophet...the sun, air, earth and the water
    i am, all of the above, not certain the order
    become, where i begun? sworn in the slums
    early 80's baby and a hasbeens son
    guess it's like pop like son....
    u might pop that gun
    if that's what ya pops'nem done
    hustling and runnin from the cops that come
    seen, dreams ruined from key movin like key's doin
    obsence, boothin urban theme music
    nothing good to say so he won't speak
    unless it's a preemo beat....
    cuz what i breathe on beat could feed all weak...and my speech could lead all meek
  3. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    im just rollin off them old specs
    musically fit from going on the bow flex
    like i just gave this man a spleen
    flows been buttery since the days of tangerine
    hes not funny like old fellow slapstick
    but the words stay on his lips like lobello chapstick
    like ya have to worry about more than tigers in sing sing
    my rhymes been good for circulation like siberian ginseng
    a lone wanderer, but he wasnt ya average tramp
    kid flowed like the multicolored oils in ya lava lamp
    he ruled blocks, kept nuts in check like a tool box
    demented, cemented in a standstill,
    took out the trash like he invented landfills
    flowed like he had gills
    and processed trees like he ran mills
    he was like cycle like all the changing seasons
    and he held the truth, this kids name was jesus

  4. I speak to the youth we need more to believe this
    blood from the tree of life sucked dry by the leeches
    my veins are empty so I reach and pry for a reason
    to keep fire in my heart during a slow cold season
    but it burns so slow in my heart a cypher in the dark
    when the world turns off it's lights it's a hip-hop night
    infinate god's on the mic pluralize that in a peralele
    hell dwell in my mind while written' bars create the cell
    hit the breaks soon as they fell I have to say oh well
  5. ExoticUsername

    ExoticUsername New Member

    Mar 23, 2006
    thinking about football, and the beat for Lil Wayne's "Feel Me" is stuck in my head

    i took the handoff, team down lacking time
    hole between guard and center, see a crack in the line
    i cutback and find, a nice little crease
    break it to the outside, speed burst, press rewind
    pass the D line, and linebackers behind
    safety coming up, eyes locked on my spine
    lower the shoulder? that'd be my first guess
    but on the other hand, why not use finesse
    sidestep, spin, and then juke
    stiff-arm, make him sit like we was chillin on the stoop
    oops! try to arm-tackle me?
    when i'm a solid 200 with 4.4 speed exactly
    he's done, just a corner to out run
    hit the end zone, eyes squint toward the sun
    it just begun, final score twenty-three to two-zero
    and you know it's on tonight cuz cheerleaders love a hero
  6. Kapitalizm

    Kapitalizm New Member

    Jan 5, 2006
    yo, my hand will smack and leave u with crooked lips, lookin pissed
    juxin shit, then i'll crack ya scalp like a mirror when ya look at it
    my black gat sprays yall, my crack sacks lace yall
    abstract, with ya half sad, other half wack gay songs, that got me insane like cats that chase dogs, well run in ya trailor, start smackin groupies and snatchin dubies
    dis verse, its sick shit(sics shit) like starved pitbulls attackin poopie
    we puff the crack and buck the gats in the streets where we catch sluts in traps
    clutch a rifle, don't try to punch this psycho cuz i'm a hard nut to crack
    get it, probably not so slob on my cock, rapping for me is a no brainer, just part of my biological clock, get yokozuna on a scale, i can weigh out a whale with my ponderous glock, all i shot was a cop, testin ya rep, so i threaten ya rep
    even macro generators can't mess with my tex, bro i got some issues so, i'll let a shell from my pistol go rip ya bones, or give you a shot in the head like ya have a tissue growth
    what ya think is sick is borin, dawg my bitch is whorin so i could get some chips this morning
    so now my lips and her clit is orange, ya claim ya shit is raw but dawg ya about as nice with the pen as a prison warden, shit i'm get deadly, no one is as reckless as me, on the block screamin give me methamphetmines, so i can use speed like jet lee
    test the team and we will go insane, you dudes bitch when some new dudes win
    cuz ya rather see ya buddy victourious but he doo doo bitch, only way he holding the crown is by trying to keep a loose tooth in, its like i'm making a movie when i cause a scene, nah i'm just playin, but i'll serve the east coast and then have the wes craven
  7. Nile Nykon

    Nile Nykon New Member

    Aug 10, 2005
    im from land of the rich fucks, but stlll spit shit rough
    dont act tough for your bitch, that hutch licks my nuts
    takes dick in her butt, and loves white babies on her face
    fuck a date, i got that bitch coked up lickin plates
    fiendin for more h, in the tenderloin tweakin pullin tricks
    lickin dicks, lickity split, cokeheads fuckin her tits
    abusin her clit, keep her broke but lookin pretty
    get shitty wit the commitee, in liberty city lickin titty
    do my dirty quickly, pigs cant stick me, im in then out
    torture rappers wit pins and needles, push em in and out
    that evil grin im about, bury pieces of people in the mountains
    tamalpais has ate 10 of my victims, and its still countin
    drugs rush blood like fountains, high everyday to not be bored
    i run wit a hoard of deamons and evil priests who carry swords
    i recite words, to bring forth monsters to do my bid
    i cant help it motherfucker, its just the way i live
  8. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Meanwhile she’s Clap drip “n” wet in a red vett,
    she so fine she blows your mind
    blows you kind,
    takes a napkin and write baby your mine, tonight at 9.
    Wine and candles no rubbers,
    just sex toys and 9 inch gutt-Hers,
    you plan to do her trouble,
    have her walk”n” side ways
    like she walking on stubbles,
    Want your bed to bare her stagnated puddles
    You kept her panties thinking she loves you
    All the while this bytch got a vendetta
    against every trix tip that brought her trouble...​
  9. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    Ain’t been around for a minute in the cipher
    Trying to decipher verbiage, get my vocab higher
    Got my second wind, fire me up, throw up ya lighters
    Trapped in the closet, but now the sky light’s brighter
    My star’s now shining, as I’m penning the truth
    Save the hate for performances, rage for the booth
    Against machines of mechanical warfare, ya safe here
    As I open my subjects for new frontiers
    Undeveloped, undone, and unmanaged
    Is your way of making decisions before damaged
    Should I use the glock or the voice, what’s more effective?
    In my case, the voice cause I’m clear wit perspective
    Stuff syllables down like you taking deep throating
    Save your gloating, your arrogance, so annoying
    Worth more than your ice, wearing it may cost me
    Put the mic down, holdin’ it will kill you softly
  10. Hex Sniper

    Hex Sniper New Member

    Dec 21, 2005
    Im Not a Dude to Fuck With
    so I decided to Jump in this cypher and Bust Shit//
    Proven that most Kats Stupid
    And Need to find a Roof and "JUMP OFF" Like English Rap Music//
    When im Past Ruthless
    I might Go and Make a Beat you Fake Emcee Rap Useless//

    meh im to bored for this shit
  11. DuBuLouS

    DuBuLouS OxyRap

    Feb 22, 2004
    barnizzle's shit was fire!


    useless, fuck that, I'll leave you toothless
    no fuck that, I'll leave your entire mouth roofless
    word to my sickness,
    it swallowed my quickness
    but now I'm back and intact, can I get a fuckin witness?
    check it, I'll step off the edge and bust thru the meter
    mercury rising, surprising enough
    keep it movin' till you're left in the dust
    kick rhymes till they bust...never to rust
    I'm holdin, you should fold but you bluffed
    what a mistake!
    cook the beats till they bake
    when I battle I snatch rattles off snakes and toss 'em in lakes
    frozen, exposin' your weakness till you're speachless
    how you love that? I kick the rappin that teaches
    never preaches, cuz that shit is whack too
    matter of fact it's whack stew, cooked to your liking...
    see it too much these days, these ways is old news
    hatin' "fakers" but never makin' bold moves
    underground catchin' thunder like the sky farted
    I'm fly hearted, see it like it is since the day my eyes started
    and you only get the credit when the credit is due
    even when it rains and gets blue
    I don't get we and that's true!
  12. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Im speakin for myself this time, go big or die/
    After seein my rhymes, u need a surgeon to fix your eyes/
    Its most sought to drop bombs like ya me/
    When the gun cocks, ya gums drop n you scream/
    Flickin the trigger quick then the fun stops/
    A Buzz killer like you ate liquor-ish gum drops/
    Ima quit wit this wickedness, the sickness i must stop/
    My heart got feelings, viciousness brought on the tough spots/
    My message is that my personal motto is FUCK COPS!!!

    sooo hiiighh word to yo motha nigaaa
  13. Jim ManyCricket

    Jim ManyCricket SikSika Nation

    Jan 25, 2004
    My message is that my personal motto is FUCK COPS

    nuff props, if i dont shave i get them rough chops,
    I have a rabbits foot but thats where my luck stops-
    i puff lots, leave the scene a suspect,
    you say fuck cops but i only fucks wit roughnecks-
    i crush text, before and after i puff sess-
    I roll solo but only hang where the rough ress',
    yall are just next, and i send this sly omen
    I bust text like im havin sex with my modem
  14. DuBuLouS

    DuBuLouS OxyRap

    Feb 22, 2004
    bust text like I'm havin sex with my modem
    told 'em I'd scold 'em, I'm best one that showed 'em
    how to kick the slick raps
    over snares and kicks that snap like quick taps
    but I think that, your game is slippin
    saw you breakin' the rules
    while I'm challengin' fools to duals with power tools
    and lose on purpose
    I can see that you're nervous
    so I'm protectin' your rep, take steps till you surface, got it?
  15. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    so im protectin your rep, take steps till you surface, got it?
    Or sink under a coma, til ya sicker than this verse im droppin/
    My mercy's stoppin, cant hurt me often, im like Mike myers/
    Im soaring the sky til im higher, and in control like kite flyers/
    I wont stop rippin the mic til im signed and on tour/
    Coughin up big packages like my voicebox was cardboard/
  16. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    “I might Go and Make a Beat you Fake Emcee Rap Useless//”
    She got a story of a emcee who fell victim,
    got him broken and lost , wounded felling useless,
    he was 2xtrem he thought to be bought like a cheap trix ,
    you brought lines the same like a cheap trix,
    in her web you came quick, lame quit
    She brought pain quick,
    to a lame with still rhymes
    She a female arachnoid hunt "n" on thin lines,
    She wrap you up- suck up and blew ya mind,
    She’s passions rebel, call her a man-eater
    She’ll have you in a Hall shake “n” and eat-“n” Oates
    it's got you feeling a bad hoax and reality is your trickery
    She Got ya scope, ya hopes and ya mentality...​
  17. Jim ManyCricket

    Jim ManyCricket SikSika Nation

    Jan 25, 2004
    She Got ya scope, ya hopes and ya mentality

    its all uphill from here- but up slopes in a different galaxy
    fat down to the last calorie, heavy wit a rhythm
    my rhyme's like art the gallery's where i get my salary-
    steady when I hit em, lyrical menagerie
    ready for my victim, a spiritual comradery-
    yall is under me, dope from some druggery-
    rhymes never ug-il-y cuz im like a jedi when i split em....
    it goes smash when i advance past-
    and my enemy dead were in my dust at last glance
    fast hands, hookin em wherever my castin lands
    steady bookin em like dirty harry and pastor graham
    i mastered spam, rhymes come to me like junk mail
    and ill be spittin the sickness untill both my lungs fail
    im a hung male-
    and keep talkin till a rhymers tounge's stale
    im not only the funk, my thoughts are like a skunks tail...
  18. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    The verse still unwritten like Natasha's harmonies
    As I'm spittin' from the word of mouth and on to me
    Alive and kicking like a Hong Kong Phooey move
    Truly the mood is set for to win and to lose
    Face to face, we cross paths, eye for an eye
    Your beef is mine, where the pavement lies
    As you fall face first for your redemption
    Apology is worthless, you've lost my attention
    Manical, with psychotic tendencies bred
    Through the tip of the pencil, my resource for lead
    When I see him, smash that nigga with a metaphor
    Watch him spit blood, til he gets back on all fours
    You aint worthy of my respect, you just reckless
    Its like you get hectic, and I jack your necklace
    It ain't happenin', blind before but you see me
    Won't take long, 'fore you pay me back for being greedy
  19. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    See these haters can’t see me
    they to busy being greedy,
    to sleepy from the smoke come “N” out they teepee
    Lead by the pee-pee, lustful and foul so, he beneath me
    he got simplistic wayz, az he flies a way, on the open waves
    he stays a slave,
    I’m flow “n” like a stream still grounded get “n” struck like a slave
    We from two different parts of these end of dayz
    in-between limbo is where you find me,
    Just around the corner from a cult temple
    is where you find me,
    lock,loaded and ready to spray
    is how you find me
    I try to keep my flow on tempo
    But it’s not in my libido
    Now you see what we got to do- thoe,
    to get above the fallen rain,
    phuck going through the pain
    Live "n" life just to blame,
    When the change?,
    When we win the game,
    It’s a shame cause the Ref is paid
    by those who bring us the pain...
  20. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004

    good shit dun
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