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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by DuBuLouS, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. DuBuLouS

    DuBuLouS OxyRap

    Feb 22, 2004
    keystyle shit....write what pops rules....

    I'll start it...

    now watch me turn down the treble and level the bass
    settle the pace
    the ink in my pen,
    it's the blood of a tousand devils that'll get in your face
    a controlled substance, we ruptured the track
    corrupted the cat with the company gat
    free mileage, the time is now, and never not
    you half baked fruitcakes and corn flake fakes will surely rot
    in eternity
    furnish your cell while you're living in hell and ponder plato
    while I torment the demons who think their horns are haloes
    lay low and spin phillies in cali
    dilly and dally with brilli-ant colors and back alley falacies
    balance the sally, fuck the baking soda, we're takin over
    with the purest shit you ever saw in your life
    recognize it when you see it, I hope so
    cuz kids these days, got that silly syndrome,
    they keep the garbage, throw away the diamonds
    my rhymin attack is never losing, always findin
    searchin for silver lining thru raw timing, it's all grimey
    rough and rugged
    first to see it, last to spit it
    keep 'em wonderin what's under my backwards fitted

    I GOT THAT CRAK New Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    i utter st8 gutter no neva stutter
  3. Louisville

    Louisville Dat nigga

    Dec 15, 2005
    Rollin' on the highway wit expired tags, watchin' as the cops just admire the jag, got the love of money from my mother that goldiggin' hag, so like career bellhops dawg I'm pushin' them bags, gotta get my swagger back, step up my battle raps, sick with the word play like an expert of scrabble jack, and you nervous joe, this ain't a unknown waterfall you just ain't heard of this flow, catz hate me cuz it's nasty how I word it, since grade school; girls said my black ass was perverted, lines is perfect, electric without the circuit, you couldn't pick up more shit doin' laps at the circus. Right now I'm out ya dig, I know I'm the future cuz I even got grown men learning from the kid
  4. Ramble 02

    Ramble 02 New Member

    Jan 17, 2006
    word to ya mother
    and ya brother
    I fucked 'em both like no other could
    my wood
    stayed hard and sprayed shards of crusted semen
    rusted even
    thrusted till I busted, my muscles grievin
    so tired...
  5. KnowledgeBorn

    KnowledgeBorn Original Asiatic M.C.

    Jan 16, 2006
    ....tired of wack shit, but sleepin is 4 the dead
    I only rest, and mus confess in the line, i'm at the head
    Wit that said, cut my wrist and let it bleed on a hundred sheets
    Literally pour myself on the paper, like Judist money 4 Christ
    Lyrical heist, stickin rap niggas up, cuz they victim 2 the opposite of nice
    Princess cut lines, lyricaly nice, entice cuban links in my head to shine 'n glory
    Flip a page, write a rhyme, speak a word, light a dutch a drink a 40
    Life testimony on the wall, graffiti explains my story.........
  6. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    my rhymes are like this years cannabis cup winner
    cuz i come highly recommended and ill make ya stand an up chuck dinner
    hard in heart, leavin my enemies weapons bended
    I taught jesus before my highly regarded art lessons ended
    my soul was bombarded, i was born before me and my mom parted
    would battle more but I always kill em before my last jawns started
    known for not eating mcdicks, his burgers smell like fast Ron farted
    leavin em busted like i stashed my dope in their dash com-partment
    I have them wonderin who i am like glass with dark tint
    my pens golden, so dont ask why my marks mint,
    i can visually paint some scripts with or without parchment
    and im vicious like a wizards fist in a blizzard fightin marksmen
  7. Bleeding Pen15

    Bleeding Pen15 Mo' Phat

    Jan 22, 2006
    blood drips on beat like a slow leak faucet
    old weak prophet, my soul speaks knowledge
    i make mistakes for the helluvit,
    why worry about which path to chose when its irrelevant?
    bumps in the road will always be there-
    even if you take the high road for the smell of it
    i use any medium to draw a picture and paint it well
    mezmerizing the finest minds with ancient spells
    i bust lead like a pencil's fulla paint chip shells
    patron saint spits well, my shine? is what lit hell
    feelin the urge ta write like an old sick poet
    im leavin the surgeon general an all his men demoted
    lifes devoted to golden suns and blue skies
    my 3rd eye has been disturbed by abused vibes
    open souls and open sores,
    if you live a sheltered life do you atleast hope for more?
    my flow reaches the worlds broken shores
    cuz im legendary like i only spoke in lores
  8. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    cuz im legendary like i only spoke in lores

    i exit through broken doors an spit out the rain
    left a thousand bodies lifeless, they dont doubt my name
    choppin em with excellent sword skills,
    my word kills, funds my life its how i afford bills
    fire breath from dragons one of satans demons
    spittin into a mirror, seeing how my fate is feeling
    always animated, and with a snap of the wrist
    i can quick draw a gat cappin shots in ya ribs
    lost in abyss, relax and get lost in a bitch
    i freestyle everything cuz i dont like followin scripts
    check the clouds to predict the weather
    and let ya girl ride this to see whos dick is better
    tailor, stitchin rhymes together in a tapestry
    schooling emcees and leavin no faculty
    actually im building a foundation of martial arts
    chopping my victims up into partial parts
    darker hearts cant overshadow my souls grit
    cuz even the devil aint down with what i roll wit
  9. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    I doubt ur name & ur route to fame n even ur avatar is laughable gay
    Since it's all fags in here let me crash the parade, like rocks ya'll r blasted away
    I got a passionate phraze, I'm the only 1 without a lackin array
    I brought a mack n this fag^ just brought an axe to the fray
    Cannabis cub, thats amateur, yup, I'm stronger than blottered hash
    I never knew I had a child becuz ur mothers a slut n I never bothered to ask
    Nigga, ^ tapestry n faculty definately don't rhyme, plus
    You got more guys in ur entrances than america online
    That negative rep u gave me a while back shows ur decline
    Your notta pro, you just chill in the cyphers to fight....
  10. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    faculty and tapestry actually sound alike
    kinda like the majority of ya rhymes you ride around like a bike
    this never was a battle in this thread ya testin
    but i see its that time of the month where youre PMS-ing
    if i was you id point out that your last line was neglected
    its what we expected from a dejected wreck thats been disconnected
    youve been a reject like a sloppy jump shot ya whole life
    thats why ya rhymes get tossed in more pits than old Sp!ce
  11. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    I could gone into simpleton mode, but it looked bitch, considerin ur flow
    I could shit on a track n get more reps than you......
    .......ur the faggot that gave me negatives, go head n collect ur crew
    The only personal jesus he seein is in my lucifer ties
    I'm like the witch to that lion n this time it's getting crucified
  12. Mr. Inkwell

    Mr. Inkwell the real.

    Dec 5, 2003
    im internally bleeding, and feeding for my health-
    thinkin how da fuck am i gonna get outta hell-
    im livin a str8 struggle, but dat aint stoppin me-
    and naw i aint livin good, u stupid ass ree ree-
  13. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    call me a ree cuz I re-up twice a week....
    ....thats more times than any of ur lines is hittin me^
    I'd call u history, but that wouldn't be a proper judgment
    I bet this nerd doesnt take those headphones off when he's fuckin
    speakin of fuckin, plz just don't fuck with me unless ur wastin good
    I'll put a bigger bullet thru you than the one in the waist of Suge
  14. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    f*ck where ya from, i compare to the sun
    one stare and ya done....2 bright for ya, i'ma legend to come
    my cleverness strums, too sharp for ya...bite my lines and sever ya tongue
    second to none
    realized that one life to live is better than one...son...
    be easy, number 2 only second to one...
    do what none can do, who u expectin it from?
    son ya crews, run ya jewels and ya necklace for fun
    totin heckler guns cuz the stress is among
    the leaches and thugs that rest in my slums
    bullets hit ya roofs more than mexicans does
    so don't pull it, just suggestin it cuz...
    if u reachin, u'll be in pieces resting wit bugs
    if u "sneezin", u get "blessed" wit the gun
    coffin caressing the mud
    often i'm tested in blood
    except the test isn't fun
    if u get a passing grade i clap a stray
    then u can rap where the best of'em was
    in heaven, excersing and stretchin wit pun
    metaphors rhymin next to the puns
    keep a one shot, behind a vaco, next to the bum
    flash it, got u gaspin and flexin ya lungs
    teeth chattering, cave in ya tavern
    one phone call addresses get brung
    u dont know me....u turn homie when the tale is to ya
  15. Yo

    I came in the game at thirteen
    With a hunger that just kept hurting
    Burning in my stomach, words turned to verses
    Seen the worse, whole lifes been a curse
    Father got shot when I was seventeen
    Revenge stayed on my mind heavily
    I reacted smart, no more deaths needed
    But u can feel how I feel u just have to read it
    Everyone has problems so imma cut this short
    And let the next cat give us a report

  16. I'm the who's who of this rap shit cursed as voo-doo
    fuck new school I keep my style old as wealthy jews
    a stealthy fool who sneaks across a stage to talk through
    roll the mic cord around the elbow blue striped shell toes
    while these emcee's harsh my mellow I spark the hello
    shake and quiver like jello with a bow in the quiver hell no
    just a flow to dliver make you shiver I'm not an indian giver
    another sinner trying to bring something good home for dinner
    a winner's not a quitter but a quitter can remember a ninja
    once told as the scrolls unfold take it back to days of old
    with the flow as I cock back a six shooter cards drop the table
    a lonely group of cat's drinking around the game with fables
    20 gallon hats tilted low under an eye patch I still rhyme phat
    watch your girl climax when I attack without a motherfuckin' cap
  17. .EyERaC.

    .EyERaC. QuesTionZ?

    Feb 22, 2006
    96 BeInG |BaCks.FuNNy|? stop the |SpInE.JoKez|!!!
    CuZ YaLL |FRuiTz.FloWz| (AinT.ReaLLy.DoPe) like |LiMe.CoKe|!!!
    ...Kidz Ill GeT YaLL RyHmez.RoAsT!!...cuz if u PeForM
    and |Rhyme.BoAsT| u wouldnt |SeE.a.ChEEr| Like |BliNd.ToasTs|!!!
    ...Im Ill to the TuMoR.fool EyE aint Gone Foul.HuMor.u!!!
    cuz RaC |FiGhT| and |BoX.with.KidZ| faster then a |ChilDs.FuNeRaL|!!!
    ...Im To |SIcK.AhK| NiGGa aint ready, when my |Shit.Drpz?|
    EyERaC BrinGiN |MorE.HoT.LinEz| then a SuMMer.Time |BiG.LoTT|!!!!
  18. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    I come true to the courts
    sometimes i spit an illusion of sorts
    im elusive in shorts, im straight dope like delusions from snorts
    of cocaine, they always said no pain no gain
    so now ive got the no brainer, keep my soul in an old container
    wife left me, so could ya blame her?
    I woulda had a lion but i find the tigers tamer
    i called you out but i got the tone, ill try-ya later
    was at one point called the mic violater,
    didnt get no airplay, they say my rhymes had a sleight vile-nature
    id do life like i do pictures cuz ill smile later
    they call me the white mario tandoochie
    i say if you ever catch me dressin like him- please man shoot me
    make my gettaway in a tanned hooptie,
    slammed, phat rims listening to Ready or Not by the damned Fugees
    with a dime on my right, and her left hand's on my man-goonies
    after that it was on like the movies-
    checked into a howard johnson and got the sex sweet
    after she gave me knowledge untill her neck creaked
    i caught the bus home to rest up, gotta do it again next week
  19. I cock back the barrel of the mic let my text speak
    only write to ill production home of the best beats
    I strike to kill crush them when I for a pen reach
    rhymes raw I shine like before my life is a see saw
    and I am the cee four I be more then you could ever
    dressed in all black I swing like a ninja so surrender
    leave your flows dismembered the chosen entered
    tore up stage fuck your slut left the whore in a cage
    put in it her butt bust then I'm gone the next day
    I drop bombs on tracks while you walk in a perade
    sip gaterade to quench my thirst hunger for a verse
    or slumber in a herse I wonder how much worse
    could the state of hip-hop get microphone fuckin' check
    I write a poem and leave you ducken text suck a tek
    and the gun smoke I'm having fun folks still dumb broke
    with only one joke so homey drop the microphone please
  20. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    drop the microphone please

    ive got hydra-chrome knees, allows me ta read the meter
    tons of buttons for diffrent settins, guzzles oil by the liter
    bionic eyeballs allow me ta cheat,
    robotic tongue allows me ta speak unique
    never creakin, my mechanics are silent
    just dont test him hes erratic when violent
    my transmission is static and ive got a vile-stench
    wit dat smooth like grey poupon type styles french
    invisible to the naked eye, so dope hell make ya fly
    the type ta incite the kids ta stay baked and die
    cookin up a mean kraft dinner
    dont believe me just look up the facts, winner
    been cool since last winter, I like my ass thinner
    than half them black blokes, but i swim in women like backstrokes
    they crowd around ta see what this cat wrote
    he blessed em with a few lines-
    then bounced in his attack cloak wit a puff of black smoke
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