Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    real talk here kron, respect your knowledge man

  2. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    Smarter than the rest, awkward with the left
    Retarded to the death, say it with my chest
    Spray you with the tech, lay you in the next
    Life’s a fucking gamble, play it to ya best
    Levels to this shit, bezel on the wrist
    Repping for the click, weapon on the hip
    Every second is a lick, everybody is a vic’
    Everybody will get hit, on every record that I spit
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  3. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    I give you lyrics to sniff up or inject
    Dude is gifted, whatever else did you expect?
    Crews with biscuits will put 'em to ya neck
    But I got the coolest lyrics to soothe kids in ya set
    Pause! L-scope, I go back like high-tops and shelltoes
    Lyrics stick to you like soul food or velcro
    Fuck around 'n catch an Anderson Silva elbow
    I'm tryna see ya soul burning in Hell slow
    The Death Flow, lays out all of my comp
    Like an employee breakfast buffet of the month
    Squatting in the toilet is the only way that you dump
    It's like I drive these hoes crazy the way they can't get over the hump!
    Used to smoke beef-n-broccolis, gave speech to Socrates
    Power in my words could cease atrocities
    I'm after lots of cheese, just like starving rats
    Lyrics hit you like a thousand bats...Nigga, how hard is that???
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  4. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    Even if it's in a mirror... we're gonna make it clearer...
    So don't mistake it, gratuitous nudity for the naked era...
    They can't escape from the fate they're scared of...
    They hate on this generation, they say it's weirder
    11 yr old making national news cause his ass was abused...
    So, ask for the clues... where we were lost...
    Facebook, or security flaws within middle America's laws...
    where parents arrogance draws on a self reflection of how
    they're raising their seeds, can't say I agree, but aye...
    That's just me... I can't justify it
    just a mentality of my environment that warps my view on that violent clip...
    And yeah I agree, it was violent shit...
    But it makes no difference to 6 second Vine clips
    of smack cams and wining chicks...
    Sexting rings are now inside the mix...
    And why is this being focused on instead of the wars we lost many veterans for?
    "For the better" of course... #FuckTheHomeless
    But can't get em' support...
    Bold message shows us unknown presence...
    Home essence... a box solitude
    with not a lot of room from that cold vengeance...
    Winter brings no presents...
    Just a road, begging for spare change in the door entrance...
    In form, no warmth inside of those trenches...
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  5. SickPup

    SickPup Pup

    Feb 12, 2013
    Lost... couldnt find my way with a compass
    Or help from that slave trading Mr. Columbus
    This life is stressful so I never stay bluntness
    Trust this, trust none
    A Nun 'll cross you over if she get the right funds
    So don't fall for a bitch cuz some tight buns
    Can't trust nobody
    Ya own family will dump ya body in a alley
    Take you to a swamp have you floating with the algae
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  6. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    To palm heaters, predicted by the palm readers
    Wanna be us, the most felonious of mob schemers?
    Then peep the, lessons that brought
    To the forefront, niggaz all front, can't check what I bought
    The best with the talk, silent with gestures
    I'm known to show you the beam like projectors
    Eatin' ya dreams up for breakfast, run up in ya sectors
    New fans like 10-year fiend injectors
    Dis-cuss, the mistrust over the goods in Brinks trucks
    It just, divides and conquers, crews get ripped up
    Niggaz get hit up, when weak niggaz start to snitch up
    Hecklerz hiccup, graves get soaked from big cups
    Coke gets sniffed up, that came from Dre
    Dre had copped some grams the other day
    From his main man Mike who put him up on yae
    Mike was getting ski'd since like '98
    Copped mad eigths from uncle Hector who pushed mad weight
    Hector the type would sniff a kilo just to celebrate
    Got in the game when he went to Manuel and did him a fave
    Manuel came here in the 70's with that Colombian wave
    He on the phone like everyday, in the streets he straight
    Slit mad necks for the cartel, they got him a greencard to stay
    Last brick came from his grandfather Jorge
    Back in Columbia, old head, almost 88
    He got the poor farmers in the fields working like slaves
    For tons of that poppy he giving them low pay
    Farmer Chachi goes home from the fields to him family and prays
    Thanking God for all the coke heads in the US of A
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  7. Reno Reigns Supreme

    Reno Reigns Supreme New Member

    Apr 13, 2014
    oh that's right you guessed the game//
    coke hustle just to suppress ya brain//
    the mess to clean from the studio lies//
    but who do you fight to prove that your right//
    as dark shadows pull the fuse to your eye//
    that lays between your deceptive vision//
    nygma techs box makes you neglect the mission//
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  8. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    They spinning our heads around like an Exorcism
    sticking us in minimum wages is right next to prison...
    You got mansions out there in Hollywood with an extra kitchen...
    while 3rd world country sufferers can't even get a chicken...
    That's reality... salaries
    garnishing dough through bargaining is hard on us both...
    See the 3rd eye vision all in its scope...
    While any individual can target the pope, and it's...
    for that very reason I worry and I think about
    Everything around me, I'm not trying go the Lincoln route...
    Back of the head when they crack out that lead
    and attack, got crazy cats latched in their bed
    amidst a war on civilians for millions...
    Lavish countries vs ghetto communities where killers hit...
    Mercenary's for hire, on some Guerrilla shit...
    That utilize poles, which makes sense because I'm feeling 'stripped'...
    But the shift in dynamic got us picking material
    possessions we can't carry to that burial session (f'real)
    Yeah... indigenous peoples had to die for the life we live
    To build capitalism up, provide for the wife and kids...
    As of recent years we got people retiring later
    To survive, so we're literally 'dying' for paper...
    this is society's major flaw... the dollar inflates
    the companies get bigger, yet down size to give corporate dough?
    They say it's unfortunate tho, gotta laugh
    We'd be happy to get a vacation now with the paper trial
    They wanna build up our dream so that they can break it down...
    Tell us to speak up, but then quiet us when we make a sound...
    More prejudice to look forward to...
    Saying we're the outsiders, the race in place of a borrowed group...
    That's how it happens, the capital
    of the jury, they're playing the executioner... going get you an attorney..
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  9. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    even tho its tight can't fuck her right, cus she a bull
    found out she dike pass me a light, I need a pull
    been full of that earth since birth eyes covered in wool
    money in my palm but its all an illusion, my mind is acoustic
    give me time I'm a lose it the ones with power abuse it
    the brain changes every 20 years don't confuse it with music
    vibes are strong our nerves are glue sticks the body is useless
    the soul withholds codes that intertwine dimensions don't make rash decisions
    0-0-1 0-0-1 1-0-0 1-0-0-1 I'm breaking barriers swear I can eat with sumerians
    king of the throne my lair filled with barbarians,
    death around the corner my body carried by 6 cold blooded aryans.
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  10. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    bought to switch it up on some hood shit
  11. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    bring the whole city to its feet,
    with the sound of a beat I'm fidel when I speak
    hoes naked and clapping cheeks taking ones from the weak
    the weary are bleak, the future got me hiding pistols in sheets
    my enemies playing hide and seek,
    ain't had a good conversation in weeks. mama praying for peace
    bought a piece all chrome, russian roulette in the streets
    all the chambers filled to capacity so ain't luck when I squeeze
    they fall to their knees blood running out the nostril that sneeze
    can't bob or weave, either get low or freeze moving targets will bleed.
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  12. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    Making "hearts bleed" like the virus, just call me Osirus
    Niggaz need to record my rhymes on papyrus
    Just like the hieroglyphs on pyramids, or the nicest graf images
    Watch me handle these young'ins like how nurses deliver kids
    I stand dolo with only my verbs and testicles
    Most ya'll niggaz cum receptacles!
    Put on ya spectacles, and you act so cool
    But I activate my 3rd eye, and inspect the view
  13. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    Which I respect of you... the higher execs try to invest in doom...
    King Imhotep of the Pharaohs speaks of prospects
    from the rested tomb... in other words? they know it's old and dead...
    But still want to use it against us there on the road ahead...
    They like pigeons on the park bench, throwing bred
    But there's still light at the end of the tunnel, hold your head...
    They take a 'cop out' for bigger checks, you know they're 'fed'
    Feel comfy when they go to bed with evil thoughts, so they said...
    It's all a rotary phone to me... going around
    The ode of the town, disowned but building it up for upholstery...
    These golden arches are shown in darkness...
    Cold, walk the coldest marches... look at the sign, see a grown colossus...
    But me? I'm tired of saying I'm tired, I'm saying
    I'm pretty much wired, displaying desire in the eyes of the hatred...
    They're comfortable with every single lie they created
    and are ready to put up a fight for the citizens who try to debate it...
    They can't deny it, it's sacred... a society placement
    from proprietors eying the modern times in pages, sitting inside of the Matrix...
    You see this design and spatial bind, and our race is...
    pigmentation of colors realigned to our faces, a sign of defining our places...
    Wow... if you ever considered who has the better
    living residence, giving medicine to the higher class regimen...
    Don't want to let us in. See the upper echelon
    sketches of generations of slave owners moving a step beyond...
    Can't talk cause our breath is gone...
    Transformers every walk of life, see the light that shines on Decepticons
    Hurting our souls for personal goals...
    And it's certain that those who have that mentality will win it, once the curtains are closed...
    Yeah... freedom of speech has no meaning, cause each
    living resident is rebuked... The presidency's the truth...
    The residency's a fluke... confederacy and booths
    of degenerates leave the root, on the Embassy of proof...
    That there's... more to this life than what's explored in our right...
    See authorities like minorities conforming, on sight...
    You got the warden helping officers from morning to night...
    Doing duties of luring in anything for discouraging...
    It's a crisis that shape shifts... the racist... part that just makes this...
    hard on the basics... got a pardon all of this hate, which...
    Only evolves into matters that harm future generations...
    of common day laborers to a better education, pa..
    You can't make the cut cause they're fake as fuck...
    Look at the shit in schools that we're taking up... while institutions are caking, what!?
    Want me to silence myself when outsiders need help?
    Can't earn an honest living with the fucked up job they're giving? please...

    Look at these industries... possibly downsizing the market
    with business fees... taxes given, watch it increase...
    No. Can't do that no more...
    we're down to the core. While our forefathers were surrounded by war...
    Shit, made a profit margin off of working the people...
    Rather see the bars go vertical cause it hurts to be equal (think about it)

    Should I break it down? prison bars...
    It's out of this world... I feel like this is mars... You see that right? IT IS OURS!
    Whether you're a leftist or conservative...
    Fighting for your livelihood in Hunger Game tournaments
    Just to survive. Trying to Ketchup, but can't Mustard the ride...
    Looking on the outer layer of the box, but what is inside?
    You got mothers, sisters, brothers, and I
    coming alive, hustling finding something to try and dip into the governments pie!
    Because it's mine! I worked for it...
    I won't ask for it... put it on tape, my race is in Fast Forward...
    I run with the speed of a cheetah...
    I really need to be a believer. Or see the achiever in me is indeed one...
    Cause I refuse to feed the Machine when I see one...
    I want the industry to bow to its knees when we come...

    Because it isn't over until that bell goes...
    And I'm walking out of that fuck with blood on my shell toes...
    Got embalming fluid on my music...
    Trying to speak to the crowd... The only voice when there's no teacher around...
    A solid foundation here, nailed both feet to the ground...
    Cause they wanna discourage the people when they need us around...
    So they bully us, policing our sound...
    They talk tough... but there's strength in numbers, so walk up... it's all bluff...
    Fuck a system in place restricting positions on race...
    We have to sit her and make complete inhibitions on faith...
    Fucking scary scenario if you hear me, know...
    the population is mostly minorities for Americans...
    So the arrogance... of having it all will only shatter upon
    the impact second class citizens coming here had on the draw...
    They're driving the taxis, picking the fruits, and working their ass off...
    You make the laws, provide the taxes, work on the cash call...
    But we're not going to take it sip by sip, because this is the last straw...
    I'm putting my fist up for this, punk; it'll be a mass brawl...
    *sigh* but then I gotta calm down...
    I don't wanna be lost when it's all found...
    I don't wanna make it worse... I wear my heart on my sleeve
    you gotta strip me naked first to see my faith emerge...
    And I'm just making words... don't know what's at stake
    but I place my urge into the stake to try and deflate the Purge...
    The wall has been up for a while... the idea is that...
    we knock it off its hinge... and live as a group since we were giving the root...
    Exploring the cause right down to its core...
    Cause I feel like I'm doing more than what's needed to give this room a door...
    Give this broom a floor... So we can move, for sure...
    I don't care about feeling enRICHED when there's people who are POOR...
    "Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"
    Became an Obama nation which is an abomination (think about it)
    Since his inauguration. Look at the job and placement.
    Look at us all just take shifts for 40 hours to make shit...
    Even my girlfriend faced it. Part time, making meager pay...
    Changed her hours, shifting me away... shit needs to change...
    Say it's a free exchange... the market
    just had a disaster... for me? It's like, "all bow to the Master"
    That's the sound of the rapture... how can we establish
    a more adequate source of finance when America owes China so much?
    They keep those finances up... so practically the design is "we're fucked"
    They'd rather raise the taxes for finding us those kind of bucks...
    Sorry to the retirees for those minor fees...
    I bet you're kinda cheesed that you're making calls for your financing...
    Got banks all over the world that keeps a hold of our money
    No strings attached for the puppet master controlling the dummies...
    But at least if you were a Marionette
    you'd be able to see the strings being worked where your freedom lurks...
    We're all sinners, J. Cole. We should all be in church.
    They want to be the first to see history reversed...
    Who you ask? The people that fight to reach for the light...
    That people that might be believers despite the demons who see us each night...
    Can't stop it, we certainly don't try to...
    We're always looking up, but then only getting a side view
    This life gives us food for thought every day, but despite proof
    We're always ignorant to go back for more at the drive-thru
    For shit on a platter... it's a ridiculous matter
    In the capitalism market all the shit we go after
    And then go in debt, when they're raising property taxes
    up higher for us, bet that the mark and work money don't connect...
    Like a 56 k modem, the totem raises...
    For respect... but they see they're working us for that cheque...
    Glorify it... I mean, they sold it to us, right?
    Suicidal rate skyrockets like, "fuck life!"
    Obesity has tripled, and stress is like a crippling ripple effect...
    of poor coincidence, since it benefits the highest job market since its inception...
    The medicinal section...
    Gratification from this since the Western diet ensures every visit in question...
    The shit that's in our intestines... that's killing us
    is like a living confession of this miserable business investment

    Eat this pill, get your vitamin B's...
    Margarine is better than butter. Even the scientists see...
    This is low-fat. This is organic. You can try it for free...
    It's for dieting, need that Niacin inside of ya to fight off disease...

    OK, verse 2 coming soon...

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  14. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    Feels good to be writing again.

    I spent my life walking down a treacherous path
    Most of my memories are better left in the past
    I ain't holding back tears, won't pretend that I can't
    But pussy out and snitch? Nope, I never did that
    Silly hos day-dreaming about spending my cash
    Thinking they're worth shit because of an edible ass
    They can stay scheming ways to get in my stash
    Pay for you? Bitch, I'd rather go celibate, fact
    I study the greats and spit with a developed vocab
    Excellent swag and watch how the jealous react
    Shit that makes you cringe followed by a devilish laugh
    With enough bass in my voice to make heaven collapse
    Grab a pen and a pad, roll up the sess in a flash
    If what I'm bellowing's crass you done fell in my trap
    I'm the type of dude you don't attempt to get past
    Time to vacate the throne now that the emperor's back
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  15. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    Alpha Wolf ~ I lived my life ahead of the pack
    Blessed in the mental with lessons intact
    Taught by the hustlers that I met on the ave
    So therefore my net-worth never will lapse
    No actions to match? Then fuck what's said in a rap
    Too many fakes talk like they walk with a weapon attached
    And boast how they just whipped up a hell of a batch
    You'd swear they were all 2nd time felons with crack!
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  16. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    clouded visions. homicides depicted in holy scriptures
    sacred lambs slaughtered on Christmas. blood on my wish list
    murder weapon in my hand I'm prayin' for assistance, can I get a witness.?
    such a painful way to live happiness is not part of my existence
    even tho I stay one step ahead, one notch from the top
    one slip of the tongue and I drop, "so shut the fuck up"
    you might luck up on a million dollars if you suck up
    I'd be damned if I lose my soul for a record deal
    independent don't make a mill but I respect the real.
  17. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    I feel like,
    Mike Tyson when Cus D'Amato was in his corner
    or Michael Jordan in the fourth quarter,
    most the niggas in my hood think they rich porter
    slaughter for a dollar but can't raise their daughter
    yeah she thick but the chick so inappropriate
    only 15 taking dick, grown men planting seeds in her fallopian
    got her on the ropes again loud packs an opium
    I'm dreaming of utopia, cause all my hope - hanging from a rope
    little do you know this shit is dope, real dope
    got my neighbor hood loc people die over coke
    I seen a man kill a man over a coat--
    I seen a man kill a man over a joke-
    I seen a damn demon man this ain't a joke
    the game dirty the police are the soap
    the game really dirty when police got the boat
    they ship it in an watch the currency spin
    come up short you laying in that emergency van
    tongue cut out, iv's in ya hand
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  18. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    Time to alert the masses, I'm off my rocker again.
    Psychiatric doctors say he actually talks to his pen...
    Far be it from me to be so cold.
    But the thermometer on my gauge says -00 (Oh oh)
    Alice is now in the rabbit hole, you can see her foot.
    While most of you cats in the dollhouse won't even look.
    I should get awesome rapper engraved on my chest...
    So I can just nod when they say I'm the best.
    "Oh, wow. What a cocky shit. Always talking shit.
    He's really not that sick... I know, I just bought the shit"
    Words are fire, makes herbs retire.
    I got an endless motivation, I yearn desire.
    I saw what I wanted in life, and made that shit work.
    Spit a verse that hit the skeptics and quitters first...
    I gave these critters church. Yea, holy water.
    I got these phony's slaughtered. Atheists don't even bother...
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  19. chuhks

    chuhks New Member

    Apr 10, 2014
    Hello hello, rappers actn lyk da psycho, claim dey know da music but cant rock a mic tho, hip hop is life, hip hop is culture, yet people chase it down and eat it up like a vulture, raaw, what da hell is that, think i give a shit someone tell me that im wack, but freedom is mine, in this life that i climb, just give me a few years, i get better everytime

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  20. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    Never lion (lying), but the Main attraction, don't got the time for you Simba-tons...
    So just listen in for a sec, while I spin the connect.
    The winning effect, with an affinity for killing the sect...
    Every syllable wreck the vicinity like a militant vet...
    Uh, speak to the crowd..
    Ain't no keeping secrets with me, I've been loud...
    So you can agree, this is the freedom of sound...
    Even if now, you think you're on par with bar madness...
    Then you've been lied to... I am the star axis...
    On par with such a far access... I've already finished
    before the minute you start practice...
    So hardy-ha, that's what the hard fact is...
    A tough pill to swallow. Enough skill to hollow
    out your plush hill of sorrow...
    So fuck with the tough well-cut prick, punk, because you suck dick.
    That's some fucked up shit... like poo on the ceiling...
    Yeah, I can be crude but with this mood? It's a beautiful feeling...
    I can explore the outer boundaries of what I'm use to concealing...
    Usually chilling like a Polar bear, but my whole career flashed before
    my eyes like a Solar Flare
    Wow...they try fucking wit' raps... but really
    they're so detached from reality they fuck up the facts...
    And really start adjusting their tracks...
    If they were accustomed to busting their gats like they say they do
    Everyday it'd be in plain view, and they're only doing what they pay em' to...
    Like they're paying dues, but the actual pain's through
    the generation saying they use that shit as a way of staying true...
    Nah... rhyming is mine...
    my timing's defined by the "Ratata", like the guy on the Vine...
    I just... let a stray loose... my brain boots up
    like the mainframe do... on a CPU... who you equal to?
    Nobody... my whole body a different zone...
    Spits clipping bones quick, like a picture phone...
    I look at this bitch like, "This is home"
    So anybody in residency? Better just leave... the new fucking tenant, his deed...
    And it's a key... so that right there's property ownership...
    And anybody who saying otherwise about it don't know shit...
    Ha... stick in your lane, chicken, I'm saying
    I'm quick with the punch.. hit in your stomach with a fist
    that'll make you pick up your lunch..
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