Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
  2. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Hungry- starving- broke and missing home
    lonely-mad-frustrated and I’m ready to stone
    any kat hating- loud mouthing- doubting- my stones
    I’m hungry for dough, I hate being broke
    I got that two story home too pay fo
    plus my daughter needs new cloths
    I took a ten thousand dollar pay cut
    just so I could retire buy a Jacob, vacation in Jamaica
    20 years seems like a' millennium
    700 billion threatens my children
    plus taxes on the condo cut like a rapist
    McCain as a president fuck thats just sadist
    Obamas cool but too kool to decipher
    Either way it’s a game I don’t want to play
    So I took out insurance- million$ to be safe
    I hope my wife invests that one way
    So our daughter will be paid like E.M. Hemingway…BlAAAOW![​IMG]
  3. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    ''swagger Check....mic Check''

    First Of All Hard-body
    Im Sumthin Like John-gotti
    A Natural Born Killa
    Imma Un-tame Gorilla
    Where I Be At,all U See Is Money-n-crime
    Glock'z Go Cock Cock,when Ya Out On Tha Grind
    Gotta Get Paid,so When I Walk Up
    I Fix Ma Mask,an I Wont Talk Much
    Just Hand Movement's,u Dont Obey My Order's
    I Squeeze Till I Hear Click
    I Got A Hundred Round's
    So Must Likely I Wont Hear Shyt
    But Siren's,then We Scatter
    Cuz It Dont Really Matter
    If Ya Black Or White
    If Them People Catch U,ya Goin To Jail Tonight
    So Be Smart,''red Light Green Light''
    We Say Fukk Yellow Cuz We Wont Slow Down
    It'z Eitha Do It Or Dont
    Get Prepared For Tha Show Down
    Im Hot I Know I Gotta Blow Now
    ''an I Know I Aint Tha Best.....but I Think I Am''
  4. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    SO I gotta be iller than son of Sam,
    prank the game. stank the lame,
    evil like Myers, insane Like Cobain,
    I got some change but it not enough
    I could hustle, rob steal and kill, sho nough
    But metaphorically speaking is unclear like
    Ignorance is jail and hell is here on earth
    While niccaz ask what’s my worth?,
    about two cars, a condo, wife and a daughter Hoe!
    hommies so mundane with they flow
    It’s so predictable, what you spit is pitiful
    My flow exotic like an “A” town stripper hoe!
    Flip a flow like pancakes and greens
    I’m so greedy, you be needy so, so that you fiend
    me I just lean, turn the low up to high
    boil it up till its hot like the sun in the sky…..[​IMG]
  5. Whisky

    Whisky watch it

    Sep 18, 2008
    i'll put ya style down under
    leaving you WONDERing who da fuck did it
    dont worry about who i am, cuz ive done did it.
  6. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Insane twisted like Freddy
    spooky like Eddie I’m a munster
    wicked sick, stiller than a still born
    still smiling still slightly warm
    I’m fresh out womb Damien scorned
    I’m so full of rage itS like a killer bee storm
    N.i.g.g.a you been warned I’m iller than bush
    I drop bombs, I love to be underestimated
    Under dog, be I y’all, I’m all beast unleashed
    with vomit flows’ acid on the face of the animated
    you castrated how you man enough to orchestrate this
    when I guillotine it, wankster get weaned by this
    flow, I’m a killer whale biting bodies,
    shredding limbs like pulled pork
    I’m bloody with Mary we collided bodies
    after drinking Bacardi’ straight from skulls of dead bodies
    Insanity is me… I created da joker bitch “HERE’S JOHNNY”..MTPHUCKAZ
  7. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007

  8. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    fuck all the duplicate narrators
    you groupie bitch dick rapers
    fuck the moderators
    I gets paper
    put it on ya head like tu'pes call ya savior
    superstar like lupe tushay
    dictate my mans in them, put my hands on em
    they freeze up like manniquiens t
    hink you king of the island here
    I got time served in here, got mad armor gear
    we can go to war in here lets get it on again
    this aint a warning here dont make me storm on here
    stomp on him makes sure its on and clear
    Leave you torn and tear
    dare try to bare a beating
    bitch mods only brawl when the scene is convience
  9. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Mods been taking shots lately..
    I dont like that shit..
    Look at the tags on this post saids 6ftground is gay..
    then they bann my dude tbone name and shit..
    they tryin to get away wit murdah..fuck them slags
  10. Baron Mynd

    Baron Mynd Swaggersaurus Rex

    Jul 16, 2003
    Why did they ban T-bone?

    It's stupid.

    He still has the Godfather name, right?
  11. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    im bored as fuck
    no gun talk, im no shooter
    sitting here, in this chair thinking bout ass and hooters
    food and scooters, just anything when im bored
    just anything i type
    makes my mind drift, but that nigga above me
    gotta mynd he wouldn't bare to give
    but i share with the kids, don't care where they live
    and like that nigga above me, im a start baron gifts
    christmas it is, a fireplace with 4 kids
    no place is better than the place where my heart is
    freestyling partly, remembering honestly
    mental bliss is a myth, experience the odyssey
    who raps as odd as me? nobody, probably
    raps isosceles, and nobody's better at obviously
    ive got be greater, man it doesnt get better
    im turning any tough cookie that push me, back into waffers
    cuz right now, all of yall's laters
    sitting in bayous, waiting for you and the gators

    i added 6 more lines
  12. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    yooo... i ain't cyphered in forever-everrrr. lol
  13. effin eff

    effin eff New Member

    Nov 20, 2008
    okay, alright, your a virgin and my rhymes are tight
    spittin' like a lisp, throwin blows, like fight night
    round #5, i'm predicting you dont make it past introductions
    cuz i'm duckin everything you throw, i'm throwing concussions
    like some flip flops to open toes, my rhymes are exposed
    but only to those, who think that they can go toe to toe
    so, clickidy clack, your punchin that f5 button in bunches
    i'm a beast up in this feast, grubbin u suckaz for lunches
    y'all dont' want none of this, like blanks you'll always miss
    and beatin' me? gauranteed? wouldn't take the risk
    you'll get dismantled, manhandled, abused up in this game
    cuz this battle got it handled, locked and tamed
    yeah, i'm end this on a dare, anybody, anywhere
    this native is bringin' fear, wanna test me, i'll be here....
  14. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    sometimes i sit and wish life wasnt this hard
    i thank god for providing a job
    still stress-full..
    never lettin down my guard still its more time spent at the bar
    fuck hoes few words spit to gettem up outta they drawers i dont..
    buyem a drink
    i mess with they thinks then bra..
    blessed with a gift projected thru ink
    clever witt could get u a message from this
    scars that u get from the darkest of pits
    at the bottom of the highest of cliffs
    in visions due ta..
    teenage years was skitzn'n
    early additcions
    used to get high off of spliffs skippin
    takin a piss in detention
    like fuck division, i shoulda listened cuz life was a bitch...
    it started from sparkin up swishers
    smokin sess from a spliff in a truck wit the tint
    brought up in the rapture as kids..fuck u expect tho
    age 11 i was fuckin'em them chicks 18 yrs old..
    my life stayed on the most backwardest shit
    hear at ya own discretion
    so if u, tlak wit a lisp
    and its my words that u testin to see how it fit
    u'd slurr'em and stretch'em
    to all of u niggaz that bit old lyrics i spit
  15. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    old, lyrics,he spit
    we come, with grit,
    an give, mc's, fit's, lol...
    like, i was mark smitz
    or climbin out of it
    i guess, that was the company, line

    there's, multiple, way's, that we can find,

    i hope, that we'll, be fine
    becus, these, are, feely times
    an maybe, we, need, to redesign
    the frame like, this, was ordo, abchao , lol... i guess
    we, just sewin up, time to suggest,
    that we, the best in any contest
    like, this a conquest, plus, ,

    check the parameter's,
    becus, the way, i'm rippin', amateurs,
    is sick,
    , i guess, like, jeru, the damaja
    because, i be, rippin', camera's,
    plus, , amateurs, an , plus, tape, recorders
    , while, i'm chllin up at, border's
    readin', , till, it's, halftime,
    ,after, a couple, of quarter's, lol...

    have, a good, one, ..
  16. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Now that was Ill..

    I'm tired i'll be back with one rolled ...get rady to firer it up....(Yawns)
  17. Craccer_Jacc

    Craccer_Jacc SudAnillyst

    Mar 29, 2003
    a couple of quarters rolled into senate
    mankind rolled into penance
    joints rolled infinite .... with smoken soilders in it
    ayatollah mic controlla predicted to pop eyes
    smoken spinach stronger then synagogues lies locked in confines
    seen live on cspan
    seen tribes or reached hands
    dissapear into weather reports for the weekend...
  18. FLAIR

    FLAIR New Member

    Dec 23, 2008
    i feel like battlin but il go cypher
    not a man of words, born to a fighter
    im smooth like an air glider they call me the air rider
    lyrics arent venom there killers like black mamba spiders
    what ever spits you free i spend a min to decypher
    cuz when a bich tics me i ignite her
    i keep goin like the pink buny from energizer
    all yall fakes are nothin but dick riders
    im crazy like a virgin but even tighter
  19. Rem Lynxis

    Rem Lynxis A Slight Modicum of Hope

    Jul 30, 2008
    i'm not elevated but touchin' the clouds,
    just born on heaven, where the light's kept out.
    not sayin' i'm above y'all but you ain't beside me,
    behind, character comprised, just a parasite biting.
    what's left to say, need be to praise,
    cuz i gotta heal wounds when he be abraised.
    you cheezy and swayed, why leech me in ways,
    it's pointless when you got ya own two feet to maim.
  20. Vitamin C+

    Vitamin C+ pay homage

    Jun 12, 2000
    no titles

    you the perfect picture of a worthless nigga
    wanna play the role of hood Dirk Diggler
    turn innocent girls to strippers
    she good at working the zipper
    fuck skinhead niggas worshiping hitler
    play the suspect in murder mysteries
    to solve the case you need to re-learn history
    elevate smoke weed drink hennesey
    its like magic it makes you think differently
    Niggis bustin shots I think a bullet hit me
    thank god again it was a false alarm
    saw my man die in his fathers arms
    and I'd never wish that on my worst enemy
    down to one child its like the curse of the Kennedy's
    but life goes on
    signature scriptures written on Egyptian scrolls
    the feeling an athlete gets winning olympic gold
    quit pickin' ya nose & uplift ya soul
    chose the wrong path at the fork in the road
    took me the dark side of the north pole
    elves raping rein deer my eyes weren't ready
    distasteful like dry spaghetti
    you from the burbs grew up on Liza Minnelli
    i'm from a hood seen drive by's regularly
    seen niggis shoot from the top of the key
    we up 4-3 you just lost the lead

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