Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
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  2. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
    concerts, I, work, do, not, twerk or get confused
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  3. K.I.T.

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    Apr 30, 2003
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  4. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
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  5. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
    it makes me less shy so I don't care if the audience'll threatin me/
  6. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    a lot of my views on violence are bias, might be a hypocrite but I'm not a liar
    my head in the sky but my feet in the fire, half my niggas hustle for decent attire
    the streets take em' under find ya'self in deep shit like a plumber let me ponder
    sometimes I wonder if the grass is really greener on the other side
    they jumpin' fences on unsuspected defenseless victims burglary and homicide
    I seen a lot of mother's cry, sisters and brothers die
    the fake perish their legacy and bone marrow vanish cause only the real multiply
    little kids take the most damage I saw a nutty 12 year old bearing arms pistol brandished
    if you ain't talkin' money or drugs I swear it's like you speaking spanish
    be prepared for the show down or buckle an panic land of the young & the restless
    whole blocks droppin' like tetris respect is not earned any more it's demanded
    I see the bandits. such a weary life for a savage blood shed is a rite of passage
    teach em early how to be assassin's groom em' for caskets not schools with classes. its a hard knock life.
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  7. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    It's a comedy act, we're following, black...
    All fiction, they can't acknowledge the 'fact'...
    Ringing it up for a living, but 'calling' us whack?
    I mean, where do they got off doing so?
    In the fast lane, all of em' moving slow...
    Keeping it secret, speeches you should know...
    That's the brunt of it all... throw that adhesive until it's stuck to the wall...
    And all the them can suck on my balls... completely remove the nut from the drawers...
    Tired of the hustle, it's all... a mirage
    a tall facade... shaking my head at it as I'm nodding off...
    Shaking my head with enough force
    to wake up the dead... kneading a change, when they're taking my 'bread'... (HANH)
    All doughy-eyed... whole game mobilized...
    Started From The Bottom... but it's no problem to grow in size...
    No disguise ha... who are you kidding?
    How am I "dead" If I do this for a "living" (Paradox)
    I swear the top's an imaginary concept...
    Cause I past it and went... laughed at it, and never went back to it since...
    Other cats on the fence... looking like, "That's intense" ...
    But why though? Don't be afraid of heights... you can fly, bro...
    I see the time zones... it's all a mystery...
    the cyclones of lines shown in patterns woven by science knows...
    Defying foes, I'm a conquer... killing the lions, know...
    I'm in there with the fishes... nautical, anatomical...
    Yes... modern finesse, orchestrated through a pencil
    And spoken which such fluidity, even music can truly see...
    How it was doomed to be... ever since puberty...
    Struck, I was moving keys... nothing like doing trees...
    Something I do wit' ease... yes sir, it's just...
    the unity of the unit, E-Honda moving at numerous speeds...
    That hand work like planned birth... baby, it's good..
    I build in destroy the syllables toyed and played with for my lyrical joy...
    I can talk about politics if you wish...
    But you don't want me. I hate talking about politics...
    I hate talking about how modern modern is...
    Considering that it's far from it...
    If we lived by societies standards? we could sit and watch the bar plummet...
    Right to the ground. Ask yourself at the moment, what are you doing now?
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  8. Well Versed

    Well Versed New Member

    Feb 19, 2014
    yo whats good KRON...imma drop something for this...

    oldie...but goodie...

    HARD WHITE flow

    ok, i know its so cliche, but im dope, yeah thats hard white
    i got bros in the trap workin 16 hrs straight, thats a HARD night
    we playin beer-pong in the garage, but the keg is in the yard right?
    ok imma stop, only thing missin is, chicks dancin in their bras right?

    they say im weird, perhaps mars like, but i dont know what their talkin bout
    they scared to walk on the same ground, i guess thats why they all hoppin round'
    im just gettin started i aint stoppin now, COME AT ME BRO!!!, and ill knock u out
    yo my shit must be harder than calculus the way kids just keep on droppin out

    and yall think ur rockin out? what listening to one direction?
    im in meditation, listening to NIRVANA, trying to achieve perfection
    imma future leader, i dont know what the future holds, but i see the reflection
    im sorta like jon connor, but underneath, i have a machines complexion

    see im made for this, dudes still on the first episode im the complete collection
    im what happens when dope/truth/insanity and faith all meet a connection

    judge me? please ill beat the objection, even if im caught with the hard white stuff
    average ill never be, even if u divide me after u add it up,
    now u tell me was that hard white enough?!


    hard white, is what my bars like, ight, i gotta stop
    im starting to sound like those rappers who just gotta shop
    but its not my fault, when i hear a beat, i just gotta drop
    anything hot that i got, which im not braggin, but i gotta lot

    its like im slanging soup, the way i serve it, by the pot
    tongue so slick, gurls just watch, with my words, i can tie a knot
    they wanna be on my level, but ill push em out, give a fuck if they can fly or not
    cuz they, is bitch maid, yeah they clean, but i can tell if its a guy or not

    they eye the drop, but not becuz of what it cost me
    imma old school rider(writer), i got that beat up flow, that needs washing
    im tryin to clean this shit up, u kids shud be glad u got me
    tryin to off me?, im lookin around crazy, like which one of u fuckers shot me?!

    kill who? not me, im like gotti, hard white, my house, all white
    not the president, but ill barock ur socks off, get it? cuz they are white
    dude im just kick bars like, its for fun, come on if u wanna spar fight
    but after a few cheap shots, i get rowdy, ill turn this into a bar fight

  9. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
    Go, Go, Go, Get it k.i.t. spit it/
    kind've ridiculous, sick with us
    girlies wanna get with us/
    But were not havin that unless it's sincere/
    Lets sit down for a minute and talk to ya ears//
    And just conversate tell her I'm lookin for a mate/
    And this is 1-977, yo lets get a date//
    So we should set it up later on this week/
    a time that's kindve mutual for us to greet//
    each other, and find out the stuff that we like/
    about our personalities and do they invite//
    a closer match, to see if we can prolly make a batch/
    of some prolly Cabbage Patch, shit that is perhaps,//
    in our best interests, similar likes/
    yea we're kinda different but we got similar mics//
  10. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    Lucky Lefty on haters, I hit 'em with rights
    Fuckin' euro babes in Vegas, I hit 'em all night
    Niggaz try to be courageous, strangers hit 'em with white
    Now no appeal on their papers, judges hit 'em with life
    It's like I died and became king, I'm reliving this twice
    Turned heavy weighters into small potatoes, seeking forgiveness in Christ
    All cuz I moved quiet and kept my business precise
    Lord, protect me from the pen and from licking them kites...
  11. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    No appetizers involved, just the mind that's evolved...
    to the Darwinism of rhymers, a law, highly exalted...
    the Double Helix complex, the skill inside of you all...
    The finder, fine-lining, a claw to motion capture every rhyme that's drawn...
    The designer, a flaw so minor, it's all inside of the head...
    Of the same well wishers to ponder his genius when they lie in their beds...
    A valiant lion, who's bred an empire of ravenous lions, like him
    Completely from modern science instead of signs, watching
    the Zombie Apocalypse rise from the dead...kill them, n' be at the Asylum
    of heads circumventing the existence, just in time for his meds....!
    Yes, it's roll call, I'm raps very own
    Bone Saw, who alters reality n' dwells between his own laws..
    Cold jaws, spit below zero, n' don't thaw...
    Gnawing his fingers off... laughing, bones crackling...
    No jacket, and... going back in his old ways, a old Cabin with...
    Burnt out logs, A battered Kim, and Fif's Magic Stick!
    Give me the Green Light, cause I don't know what traffic is...
    I drive so I can crash some shit n' cause fatal accidents...
    Ask for my drivers license... n' then ask again...
    masking this... the Texas Chainsaw Massacre masochist!
    Check my cabinets, graphic faces I stabbed up in
    a Pentagram Hex... the sight of death gets me quite erect...
    I like it, yet... do things to keep up the high...
    A unmarked Jeep is my ride, I creep up at night, n' stick fucking people inside!
    "Kids, evil's arrived!" Guns don't kill people? Shit! neither do I!
    I get to feeding, deprived of eating a guy
    for a quarter of the century has me all excited...
    Hit the Chilean minors with a "Don't Die" survivor kit...
    Who's fucking high as this? I need Snoop Lion's psychiatrist...
    To try and fix this "Pimp my Ride" souped up mind of tricks...
    And if you think that happening? it's actually quite cool...
    Maybe when this crazy wears off, I'll grow up... like you.
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  12. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    I smell fear in the atmosphere wolves slaughter the cattle and sheep
    and I ain't talkin' animals more like the elite 99 percent are asleep..

    my whole life I was back stabbed,
    but the same blade that punctured my spine made me complete
    now I know who to trust and who to mistreat
    shit I ain't got a grudge I won't prey on the weak
    my flow is unique I practice what I preach capeesh
    my mind is a limb so I don't really rely on my feet
    cold nights using fire for heat mind state was "I won't die in these streets"
    bodies wrapped in sheets we were burning tires for weeks
    steer clear threw the text and peep the message I speak
    trapped in this vortex playing musical chairs but I keep passing my seat
    I think I'm droppin' jewels but sometime the gold is for fools.
  13. Well Versed

    Well Versed New Member

    Feb 19, 2014
    imma try to get some here we go...

    @mr.redeyez - THEY ARE ASLEEP...time to wake em up

    ay imma rapper in my own right, im skittles, to these EMINEMS//
    the self proclaimed rap god, but not compared to GODs eminence//
    the top is eminent, shit, i meant imminent//
    im paralyzed by this, i wont stand for this insolence//

    youre outside of the immanence, silence the instruments//
    u have no power, let us only hear, now the sound, of your impotence//
    these actions were not found in innocence, or to be a one time incident//
    you blasphemed my Masters name, the world saw how the commencements went//

    you are ridiculous, your title and deeds of wickedness//
    a role model to the kids, but your evil aura, is ubiquitous//
    to GODs Leviticus you are oblivious, as u promote greed and being polygamous
    this is Illuminati shit, the conspiracy is very conspicuous//

    with all their hand signs and shit, everyone is throwing up em pyramids//
    the truths a bitch, all rappers worship satan, and i know its hard to hear this shit//
    sorry girls, but katy perry and miley cyrus are definitely in this shit//
    if u want, follow me down the rabbit hole, u wont believe how deep it gets//

    ok peep this shit, imma sketch this, for all the skeptics//
    the U.N. is fulla more shit, than all the countries septics//
    get it? no joke, mark me a hectic, and yes i am a cynic//
    when they speak about ethnic cleansing, dont think they are talkin antiseptics//

    they just wanna wreck shit, so were forced into cooperation//
    the guide-stones are in georgia, their prime goal is depopulation//
    its like why vote? its always planned ppl into inauguration//
    freedom is an illusion, the choices are chose for us, by indoctrination//

    were all submitted to intoxication, it is in everything thats around us//
    the food, the water, the air, not to mention how they subliminally propound us//
    they confound us, do you even know how evil the men were who found us?//
    this country lead by a secret origination, called masons, that were renowned bruh//

    lets think about it, they left because they wanted freedom//
    but now if you want the same thing, they will throw you in jail for treason//
    i mean shit, what hypocrites, oh by the way, their religion was the reason//
    they were worshiping something other than GOD, and thats why they left England//

    ya dig?
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  14. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    nice break down well versed
  15. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
    why they left England, just like the new settlers/
    which Is the reason you telling each, him or her//
    about America, never out of character/
    all i came to do, was just to sit smoke the herb//
    get a cypher goin, yea Im known for flowing/
    and that for bowling, in case your not knowing//
    about the whole deal, that we just put 2gether/
    im like run dmc, 'tougher than leather'//
    tougher than most, not to brag and boast/
    yo, my approach, just pass the roach//
    the whole, fresh, coast, yea they lovin it/
    got the gangsters poppin, and thuggin it//
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  16. Well Versed

    Well Versed New Member

    Feb 19, 2014
    i am considering droppin all my bars into separate topics...yall let me know if u think thats a good idea...ok here we go...

    Everyone wants to compete, but this is my game of thrones//
    all others hung up in defeat, see how i displayed the bones?//
    death is set, embrace the tones, the bell tolls, my words engrave the stones//
    i bring destruction with my with my in-fluxion, no one can save your homes//

    slowly i erase the roads, i force em which way to go//
    imma psycho-lone, skitzo, i cant decide which way to flow//
    i move too fast, fuckin up the tracks, my friends are like way to go//
    the whole neighborhoods thrown up in the sky, im like category 5, tornado//

    so cold they call me snow, imma real bastard on the beat//
    plus, a son of a bitch, who loves causing havoc in the street//
    words so inspired by GOD, they could bring Damascus to its knees//
    my music breeds royalties, you are in the presence of a king//

    so bow your head before you speak, or else you might become my prey
    a true warrior, im ready for battle at anytime of day
    skilled in many kinds of ways, my foes always get a shiver or something//
    call it foreshadowing, cuz they know when im around, that winter is coming//

    my castle is in the sky, finally, its time for me to come alive//
    im hard as stone, im about to have a break through, look into my eyes//
    i told you, im one of the last of my breed, for all their morals have died//
    metaphorically, im immortal, for mine, will have always survived//

    even if mortals are always contrived, my LORDS words were made for you//
    and i put it on everyone, who comes near me, i spit words, like they spray perfume//
    cant u smell what im saying?, this shit is so sweet, watch what i do, no pay per view//
    yall gettin this one for free, i give it to you, with no ads, like on a gay youtube//

    like kings laid in tombs, ay imma do this until the day i die//
    right now i can only glide, but maybe one day ill fly//
    im not a beast of the night, nah bruh i wanna be angel of the light//
    yeah im more than 90 percent certain, that that angle would be right//

    so ill plug that cable into the mic, and show em what a monster is//
    i produce high quality sounds, im Mozart in concert when//
    i go off, i never lose my composure, ive got more lines than even santa wrote//
    fuck you im better than good, i brought back the legends, call me Xanatos//

  17. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    I think that there's distinctive hope, not to be found...
    And only the self-proclaimed kings here are rocking the crown...
    But if you think about Big Poppa and Pac with their sound?
    And see the industry's pop, you would evaluate how popular that topic's now..
    I mean, people are just talkative now... they thought they're profound
    Their concepts are contexts around their overconfidence, which is a big
    consequence since if you actually look through drops
    It's the same shit. The mainstream's main theme's
    been used plenty...
    So now I'm here sitting with their written like, "Really?"
    "That's what you got from this?" All I see is the opposite...
    All I see is these cocky chicks walking around like pompous pricks
    That hope to sell out tickets, but are sell out tickets, like box office flicks...
    It isn't even exactly about keeping the people that actually
    rip it's perception of you seemingly happy, it's about...
    Coming with the original shit, and spitting out... clever quips...
    But ever since we've had to make a bravado that motto's become semblance....
    Yeah, so what can be done?
    Seems like nothing, because
    this hustle's become the main staple to work, and it's profit, right?
    In the 90's, the transition to East Coast thought was like..
    The Holy Grail, now it's about the South dropping nice...
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  18. K.I.T.

    K.I.T. Member

    Apr 30, 2003
    Dropping nice, u know that's something I love to do/
    especially when it's made me kindve part of a crew//
    coming out of the blue,yea I didn't really expect it/
    all I knew, was, just,grab the microphone, and get hectic//
    and then 1 day im on the internet,
    tryin to find spots where I could just wreck//
    and then I came across the la calendar/
    it said it was a joint for all, u amateurs//
    that said,if u needed a place to record,
    you can come through just sign ur name at the door/
    and its free to afford, it was a nonprofit/
    and you can cypher probably to any kind of topic//
    I didn't stop it, it was just too dope/
    and everybody that I ran into was just,cool folk//
    and it's shaped me, 2 the mc I am today/
    no I'm not braggin, but I got something to say//
    everytime im asked to perform or put to test/
    I stay well prepared like a bulletproof vest//
    so, all you guys out there better stand back/
    that I love going to juice and that's a known fact//
  19. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    This that grown rap, know that, I've never flow'd trash
    Never smoked hash, but in the mental, is where I zone at
    I been wove raps within the fabric of time and space
    So only a rhyme from Biggie could ever to mine equate
    See papes, squeeze 8's to get my cream straight
    I'm an amaretto sour, ya'll niggaz cheesecake
    Try to re-late, but ya'll niggaz real late
    Cross me, I off thee...and that's ya sealed fate!
  20. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    They know I go straight... hold weight
    industry standard, call it a co. fate
    from the gloves to the shiny...
    metal toe plate.. box of tools
    plastic container, full of locks n' screws
    something apparent - cuss what I got from school's
    Nothing but a paper sayin' I graduated
    without a major, ain't it
    something? Yeah... I didn't think so either
    I'm not one to complain? who I'm am I kidding?
    I LOVE to complain... I do it so much its FUCKING insane!...
    But I got stuff, that'd probably self destruct if contained -
    so I say it instead of keeping it.. going so
    fucking deep I'm counting sheep in it.. fallen asleep in it
    EVEN This weekend FITS the bill.. prescription pills in unmarked containers with Vodka shots..
    Fucking Smirnoff's & Woody's - the others cost a lot.
    I'm trying save now.. fuck spending an arm in a leg
    or living life like I was Dharma and Greg
    This isn't fox, bud.. the top hip hop stud ready to go stray
    Running with the flock while it's coming forward? bro, no way...
    I'd rather not conform my integrity generates
    such a high proclamation the angel's hear when it resonates
    the podium of heavens gates..
    That's not to get preachy n' all..
    But I don't need for yall to see me as tall..
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