Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009

    [verse 1]
    Hi gents, why do we worship the science ?
    Wanna see the lies which make us so pious ?
    Wanna know why you take lies on the face of the bias ?
    You sense its codex is cold print over your conscience
    Blindfold you know this odor is closer to omit sick violence
    Marijuana armada whether sober or on drama, its bullshit
    Darwin came over on a warship, drawing a drawbridge
    Walking the hornets nest to exalt the tallest gull finch
    Saw water clouds from a forest, water melons in a flora grid
    Used a quarter pound Rosetta pen, monotone in audio tone, then
    Noted them both related to the abominable snow cone (ahem)
    This topic is circular by armatures with binoculars to show nature...
    Came from chemical soup made alive with mans magic eraser
    I'm mad. I know. I see the error
    I'm sad...I'm slow to robotic nature
    Oh my God.
    There's no imitator wiser than The Logic Illustrator

    YAH. He's amazing. Is amazing. Who ? Amazing
    YAH. He's amazing. What ? YAH be amazing

    [who got verse 2 ?]
  2. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Is heaven and hell a myth?
    to psychologically spit,
    my community in half I laugh when they resist
    sex money and spliffs,,
    They don't understand true happiness and bliss
    they call it the temptations of Satan sadly they sit
    in that little box they call a world worshipping this
    so called prophet but the preacher full of shit
    what the fuck is a holy ghost? it's like a seizure in a sense
    If they didn't have religion they'd probably slit their wrists
    how can you give your mind body & soul to a object that don't exist
    what's worse religion or dope fiends ? Searching for allah or a fix?
    I know you thinking is he sick, just thought I should add a twist
    to me religion is like chicks throwin fits,, then sloppily sucking dicks
    The prophecy is the property of the creator of this event
    Religion, the bible, that tells us its ok to murder if we repent
    don't judge me just here me out its the only way I can vent
    I don't believe in the hype not a single word I resent
    not gonna lie or pretend I'm a little worried within
    my life is overwhelmed with sin I may never see light again
    I'm in a dark place, cigarettes and weed making my heart race
    the alcohol gives me energy to carry out my homicidal tendencies
    I'm tired I wanna let go, to whom it may concern I tried but I'm tied to the streets
    damn sometimes I wished I died in the streets
    I feel the darkness creep as I sleep pistol wrapped in my sheet
    nobody understand me cus this ain't no rap or no tweet
    again don't judge me ....
    until you walked in my shoes either way you lose your small mind and the size of my feet
    long miles and long nights,, sometimes I wonder what's the purpose
    I wouldn't call my life worthless,, for the simple fact no body on earth is perfect
    I'm just yappin on me LET get the fuck out of here
  3. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    Yo mane, time is short, let's do this...

    The hour is used up, on cruise control
    It's so unusual
    The get-go is most untruthful (yo)
    Up inside the carnival of this narrow crucible
    Carbonyl in their arsenal aerosol
    I know I used to smoke, it's horrible
    Zero airflow, isotopes pulled up ya nose slow
    Come off ya horror dope with tha holy ghost
    Truth be told, who knows our only hope ?
    I do, wanna see me know HE G.O.A.T ?
    Don't drink the koolaid, don't
    Foul grape juice pours down ya throat
    You already drowned alone
    Ninety-five percent of the world is lied to (yo)
    Revelation twelve-nine spits it better than I do
    Wanna see who broke on tha trump sound ?
    Inside those lines prophesize tha loud count
    It's slang tongue some clowns never found (ouch)
    See his sermon on the mount ?
    Be sure to read a version by Hebrew persons
    Not tha white mans, nor preachers or tha churchmen
    Family I'm sick of the lies, you heard me. WHEN ?
    Messiah was black, no promise made to religion
    He came for Israel, beaten, smitten as it's written (AMEN)
    He coming again, for his sheep, this his mission yo
    This white boy hears his voice in his sleep I HOPE
    Blessed are the meek in spirit and in TRUTH
    Endure this test and be tha proof
    I'm out family
    Off tha sick speed bicycle
    Up on ya toes
    Flee the horror of tha old crucible
    His people be provable and they beautiful

    *&^# outta here
  4. THC Labs Productions

    THC Labs Productions

    Jun 24, 2013
    I feel your deep thoughts on religion it's so explicit
    the media cuts us deep they make their incisions
    secretly running our lives while they make our decisions
    the people too scarce and weak to form a resistance
    open our eyes we must fight if we value our existence
    a battle this hard can be won only with persistence

    so during the hard times we all seem to share
    be grateful of what you have before you declare
    "what I have right now will never compare"
    to what the celebrities use or play on the air
    we are all born with gifts but some won't dare
    to develop their skills or maybe don't care

    a wound that cuts us deep but we don't see
    dealt by the deadliest weapon there could be
    it's in front of our eyes through the day and night
    it's a creation we consider keeping our family tight
    sending subliminal messages corrupting the right
    making fools of us all as we stare in to the light

    little do we know of the impending doom
    that will commence from our own living room
    right now we must prepare to do it soon
    make a movement that will push us through
    turning us into a generation that will act as glue
    for the foundation in which the youth will be born to
  5. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    It's true, coup, you'e right dude...
    but wrong more often
    If you want the true truth, listen to my views,
    I'm the song form prophet
    I've been through his shoes, walked all the miles
    down those long worn concepts
    In the end I was imbued with the knowledge I'd always known,
    it was strong, born, solid
    Logic in the most common sense,
    but its a drawn out process
    Shed whatever thoughts you've been tryin' to hold on to
    God, is literally indescribable, want proof?
    Um... just to exist and be in this undeniably odd world
    is enough to say that somethin' made it, but fuckin A,
    the why of we is not squirreled away in some dusty pages
    of ancient texts, made before they even understood what the plague is
    Jesus Christ! You're straight up the smartest stupid person
    that I maybe sorta kinda know
    Why can't you realize that God created all parts a' the universe
    way before the bible?
  6. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    Jesus Christ ? You mean Zeus is Light, right ?
    MessiYAH is Yahshua, all day long son, in tha light

    Ayo, I'm about to take care of this cat...

    Breathless, did you not eat your breakfast ?
    Before you broke fast that last^ message ?
    Your logic is dismissive, get this fool a dunce cap
    A reckless PDF. text flex, wacked perceptions
    Kid is broke back...
    Your mouth spits ignorant like Texans tailgating in England
    Know what I'm meaning ?..I'll braille you seven second guesses
    ::..:::..:::.::...:: Nah just messing...this isn't Tetris
    So get a pencil, wrap this lesson around a necklace
    Confess this witness: Don't choke though, if you do
    Don't worry cat I'm His apprentice dentist
    Take one less breath then read the checklist:

    1. You no prophet...You an earthly guy
    If what you say does not happen punk...
    You shall surly die

    2. Worn concepts ? How about born consequence.
    In your mind as deception from your idolatrous mind set in shit

    3. Logic is nonsense if it don't math the concepts of set texts
    Ignorance of Abba is not evidence, that's why you breath less

    4. Elohim is true, let's be friends then
    I ain't better than you, but comprehend this kid
    The test is in the testament of His represented
    A people called know them as nig***s
    How can a registered sex offender, know any better ?
    Know any pretenders ? Ya you do, they Gentile suppressors
    Scriptures is "black" history remember then let's humble down together

    5. Peep his people... Israel, the so called black man
    See they a witness against disobedience by His hot hand
    What will be come of the feeble. UNDERSTAND MAN
    You a deviant child already fooled by the goddamned ?
    You a houseplant in the wasteland...combat that

    6. Check the facts friend...then defend your reprobate head
    Not against the pagan christian percent
    Unless you let go the hate
    You ain't gonna make the narrow gate

    7. Make no mistake, I love you and this dialog
    I can't take these perils though...
    And cast them to convince dogs
    Trouble is in sight, best seek the light
    Get out of Satan's synagogue
    Ask the Father, don't be the devils falsified prototype...

    His image is the world. Represented in your mindset condition
    What's missing is the Spirit to rewind the toxin expressed in egotism

    Leggo the leggo...
  7. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    It's that green chronic chiefing, ebonics speaking demonic being
    Grew wings in a spasmatic fit and took a leap off the deep end
    Life's antagonist, I'm Bruce Banner with LaMotta's temper
    On a bender I might snap back and beast on these weaklings
    Candy-flips and ganja sessions got me feeling omnipresent
    Always reckless, inciting violence whether or not it's senseless
    Assembling sentences disrespecting heaven's residents
    With excellent penmanship that could test the best of them
    Pen abuser, assult the alphabet and knock out some letters
  8. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    I'd opt out of heaven,
    Too splendid, I'm sick,
    Demented, I live to watch the pendulum tick,
    Away, at that marble, chip away at the stone,
    Till the shade isn't startled by the rays that were shown,
    I played all the games you're supposed to,
    Didn't win so I'd sin just to roll two's,
    Roll the dice, live at night, let it show moons,
    How to take chance when you glow through,
    I'm old school, born in the new though,
    Just an old fool, kinda bored with his youth so,
    Might as well live while I can till I do croak,
    But I'm feelin' froggy, so I'll leap to a new moat.
  9. Maskil

    Maskil Last Gunslinger of End-World

    Jun 27, 2013
    (pretty cold fellas but watch this)

    I find my ambitions, are on another plain of existence/
    so when im spitting, I lift da veil on another dimension/
    I revel in takin penance from interloping spirits/
    who find peace in the math of my lyrics upon hearin this/
    it covers the transgressor in a searing mist/
    that burns away any blood that their hand washing may have missed/
    it warns against the most sweetest of kiss that is most cruel and sick/
    that breaks a strong man and makes him lose his wits/
    yeah Jesus did survive it but how true is this, we know how that ended on the crucifix/
    how can you exist if You dont even believe your shit/
    or get the gist ,of what you missed, for lack of sense of consequence,
    so now you sit, in confidence, witha false sense of accomplishment/
    basically, you need to sort your shit... is all I meant/
    or do whatever...i dont know...whatever makes ya bollocks itch.
  10. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Can anyone define Pride.
    that's the reason for the crime everybody think its fine
    in the city i reside, bodies droppin' like flies
    he ain't like the way he looked, so he put 50 in his ride
    if I told you I loved the hood god forgive me for my lies
    I hate the whole concept of riding till we die..

    this thug shit is a disease
    born sinners since a seed
    everyday somebody bleed
    Last of a dying breed

    don't listen or take heed
    people you ain't gotta believe
    it don't take rocket science to breathe
    and it don't take rocket science to breed

    what if your life was in jeopardy?
    10.3 seconds to leave a legacy?
    So Stressed you popped ecstasy
    Then You Screamed Fuck The World!!!!!!
  11. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
  12. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
  13. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    Yo son, I was diggin the flow but yer whole motive is off
    No one, an' I mean no one really knows, so just stop
    Your soul's stuck, only goin in slow motion to god
    The road's rutted, its an old notion, but its so hopeless to cross
    Headin the wrong way down the right route, it might sound
    ridiculous, but kid, yer just about as bad as night owl
    in a tinfoil hat holdin a sign, shoutin' biblical...
    with soiled pants
  14. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    Ayo, this is what the Spirit of YAH can deliver you from cat and
    what can happen when you turn your back on knowledge cat

    give me a beat homie...


    Dream this silence... of a secret
    See a mystery of the Highest Seated
    Between a crisis and ashes of His sequence
    Beat free and unseen, no haphazard in His Spirit
    In your life it symbolizes triumph over demons
    A scream rips through the noise as it rises to deepen
    In a void your iris blows the body of the memory sinus
    Out comes sickness of idols to die under the hottest horizons
    No longer foggy, you deem this secret is His guidance
    You are free now. Clean up the clean up.
    Sip the sweetness some. From His teacup.
    A rope of idols just came out ya vial. Deleted.
    But you still must believe in Gentile science
    Cos back ya go again while they size you in
    In cages of lions and where riots cycle your survival
    Chained down again as a FOOL who knows no "bible"
    You a gnat to them then swallowed by Giants
    A Philistine now and with their baby boo Goliath
    Hunt you down kid, once again by ya blindness
    Guillotines are your schoolmaster minus the rightness
    Machined by the machinists dawning down swords
    Fallen on the lives of the spineless who are DAMN COWARDS.

    Seek ye YAHUWAH will he can still be found, while you still can draw near.
  15. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    Yahweh is cool, but I'm with Lucifer,
    I'm a rebel with a cause, I ain't too concerned,
    With what I do on Earth, I'm too bruised to serve,
    So now I lead, where the music burns,
    A hole through the hard soul, stone type,
    Living with a flame, hoping that the charcoal holds tight,
    Sitting on a cloud, waiting for another home flight,
    Too many layovers to heaven for a broke life,
    And I don't know, no I can't see,
    How should faith have faith in me,
    When broken dreams and smoking weed
    are the hairs that braid this weave,
    So when I'm front of the stairs,
    You'll see me descend with a fuck it of cares,
    You might think me broken, a runaway,
    But there's better company any fuckin ways.
  16. THC Labs Productions

    THC Labs Productions

    Jun 24, 2013
    once again i'm feeling it deep inside, this feeling it's coming out i cannot hide
    i close my eyes concentrate try to imagine, i take you all along for the ride
    this is the friction when thoughts and words coincide, unstable cyanide
    unexpected rhythms i express through complex wording said in rhymes
    once again my feelings gets the best of me i am a slave to my own mind
    anyone claiming to be a product of their own environment never lied
    it's hard to change your daily habits when you have a soul full of pride
    we will prove to the world we can rise to the top without taking bribes
    corruption is just a form disguise for the coming of the next genocide
    belittle your unconscious thoughts to make possible what you saw as not
    this is key to the liberation of the people but we have named it hip hop
  17. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007

    We all born to die I hate my life with a passion
    feel like I'm trapped in a maze this abyss is a bitch
    niggas flashin pistols an shit this cycle is sick
    the rifle in the closet don't make a nigga massage it
    I don't have a problem shame on you if you got em
    all I know is defend me semi sound like a cinema
    remy in my system the sigma give you a enema
    to the death of me my visual digital too original
    who fresh as me? or who fuckin wit me? not sexually
    they might need to clone an extra me .
  18. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    Sonny I leap, retaliating at these, sucka MC’s…
    and my mouth is salivating, cause I'm hungry to see…
    these Pharacies tied by the ankles, and hung from a tree…
    beat into seizures, til they shake, like they’re fuckin Ali…
    blood suckers…..I see, they do anything for some sales/cells…
    even drink the blood, out of ya fuckin IV!!!
    makin me jump from my seat, cause I’ll pulverize…
    this undersized leech, then brush him off like the front of my teeth…
    this is pure humor, infecting ya brain like four tumors…
    I'm a Ford Buick, containing four students, who on fluid…
    boned ya whore til she’s spillin raw juices…
    I hear a noise at the door, her man walks through it, he’s all clueless…
    he blacks out…..wut’s next?, can ya’ll view it…
    I went out with a bang, not when I died, but when I shot the bull stupid!!!
    I'm feelin generous, I give ya’ll the option of more music…
    I seem cartoonish, please remember, im part human…
    that’s not you wut wanted?, wut u want me to give u?...
    want me to touch on the issue, and tell you why our republic is crippled?...
    its really nothing its simple, Congress is tuckin the info…
    while we’re stuck in the middle, just like the pus in a pimple!!!
    to make sure that we are, and stay ignorant fools…
    while they sit and pollute, the minds of an innocent youth…
    but I keep a sinister cool, like im Bishop in Juice!!!
    now consider the information, that’s been given to you…
    am I crazy?, well yea, and ya’ll can kiss my ass…
    I'm one pill short of a sick car crash!!!
    down the whole bottle of Tylenol, swerving through the entire song…
    burn my tires off, until my car’s a giant fireball…
    I just closed my eyes for a second, I’m tired dog…
    I hit a giant wall, and set fire to the entire mall!!!
    not knowing how I even, got there to begin with…
    and since Im so random……this is the ending……..
  19. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    May I keep the tone intentionally? Maybe, but most people won't
    accept these things, except for me, its crazy, I chose freedom's road
    yet set my feet, essentially, on paved stones laid by slavery
    What's neighborly love when fences between em were made to keep enemies at bay?

    ...everything's the same, eventually, the changes become
    commonplace, but the problems remain, indefinitely
    It's effortless leading the wayward on a quest less worth repeating
    than the same words it'll take to make this message I need to say heard

    As the days turn to yesteryears, every page blurs, its a mess of lyrics
    The rage burns, but unless I clear the way first I can't guess what here is
    Lost inside the long run I crossed the precipice fearless
    It cost my life, the wrong one, so I made the best of this disappearance

    All done and said, once the fall comes to a head
    I've been speakin in false tongues, with dark thoughts under my breath
    Keepin the cause just, I start off wonderin when
    I can quit sweatin the small stuff and charge on runnin unstressed
  20. SickPup

    SickPup Pup

    Feb 12, 2013
    Smile the depression is subliminal.
    Under my skin scrachin it's literal.
    Arms scared from the physical.
    Emotional turmoils taken it's toll.
    look deep in my eyes
    and you can see the pain in my soul.
    heart ice chilled
    blacker then the color of coll.
    Loner living in the pit of a hole
    filled with blades and knifes
    thats my life Filled with constant strife
    Fuck how I'm livin
    Just want my body and and soul to splitin

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