Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. Hank McCoy

    Hank McCoy The True Beast

    Sep 6, 2009
  2. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    This is a quick free with punch to make you feel tipsy while i sip tea
    Trick thee like fooling a woman in bikini to play strip tease
    Think you can rhyme!?! Kids please! Your writs breaze....
    This Brit's frees cause a gigantic Atlantic wave to the US
    Just from two breaths the tsunami is hitting YOU, yes!!!
    You dudes best learn to swim to the depths whales go
    If you fail flow G chews you, spits you out like whale blow
    Don't get that twisted fags! I ain't talking about penis, thats heinous
    Seemless genius sends you to court like Venus (Williams)
    Strike spleens crushed with one hit from a strong fist
    Deflating the fakes like blonde's tits or bong hits
    Honestly someone should give me a Rhyme Quoting Diploma
    For President of the US, you might as well be voting for Homer
    Punchlines are enough to put a bloke-in-a-coma
    Spitting tornados that blow you out the home like Oklahoma
  3. KooL La!d

    KooL La!d iRock Cafe

    Aug 6, 2003
    You heard of me? OK, good... time to prep up for surgery...
    the words I free are engrained in minds for an eternity.. shit..
    And if you thought that was bad just wait till I unload
    more shots than Yolemite Sam after a gun-show..
    Unsung hero... here to make all your ladies sweat.....
    crazy net sling-er, pissy, like toothy babies get..
    Shit... you're watching in AVX... hi definition,
    1080P... creative chi displayed @ 60frames per free...
    Peter Jackson shit, shitting on rappers
    without the laxative...prescription, dissing cats with scripts..
    bug-eyed, walking through acid trips (whoa)
    I hope the casket fits, didn't have time to get it tailored..
    aesthetic skill with the sickness, need me a medic bill..
    head's filled with tectonic thoughts... shifting..
    hip hop lifting to the top when I drop in this...
    non stop, linguistics... buoy!!!
    leaving kids destroyed... Oklahoma to Illinois..
    feel the noise like it resonated your real estate..
    So what you feeling, mate? Froggy? then leap then..
    You'll be a Dead Man Walking - Bernie On The Weekend..
    all you see's a silhouette figure soon as I creep in..
    ...ya pad, call you "Maxi" and BLAM... you'll be leaking. PERIOD.
    Serious... villainy and mysterious.
    Handlebar mustache, Muttley laugh, riding chariots.
    Bury kids with their coloring book... buzzing without..
    the Hornets Nest.. Lisbeth rappers get murdered when metaphors addressed..
    This fucking boards a mess....
    Don't knock opportunity's door, unless... you're ready for the outcome..
    What they really about, huh?
    Swing with the South Paw, project a punch that will take their mouth off - Seth Brundle.
    Geena Davis.. the meanest creative genius weighs his..
    thoughts on a sheet of paper like, "Homie... come meet your maker".
    Fuck... don't mean to get metaphorical..
    But tell that Neo bitch that "I'm the one, don't need me an Oracle"...
    reading the Torah, slow. Rock that Fedora so..
    hard that John Hamm felt sordid, yo... out in the wilderness
    wondering where did Dora the Explorer go?
    And I'm board so know if you feel slighted, hit me up n' get you some real guidance.
    This a meal, minus the skill of surreal rhymers..
    The Diamond in the rough's grown - while you still 'minors'..
    to fucking stone... hit up your semi-formal with nothing on...
    but a cufflink... the fuck is up? drink the spiked punch...
    Having breakfast in bed... it's kind of like lunch..
    Aussie bitches lay naked, I fuck ya wife's cunt..
    Up in Smoke with these words, they say that I'm quite 'blunt'...
    On a mic hunt, while their punches are misses more than a fight stunt...


    I don't care if it flowed....
    I ain't scared of a hoe, but hearing em' so embarrassing, bro.
    I'm careless, but I swear it's a go once that mic switch ignites, bitch..
    get tight lipped when you meet the left and the right fist..
    It's like, this....
    Message... sentence.. causing repenting..
    not a relenting figure, my pencil's a mental trigger..
    the barrel's loaded, so it's fucking 'wrap' for who the Pharaoh approaches..
    wore you out.. ha, that's too bad... my 'apparel's dope-ness'..
    KooL La!d is just a user name I'm using, meng..
    I ain't new to the game.. I sit on the top of the music chain..
  4. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    Breathless has returned, from his ride on the white horse
    with knowledge he learned on the side, and its like Norse
    mythology, from what's odin keepin it loki
    Stuck in the freya long while, friggin fulla this bullsheet
    Been bragi and borred of this saga, andhriminir again
    I just need some thorazine before it gets more than I mean it to
    I can't hermoor fitting reasons to have ran from this vali of evil truth
    But nott now, hel no, only when my sol has grown baldr than the tree of youth

    List of Norse gods and goddesses - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    It's that same old unwrap, gut, pack, puff, pass tradition
    Impatient just waiting till it comes back to hit it
    My body is a temple, this is home improvement
    I'm puffing constant, so abusive, no excuses,
    I love the ganja
    The way your purple buds burning up makes my nose tickle
    While I'm drifting down the river sending smoke signals
    I'ma sit and drown in liquor, cure the itch in my throat
    Different from those average smokers I'm so lifted
    Simple enough, the piff that I puff can cripple your lungs,
    That one hit and you're done shit that sticks to your thumbs
    Seems like sniffing the buds alone would get you a buzz
    Got people hitting me up to get a whiff of the nugs
    Light up, inhale that weed
    Never met another that gets blazed like me
    All these motherfuckers wanna taste this dees'
    Put the blunt to your lips, keep your face on cheese

    SOUNDR@GON Zig'n & Zag'n

    Jul 3, 2003
    A vagabond spittin' about sacks, while he's on crack?...
    Word is bond that, hobo's shittin' on both sides of the tracks.

    One minute, doin' bong hits, hittin' the green plastic...
    and next he's doin long hits, fiendin' for glass dick.

    I didn't see it happen, but it's dropped in his name...
    If he wasn't here rappin' lame, he'd be hopping some trains.

    The freight lines rollin, where it's going? He's not well aware...
    Doesn't care, underwear's the same dirty pair, Cali to Deleware.

    Stinkin' to high heaven, pig-pen & them's his brethren...
    Wafting is his weapon, tough stench fends for him.

    Can't get next to him, his blight is not worth the fight...
    I had to shower right, after seein' his verse typed.

    Flip it right, from the bum, to the bud, fuck it...
    A white owl blunt split & the nugs get crushed quick.

    Kush is what he fucks with, this Bubba's not his cellmate...
    But got him stuck like chuck, like, tucked in a stalemate.

    Key'd up from the feet up, lost in space and time...
    Freed up to find his rhymes, a divine waste of time.
  7. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    Waste of time...

    See my brain's insane, a fading light,
    A hell of a sharp knife, a breaking night,
    Like welcome to the darkside,
    Make yourself at home please,
    I'll even give you dinner, plus a set of your own keys,
    Let yourself in, go ahead and kick your feet up,
    I'm a cheater when there's rules, go ahead and you'll get beat up,
    I eat up all the fools that be dreamin' on their drool,
    Too much sleepin', you're in school, and k33per be the teacher,
    I mean, what else can I say,
    I'm the bomb shit,
    Drop a deuce on a lawn, whoops it was the wrong crib,
    Ha, I don't give a fuck, been doin' this for too long,
    To move on, I'm still tryin' to catch me a dewgong,
    I'm a newborn, at twenty five,
    Fuck if you don't love me guy,
    Too much weed to care, and I'm way too fucking high,
    Life long smoker you can hear it in the vocal chords,
    If anything, they're telling me that I really should just smoke some more,
    I'm hopin' for and open door that holds the sort of gold adorned
    homely whores, willin' to get their knees and show me porn,
    Yea, I'm livin' it out,
    Tryin' to find me a freak that let's me spit in her mouth,
    Maybe when we're chillin', just pushin' through the downtime,
    She could turn and say, "You should put it in my brown eye,"
    You don't hafta tell me, I know I'm fuckin' weird,
    But I'm sure as shit, sure as fuck, I ain't the only slut in here,
    I like fuck, me a butt, till the chick churns a couple tears,
    Then I cum, in her bum, cuz it's fun, cuz I'm fuckin' weird,
    See me in your hallways, breezin' on past,
    Your girlfriend asleep after I was eatin' her ass,
    And just let her to know that I'm dope,
    I pulled out of her mouth, and blew my load on her toes,
    And it sounds odd, my signature for crimes sealed,
    You'll know it was me, if you find semen on her high heels.


    SOUNDR@GON Zig'n & Zag'n

    Jul 3, 2003
    ...on some borderline illegal shit, so chances are she might squeel~>

    A dirty bastard lurkin', J Kreepin' in his last verse...
    An ass master cursed, with a craving past perverse.

    He never really formed bonds or dated & such...
    Porn jaded this fuck, he stays stuck, fixated on butt.

    Aimin' to cut..Towns aint safe, this freak is on the brink &...
    Ready to stab at any brown eye that he sees winkin'.

    His Mom is freakin', cause she KNOWS, & can't stand it...
    Caught him sniffin stank panties, & KNEW she'd had an Ass bandit.

    An answer she demanded, "why the fuck is my kid warped?"...
    "Ahhh, it's nothing Ma"... meanwhile he's huffing the skid marks.

    A chef at heart, Toss a mean salad, or so he's touting...
    Can't get a kiss from chicks, word's out, & they KNOW where his mouth's been.

    This crack whore let him through the back door and got him sprung...
    For about a hun, she let him get some dung on his tongue.

    Trick layin on her back after the green had got stacked...
    Flipped over & arched her back, a clean shot at her crack...

    One hit of shit addicted him, now look what it's did to him...
    He can't get off, unless in involves, Split cheeks for him to rim.
  9. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    I'm killing two birds with one stone, this fifth and my liver
    Slick shit is delivered when I get blitzed off this mixture
    Rum and chronic, feeling like my mind could run with Sonic
    Nothing can stop it now until I'm slumped and nodding out
    No regrets, these alcoholic genes are hand-me-downs
    And I was packing blunts way before I could spell my name
    This is the life that chose me and fuck it I'm happy now
    Asked my conscience what he thought, and he said he felt the same
  10. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    yall goin in I see....Respect^^^
  11. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    My whole life I was hated
    I guess,
    you gotta walk threw the rain, to be the greatest
    who created mankind that could be debated
    the picture perfect but a nigga faded
    I'm not hungry no more, guess a nigga made it
    still strive'n' to be a better man
    tired of runnin' the streets ridin' I need another plan
    then I sip some henn reminiscing about my friend
    they killed him while he slept in his van
    I'm crying with my pistol in hand there I go again
    I can't seem to leave my demons in the past
    when I'm sleeping they harass, me, my visions nasty
    please don't wake me I'm addicted to fear
    shaking as I toss in turn, fighting things that isn't there
    rubbing my eyes so my visions clear, but nothing ever appeared....
  12. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    -Slave Inc.

    They came to this nation slaves. ABOMINATION
    Chained in invasion, shaken by Obama nation
    Gave em' names of pagan statesmen in enslavement
    Paid them deflation and gave them by-words verbatim
    Fed them bacon and patriotism, radiated in the racism
    Synonym with 3/5th a person, würden by the Germans
    Naked drinking bourbon or exerting hurt in the urban
    The thirst is heard and they will emerge on the verge
    On the wings of a BIRD, perched on the word of its chirp
    Master asks why, goes searching to stop the usurp
    The Most High says, "Come out from among of her"
    Strike lighting, amplified thundered.
    Freeing the slumbered wrung by wonders.
    Brothers and sisters of the true Hebrew.
    Pictures of promise. Sees the Spirit through.
    Gentiles stolen the identity, gave you Zeus.
    Thy destiny is a pedigree, not shameful roots.
  13. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Do you understand English, bitch I'm steam'n
    yeah I'm mad throwin' up a fuckin' flag
    not tha the white one, nigga I'm the right one
    lay up in the bushes snipe one light one
    big blunt got me dizzy, but a nigga gettin' bizzy
    choppin' up the body screaming YM (why him) like I'm drizzy
    rain drops on my fro, know my hair kinda frizzy
    yall don't get it but a few do
    swear to god I think my mama doing voodoo
    can't control the squad I let the crew loose
    now they running rapid, askin why I stick to rappin'
    do they really wonder do they wonder why I'm rappin'
    because I'd rather express my actions than be ratchet
    standin' on the curb with a bird no easter basket
    walking home with a zone zip locked in some plastic
    tellin' mama that grown on the phone wit' my pastor
    prime minister in the city full of bastards masked up
    pistol in mattress my words magic imagine

    Real shit.... if you don't understand ....catch up.....
  14. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    Valley of dry bone-

    read the scripture not the letter
    see mama in the picture on ya dresser
    eyes pent up, two epicenters where her pestilence peppers
    she said see the sign rendered in the texture
    be the boy measured when the storm sweats the weather
    lament blood, bend shut the percent of treasure you surrendered
    remember life, now a man must represent members of his shelter
    beggars and the debtors that the censors senor with a censure
    cause man, the world is polyester around our collar as this sweater

    Seek the answer not the glamor
    Flee the the cancer of the actors laughter
    see mama in the picture on ya dresser
    eyes wiped out, signs of the texture in the scripture
    she said I'm the boy commander waving a banner anthem
    now a man, I tell her I'm maximus maxim the phantom
    rendering memorandum for my underclassmen madmen
    shot out like a cannon over the canyons of compassion
    penetrating shadows chasms in valleys of dry bone
    we are family of bravado, most with afros and butterfly soul
    juxtapose the majesty of God against the agony of foes who oppose
    we know who gives life and takes it mama
    I read the scripture and not the letter
    I see the sign rendered in the texture
    It's not me in the coma,
    rest in peace mama
  15. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    My Life like rock&roll....
    drugs and hoes.
    ow na na na na na na

    Girl would you be....
    more than a friend....
    I'll take one knee....
    come walk with me....

    Together for eternity, this life an the next
    Saying no to me, is like a knife threw the neck
    I can't breathe without you
    Girl its something about you
    Maybe the way you flex when our souls intertwine
    Baby you the reason Jesus turned water into wine
    She a goddess so modest but also awesome and divine
    In a world where hate is good and Loving is a crime
    Its a breath of fresh air to feel her body next to mine
    I'm so use to concealing my feelings I finally writ em
    Feels so funny coming from a guy who raps about murder and money
    But mommy got a smile that brings the best out
    Not to mention the visions of when her breast out
    Her body is a temple I'm Indiana Jones
    Like mike tyson in his prime or Even Larry holmes
    Beat the pussy up Beat the pussy up
  16. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    Fuckin' with me? Na I'm fuckin' with you,
    But I ain't fuckin' around, just fuckin' the mood,
    I'm the needle people heat up, be the drug that you use,
    But as long as there's drugs, then there's something to do,
    I gotta quarter pound weed that I'm rollin' in blunts,
    Right night, shit the whole thing? I'm smokin' it up,
    Smoke clouds surround, the sound of pounds amounts
    to less than an ounce of fucks to give,
    Like yes, you can suck my dick,
    And as long as you're down there, you might as well buff my kicks,
    I'm a son of a bitch, a runnin' joke, plus I'm slutty as shit,
    Put my dick on your puckerin' lips,
    Cuz I'm the shit, what it is, yea I'm runnin' this bitch,
    Dumpin' silver bullets buckin', like a couple of twins,
    Win, every time I compete, it's a checkered flag,
    Holy water spit, when I rip then I'm blessin' tracks,
    Better call the medics Jack, stretch the smith and wesson back,
    Every time I pull it a bullet'll teach lesson, act
    as if you live, to not die,
    Cuz I'm high, and all I see is spinach, I'm Popeye,
    My flow is a bit cockeyed,
    It sees from a different angle, breathes from the pith of angels,
    God like...
  17. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    Been down on my luck for me to just
    Just too much truth for me to what ?
    Truth. I see it in the young; once is too much
    First of the month fixed on the third of the slum
    Birth of the jam praised the Lord of the guns
    Lead of the lamb slugs the white of the man
    In the breath of the lungs is the voice of the love
    The days come when the void of the dark
    Will point to the noise of the light
    In joy in their joints, smiting the knights of the night

    Been up on the down, down on the ups
    What ? Too much truth for me to just
    Bust up that easily, I trust this to the judge
    Live down the gun, peacefully up on His touch
    This is me stuck to the plunge, up on the trust
    Not on a crutch, been blind seeing the blood
    It's faith of the servant vs. face of the serpent
    Mud in the gut, lunch served in the cup of the cusp
    World of the carnal stares at nothing true to be sawn
    Impossible to breathe, hostile to sleep free into the dawn
    The words of the apostle runs, runs on and on
    Something supreme over the carnival kings
    Lo, out the mouth of Isaiah the prophet
    Bada boom, Bada bing. It's been on.

    You know what I mean.
  18. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    So Sorry....

    I Do it for my people
    my people, who locked in a cage
    Flying down i-95 look like a dessert eagle
    I'm hard to impress these hoes easily amazed
    that's what separate a strong mind from the weak
    there's a thin line between being a coward and brave
    I grew up fast I got released into the streets like a leak
    at a early age seeing my soul evaporate what a lost soul

    To cool to back down, To smart to get caught
    Slippin' cause if you slippin niggas will slip the clip in
    shoot you in the stomach now you tremblin' and trippin
    fallin to your knees for forgiveness while your DNA drippin
    this shit is senseless, how the boss sent me to dispense this
    30 rounds in your body, woo kemo sabe
    call my nigga blake, I'm paul, I throw the lob
    he shoot you in the face you fake you fall, he did his job....
  19. Synikal

    Synikal Unconventional Poet

    Feb 17, 2013
    Heads around the way avoid my bars like prison
    Syn ride the beat no collision a vandal killings my mission
    That one shot head drop your man became a victim
    Gave me wrong looks that right hook turned doubt into religion
    Im ice cold with a package of ammunition no aim you missin meanwhile im scoping with pro precision
    So watch your six or youll be laying with the lead
    The smart will take cover get smothered the dumb found dead
    Heres a sketch of how mental paints disorder
    Bob ross taking hollowed bullets while my brethren ice his mourners
    I hate this dirty town but i still call it home
    All i live for is the pen and pad ill die beside my chrome
    My immorality the drive behind my travesties for those who need examples kills are how i make my salary
    Free at last but why do i still feel im shackled
    Walk these streets movin like cattle till a herb dares me to battle
    I spit a free they notice me the first mistake was confidence
    My every verb connects second was steppin in my providence
    Your third, cant work the audience
    Your fourth, your lyrics weak
    Rest assured this round is over
    Make the choice, admit defeat
  20. strykeout


    Sep 30, 2006

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