Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. willymuff2

    willymuff2 New Member

    Jan 8, 2013

    can someone please enlighten me as to how to make a new thread to post audios up in the audio forum, cuz my account wont let me , but for now hears a verse i just wrote properly check it out

    I was blind, had written a lotta rhymes, all a them shite/
    was lost in the sky, ponderin why, lost my mind
    it was gone inside i brought them pirahnas alive
    it was internal columbinebut i never bothered to try

    to stop gettin high even in the mental home
    locked inside it wasnt nice ithough i gotta find
    my way after gettin out i thought i could try and
    stay sober but it didnt take half a lotta time

    till i bought a pile of weed thinkin i gotta get high
    turnin skitzophrenic still i got marijuana and pipes
    but that wasnt the plan, it was like i was sunk in sand
    gave someone my hand they pulled it and got me out

    now im double the man i was understand
    i trusted my sanity and when the ugliness passed
    i knew drug addiction was somethin i had beaten
    now im ready to start runnin the land make a couple of grand even

    ive got a northern irish accent so keep that in mind when your readin this shit lol
  2. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    Wuddup Jai, I see you yo...

    (The Blueprint-Instrumental)

    My momma loves me......,

    I ain't vouchin-to-lose, from the day i came out-of-the-womb/
    grandpop woke up, and looked out-of-his-tomb/
    to see my young ass, on the road-to-success/
    i'm exposin-my-best, no other souls-to-impress/
    listen.......i gotta heavy workload~on~my~chest/
    thats wut happens when u get backed-in, cause of ya black-skin/
    ............ya'll actin, like ya'll cant-be-touched/
    when the opportunity arises, to advance-we-must/
    take it wit a......grain of salt, no chance-to-bluff/
    u throw all punchlines, u really can't-be-tough/
    ya'll amped~me~up, wit ideas that i can't~be~cuffed/
    by lyrical-shackles, ya'll bastards appear-to-be-baffled/
    ur just a Todd Pinkston, that's fearin~a~tackle/
    a young "skinny nigga", i had to fight-for-my-bread/
    that's y mom sat down, by the side-of-my-bed/
    and told me not to let this rap shit, go right-to-my-head/
    well uh....rightfully~said ma, wut else-could-u-do/
    but see my own set of problems, and keep helpin-me-through/
    my momma loves me................
  3. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    They all fresh meat
    I'm a god in my hood, but they all bless me....
    None test me..cuz my gun jet li figure it out,
    light skinned bitch, I met her in the south
    she hung on every word that came outta' my mouth
    I only want the neck yeah the neck is on the check list
    fucked the bitch throat bro I think her face pregnant
    what's up broski? bruh I been makin' moves
    breakin' rules cuz I hate to lose,
    had to stick n move couldn't stay in one spot stressin'
    pocket full of stones at the one stop flexin'
    gin in my cup I swear to god I'm next up
    the hottest in my area burnin' the jet's up
    duck or get wet bruh keep runnin' you fat fuck
    these bullets all under yo skin like a bed bug
    these faggots movin' wit' maggots didn't check my status
    I squash em but the beef remain I slice n dice
    I'll kill em' if the price is hermaphrodite
    I won't say it twice you fuckin' right he sleepin' wit tha parasites'
  4. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    Niggas in here puttin in work, I see ya'll.....

    From the day I was born, i was told I would never be shit...
    no way in hell that he could cleverly spit, I made fools of em all...
    now I spew propane flames from the depths of this devilish pit...
    blessed with incredible wit...
    I'm better than ever, shredding ya flesh into edible bits...
    if you aim that Berretta, be "dead on" or be dead if you miss!!!
    these lame ass niggas could never ever be better, these dudes are bums...
    end up like China in'll lose ya tongue/Tsung!!!
    cause niggas be yappin, talkin out the side of they mouth...
    but what's he whining about?, it ain't hard for me to see that guy is a slouch...
    no see I might snuff him, he so busy braggin...
    after I jabbed him that he ain't even see the right comin!!!
    ......Am I supposed to be shook because you walk with a bop...
    and talk alot bout how you hot within ya "off of the tops"?...
    like I'm supposed to give them props for that straight garbage they dropped...
    I ain't hatin mad because them bars ain't hot!!!
    while my rhymes switch ya cognitive thought patterns...
    from calm fish to a shark snappin!!!, liable to strike in an odd fashion...
    this is hardcore passion I toss at em, I'll punch you in the chest...
    to STOP THE BEAT then spit again the next second ya HEART SPASMS!!! wake up to ya squad laughin...
    that uppercut SMASHED his face so hard, I think I gave him a jaw-gasm!!!
  5. willymuff2

    willymuff2 New Member

    Jan 8, 2013
    yeah man these cunts say there ill with offa the tops
    you know they wrote that shit, watchin top of the pops
    you know their livin off of money from a tocaire box
    rappin about slaughterin cops, probably droppin a lot

    of dimes, talkin of poppin a glock, at times
    i wish these wanna be hopsins would stop
    its like, wow its good that line, cuz that rhymed,
    with the last rhyme, thats why this shits a pass time

    and not a proffession so i guess im the bad guy
    when i get bad vibes from tracks lined with wack rhymes
    twats be rhymin liotard with runnin hard all the dam time
    with havin sparred with in a car these idiots cant rhyme

    im sick of it , plus there flows off , fuck a stream theres a resevoir
    in their flow they just dribble a bit ,if ever they ever start
    rappin in my pressence there gettin hard slaps till there forgettin bars
    and soaked till petrol starts to burn they show me that there are tards

    in this game
    this game fulla heart breaks and carchasses
    in this game
    this game fulla sparked vapour, scarred faces
    in this game
  6. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007

    life could be a bitch
    knife threw tha wrist
    don't believe the hype
    ight? whats wrong or whats right
    kids killing kids or black versus white
    this shit is outer space, i mean out of sight
    niggas a snitch on ya, snitch on ya out of spite
    thats why i keep my distance
    from my foes and dirty hoes,who expose ya business
    feel like I'm froze in time sometime, I stopped pushin'
    didn't wanna end up in prision or stuck up like a pin cushion
    my blood rushin' as i think about the MONEY!!!!!! !
  7. I Drink Razors

    I Drink Razors New Member

    Apr 23, 2013
    im here wrecking shop like a bull stuck in a metal cock
    I eat plastic forks an dress like a mummy to sleep
    I eat money like meat and sport scissors on my belt line
  8. I Drink Razors

    I Drink Razors New Member

    Apr 23, 2013
    People say I look like mick jagger with a sick swagger
    thick nagger bitches want to wiggle on the dance floor
    as my pants fall down I cant afford to stand for
    these damn whores sucking my dick an rubbing the tip
    like a landlord cutting his wrist, i have nothing to flip
    but im a prick like a son of a bitch with a gun an a clip
    ready to bloody your lip and smuggle a brick through customs so quick
  9. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    I’m makin~a~buzz, ppl try contactin-me-now...
    U fakin~u~punk, stop tryna act-like-we-pals...
    Yo start savin ya words, y u actin-so-loud?...
    u dealin dirt, I aint even gotta ask-if-u-foul...
    submission lock on ya limb, or im clappin-a-round...
    either way im squeezing arms, til im tappin-u-out!!!
    I wont diss u online, now im laughin-out-loud...
    Forget ya corny RERUNS, I’m ‘WHAT’S HAPPENING-NOW”!!!
    Y is u yappin-u-clown?, like u backing-me-down...
    But can’t finish the beef, u eatin half-of-the-cow...
    Savages-bow under battery-sounds...
    stay shattering-pounds, bash-em-around, dog we platinum-bound...
  10. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Kilt it...
  11. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Quick keystyle...

    Look, I don't care what you dudes say...
    Cuz where you dudes stand is where you dudes lay when my goons spray
    Ya raps got 1/9th the slice as plastic knives! My rappin's like I boom K's
    Swarm like cops on Shroom Raids, decapitate ya clan of snakes with bladed magic...runed glaives
    My platoon blaze rockets that putcha in space...moon race...I'm sparkin heads where tunes play
    Cuz my art's the weapon splittin ya heart in sections til Armageddon's scared of my Dooms Day!!
  12. PipeBomb

    PipeBomb New Member

    Feb 12, 2013
    Steppin' on brothers like my foot on the peddle
    The epitome of hot gangster,on the beach with De Niro
    These cats are prey and my killer dawgs stay feral
    Runnin' shit till I strike gold like an Olympist after that first medal
    In that kitchen watching that shit boil - no tea kettle
    My dudes ain't lames on top of this game is where we settle
    Snakes in the grass,hear em hiss but not tryna make a diss about it
    Im just tryna get rich and make them all get pissed about it
    Cold nigga spit that icy shit and let you know my neck and wrist about it
  13. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    you talk like a boss,like to stunt and floss
    about ya upper cuts and jabs to get ya point across
    step into reality don't get caught in tha cross
    fire cut you down in ya prime should of paid the cost
    deep thoughts from a, street smart youngin'
    I break tha rules have dudes on breakin' news
    you light up and cruise?
    bitch we takin' L'S but got nothin' to Lose
    fuck a punchline what tha fuck does it prove?
    you aint witty, you tha lamest nigga in ya city
    point blank, range turn ya brains into steak
    blood splattered walls like i attempted to paint
    all dat thug shit played out Nah nigga it aint,
    i spit tha truth walk a mile in my boots bitch niggas'll faint
    take it as a joke, don't heed tha message
    i seen niggas choke, weed convinced him he savage
    if i want it i grab it, commtting crime was a habit
    had to slow my roll before I grow old in a casket....
  14. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    I got a call,from a Georgia peach
    we spoke brief, said she got beef
    "nigga don't speak meet me on my street"
    choppa stay in reach wetcha like a beach
    pulled up on tha curb raging like a beast
    "calm down nigga come in take a seat"
    "tell me where they eat,shit and where they sleep"
    I'm comin' 1 deep, I don't need a team mate...


    posted on tha block, with a cup of liquor
    not too deep today, just a couple niggas
    jokin' smokin' poppin' pills' roller coastin'
    started seein' double, man I gotta focus
    saw my old bitch, she said boi you bogus
    cuz' I left her for her friend, her friend a soulja'
    she hold a nigga down cook N clean just like she pose ta'
    she told me I'm a bitch and she should call tha laws
    that hoe know I got that sack and I ain't talkin' balls
    I told her gone leave me alone and go wash ya draws
    you dirty bitch you stupid bitch don't make me fuck you over
    she slapped me cross tha face, and she called me lame
    I picked her up and dropped the bitch on her fuckin' brain
    smacked her once and choked her up,"WHAT'S MY FUCKIN' NAME"
  15. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    ^^^It's just one of them days

    Its plain as day, I see you raging like I be on the reg...
    niggas hate when you try to shine, who do I need to impress?...
    dudes claimin that they some block hustlers...
    bullshit....I seen you pitching nickels infront of Blockbuster cocksucker!!!
    boastin that big Willie shit, now you claimin its hard to manage...
    sounding stupid as fuck as you start to panic...
    trippin thinking you'll grip the strap, shooting me up when you spark and blam it...
    til I flick a jab, and loosen ya clutch like a car mechanic!!!
  16. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    pull up music Blastin'
    my whole car full of Animals
    no joke we don't fuckin' play
    talk shit den its bombs away
    walkin' like a zombie clique behind me or they on tha way
    fuck, what you claim I claim
    I speak truth, my word is bond
    I'm so hot I don't need to fan
    let me decode that so you understand
    got killas wit me I don't need to blam
    I'm unpredictable I don't need to plan
    not swagga jackin' I just like the beat
    at your girlfriend crib I need a bite to eat
    don't make me
    put tha catfish down and pick up tha beef
    you out of luck wit' me, don't fuck wit' me
    24 years old its tha thug in me
    luckily I ain't had a slug in me
    I watch the duck , cuz' tha nigga muggin' me
    get fucked over throwin' up ya bum set
    this A.K make ya do tha dub step
    rata tat tat shoot it till ya lungs sleep
    I ain't ordinary I was born to bury
    turn a 5'4 nigga into 6 feet
    fe fi fo hoe go up against me
    eventually,tha game gone wanna bench me
    do you get me?
    so while I'm young I live it up
    when I'm old I'll give it up
    but right now I'm gettin' bucks
    I don't glorify tha choices I make cus'
    hard times is not a plus
    paper chasin' is a must
    takin' time and rewind would be a plus
    I'm a hot boy, hope I don't spontaneous combust
    I'm kinda wavy so tha ladies wanna fuck
    got a Chevy from tha 80's and its plush
    its crazy how I hustle, even when I'm lazy I'm a push
    these niggaz fugazi actin' tuff
    when I freestyle my adrenaline rush
    you ain't gone pay me this enough
  17. SickPup

    SickPup Pup

    Feb 12, 2013
    Walking down the street axe in hand, ballistic in pocket/ all of polytheisms "gods" combined couldn't stop it/ phycopathics the logic, jump in and murder the mosh pit/ shit, Fuck a topic, randomly spitting and constantly raging/ by my name you can't tell I spit yuck, airborne contagion/ always looking rough, constantly manging/ ima sick muthafucka! Shit! It's spelled in my name and... I'm done...
  18. willymuff2

    willymuff2 New Member

    Jan 8, 2013
    ill set it off like a deadly boss with a sixteen
    straight outta hell like a bat you can tell this shits mean
    sick like ahsma under ur skin like plasma the big screen
    when u close your eyes i dont sodomise i rip breen

    i say what i say just to rhyme cuz i love this shit
    go out and get full then pull and fuck a bitch
    im mad as fuck cuz a lot of rappers suck dummass pricks
    im mad at it their rappin shit lookin like a couple dicks

    anyway im tryin to get in shape go for a walk in a while and shit
    while these pricks still spit , talking a pile of it
    a pile of what, a pile of shit, but ther causin commotion
    they fuckin suck at bustin but their good at promotion

    so im gonna work hard to start off my career
    accomplish it with an accompliss and have a beer after
    hangin out makin that music u gotta be bangin u have to hear
    till i promo some shows and have all you bastards cheer

    fuck shit rappers that cant spit , real hip hop is comin
  19. willymuff2

    willymuff2 New Member

    Jan 8, 2013
    heres that same concept properly written

    these shit rappers are just knackers that should never spit
    i sit and listen to them spittin and cant even remember shit
    awkward talkative bollixes that are aweful they better quit
    their hopeless their whole flow is so bogus their despearate

    but me i be a wee mc thats free to spit excellence
    with a twist of my wrist i script mystic shit with ellequence
    mixed with the sickest of rediculous shit thats just cleverness
    the hits i writ get you fit to split and get the exorcist

    but these wack rappers are more well known its fuckin bizerk
    they lack the talent but they put in the work hustle and
    run it doublin up money puttin blood on their shirt
    metaphorically diggin in it since tastin nothin but dirt

    so their role models im gonna get up and chase hard
    make up time and take them on even with a late start
    cuz believe i deem that me and my team are great stars
    with thsi talent and that hard work well be double what they are
  20. Hank McCoy

    Hank McCoy The True Beast

    Sep 6, 2009

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