Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    Pointing pink pistols at the mad hatter
    Freak the fuck out then have a laugh after
    God help him, the wall's melting, that's backwards
    God's melting, the wall helps him stand faster
    Blowing ounces like youngings smoke a gram
    I got the munchies so you know I'm going ham
    Swiss and mayo, it's the most delicious taste, yo
    Try to lick the plate whole, but where'd my face go?
  2. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    I used to have a problem with writin, there was nothin I could do to stop it
    In my youth, I'd use it as a solution to the stupid drama
    but now its kinda odd, I got a job but its like my muse is gone
    If I knew then that tryin to build a life would make me lose it all

    I'd choose the long road, say screw what yall know an' let the walls fold
    in on themselves, true, the songs wrote then,
    all told, in the end, were beginnin' to help
    But I lost hope, caught hold of the wrong rope and held on

    for dear life, now this balancin act is comin to a tragic close
    And here I am again, sittin with a shit eatin grin, smitten
    at the fact I still have a little fraction of my past talent
    trapped somewhere inside me, in the back of my mind, leakin

    from the cracks and tiny crevasses, that's what I've been ever since
    this action lining precedence happened by these effortless
    tragedies, an effervescent majesty of elegance
    But sadly, it's come to a bubbling climactic analogy

    An eruption of religious practices, divinely volcanic
    Why act like everything's fine when its all bad?
    ...And call it satanic, but all who are brandishin
    their false canons can go crawl back into the ballsack

    of the assholes that had em to begin with, I've had it up
    to here with the bullcrap, I thought I'd never have enough
    its weird, the small habits are little or none compared
    to the bigger picture of intricately hidden riddles and puns, I swear
  3. SickPup

    SickPup Pup

    Feb 12, 2013
    SickPup or DogFlu either of the names/ I'm deranged, mentally insane, rabies of the brain/ the complexity of the scheme sends illusions/ subliminal message never noticed through my infusions/ I telepathically cause confusion/ send aches to your brain with my mental cuz i find it amusing/ I'm to crazy for an insane asylum/ I'm like the joker hoped up on acid and steroids... who's s the bigger problem?/ I spit helium... then kill yall for laughing at my rhymes/ time and time again I've done it to many times/ committing crimes, necks left with deep horizontal cuts/ nigga I'm nuts, gore killin/ drillin in ya body rippin ya guts/ only think left at the scene... was the drool of a sickpup....
  4. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    Yo, it's PB coming through in the clutch, bruising 'em up
    'Cause they stupid as fuck, the way they singing ain't amusing to us
    Don't think that just because I'm blunted I won't
    Come quiet with the switchblade and puncture your throat
    I already told you that I'm comfortable roasted
    Try fucking with me and you fuck with the whole clique
    And vice versa, wet work to me is light work, it's nothing
    Make a sound, move a muscle, I might murk the youngings
    How's it feel to spend your final days running for help
    Caught in the middle between a wall of bricks and a blade
    What I taught you is simple, speak to the pigs and get sprayed
    Tell me, was your life worth a couple months in a cell
  5. Battlescale

    Battlescale New Member

    Feb 25, 2013
    prodical bum is a faggot i wont fuck with this rapper snitch
    this faggot bitch prodical bum over here suckin dizasters dick.
    that whole light work, vice versa shit.
    you unoriginal bitch your not tight cuz you bite words to spit.
    why'd you have to get that master to talk shit.
    he'll always be a biter we'll never get this bastard to stop it.
    hell just keep analyzing the footage of dizaster and caustic.
  6. ProdigalSavage

    ProdigalSavage New Member

    Mar 6, 2013

    Insane there's a flame in my brain. King of the slain game.
    I lay on my thrown. Hyped in my zone. Unknown unfound.
    I go around and astound. Granted I'm on another Planet.
    I take rap and slam it. Exhausted so cold I'm frosted.
    So sick I'm nauseous my mind I've already lost it.
    Stomped to the ground I recover through sound.
    Imma phoenix you better believe it but my flame isn't getting extinguished relinquished.
    Hypnosis in doses. Spectate at a rapid rate conversate to medicate before its too late. Go Nostradamus and determine my fate.
    Pristine trees reveal me in this obscene dream. A quick slick medic there to repair my synthetic cybernetics.
    Sweet flow and I'm diabetic.
    A strange surge occurs and I emerge outrageous. Contagious for ages.
    Irrelevant losing intelligence in frustration. A generation lost in aggressive facts.
    My mind reflexive and abstract. Obliterate my demise and realize I incinerate synthesized lies. Morph into a demon and stop breathing. Change the deranged exchange that we call pain.
  7. jesuit223

    jesuit223 Member

    Feb 14, 2013
    I spit bars so dope and at times i spit em out the side of my neck yo
    I spit shit like mental aerobics
    I'm like a vato homophobic, she's sweating my tejuana my big ole bootie
    But there's nothing about her body that would make ME say how come she'd do me
    One better one better when I look like an itallian halle berry
    I'm so fine and spit ill shit in my favorite rhymes
    It's a package deal and yes if i was a hoe i just might steal
    But I gots bread, and can get it mo getting money ain't all real
    I'm a dymomite spitting gangsta wanna be on my mic and spit it all on my own
    Like my name was capone, and if you got a secret booboo I ain't got nothing for you
    I'll split you ans split up with any of my crew if i had to have any thing to do with any of you
    Secret snatchers pilfering dope, but bitch i always got smoke, i'm hitting it now ready for the second you try me to plow in to that demonic row row your mammy was a cow...
    Cause we're all alright we're all alright and we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky
    Thats why
    I spit these deep sacharine ish type rhymes
  8. Synikal

    Synikal Unconventional Poet

    Feb 17, 2013
    Syn compiles vowels rather abstract but never wack the
    usage of the phonetics prophetic cause rapid heart attacks and
    mc's aint equip to battle better call it quits or get
    flown like delta airlines once i air mine their heads ill shift
    unknown like poltergeist this kid is nice unparalleled its do or die
    for doe or pie i blast the nine and break your spine
    the eye witness gets both plucked out with a vengence yall
    rappers need further teaching couldn't fuck with one sentence
  9. Synikal

    Synikal Unconventional Poet

    Feb 17, 2013
    My rap book resembles diaries of Socrates
    Galen-esque poetry on which the heavens once bestowed on me
    The verbal vigilante hiding out in Harlem my
    brain is evolving empathic to problems of the fallen
    Rest in peace to Jesse Tilden Hampton Buildings one
    day your living with millions the next your soul just aint really willing
    The cash aint worth the pain but yet i fiend for plenty of it
    Grown a dependence for spending the green from stalks of hundreds
    God is a concept i can't seem to comprehend so am
    i my brothers he would skin me for a cotton blend
  10. Katastrofik

    Katastrofik THE SOUND OF L.I

    Sep 27, 2001
    Cotton Blend...

    Katastrofik's a prophet, who's stoppin him?,
    It isn't possible, a difficult obstacle, and your options slim..
    Verbal vernacular vicious, ventilating n' vibing
    Herbal is packed in the swishers, take the flame n combine it..
    Design a rhyme and compose it, making paper explosive
    Responsible for your actions, make sure you know your motives
    For evil ways you've displayed, You won't be saved for good
    I'm Summoning a meteor, directly to your neighborhood......
  11. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    itchy in my pocket pull it pop it I'ma monsta'
    wit' my niggaz in tha club actin' crucial
    yo why dem niggaz actin cautious?
    cuz dey know we bosses,ready for tha slaughter
    tape tha crime like a voyeur,do my time like a warrior
    cuz' snitchin' is tha only way ya win ya case without a lawyer
    unless tha evidence is non-existent,my generation TTG
    or SBUT shoot before you think that's why we nearly extinct
    Oh you think it's a game till Cinderella get slain
    you from tha home of tha brave I'm from tha home of tha BANG!!!
    that's right from CHI to G.I to live and die in that lake.
  12. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    You will not tom Sawyer me into believin its all good
    I'm a top notch voyeur, seein these things like how god should
    Whether its a stop watch toy or a real life
    McCoy clock, the joy stops when you feel time destroy wants

    and needs by the second, I reckon its the scheme of things
    But I don't think I can accept it, I'm fed up with these evil deeds
    Normal civilians bustin ass can't even afford to build a budget
    Yet these wealthy corporate fucks have four houses filled with nothin

    And we're out here, still struggling, bill jugglin
    A million to one odds, its not even fair
    You gotta be an optimist without any common sense
    all of these empty cups are just half filled with air

    Man, it doesn't make an ounce of sense, if it hasn't trickled
    down yet, then how can we be the ones drowning in debt
    They've been floatin their boatloads of success stories in a pool of our
    blood, tears, and sweat's glory for so long, who the fools are

    is gettin hard to tell the truth of, it isn't far in the future
    we'll be ripped apart once we're useless then used as food for the new births
    Fuel for the machine that keeps consuming itself
    We gotta eat the cost of living and deal with the fumes as well

    It's greed that caused this giving up to take hold and run rampant
    People lost to riches funding bankrolls like some bandits
    Feeding off the system stuffing their face full while the public can't
    even swallow nutrition enough to engage growth, its underhanded

    Guns are brandished by red palms torn asunder as the dead calms
    become as active as lead balls that've done the damage to prevent squalls
    Understand this can all go away in an instant
    It's a momentous situation to overrate with opinions
  13. willymuff2

    willymuff2 New Member

    Jan 8, 2013

    lately i dont know what to write about
    i kinda doubt my whole show like the lights is out
    my rhymes about shit wont flow from my violent mouth
    no ideas oh no i try and shout

    but its no use i cant come up with nothing at all
    ideas? the fuckers just fall from me its nothin because
    ive written albums but it was all just gibberish
    the sickest shit like bitches just get suckin my balls and all

    but what i called the raws not workin for me no more
    i want deeper shit , realer shit , to blow the speakers with
    like when you hear the shit , you can believe in it
    to motivate you but when i try it comes out meaningless

    like the whole rap games fallin to shit its nothin but pricks
    talkin their shit ballin and shit like i just got in a whip
    got me a bitch with colligen lips hope they fall and just split
    themselves they should be callin it quits not me!
  14. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    Ain't nothin nice, let me give you some fuckin advice...
    double up on ya jab when you knuckle up in a fight...
    even so I'm still bustin yo ass, mothafucka I'm nice...
    come with pizazz when you're clutchin the mic...
    been rappin since Bin Laden had planned on hijacking...
    a couple of flights, fuck it I might be a bit savage...
    this might be a bit graphic, I'm lighting a quick match...
    igniting this kid's casket with volatile mixed gases...
    ......cause i'm sick of rappers claimin that life...
    slain for the game, faking fame, jaded and trife...
    niggas be strapped and you came with a knife...
    I ain't grippin the mac, but I'll spit you heat in exchange for that ice...
    I hear Jersey niggas and I'm waiting for something that's thought provoking...
    I don't understand....what's all the commotion...
    about, all I see are motormouths talking and boasting...
    in a cypher like some faggots, free to share their thoughts and awkward emotions...
  15. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    like weezy aay I'm fukked up torw down I'm twisted door mob.

    everyday I'm stunnin' that's tha fukkin theme
    yes I do my thing you don't mean a thing
    choppa in yo face I'm abdul kareem
    sack In my pocket pop you like a bean
    and my hood roll 7-4-14
    to live or die In that lake that's my county nigga
    don't hang around tha fake get from round me bitch
    switch blade to yo lip pop dem pussy lips
    blood drip on tha clip now that's sum pussy shit
    she a thot she a dip gimmie pussy bitch
    ima mess ima trip I'm so gucci bro
    niggas talkin shit make em hit tha flo
    hold tha pistol sideways like I'm leanin folks
    S.B.U.T T.A.B D.H.B D.M.B that's my city G
    shout out to tha land that's tha city B
    I miss my nigga ken an free my nigga E
  16. kyothechemist

    kyothechemist New Member

    Mar 25, 2013
    Free, free only to self destruct
    Huffin' on a blunt laced with blind luck
    Police try to handcuff me and such
    You can't call my bluff, it's all truth behind this dutch
    Huffin' on fluff to get the shadows to hush
    Your being I'll crush under the primal rush
    Awareness arises, dreams don't come priceless
    It seems the world is in crisis, but that life
    Don't try to run from the python
  17. Ignorant

    Ignorant Village Idiot

    May 31, 2004
    saturday night, past midnight, i spit right
    time to split dykes or maybe get in fist fights
    i twist tight L's and type well like stenographers
    pull out my shit and strip you like pornographers
  18. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    You can't stomach the heat
    Let's see how well you stomach your teeth
    Cracked knuckles make a man buckle
    Steel bat crushing heads if you're fucking with me
    My blood pumping at 100 degrees centigrade
    Picture getting your ass whooped center stage
    Every day I can feel my temper degrade
    Come get it, I'll use your blood to tag up heaven's gates
    Non-stop blunt sessions keeping me dumb, reckless
    And the liquor's got me drunk, testing this punk's temper
    I bring death in here, so push me, I'm never scared
    One slip'll fuck your whole career up like Kevin Ware
  19. willymuff2

    willymuff2 New Member

    Jan 8, 2013

    on the mic im an anarchist a lyrical vandal bitch
    behind the page of rage im a satanic evangelist
    rappin sick and smackin pricks thats tallentless
    i puffed one to many massive splifs and went mad as shit

    full blown psychotic episode anti psychotics cant touch
    my sick shit bitch i need anti biotics wit
    this masochistic sadistic pure audio ballistics
    bitches lick this dick wit ur lipstick get it sticky

    like a pritt stick im like a back pack filled with crack, pills
    weed i leave you mad chilled plus mental if you lack skills
    the petrol and the match will help me with this land fill
    spit flame at an atom bomb and bring the world to a stand still

    i get it fuckin blazin spit it just amazin cunts chasin me
    on the track are leavin dazed and frustrated cuz baby
    i spit it dope like you didnt know im stunnin with the flow
    even readin this shit it hits you i dont need to spit it yo
  20. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    Itz been a minute..
    #SHOUTOUT to Gen & Bar!

    I was told rap aint a place for a woman, ur beneath my bulge/
    Well ur perception has vertigo, my flow redefinez linez to explode minez if u step across/
    Now I know bulge and across dont rhyme, but thatz whn ur alignment getz tossed/
    Bcz this me brainteasing ur thought process, to guide ur standardz of rhyme through from where u were once lost//
    I aint changing the game, Im saving the game, from where it was left/
    Picking it up, brushing it off.. I do it n wayz were quiet aint nvr kept//
    Loud aint nvr breathed, but Ive wept from the culturez horrific state/
    Seen the love of my life die.. and seen the sunrise through my pen, now we all at a wake//
    Im n the present of killing shit, the presence is killing shit/
    Im deading the once was so the future of rap gota chance to exist//
    That too deep for u? My love is deeper than this battle shit/
    Im not a Jesus Christ willing to sacrifice life, but a million sperm racing to 1 egg to bring life to these lyricist//

    - Jai Bangem

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