Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
    Drunk somethin' but I'm not a drunk, I just seen Blake dunk
    Thinking back 2 the many attempts made by Kemp, games won
    While I split this blunt, fill it with green, watch me jump
    Up the ladder, I'm type one, but I control my bladder

    What the Mathers with you, I'm the one been left black and blue
    Still I remain a one-man platoon, bombing on all these wannabe goons
    Call me silly, really, y'all the cartoons, animaniacs, looney toons
    Bafoons should've stayed in school, I'll bus 'em 2 school

    I ain't Arsonal, but the arson in me will let the fire bloom
    Hopefully that pyro will be ignited in a greenish hue
    The cape of Dr. Doom, enabling me 2 inhale greenish fumes
    enabling me to deal with dudes who reek of perfume

    to be continued...
  2. AtomicGO

    AtomicGO Flowbi-Wan Kenobi

    Dec 31, 2012
    My rhymes smell delicious, your shit's on stink man/
    I'm bringing back the lucky cigarette, Jesse Pinkman.
    Homicidal tendencies get your merk'd in a blink man
    Last bastard to test me and get murdered was my Shrink man.
    You think man, that you've got what it takes?
    I'll serve your face on 8 plates
    Dump your body in the great lakes
    Leave your organs on drain grates
    and send your family the rape tape.

    I'm down to murder any motherfucker
    if the cheddar's right I'll even make his mother suffer.
    I'm a wood chipper body stuffer
    leave your remains in the lake, turtle supper.

    Must be on crack if you don't dig this shit.
    If you try to Jack I'll put you chickens on a biscuit.
    My shit's the sickest, I'm about my business
    I'm Mr. Universe but verses are my fitness.
    My shit's on underground hit lists
    your shit's shit.
    Get buried under the ground upon which my kicks kick.
    As a matter of fact you're on my shit list
    Get buried with a quickness, you sick bitch.

    No, I don't play, stay away from you lames
    Can't even spell god without saying my name.
  3. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    You don't wanna be part of the place that I'm from,
    You don't want any part of the shit that I've done,
    5-1-8, that's where I'm from,
    I carry it with me, I keep it down in my lungs,
    I, take a breath,
    And I feel my friends, take a step,
    When I feel again,
    I'll be sure you're first to know,
    But for now I'm content to bring these verses home,
    Cuz it's been a long time since I've seen the boys,
    Whether travels, other battles, overseas, deployed,
    Locked up, probation, felonies and noise,
    Nothing really matters on these streets but poise,
    And I stand,
    Used to have a knife in my hand,
    God damn,
    Used to bag up white in a gram,
    Now I'm HAM,
    Hard as a mother fucker, startin' another ruckus,
    Cept I gotta mic in my hand,
    I might scram,
    For a few months, need a little vaca,
    Home is where the heart is, need a little pay day,
    Beats are my catharsis, even when it drains me,
    N I ain't gotta starship, but meet me up in space mayne,
    You can find me on a nebula bloom,
    Smokin' weed with my homies at the edge of the room,
    Smoke clouds hold down all my menacing goons,
    Who probably would've robbed you for mentioning jewels,
    Projects on a stoop, a deuce deuce,
    Blunt packed with a dubsack, yea that's the medicine used,
    And if you gotta problem with it you can mention it dude,
    As long as you don't mind a fuckin' head with a wound,
    They get down, from the farms to the section eights,
    From the barns to the alleys where the restless lay,
    My city's got both, and the bets are laid,
    You can find coupons on collection plates,
    We know to keep drinking when the handle is runnin' out,
    Known for our fighting, watch our hands lay a knuckle down,
    The old me hated just to stand in this troubled town,
    Used to run around, but god damn, do I love it now...
  4. AtomicGO

    AtomicGO Flowbi-Wan Kenobi

    Dec 31, 2012
    I'm a sadistic mixture of Kenny Powers and Henry Bowers
    Burn plenty sour that keeps me really drowsy for many hours.
    Unlike Bowers my name's not from Stephen King's "It."
    If this cypher had beat I'd be "Shining", Stephen King shit.
    So blinded by the mainstream, you can't even see this
    Try and get a bead on my team? In your dreams kid.
    Asthmatic flow, make it hard for you to breathe bitch,
    Can't believe the cypher that you're reading on the screen, FIN.
  5. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    Don't catch feelings from this verse, it isn't aimed at anyone

    I got a mission, stop that spittin with ya sloppy writtens...
    claiming you're nice but you're a constant contradiction, kickin ya quotes...
    like you got a dick in ya throat, the whack type that never writes...
    ......he just scribbles some notes, then the next day he forgets the shit that he wrote!!!
    now this nigga's pissed.....he wanna fight...
    but gettin punched in the gut by Tyson's the only time you would ever spit up on the mic/Mike!!!
    this is a DEATH sport and killing is my LIFE, but I lack patience...
    so I'm cuttin ya death SHORT like slashing a midget with a knife!!!
    and if you didn't know then its time I make this announcement...
    if it ain't about myself or rap, then I tend to not give a fuck about it...
    selfish.....arrogant.....self-centered, and this is my house...
    if I ever spit a whack rhyme......I wouldn't even let myself enter!!!
    unless I rhyme proper, don't ascend to the heavens...
    like you're the Dalai Lama, you'll die in trauma...
    for clashing with Gen the God like you'd survive with honor...
    I'll send you into a SCREAMING NOSEDIVE, back down to the earth like a Stuka divebomber!!!
  6. patrown

    patrown student for life

    Dec 5, 2011
    it's empty in my head with the brain of a hoarder
    i just gather up the fruits of life and purge like aborters
    try to soak up what i can till my toe tags show and
    flow man, so go stand on your corner and rap about it
    i'm gunna crack some jokes n learn to laugh about shit
    with tha past of a gliph im posted till the last of the cench
    tryna sort out life right here on a bench
  7. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    I made my life right here in the trench,
    N I ain't leavin', I ain't even clear of this mess,
    You might say I'm depressed, you might say that I'm down,
    But I'm always feelin' good on my way to the ground,
    And that's the way that I wanna keep it,
    I ain't off the carpet, leavin' stains on the part you're seated,
    And I don't think I've hardly eaten,
    It's a shame, that I'm hardly keepin' sane, yea I'm hard to read,
    Only because, you shouldn't read those darker parts of me,
    I'm harmony personified, but partially homogenized,
    Find catharsis breath a pardoned breeze into a problem's eyes,
    So I'm watchin' it squint, clouds walk with a limp,
    Gettin' girls all lookin' like its poppa's a pimp,
    Yea, sometimes I'd trade places with the clouds,
    So you could feel my pain as it hits the ground...
  8. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    Stupid shit:

    The man is the worst, I'll throw the van in reverse and dismantle a hearse
    Give me a bottle of Jack and some purp and watch it get tragic for earth
    Dumb as shit, I come equipped with an open hand that's removing jaws
    This is what happens when a humble kid grows a humoungus dick and abuses raw
    Able to function on doses that would have you throwing up
    'Cause I'm comfortable roasted, playing Battletoads for fun
    Poking holes in cola cans, groping hoes, and throwing hands
    Rolling dro and blowing grams, still got the dopest flow that's known to man
    If I were to blow my nose, you could get high off the tissue
    And if I were to smack you with my balls, it'd kill you
  9. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    You're the type of dude to let a whore take your cake
    I just run up in it with something wicked 'till their form ain't the same
    And give my sperm a chance to explore facial traits
    I even got mormon bitches taking the lord's name in vain
    To put it simply, the way I slam it is savage
    The type of shit you only see on Animal Planet
    My doctor's telling me I have to relax, shit
    What can I say, breaking backs is a habit
  10. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    I'm writing my next verse while mean mugging Cthulhu
    And igniting the best herb, just me buggin' as usual
    Think I don't get buck, bitch? I'll spray a cop car
    While high on enough shit to kill an 80s rockstar
    See you getting mad 'cause your style's blatantly moist
    While I'm splitting atoms with just the bass in my voice
    It's like the stupid never learn, all of you dorks huffing
    The last time I flowed I left all of New York flooded
  11. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    On a New York budget, yea I'm due for plummet,
    Broke now, hold out till a new door summons,
    7 in the A-M, still ain't slept,
    Got my mind on my money that I still ain't get,
    I filet stress, take a pill, but I still a-scend,
    Yea I'm real, you can feel a breath,
    Every time I'm on a track, I breathe,
    Till I'm on the beat, exhale, like I taunt the breeze,
    I get high, fly as the natural sky,
    Like bye bye, I'm gone till the passionate rise,
    I'm too spent, to do it myself,
    I've been through it, and well, it takes more to change the mood in a cell,
    Like shit, fuck a cell block, burn it till it melts off,
    Write a little letter, stuff a bomb in a mail box...
  12. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    I can relate, and, that's some sickness man...


    I've been through it, and well, it takes more to change the mood in a cell,
    Like shit, fuck a cell block, burn it till it melts off,
    Write a little letter, stuff a bomb in a mail box...

    and it reads:
    "why try to live forever? fuck it mom, I failed. God
    couldn't divinely intervene in this, nothin's wrong, stay out of it
    go ahead, trudge along, my trail stopped years ago
    there's no sense in shovin' on, this final day'll drop miracles
    napalmed through post offices that never trickled down
    when they claimed it would rain like a house with no soffits in
    place, now, all the water musta got stuck up in the gutters
    with the rest of us motherfuckers, closed coffin the case"

    Sincerely Yours
    The son who couldn't face the sins searing scorched skin no more

    I done lived through hell and came back in pure devil form just to settle the score

    And now I feel better than ever before
  13. Jai Bangem

    Jai Bangem Jai-Z

    Jan 17, 2013
    The evolution of me.. I sit back and jst thnk/
    How far Ive come, was nvr driven by machinez//
    Jst the want to b great, the desire.. I believed/
    Coasted me a long the shore linez Ive been deemed//
    The greatz before, I.. invisioned a girl of their dreamz/
    Which thought processed to the inevitability of me being conceived//
    Ive been through the journey of someone, once lost but found/
    Seen life through many eyes, but thine eyes soared through clouds//
    I went from a no name to lame, from a lame to a giant/
    To standing out like a sore thumb, most cabs see me as clients//
    Been ridiculed for yrs, told I wasnt good enough/
    Not knowing that today, I became something even greater, bcz I nvr gave up//

  14. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    I spit it sick, I spit it raw, my speech is diseased meat
    When I spit it makes you sick to your stomach like a kick in the
    balls, you see chief, I've did it big, I've did it small
    But whatever I did, I did it 'cause I didn't wanna
    fall, off the ledge where the edge meets the air
    If all's lost you bet'ch'er ass the best feats to dare
    are the small ones where you might die in the end, be aware
    of the fact that your lifeline connects these comparisons
    But let's see if I care enough to put to rest each disparagin'
    remark, the quest we've embarked upon is apparently
    marvelous, where we started from was nothing, now look how
    far we've come, it shocks me more than the credit cards I keep charging up
  15. Mafia Squad

    Mafia Squad New Member

    Jan 4, 2013
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  16. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    Charging up like Duracell with power to endure hell
    Flames don't bother me coz hell is where the insecure dwell
    My words spell out this drop where the absurd fell
    G Force's verbs shall put you under the worst spell
    From the first bell punches pound faces in town places
    Step to this! Your sure to trip like clowns laces
    Very profound with graces unless you piss me off!
    Delivering you more lines than Witney scoffed..
    End your career like Britney's dropped to an abrupt end!
    Luck tends to run out if you hang with corrupt friends
    Schmucks lend out money people can't payback
    Traced back in the way previous governments embraced that!
    Its a disgrace! Facts speak for themselves through wealth
    Slowly taking whats yours is the true stealth!
    Sticking to one lane, i ain't falling like bombed planes
    Maintain a strong brain, even positive when i complain!

    Real talk!
  17. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    That's why when I'm high always speak the same,
    I gotta mountain, plus a bounty, and a peak to claim,
    I get high when I'm fine, so I reach the planes,
    I got beats to bang, I got beef with pain,
    Why always find all the peace I made,
    Turn into the cinders of heat and flames,
    I'm so tired, find a little sleep and stay,
    Till I'm wired from the fires that I keep aflame,
    I so need a break, I so need to stop,
    A cohesive base seems to leave the spots,
    Where I stand on a land full of needy rocks,
    That can't handle the grass and the greening plot,
    I get by, maybe I complain too much,
    I'm just fine, it's just me when I make a fuss,
    I felt pain from love, I felt rain above,
    I felt days fall short of the shady touch,
    You can find in the nighttime, wide awake,
    Shining way too bright, selling pride for shade,
    Getting way too hype off the time of day,
    I was made at night, so I shine away...
  18. Prodigal Bum

    Prodigal Bum Xuro Tarum

    Aug 23, 2011
    A misanthrope who was sent to earth to punk the gullible
    And I'm only relaxed when in my Southern Comfort zone
    Getting throwed soon as a bump of coke touch my nose
    Making sure sticks and stones puncture skin and bones
    Indigo prophecies were written of my misdeeds
    And three days after my life stops I'll come back
    Tongue twisting spliffs in a candy painted pine box
    Abusing eye drops that were designed for a cyclops
    Amazing prescriptions getting drained in a minute
    Creating the image of angels in crimson
    Displaying a mixture of pain and submission
    Know that this plane of existence ain't for the timid
    Breathing ethonol fumes, these raps'll make the Devil sweat
    Took the stairway to heaven and relapsed on the seventh step
    Pay attention, things I mention'll shake a reverend till his faiths in question
    Painful lessons made him reckless, when the day comes, you may just catch him
    Leaning up against the gates of heaven with a squalie lit, talking shit
  19. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    Claimin penance for his sins when all he did, ever, was prey on kids
    Shoulda called it quits after the first faithful twelve year old they say he molested
    And he may've did with the correct inspirations, but he didn't
    So, hey, just let it be, it's the way, the debt, the deed
    It's not the Saint, instead, the Peter we know is salted, with sulfur
    And a lead ball wrapped in wadding down the barrel, and packed
    Then a little more a' the mixture we call gun powder on the flintlock
    Cocked, back, snapped, then it comes out
    in the end just well as it coulda ever began
  20. nO gOoD!

    nO gOoD! Life Music :: Press Play

    Apr 18, 2001
    I choose to do this music, cause I use it as a therapy..
    its always had my back when no one else was there for me..
    it aint over till its over, and I'm outta service..
    I'll save the day and pave the way today, for greater purpose..
    when I lay down to close my eyes and sleep in my bed
    Im always haunted by the speech, that always creeps in my head..

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