Freewrite cypher PT.4

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  1. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Vicious lyricist my theories frighten co conspirators
    conspiracies of the walking dead snitching the feds listen
    leg twitching if you can't handle the heat get out the kitchen
    you bedridden too scared to push ahead so bear witness
    flares glisten under night skies tired of being the nice guy
    these bullets not pyrotechnic just a message respect the pecking order
    as a teen i use to loiter disrespected my father orders i thought i was smarter
    fuck a bitch and record her detect her father and slaughter send my regards to the daughter
    selling drugs to be cooler foolish never thought this road would be harder
    agnostic beliefs never retreat from the path that i started i'll be buried a martyr
    murdered and labeled a problem a burden pour bourbon on the curb for me
    who will ride in honor? passionate about karma me and bae casablanca
    this triangle tore me so much love for shorty thought she was for me
    so fuck it like porn no love in my bones zone out stoned roam through the categories
    home alone bug on my phone finger on the trigger thought she was my girl women are the niggers of the world
    i edit not to delete it i ain't mad at her vision she not a beatle i'm black and proud but my mind isn't fetal
    since the day i took that needle in my arm i realized i'll do anything for money to feed the people i needed
    to keep it 100 I've been trying to conquer my demons my conscience i feed it i fed it what ever it needed
    not talking about drugs my veins needless i'm speaking of profits made selling blood
    so to the ones who saying my race name in vain care freely i ain't mad i remain bias
    even tho my pain pilot through my brain flying past my amygdala i contain violence
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  2. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    I'll spit overtime 'til I blow my voice box out
    'Til my driver in the garage pull my Rolls Royce out
    I'm sicker, deliver messages quicker than email
    While ya'll trick on chicks addicted to retail
    I'm in these streets looking like the flyest alive
    Watch stay rocky, guess it's a sign of the times
    Up late, racing the moon to see who dip first
    Can't tell between you and ya mans who drip worse
    It's the verbal antics that got spitters in a panic
    I got 'em hot like global warming for the planet
    Their schemes and dreams ain't enough to stop me
    That's why I run around town laughing all cocky
    Bold and brave, please make no mistake
    Out here, there might be enough dough to take
    But the game's about who gets to it first
    The rest, just gonna be dying of thirst
  3. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    i pop gats, in backlash of whiplash cords
    imorph and cortort yours truly to distort
    eyes minds find locate for support more
    i perform the verse of cours stored since way before
    i portion in percentage and product place soul
    hold the line of fold the behld to control
    open the old of times in delay of decade
    embrace the face of the young out to play
    i penetrate the state of invinted by mistake
    craddle the future for the now i am the hate
    to survive own ownership of disgrace
    in attempt to be public by choice siezed fate
    at iese ease by z' for frees of me to take
    past i am your lake placid i am the fact in fact is
    i can backflipflipbackwards and take a stance of lacking
    i crown the song sung fromonce to now just spun
    rendered useless from everything grown from love
    built idea from idea and moved mountains out of sunshine
    mymind is open for protection but only for the sometimes
    bites people like lightning reeled in time built
    field still sealed overkill and response toshield
    i follow take from i in even of nil with your guilt
    only to find survive worthless of any insult milled
    fill a free cup you couldnt air free drink if it was a weapon
    meant with intention meant to directly inflict depression
    i am public regressed for self up in decision
    one word one statement of phrases that spill through
    "you" are nobody until someone kills you
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  4. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    I'm number 1...not 2, not 3
    Not 4 not 5, ya'll can't see me
    Like you been implanted with Ray Charles eyes
    When I blow I want my cars racialized
    Blacks and whites only, know what a psychic told me?
    Bury ya enemy and then place a gold wreath
    So in the future, you can see graves shimmering
    Even at night zombies see 'em glimmering
    Under the light of the moon, I might be in tune
    With the boom of the universe, what I write is a boon
    This to hype up ya goons, get the crowds cheering
    OG's ride around with me out their speakers blaring
    So fresh never spoiled, cut you off if disloyal
    My queen handles my dick like a sceptre, she royal
    Nobody in life can beat him when he toils
    I stay hot like a plate wrapped in tin foil...
  5. Kron

    Kron Godly...

    Mar 19, 2003
    Guess nigga's ain't drop in awhile.
    Feeling like I'm still the top of the pile - it's obvious, now.
    Cats, laid back, still applauding the style.
    It's comical, how these cats think they're amazing...
    And then they see.... all I got is this energy.
    Bottled inside, college is why I got the smarts
    to kill 'em with words... syllables pillaging nerds.
    Attila, observed the skill that he serves...
    And if they're willing, the shepherd is going to build on his herd...
    Instilling animosity, though. Yeah, how he do it?
    Now he truant... nah, well endowed exclusive... wow,
    it's almost like he done found the blueprint...
    just lying around... they realizing it now that I got my eyes to the crown.
    It's quite glorious... charms in this shit, like Leprechauns.
    Decepticon mentality for whomever I'm stepping on.
    Changed from the man in the mirror, know the rest is gone.
    King's in my circle, playing chess when I flex on pawns.
    Self reflection, the light... the message like
    The Book of Eli... cast the shadows over horizons, while they look to see why.
    Cypher Alumni's the clique, the squad writing on the walls
    in warriors blood... while they're standing in horror, because
    the era demonstrated through the outlook, is more than it was.
    They say the ego don't cut it, but the formula does.
    I'm stepping over, the rest is closure.
    Nah, I said the rest is closer... I guess I am dropping text with the best composure.
    Breaths get slower, as respiration ramps up.
    Shock value deterring a generation, I'm amped up.
    Camped up... like I'm wit' Kony.
    Or Occupy wall street... still in the circle, where halls meet.
    Still got a dick in this game, I'm saying I'm "balls deep"
    24 flexing, homie, while y'all sleep.
    Y'all sheep... the fuck they running their mouths for?
    Yeah, it's about war... nigga's facing a wild bore.
    Killing the game, blood splashes across the porcelain tile floor
    200 bars and running, n' doing a couple of miles, more.
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  6. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    I can't sleep, survival is key, I think ,demons conquering me
    Death is sponsoring me, honestly I'm where the worms be
    Germs Drip On My Feet in county jail showers, blindly, i count the hours.
    I look but can't see, thinking, who will protect me
    My downfall sex money and drugs I play connect 3
    Fuck four, institutionalized no more locked doors.
    My glock in its teens too big for my jeans. i scheme
    Nightmares hunt me in late hours my mind rush a thousand miles per hour
    My cousin told me, to never be a coward, now he living federally
    Hoes still on his phone he do his time heterosexually
    Hell, is where we all destined to be , So, don't send a blessin to me
    Got to many lessons to teach, epic profession I live what I speak
    Agression as a teen invisible murder scenes I lived what I spoke
    On the block my niggas chose , Pepsi or coke, jail bars or rope
    Starve or stole, children sippin' codeine until their heart is cold
  7. Dubulous Pro

    Dubulous Pro New Member

    Sep 16, 2011
    I filled it, lit it,
    let it fill my Phillies fitted;
    now I’m spillin’ syllables
    scribble riddles in really vivid;
    images written in script
    and split in a thousand words;
    you could frame a photograph and
    know the math I slurred; I heard
    Dilla said,
    “cook the beat with flavor;”
    Nas said,
    “kid...put the pen to paper;”
    so I glide across the page
    my Sharpie lucid;
    artery juices got my
    heartbeat boosted;
    I dilly and dally
    from Philly to Cali;
    scattering the native tongue
    of Lebanon County;
    dwellin’ in the valley
    then hop the mountain peek;
    punch the devil in the face
    knock the fucker off his feet;
    when I speak...
    I’ll pass the torch to my youth;
    who were forced in the booth,
    knowing there’s more to the truth;
    than we been told,
    than we been sold;
    cuz we won’t fold,
    and won’t be controlled;
    and we see those holes,
    and hop right thru;
    then tear ‘em wide open
    let the homies come too;
    my mind is a tool,
    a weapon when it has to be;
    a shepherd in peace talk,
    a wolf in blasphemy;
    Willow on my shoulder be
    casually askin’ me;
    who could accurately
    grab this microphone after me;
    well, actually...
    I’ve been patiently waitin’;
    for underground cats to
    crawl they ass out the basement;
    or pop cats in top hats
    to drop out the sky;
    cuz y’all lost touch and got
    WAY too high;
    but it’s all good...
    yo it’s always been okay;
    we take ‘em one at a time,
    another good day;
    let’s stay.
  8. Gen The God

    Gen The God The Life or Death Poet

    Jan 9, 2011
    I don’t think you people heard me…
    This ain’t just me, I’m speaking for New Jersey…
    We all children in the Garden State, but it’s hard to skate…
    When ya car’s in place, and the passenger’s laughing while pulling the parking brake…
    (oh)….This bullshit will start to make you harbor hate, I’m awesome?, great…
    but it’s hard to take you serious when I’m broke and I’m bargaining…
    starving to make it, this state will birth you, then that man is outty…
    you left thinking Daddy didn’t give a damn about me!!!
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  9. Black8ce

    Black8ce IS 6FTGROUND

    Dec 27, 2014
    My lucks so bad they call me Mr. glass
    I sit alone in a that cold green room,
    Shooting up milk like Michael,
    I see jack frost outside the window…
    It’s 21-, it’s 21, degrees as I hit the endo
    If anyone, anyone, smoking on trees
    Come through, don’t forget, Febreze
    Bring many girls, tell em' we got needs
    its a boy meets girl’s world, Ex-rated indeed
    I’m Michael on Halloween, killing the greed
    I ditched the mask, so I’m rarely unseen
    I go, psycho, Psycho, inhaling that green
    I’m so, so def, but spiteful, spitefully mean--
    Tell the Brat that, I bite two, bite too
    The best that I do, falls- far and near
    Like the worlds fools living in fear
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  10. Black8ce

    Black8ce IS 6FTGROUND

    Dec 27, 2014
    I’d say my life’s the goat,
    But my chateaux a joke,
    His life’s in a ditch, Lord release his yoke,
    It’s Mr. self-proclaimed
    I got to get a hit in this game
    Batter up on that curse
    headbutt to the broke

    it’s a slaughter he wrote,
    Cujo's off of his rope
    loose leaf for the tokes
    I'm pro-life for them folks

    call him Michael on dope
    Running through all his dough

    catching brains from the hoes
    I want the broke to stay sane
    Nobody like him, He’s sicko....
  11. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Crack a smile so I don't cry, in my feelings all the time
    In the mirror making faces taking pictures fore I die
    Memories, hunt my dreams I wanna leave, don't know why
    Well I try, to understand my fate while I'm living great
    Take a life send me up to heaven gates enemy sterilized
    I'm paralyzed in fear I don't wanna believe but I believe the end is near
    Fighting faith no man is below or above us , how can he sleep with so many dead bodies undercovers.
    I Don't wanna feel the pain so I don't believe in flames if so messiah bring the rain
    Hurt and confused mentally bruised I feel sorry for myself, if I was you I wouldn't feel the same
    Fuck drowning in sorrow leaving empty bottles ill fight like apollo
    I'll live for the moment live for the second live for the hour you live for the follow
    Chill for a minute, let me write my will for a minute only the real will feel it
    Drinking out the bottle smoking my lunch popping my pills I feel suspended
    In mid air, counting the blessings I never received too many to count I need to come down I'm too high I'm breathing thin air

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