Freewrite cypher PT.3

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by barnizzle, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. AE & Flip Flops

    AE & Flip Flops New Member

    Mar 1, 2006
    like a madvillian im scheming, possibly to kill'em
    everyone even the little-est of children,
    Ae is a monster like the drink, f what you think,
    or what them niggas telling me,
    talk is cheap and i ain' buyin what you selling me,
    so before you try run up like you thinkin you'ze a hirrah (hero),
    i take the cake, break the bank homie i'll snatch the cape,
    right from ya back, what you think about that
    Ae never wack im working out i run the track,

  2. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    life is ugly and reefer is lovely..
    cold so catch me keepin it gully
    play the clubby wit blades i sneaked in the skully
    anyone'uh u's creeps leap and u bloody
    dollars talk and..
    u cant pronounce the speech from our money
    murderous grins keep bouncers from sneakin up on me...
    ...a smooth talker,
    convince hoes wit huge knockers and,
    6 karat rocks on fingers to cheat on they hubby..
    he say he wanna slug me now i got 2 stalkers...
    keep a huge cartridge for old news hawkers
    mad cuz i dont even like her, and he wifed her..
    u was on some "rest of my life" shit
    to me, she was a one nighter...
    came thru and piped then nice life'd her...
    then i put in cyphers some real life shit,
    my skills slight skitz'd and i will light spliffs
    unlaced kicks, a throwback is my at home fit
    keep a jump off not no at home bitch
    a saint lou is, even tho the summers is hot
    in saint louis, where people known for holdin a wop
    not no dago, shells fly from hot potato's over the glok
    lay low at pool halls post wit hoes and booze
    dro and tools, was totin those befo' ya'll knew
    stl number 2, murder cap i hate ya'll knew..
    aint learn bout that till u seen the news
    u wont understand the place i grew
    we dont take kindly if ya face look screwed
    can tell where u from by the words u use
    for, easy bucks get ya plates unscrewed
    crackheads rapin the youth wit holes in they tooth
    women abuse they spendin on shoes
    sacrifice for nikes a child only 2...
    started noticing in school
    u are what u consume
    minds is doomed from what our eyes had viewed
    hoes, pussy stinkin they wombs is tombs
    joy and peace the ancient treasure
    dreamt of relief but aint shit better...
    wake up to the same ole letters
    bill collectors askin them same ole questions
    tried to stop hustlin..cops keepin me stressin
    maybe i need, to resort back to stretchin, get my shit together
    know a connect in texas to get bricks to flip for lessor
    prayers sound like the same confessions
    dont know our purpose so i keep guessin...
    awfully crook, but dont go off of the looks, simply put
    made a cool lil nest egg off of the books....
    subliminal lines i tossed on hooks
    deciet is whats winnin
    disregard lies bout what is when it isnt
    lessen the sinnin
    cards u dealt is determinism
    ya moves is free will, and the rest is written
    knelt stuck prayin for help u never gettin...
    got thrown a few blessings and missed it...
    but he no star, just wanna redeem those scars
    why they shoot up the beeno for?
    i done seen blood spilled on casino floors
    niggaz beefin over nino broads...

  3. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    real talk right there moe

    i'm out
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