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  1. L-M-INT

    L-M-INT New Member

    Apr 7, 2003
    i freestyle to speak whats on my mind..
    im one of a kind with many people out there saying the same lines
    snortin lines.. from different drugs what makes a thug stronger than a nerd? a gun
    18 years alive and the ridiculous
    been through many situation u can call me god for what i been facin
    guns pointed 2 my head, wanted 2 be killed and watched while i bleed
    only thing that holds me 2gether are these stiches in my skin
    and this site so i dont have to kill the next man.....
    multiple personalities occur, like a women on pms we can all relate to her or them... i sleep n dream often more than makin things actually happin
    go ahead people judge my rappin, most of yah would rather here me talk bout makin guns clapn murderin shit, slangin drugs and that whole commercial nonsense
    but some reality for ya is. i do, do that biz on the street but i dont gotta talk bout that in rhymes cuz im imaginary i mean i got imagination
    hell we all are facin....... so lets take this 2 a new level verbal caption
    many of us live on the streets and slang yayo
    get hoes....... but dont fake who u are for those
    stars are quick to burn, and mislead you
    none of them are tru there hidden behind tv screens
    and directers tellin them what to do......
    i just signed got signed and what
    im not gonna fake who i am to make a messily buck
    fuck what u people want from memy nuts?
    criticized as a failure all my life
    go ahead put ur comments here or a gun or knife
    to be dead is better alive so murder urself with me
    ull have all night and fuck my dad for makin me this life
    never been there but still talkin shit everynight....
    this is just my anger talkin cuz if it wasnt i would be taken dogs for walks n singin n chirpen but who would i be without pain or anger? i would be worthless
  2. TuNed RooT

    TuNed RooT Love is introduction ..

    May 25, 2003
    Not the type of 'piece' I'd really be diggin' or reading, for that matter. I just believe that it wasn't really being felt at all by me, just because I can't really relate to any of that 'thug' material, because I never was living that type of life, except when I lived in Flatbush, Brooklyn, where I'm moving back to later. Other than that, it was a decent piece, I found it simple, yet a nice story of what you may go through or think you're going through, etc. My blessings..
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