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  1. Mo0n ShYnE

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    Feb 10, 2002
    Here's this week's update for the production vault!

    Link: Production Vault :: MooN sHizzLe Productions - MsP - Music Production and Recordings in Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Electronic, Acoustic and More!

    The first VSTi from the vault will be the TPS Module. This is a great sounding brass module with some presets that can get you going. If you're a fan of Polow the Don's producing, which has a fair share of brass, you should be able to use this VSTi with the quickness.

    What's great about this kit is not only the actual brass sound you get, but you also get different ways the brass is played. There are multiple crescendos (brass starts low in volume and gradually gets louder and fuller with different characteristics) both quick and extended, nice accentuated brass hits with quick release, and you can even choose from individual brass instruments (french horns, trumpets and trombones) or groupings (ensembles, quintets) in those stylings. It's definitely enough to give your beats some added beef.

    I'm putting these up for free, so keep checking back every Wednesday for a new sample set. Just go to the site and download away.

    Also, Sign up for the mailing list to get weekly updates!

    Link: MsP Mailing List :: MooN sHizzLe Productions - MsP - Music Production and Recordings in Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Electronic, Acoustic and More!

    If you're a producer and you have any sample kits you would like to contribute, let me know; I will plug your site along with a blurb about your music and/or accomplishments. You will notice that Soleternity got a plug when he contributed his BOTB5 drum kit, as did Bully Beats, DJay Cas and ThuggyFresh, and I will do the same for you if you've got something to contribute.

    And while you're here, peep the new track by my boy Less, called "Back Off" feat. FoRcE oNe, Takewun, and myself.

    Beat: MooN ShynE (using samples you'll find in the kits I've been putting out! lol)
    Order: Less, FoRcE oNe, Takewun, MooN ShynE


    10/27/10 - TPS Module Brass VSTi
    10/20/10 - Urban Fire 3 Kit
    10/13/10 - Thug Poet Kit and SIHD 1
    10/06/10 - Urban Fire 4 Kit
    9/29/10 - MPC-3000 Kit
    9/22/10 - Urban Warfare Kit
    9/15/10 - Dr. Dre Drum Kits
    9/8/10 - DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Other Producer Kits
    9/1/10 - eLab Drum Kit
    8/25/10 - West Coast Hip-Hop Kits
    8/18/10 - Djay Cas Drum Kit
    8/11/10 - Neptunes Style Drum Kit
    8/4/10 - East Coast Hip-Hop Kits
    7/28/10 - MPC 2000XL Hip-Hop Kit
    7/21/10 - Filthy Drums and more 909's
    7/14/10 - Deadly Drums and a TR-909 Kit
    7/7/10 - Club Hip-Hop Drums 2
    6/30/10 - Club Hip-Hop Drums 1
    6/23/10 - Bully Beats Kit
    6/16/10 - MsP ORIGINAL Acoustic Drum Kit, Timbaland Inspired Kit, Hip-Hop Kit 14
    6/9/10 - Hip-Hop Kit 13, Destroyer Kit 1, and MC-303 Drums
    6/2/10 - Hip-Hop Kits 10, 11, and 12
    5/26/10 - Hip-Hop Kits 7, 8, and 9
    5/19/10 - Lo-Fi Drums, Distorted Guitars, and More Bass Samples
    5/12/10 - Drum Kit with Acoustic Drums Layered, Piano Sample Hits
    5/5/10 - String Samples, Reggaeton Drums, Gun/Explosion Effects, Hip-Hop Kits 5 and 6
    4/28/10 - 808 Toned Kicks, Random Bass + Hip-Hop Kit 4
    4/21/10 - Hip-Hop Kits 1, 2, and 3
    4/14/10 - Ethnic Percussion Kit
    4/7/10 - Soleternity's BOTB5 Drum Kit
    3/31/10 - Complete Urban Flava kit is up!
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