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Discussion in 'Beats/Producers' started by Majestic1990, Jun 5, 2014.

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    I don't listen to many sample beats so not talking about those. You have a lot of great progressions and harmonies and melodies. Your compositions on a whole are actually very intricate comparably to most hip-hop artists that stick to samples or don't know much about music theory (even if it's instinctively).

    Molded Darkness
    Jazz Hip hop Beat
    Creative original hip hop

    These beats are the best examples for this: Everything I said at the top needs to now be refined. What program do you use? If this is fruity loops then rock on, if this is Reason or Logic or Protools then you're lacking in depth which was a problem I had. I make all my shit from scratch and the most of it is blues, jazz, classical themes so I use acoustic instruments (midi'd from Reason or samples off Motif ES8) so it's not live to mic but I don't use a lot of synth. If you listen to your samples like Soul Sampled beat, you'll understand. All of your instruments don't sound like theyre coming from a band or orchestra, so your orchestral songs i love the music but it all sounds very digital. Look up orchestral placement (for depth and fullness) on google, i.e. your flutes arein the front left, clarinets front right, your trumpets are in the middle right, trombones middle left, drums in the back your, first violins are panned to the left your second violins to the right, picture an actual orchestra or band, the instruments are always in the same place because of frequencies and pitch and shit like that and sounds not canceling each other out, you have to do the same with your instruments, you have to add some reverb for authenticity and depth, and I also thing you just need to use better instrument samples. Do some research on making your real instruments sounding more authentic. Your beats are hot, but this will bring out so much more depth and power, right now they're very dry and empty. I had to do all that research too but it's worth it. Listen to "Where I Want to Be" and "Requiem" on the first page of my soundclick. Stay up, peace.

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