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Discussion in 'Audio Emcee Hook Ups' started by Nimrod, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. Janitor

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    Instant Legend - take a deeep breath
  2. littleslimlocc

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    Dec 17, 2000

    fuck that jan - if you were at that game with your 4 year iold son and your kid got stomped out - what the fuck would you feel for artest?

    i got a kid - seein that shit made me sicc to my stomach - I'm a whole whoppin 165 - and that shit had me so infuriated i wanted to be at that game so i could throw a few on em. any athlete who cant control a fan/fans reaction - needs to get the fuck outta whatever sport he's fuckin with. he got tagged with a fucking PLASTIC water bottle for christs sake - you feel thats worth endangering children over?
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