Forgotten Heartbreak

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  1. InTheStars

    InTheStars Reflective

    Feb 13, 2004
    I erased her
    I don’t erase anything
    And yet, I erased her.
    Out of all the girls before her
    She was the last
    And I erased her
    I wasn’t noticing the beginning of this moment
    As I sat to write in my journal
    I looked back and wanted to reflect-noticed the date of the start
    And she wasn’t there
    Yet by the end I realized she must have did something horrible
    Because I erased her
    Out of all memories I decided to keep and write about
    I chose to take hers and discard
    As if they never existed
    I am just surprised 7 months past the act of her degradation upon my heart
    That I actually erased the words I meant for her
    My words, that I own and can use for another if I chose to
    Every bit of anger and turmoil
    Hate and love wrapped in perfect
    Lust that would succumb me to do just about anything
    I did travel and adjust my living situation
    And put my sweetest lily fragrant scent upon
    That scarf and passed it on to her
    A token of my devotion to bend
    Over backwards and be placed in awkward situations
    That she ran away from
    When I was vulnerable
    And cried and needed my scarf to rock me as I slept
    I erased her
    Her beauty, her ugliness her lies and hopeful wishes
    Are all deleted as if they never ever existed upon these pages
    But I know they did
    And forgot
    That I erased her
    I wish I never remembered that I did.​
  2. Xyliere

    Xyliere Shattered Demoness

    Mar 7, 2005
    I loved his, well timed repetition, relates to the audience well. There was a minor typo in the line "Yet by the end I realized she must have /did/ something horrible" /done/. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to reading more of your pieces.
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