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Discussion in 'Writer's Block' started by Xero Satsujin, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. Xero Satsujin

    Xero Satsujin OnLy gOd kNoWs oR Goes

    Jul 10, 2003
    I tend to drop in and out of the realm every now and then, and it's not always on purpose. To those who are consistent in the realm, do you ever remember the ones that no longer come into the realm?

    There are quite a few, but how many have stood out in YOUR mind and that you'd like to pay respect to? Or, if you wanna be real smooth, see if you can find some of their work in the archives and quote it in this thread...I'm not askin for much, but was just thinking about all of the people that have come and gone...

    If a mod could/would post this up as a sticky in the realm for me as a favor, I'd be greatful and appreciative...thanx, and be blessed...
  2. UFO the Phoenix


    Aug 10, 1999
    ^can someone post some classics I'd like to read them
  3. Xero Satsujin

    Xero Satsujin OnLy gOd kNoWs oR Goes

    Jul 10, 2003
    ^^^That would be nice, lol...but why not jump back...I'm more interested in what the newb's have to say about the oldies...
  4. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    ^Did you move to the south lol? Just curious b/c of what's in your siggy. Probably not, but anyhoo,

    I don't know what's considered old here anymore, because I still feel new here. I can't really think of anyone at this point except misskeydaqueen, misspimp, KingTony, and mochalicious (sp?) That's about it.
  5. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    word i havent seen misspimp in a long time,
    or illpoetical
    ..havent seen xero post in a long minute neither,but here he is in this thread...
    ill think of more later...
  6. Xero Satsujin

    Xero Satsujin OnLy gOd kNoWs oR Goes

    Jul 10, 2003
    Well RealMS, what is says in my sig is, "Let The Good Times Roll" in french...funny is, I did learn that in the Bayou of Louisana...Anywho, to check the old archives, alls you gotta do is jump back to the end of the pages. You know how you jump from page 1 to 2, well it goes ALL they way back up until early yea, that would be nice...
  7. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    ^^they have a seafood/crawfish restaurant/club-mainly zydeco but hey zydeco is nice actually lol over here called that and when I saw it in your siggy thats the first thing comin to mind, and from you its like oh snap lol.

    But yeah, I've gone back and looked at a few poets I've never even heard of before, and some of the ones still here--allnakey for example.
  8. Act Of God

    Act Of God Fucka eagles

    Jan 22, 2003
    The two that come to mind most would be misspimp and tuned root. Looking back through the pages i found some poems by the both of them. Enjoy...

    Devil's Advocate: by misspimp
    True lies…
    My inner mystery…
    True values…
    Allows you…
    To never get to me…
    Past History…
    Reminds me of deep misery…
    When he sent to me…
    A worker from his camp…
    Out to destroy and kill…
    What he had worked so hard to build…
    Out to rid of…
    A soft dove…
    Woven in his happiness…
    Woven in his love…
    But the principles instilled…
    Proved to be filled…
    Inside this great creature…
    Although he tried to reach her…
    He tried to break down…
    What was so neatly…
    Crafted with care…
    He tried to take away…
    But I was never scared…
    He attempted to demolish…
    All that stood there…
    And I fought…fought hard…
    Because he couldn’t remain here…
    And so dear to me…
    Was the worker he sent…
    So near to me…
    That under the workers pressure I bent…
    I struggled to free myself…
    From the fate he strived to bring…
    I struggled to free myself…
    From the pain he once laid…
    And I stayed…
    Because…so far he had me trapped…
    And I couldn’t unwrap…
    The words…the times…the memories…
    The lies…
    I couldn’t unshackle the joy…
    He once chained to my heart…
    And I couldn’t release him…
    Although he was tearing me apart…
    I couldn’t let go…
    Because I allowed my emotions…
    To linger on…
    I couldn’t let go…
    Because without his worker…
    I felt I couldn’t be strong…
    I couldn’t let go…
    Because he wanted me eliminated…
    He wanted to see me fail…
    He wanted to crucify…
    And hang me on a cross with nails…
    And I could tell…that I was falling…
    I had fallen…and couldn’t get up…
    But I knew before long…
    I would only self destruct…
    And it was tough…
    Tryna fight…against all odds…
    But Him and his workers could not…
    Destroy my mind, body or spirit…
    Because of the love of God…

    Essence Of My Creation
    By Alex Hornby aka TuNed RooT

    This Texture Of Vibrant Ruins Under Our Aurora,
    Buries Our Eyes Under Lids To Create A Screen Of Shade.
    Characteristics Of Nature Unfold Our Substance Of Life,
    Leading Us To Cheers,
    For Emotional Heartbreak And Aches May Fade.
    The Stretches Of Grass Look Of Blooming Childhood.
    That Vestige Of First Steps,
    So, It May Mature Into An Image More Beautiful.
    Our Hands Flourished Over The Straw Tips,
    Just As They Stood.
    Wind Impacts The Features That Held The Look Of Exultance.
    This Affect Created My Own Crimson Blush,
    As If The Woman That Was My Growth Of Life,
    Touched My Face With Compassion And Love,
    No Lust.
    Even Though This May Be The Earth,
    As I See It, Yet Not The Earth For Others.
    It'll Still Live On Through My Soul Of This Disguise,
    Through My Thought And Of My Words.
  9. Xero Satsujin

    Xero Satsujin OnLy gOd kNoWs oR Goes

    Jul 10, 2003
    ^^^HEY, about time somebody got to it, lol. thanks...

    That poem by misspimp, I remember when she wrote that, I kinda helped her write that piece, that's my n.igga right there boi!!!, lol...Anyway, I've never read that other piece until now, and I'm glad you brought it up...when I got time I'll dip in and grab up a piece from an old head...
  10. Act Of God

    Act Of God Fucka eagles

    Jan 22, 2003
    ***confession*** by: mocha_licious

    if it wasnt for the conscience inside me
    i could never admit this...YOUR SO FAR AWAY and you never said goodbye..NO APOLOGY spoken to make things ok
    I am beginning to believe that the soul inside me was meant to torment over you

    MY EYES CANT SEE for they are partially blind
    my HEART BARELY PUMPS BLOOD and is sore..
    HIDDEN SCARS surface ALL OVER my body
    like some kind of plague resistant to love...THE roots within MY EMOTIONS ARE damaged indefinetely and most of them are numb..

    can i breathe....this is what i want to ask you or would u let me suffocate on these thoughts....
    geometric parallels are being channeled into wisps of memory but I'm awake and daydreaming while probable cause is lifted. Grim wisdom reaps throughout mental notes that continue seaping with fat words
    incense burns slowly and prayers inside the smoke drift upward to the sky and beyond only filled with prayers to the Lord..

    never seen the sun shine like this..
    from day one the moment i met u, i became blessed..
    heaven lifted her veil and covered me so that i would be your bride
    the two of us to become one.. never seen the lights off like this... strobe so bright covering your whole being
    even when i was lost i made it to grace because i found you
    you took my pieces and handed me a jigsaw. everyyear i used to find a new piece that fit perfectly...i was almost complete..but now not in this lifetime

    im not sure how to implement love into my life..i just want to use her...but she might turn me out if i do..or almost kill me. the way she did when you walked away from me..

    "Pan Seared Perfectionist" By: Judge tha Dacyple

    I peddle my meddled wares in the suns deceptive kiss
    pan seared perfectionist/
    shadow dance battle stance panzer
    whos plans direction steered directionless/
    dumbstruck dumbluck advanced clear through the resonance
    right to my residence/
    supplied no answers took chances to get to stair steppin
    but I guess I slipped/
    the messy gift left is testament to attempts
    to recreate flight like bumblebees/
    tumbling fully frontal pulling strings of subtleties
    discovering the sum of me/
    lungs strum a note of humble dischord
    just above the hum of summers eve/
    hollow thunder breathes some relief through breeze yet,
    puddled grief none alleves/
    I've muttered these same sentiments
    similarly arranged several times already/
    tired mind wired right
    transmitting scattered sight via satellite eyes are heavy/
    I'm forgetting key events that I think intensify the setting/
    my sense of pride censored the scent of sex left to die
    a death that I'm regretting/
    ever since I stepped aside
    and didnt get to try/
    to rectify my test to fly
    I think its best I testify/
    I'm just a dead winged fledgling
    heading towards earth at a deafening speed/
    hoping these dead wings end up spreading
    and maybe setting me free/
    I've been embedded in bed
    with flashback reflections of merit/
    body laying in seperate dimensions
    from where my spirit and head sit/
    why I'm here? Forget it,
    the story would bore me alot more than it would bore you/
    I implore you go out and attempt live your life
    before youre forced to stay indoors too/
    your view hasnt been skewed yet,
    you still dont know what their serving you saying its food yet/
    youre no huge threat
    to consumer booming industry broods brewing doom in a new scent/
    truth in a true sense
    can be a certified nuisance/
    but if it isnt used correctly
    then whos truly to say what truth is?/
    the truth is
    a tooth ripped out is worth more than your two cents/
    in this world open minds leave the population
    stutter stepping like quartz movements/
    and loose lipped retorts to authority
    result in kangaroo court jester benders/
    where anti freedom avengers pretend to defend ya
    and send ya into the blender/
    I guess my approach is hopeless
    yet I wont end the agenda I'm fully focused/
    to fill each quote with emotion
    brewed like terrorist coffee chock full of explosives...
  11. Act Of God

    Act Of God Fucka eagles

    Jan 22, 2003
    I'll find a poem by them when i run across one maybe tomorrow
  12. Dark_Angel

    Dark_Angel Dark_Angel

    Jul 15, 2003
    well i figured cos Im probably considered a goner by now, I better put my two cents in on this topic. I remember, definately MindSoul and Lpoets collab, I dont have the time to find it, but it was really powerful. Misspimp, Mochalicious...49th Prophet, who I collabd with many times and was grateful for that. I was definately would make sure i read all of h.wood's peices. always good. AllNakey, Brit Boi Gee (i think thats the name) Xero...The list goes on. Well Im gonna start posting now and then again. So maybe not so gone and forgotten.
  13. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    By RealMS & King Tony

    King Tony:
    U feel the sadness
    Deep inside your soul
    You feel tha ache in your heart
    Like it's been ripped out
    Like it's no longer a part
    Of your tormented body
    A thousand seas you've wept
    And now you're as dry as tha desert sands
    You've no more tears to cry
    You're trying to think clearly
    But your only thought is, why????????
    You're tha desolate run down building
    In tha busy city street
    Your hope has escaped u
    Yet u had the whole world at your feet
    People surround u
    But loneliness is your best friend
    Tha dark clouds that engulf u
    They get worse they never end

    Bottled inside this capped jar, of agonized pain
    Focusing on what moved far, yet never left his place
    Words spoken sounded too foreign,
    Had to comprehend what it was I was hearing
    A minute later I gave up, no more,
    Tired of love appearing clear,
    Only to blind its true meaning
    Evading from what is real,
    Due to the lack of courage
    His heart has wonderful games to play,
    Including past experiences freely remerging
    Letting go of my pride,
    As another love released its beauty
    Lost track of mind state during the process,
    We're diverging, looking for separate healing
    I question "why,"
    Unprepared for the answer,
    If only you knew HOW MUCH,
    Your heart to me seemed more
    Essential than water, even air

    King Tony:
    that's what happens when tha heart dies
    when tha pain is too much to bear
    when tha strength you had is gone
    and there is only weakness there
    your cup that used to be full
    is now empty and has shattered
    that's what happens when tha heart dies
    when everything is gone that mattered

    I can honestly say with no regret,
    Love took its turn to leave me hexed
    And where on the other side,
    I wonder how you've been
    'Cause happiness you display,
    Can't top sadness I fell in
    But I thought it was love I fell for,
    As soon as I chose, why did you change????????
    Didn't request much, just to share your love,
    I'm sure I'm still strong enough to dry from rain
    If I could only imagine, the drops hit like acid,
    Burning the open heart, until dissolving pain-
    Takes time for complete closure
    A transplant was denied,
    To replace what was in the beginning never stolen
    Because I gave you my heart,
    I just had no idea you'd think to return it,
    Much rather give it back broken

    they have a poem called Buried Sorrow by mocha that I remember but I can't find it.
  14. AlmostFamous

    AlmostFamous U got a problem?

    Jan 28, 2005
    Originally posted by Misspimp

    SHit is fire, I think the vulgar attitude was the key to this poem

    ** A little vulgar, sorry I tried to clean it up a bit **

    I be trying to write some shit that’s immaculate…
    Trying to write some shit that makes ya heart skip a beat…
    And makes ya lips sing a tune…
    I be trying to write some great shit…
    Something nice… and something new…

    I be trying to write some shit …
    That brings tears to your eyes…
    And makes people surprised…
    Trying to write some shit that makes ya
    Say…”damn I aint know she had it like dat”…
    I be trying to write some shit that takes ya back…way back…

    I be trying to write some shit…that’s…
    Well you know…sick…
    Trying to write that shit that brings chill bumps to your arms…
    Trying to write some shit that’s hard…
    I be trying to write that shit…
    That makes the whole audience stand to their feet…
    Trying to write some shit…that
    Defines and sums up me…

    I be trying to write some shit….
    That makes people say…”oh shit,
    This chick just flipped the whole script…
    And “oh shit no she didn’t”…
    I be trying to write that shit that makes people say….
    “You go girl”
    Be trying to write that if I ruled the world type shit
    I’m a strong young independent black princess type shit…

    I be trying to write that only God can judge me…type shit…
    And only I can be me…type shit…
    I hold the key to my destiny and all my dreams type shit…
    I be trying to write that….can’t no other bitch stop my shine …
    Type shit…
    If I was all alone in this world…I’d be fine type shit…
    Don’t need no hustlers or no nig*a on the grind type shit…
    I be tryna write that what’s yours is mine…
    And what’s mine is mine type shit…

    But when I start to write that shit…
    I don’t like that shit…
    Cause it be the same old shit…
    Just on a different level…
    And I’ll tell you…
    Quicker than the average writer would…
    That writing out all your pain…
    Don’t make some shit all good…
  15. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    ^damn, that's nice
  16. absolute zero

    absolute zero Among the living

    Oct 28, 2004
    word, like xero, i've gone AWOL for weeks at a time, without posting or replying, but trust that I still peep everyone's the realm.......
  17. absolute zero

    absolute zero Among the living

    Oct 28, 2004
    p.s I was unfortunate and didn't register before kim stopped posting, but i want to read "three words" i think is what mind~soul said it was called.....

    wish i could read that but that was wayyyyy long ago...
  18. AlmostFamous

    AlmostFamous U got a problem?

    Jan 28, 2005
    originally posted by nebulaz

    this piece was amazing to me when i read it (now for the 4th time)

    hope you like the same

    btw this was from 2003

    Cross Roads Pt: two

    My skin has never hazed hues though the sun boils
    keeping its true color while others are quick to recoil
    Find helta, skeletal came after the brim's melter
    No wonder I'm the only body who God embodied shelter
    I was left staggering, braced then felt the wind hinder
    Arose swiftly as the oxygen I breathed got thinner
    Mounted the cross shoulderly and paths crossed sinners
    Ran passed the finish line last to become the first beginner
    but no sooner than others did I realize I was a late bloomer
    Always chancing the fate of my own, disturbing my own choices
    I thought I knew of the journey but deceived by poisons
    If heavens decent cant descend who contrives the voices
    I've been stuck in my own infatuation past its peaks
    I'm so ahead of my time, if i fell I'd be descending for weeks
    Contrary to my bleak conjuring of beliefs
    I still can't comprehend the destination of his sheep
    I don't question God's principles but question my own faith
    I do realize Christ's importance and would follow for days
    Trivial as I may display, this isn't easily conveyed
    I honor glory but am confused by my lust driven captivness
    Trinity obsessive, but induce rigorous panics faltering what happens if
    I am not able to extract my beliefs with religious laxatives
    Worship is vastly lingering beyond my capacities maximus
    undefinable - h.wood is when compelling adjectives
    over her skill - mind bogglings of her writtens on papyrus
    Kindling my spirits while I wonder over the addition of entities
    amenities that have pleasanted my stay on earth's fieldings
    Found love that fluttered my heart above buildings
    But emotion is the most chilling when filling the abstract
    Concrete has feeling but its hard to possess when nothing has none
    Not a gesture by no one shows how numb
    the sum equates to with the absence of a God with no son
    If no spirit then no father ends up with no one.
    Yet its begun.
    I must abstain to the findings of the future testaments
    because my faith has protruded, so I've concluded
    I'm proceeding through the lucrative to heavenly regimens
    amen and yes I do know the lord is blessing them.
  19. AlmostFamous

    AlmostFamous U got a problem?

    Jan 28, 2005
    originally posted by mocha licious

    June 3, 2003

    although short, this poem had alot of energy

    does anyone know where mocha dissappeared to?

    ***********heaven Calling*************

    broken alignment to the world
    as i stand
    dont wanna be on the same road as everyone else
    no car jus my feet carry me
    im tryna say that im on that singular path that almost no one chooses to travel
    where darkness lines gravel and the only light that reflects is my own
    yes im scared but humble
    scarred but at the same time knowing this is right
    maybe misshapen but i glow
    prolly mistaken by many for a fool, but im a keep on going
    alone i travel, but i will have my hand extended for others to grab onto
    what i hear in my ear no one can fathom without divine translations
    as i speak there are echoes, to remind me that this is a personal journey i have chosen and that i may be physically alone but My Lord is near and laying out water for me to drink as i get thirsty along the way....
    what nourishment i swallow are His written promises

    and i jus ask this to those watching me and whispering....
  20. AlmostFamous

    AlmostFamous U got a problem?

    Jan 28, 2005
    originally posted by The Guy with a pen
    July 6,2003

    Let me tell you what, this dude needs to continue on with his writing

    I mean shit he's got the direction and this piece proves it....

    If I Want It

    those past days fade
    ....and fade
    old friends turn to sand
    easily washed away

    lost grains scattered across
    a platue made of sockets
    where eyes stare blindy
    at me with clocks in my pockets

    constantly refering to back pages
    back chapters and stages

    where I remain unknown
    to what range is
    as I peer further backword
    I witness utter strangeness

    it is me I see
    going through phases confused
    staggering along the path...barely
    twas' that path I shoe'd

    though I truly never knew
    couldn't guess or comprehend
    the end it would take me to
    though I did try to pretend

    tried to send the appearence
    ..that I... was all knowing
    such a foolish boy
    a foolish boy in the midst of growing

    growing into the almost man
    I witness before me
    staggering into hopeless land
    that is.... BEFORE, me

    I am the shaper of tomorrow
    the mould of prosperity
    if I want it

    like all can, I can...
    cry for yester-year
    stay an almost man
    with boyish ears and manly hands

    or I can plant each foot
    ..chest out making a stand
    and put the past to bed
    or I can drown myself in all

    that was once said,
    ... if I want it
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