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    Oct 30, 2004
    The stop for some of the hottest drum samples on the net with formats ranging in EVERY single format possible for any sampler!

    All samples are made by FLXCPE! This means that they are not taken from any other sources or sites

    They are not cheap free shitty sounds taken from free sample kits around the web(like most popular sites do.)

    Every single sample has been made, processed and put together by FLXCPE

    The Sounds !

    Every sample is created and recorded and dumped to our Protools environment for Processing which includes EQing by our engineer(each sample is already in the ranges so each sound should “Knock” which ever sampler you use) and some other tricks and secrets to achieve the best Quality and range for your productions!

    To make it simple, these sounds are some of the best sounds you will never find anywhere on the web or any sample cd. We take great pride in making sure of this and the quality of our product to make sure no one is dissatisfied.

    We got the sounds! all you need is the talent to make it happen

    FLX Custom Production Essentials is a site put together by sound engineers for music producers ranging in every genre of music specifically Hip-hop and R&B. We want to give today’s producers the best quality and uniqueness in one tight package to diversify there recordings.

    We have gone so far to go and produce custom production kits for producers seeking a different sound in there drum and percussion samples that no one, absolutely no one else has.

    The one who is unique is the one who goes the farthest in this game, and all we are here to do propell you to the next level in music production!

    We also offer custom sample kits, in which you give us the idea of the sound you are going for and WE work with you to make the kit that you desire. We have a policy of never selling custom kits to other customers. This means that the kit that you receive no one will EVER have it. Period.

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