FIRE AND SWORD: Deth to 4rro9ant

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  1. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Here's the RWZ Guideline:

    The standout feature of the RWZ Guideline is THE CHALLENGE FEATURE. There are two forms of Vote Challenges. No challenge can be longer than 12 written lines in paragraph form. All categories are judged by the definition of the category. So if someone thought your flow was equal to someone else's flow...but the other guy had say a 2 syllable rhyme scheme and you had a 4 syllable rhyme scheme or compound rhyme scheme greater than 2...your flow is BETTER [ as long as it's still smooth and rhythmic ] because it's harder to keep a smooth flow with a greater syllable count, and it takes more skill to do so with power, proper vocab, creativity, etc. One of the harder things to judge is say...Punchlines. There are clear definitions for what constitutes a punchline, but everybody has their own subjective flava on that. So nobody can IGNORE something that's a punchline according to the rule definition, nobody can call it filler...but everyone has their preferences so a particular style of punch will be voted by one person as ill and another person will think it's trash, and that's just how it is. Gun bars are punchlines. Swag n flow bars are punchlines. Personals are punchlines. Everyone has their preferences, and ALL preferences are equally valuable. The REAL QUALITY LYRICIST can put almost every style of punch in a single verse. A verse with a variety of punches in it should be given the punchline category over a verse with only a single kind or a limited variety of punches in it.

    You can do a CATEGORY in, you disagree with the votes or vote cast in a specific category. didn't think you lost the Punchline category. We look at the definition of punchlines, cite the bars you thought won you the category, your opponent is allowed ONE RESPONSE to your challenge if your opponent opposes your position. The voters may choose to justify their votes with ONLY ONE RESPONSE NO LONGER THAN 12 LINES. Then the mod is called in to arbitrate.

    If 3 or more categories are successfully challenged? A VOTE CHALLENGE can be issued...and that could change the vote against you to either a null vote or a vote for you. Moderator's discretion.

    The moderators have to be fair and unbiased. The RWZ Mods are Jason Anthony and Lyrical Priest

    Originally Posted by DethStryque
    B) 23 categories to judge battles.

    - Opener: The power of the first two bars in ya verse

    - Flow: how smooth and unbroken the rhythm and rhymes are

    - Word play: The witty exploitation of the meanings and ambiguities of words, esp. in puns. It must make sense when written AND spoken. No textcee wordplay.

    - Name play: witty exploitation of the meanings and ambiguities in names. It must make sense when it's written AND when it's spoken, no "textcee" nameplay

    - Rhyme Scheme: The ordered pattern of rhymes. The more sophisticated the rhyme scheme, the more creatively placed areas in a rap that bars rhyme? Th The more advanced the rhyme scheme. Rhyme scheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    - Multis: rhymes that contain two or more syllables,Multisyllabic rhyme is used extensively in hip-hop, is considered a hallmark of complex and advanced rapping

    Inners: rhymes that happen near or at the center of a bar

    - Punches: Definitions for punch′ line`(n )the climactic phrase or sentence in a joke speech humorous story or rap that produces the desired effect. That means that BOAST punchlines, KNOWLEDGE punchlines, FIGHTING WORDS/THREATS, descriptive violence, etc etc are also punchlines and must be credited as such. Anything that attacks the opponent, and/or gives props to the rapper that's rapping, is a punchline and must be considered as such.

    - Personals: Diss punchlines that can be directed only at a specific person, and oftentimes include disses aimed at something that the person has done, something they wear, their voice, mannerisms, etc.

    - Humor: Bars that have the quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech.

    -Knowledge: This is probably the most powerful and most overlooked area in rap battles. The greater your knowledge base and the more effectively you apply it, the better your rap is and the harder it is to craft a rap like that. Raps showing a thorough grasp of common and uncommon subjects deserve to receive higher marks than those that don't, and this Guide knows and respects that fact.

    -Themes: You know how rappers could select a sport or whatever and draw punchlines visuals wordplays metas etc built around those? In the URL this idea is mistakenly called "schemes". A more accurate word is "themes".

    - Vocabulary: The use of words that clearly get your meaning across; however the more unusual the words used that STILL get the meaning across clearly? The better the vocabulary. Vocab isn't an excuse to use big words to confuse the crap outta anybody; vocab should make your meaning more clear. Your intentions more precise.

    - Flips (in 2 round battles): The skill and art of turning a punchline, word or phrase that your opponent used on you back on your opponent

    - Attitude: the swag, ferocity, threats, intensity and energy of a rap. Street rappers and ganxta rappers often excel in this area.

    - Realness: When a rapper speaks about real life events and circumstances then brings them home in the rap being spit by applying those events to the opponent. URL rappers do this alot when they speak about the character of the person they're facing.

    - Metaphors: A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. [ ex: my faith is a rock ]
    A thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, esp. something abstract
  2. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    - Simile: A figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, using the words 'like' or 'as' (e.g., as brave as a lion).

    - Sound Manipulation: the deliberate combination of rhyme scheme and vocabulary to produce, repeat, and/or emphasize specific sounds. this includes alliteration.

    - Creativity: The use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work. Creativity is oftentimes nonexistent or very narrow in raps. Break the barriers and use all the creativity you want; just be sure that you use high levels of creativity in the application of all of the categories in this Guideline.

    -Focus: Have you ever seen a rap that was dope but never seemed to be going anywhere? Seemed like it was directionless? There should be progression in the rap. Readers should be able to grasp a "theme" in the rap.

    - Originality: How ORIGINAL is the material? Have we seen the material in this rap used many times or rarely used? When comparing the raps, who used the "fresher", less commonly used but still applicable direct and understandable material?
    - Enjoyability: Pure enjoyment. Totally subjective

    - Structure (legibility): self explanatory

    - Closer: Your last bars should be either the most powerful bars in the rap or tied with the opener. Finish with absolute madness, every time.

    Flips allowed. All votes must follow the standard definition for each category and are subject to Category Challenges if the votes don't conform with the definitions of the categories.
    To vote? All you gotta do is copy and paste the list below, list the name of the lyricist that won each category next to the name of each category, and follow your category breakdown with a 4 line minimum quick expo.

    Word play--
    Name play--
    Rhyme scheme--
    Flips (in 2 round battles)--
    Structure (legibility)--
    Attitude--[ ferocity, focus, swag ]--
    Sound Manipulation--

    4 bars must be cited from the winning verse that won it and 4 bars from the losing verse that lost it in your eyes as a voter.

    Deth overmastered his opponents in every way with his superior lyricism, flow, vocab, punches...dude was just too much in every way. Those other guys did their best? But they just couldn't face their Deth. [ Cite 4 bars from the winning verse that sealed the win for the voter, cite 4 bars that lost it for the loser. Cite what you liked that the loser did. You must ALWAYS find SOMETHING that the loser did that you liked...even if you say: "well, I liked that he TRIED to do such and such..."]

    Another way to vote is to say:

    Deth won most of the categories except [ list categories ]. Here's why he won those categories [ list categories ] and here's why he lost these categories [ list reasons ].

    top to bottom voting takes like 5-6 minutes and is still thorough
  3. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    This is my official check in. need to check in.
  4. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
    Mr. 495...LIVE AND DIRECT...LIVE ON SET!!!
  5. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
  6. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Alright, the order is Deth-u-u-Deth. I will drop tomorrow. Bring all your firepower. I'm going 48 bars minimum. Good luck.
  7. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    damn deth... when u gonna jump n the ring for real :funny:
  8. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008

    Whaddup dawg! Man...Idk the first thing about battle league politics. I hate politics. I'd jump in there just for the heck of it, if the offer is right. I wouldn't keep battling for free. Overall, though? I'd like to go to and battle in various events and battle leagues. Idk how to contact them.
  9. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
    Just hit cats with red names up on here...most of them respond
  10. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
    And bars please. ***DRUMROLL***
  11. smittyrhythm

    smittyrhythm you love 2 hate me

    Jan 12, 2011
    Coloradorap got n touch with me and I flew out to battle Lakhryth, won 3-0 ... Then when I got back home I took a trip out to Columbia, Missouri to check out what was left of the no coast scene and battled promo against Tim the Boneman... All it takes a lil elbow grease and some can do attitude deth, not sure how much longer I'll be doing tho. Im gettin too old for this shit :funny:
  12. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    My bad. New and old clients hittin me up crazy. You already know...New Year's Resolution stuff. Always spikes my business and that's good. I will key it up on you tomorrow, that's a promise. If I don't? I forfeit. I never forfeit.
  13. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    thasswhassup! I always knew them dudes couldn't see you, dawg!
  14. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
  15. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Whassup. Pressed for time. Droppin this quick keystyle to keep my word and set it off...not going 48 this time. Got like 20 minutes to key it so let's get it in.

    I smash foes with sicc writes, jab roll throw quick rights, crack skulls n dick dykes plus bash bones n spit scythes!!
    So if we battle clap 4's wrassle or fist fight? You kain't see me like shadows in black holes at midnight!!
    Act bold my quick Stryque gotcha squad buggered! Deth the suave brutha raw hustla chokes 4rro9ant muave colored
    N plantcha like Guave clusters til you're mauled like the Hall of Ushers, the Brawl of Prussia, n the Fall of Custard
    Uppercuts bounce ya grill like your jaw is rubber then I'm uh dick that tryck til ya Ma is tuckered
    Nut, n git up like:"Gotcha covered! Where's 4rro9ant? Just follow the caw of buzzards!!"
    So don't run up with ya gander all up, brother! One punch stops ya flow like ya trawler's scuppered
    n gitcha straight ate up like gnawed up supper!
    Cuz tryck you fraud suckers are not rougher!! Punches halt ya talk like jaw muzzlers,
    hook you like cod rustlers plant you like sod busters!!
    Plus Deth the rod clutcher's hocked thunder snatch bodies like alien pod clusters til you're
    Glock thunder mopped slumbered n ripped apart with a croc's hunger!!
    They'll find your whole squad's nogs chopped under the block dumpster with twisted tops like Turkish knots
    Cuz 4rrogant? That Herb is twat! But my verses gotcha shocked like a long range game winning
    buzzer beater perfect shot!!
    I'm a legendary beast on the streets like Dungeons and Dragons festivals man! You can't see me
    with a extra special spectral X-cam
    My groovie spits Vesuvius your gluteus like volcano colonoscopies and meteor shower rectal exams!!

    You believe you'll beat Deth? When I pop up from behind ya couch with
    thunder tuh greet cha
    Snatch ya hot cheese like I plundered ya pizza n make you watch me smother
    ya nina [ girl ]
    Sleep ya town, then beatcha down like no other can beatcha, I bet you'll question
    ya faith then...MOTHER THERESA!!
    My beam n slug uh steam ya mug like southern barristas plus tesserate ya wig, B!
    You see Deth comin n u clear disappear when I go off n detonate ya trick free then devastate ya city
    I see Deth come end you clear when I diss a peer, detonate ya tryck free then devastate ya city!!
    Didn't you hear? I said, you see Deth come n-u clear...NUCLEAR...When I diss a peer n detonate ya tryck free then devastate ya city!!
    Punches levitate ya lid, B n stop ya breathin like a trident strike's gotcha sinus spiked
    Rhymes I write ignite ya mind n punch too fast for ya iris sight
    Plus I'm the type tuh steel maul you n keelhaul you like pissed off pirates might
    Bars lifts you up n blows ya head off like doin pull ups on sticks of dynamite!!
    This ain't no kinda fight! I'll abuse him with anger causin contusions tuh maim herbs
    like two from the chamber flew thru ya mane Herb
    You lame jerk! You'll getcha chain jerked! Fist hits snooze him with rancor!
    Plus my flow goes over 4rro's head like I noosed him with anchors!
    So crown me the King of Kings like yall did that bald kid in Jerusalem's manger!!
  16. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
    What??? I was suppose 2 skip a step or wheeze for breath???
    Yo, Stryque I'm still alive because I've already beaten Death
    How you gonna 2 survive once death's applied 2 your chest???
    Strike this pest, Raid aimed at his solar-plex
    Now I'm vexed, you've disturbed an owl who's been feeling foul
    Sick of being fouled by cowards and fowl pals
    Whose bites remind me of smiles compared 2 your growls
    Swoop down, pull your card, it gets placed in the junk pile
    Where the wolf tickets go, life's got me sinking low
    Got me stooping to K.O. dude, watch his eyes blink slow
    If I got Drake on the hook, your fish will be hooked and drinking slow
    If you caught her sniffing blow, you might apply a choke hold
    I get guap, flipping dough, you're out Kung-Fu gripping poles
    Got your black-belt knotted, you flip in dojos???
    While envisioning escrima sticks ripping thru holes...
    4 the pure glory??? that mental picture is too whoa!!!
    Karate kicks are cute, but can you kick flips like Shaun White
    Bet you were a stunt double in Blade for Wesley Snipes
    You said he was sweet and reminds you of Ness Lee, yikes!!!
    Safe 2 say you enjoy seeing pearly whites blend into the night
    Googled a simple way to defeat Death, just eat right
    Naw phuk that, make Deth continuously eat rights
    He ducks that, gut punch him 'till he no longer eats right
    Dislocate those phalanges, now try to hold a mic, Stryque
    Bust your ear open with a smite like Kimbo Slice
    Open up a wound real nice, pour on the orange Slice
    Force Death incarnate to stare into the light
    With closed eyes, but hey...look on the bright side
    Put up your dukes, so you can puke Alphabet Soup, further proving you'z a fluke
    Catch you playing the flute and leave holes in you too
    To match the holes in your game, worms in your fruit
    Lames who are full of hot air get evaporated in the booth
    All along a few knew about the F/X used in Blade 2
    Now I see it was you, them sketchy tights, a definite clue
    Statements could be made that you intend 2 make dudes your boo
    By spoiling them with a pair of hot pink Nike boots, brand new
    Hope you disappear from the world, it's beautiful sans you
    Minus well be speaking in dialects, it won't compute, damn fool
    Never did I demand you train amongst bamboo or sand dunes
    Life's too short, get trampled or take a vacation to Cancun
    The peanut g. sees Deth instantly get bounced, trampoline
    While lit up with gasoline, get the fire chief on the scene
    Have Deth in the air by evening, picture the 4th of July
    Picture a fire in the sky, y'all know his end is nigh
    It's clear this porcupine has no spine, not a sharp enough guy
    Would it be crazy if I stabbed his thigh??? a definite maybe
    That's not a knife, now peep the one Paul Hogan gave me
    You probably wanna be Germaine or Slim, call me crazy
    But my style eclipses yours, now who's looking shady
    When I state Deth's raps are disastrous, I mean like Haiti
    Blaspheme towards a deity for thinking Death's ahead of me
    Clear as day, you didn't plan on withstanding this manner of calamity
  17. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    This order is actually more fair than giving one lyricist the advantage of flipping all the time. It's on you, 4rro9ant. Then I torch you. And we let the voters vote.
  18. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
    Fair enough...
  19. Brown Recluse

    Brown Recluse Hermit, no crabs

    Sep 24, 2011
    One round, one death, that was the first 48
    Guess who wants to perpetrate, discredit and hate
    time for me 2 regulate because you chose to violate
    time to remove that circus paint from your tired old face
    Forget trying to escape, you need to face facts
    Homie, you should get socked 4 thinking I'm playing that
    I rep the nation's cap, running everything on the map
    A monumental fact is my city runs yours, how pitiful is that
    True power remains hidden, the full fury of my wrath
    Is currently contained, the waterfront wouldn't sustain
    A crack to the main, Deth's genetic strains down the sewage drain
    Had to pull an Italian job, hired meatballs to mop stains
    You instruct the ways of martial arts and deserve props
    In your dojo lots of wood gets chopped
    But I'm not a cinder block, outside that gym, you can get got
    Gonna be hard to arm-bar me while I've got arms locked
    Scope plus red dot, maneuver like Black Ops
    Low-crawl to your spot cloaked by a moonlit backdrop
    Stand watch, then attack like a Sasquatch
    Slide into your home and turn that shit into a sandlot
    Pleasant surprise, such a delight bringing D. Stryque his demise tonight
    Adapt nocturnal stalker-like ways, because son's light
    Leave him with two L's, in chess, that's two knights
    Two verses to son him, that's a Sonnen in two fights
    Smacked and broke him, round 2 will serve and smoke him
    Poll's up, anyone vote him, I'll copycat Dexter and boat them
    Only the carcass found floating will be completely roasted
    Dump Deth in a Siberian tundra, now time has you frozen
    You'll be etched in history once scientist apply anti-freeze
    To your remains in 3,000 A.D. approximately
    This bum's teeth are begging to outlast every emcee
    Heat removes your dentistry, place me in Golgo 13's league
    Deth obtains loot and purchases jockstraps and gi's
    I charge the loot a fee, that's more scratch 4 me
    Read your 1st entry, fell asleep due to boredom
    My official victory will be released postmortem
    See you asked for 48 per round, yeah I was with it
    Guess who pulled a bait and switch at the very last minute
    I witnessed this clown come up short like a horny midget
    Hey dimwit, you have to actually go the distance to reach the finish
    Deth's an emcee who's square and can't change them angles up
    Muay Thai training won't keep you from getting handled 'bruh'
    Leave you tangled up, dance of death with a tarantula
    Shout out to PG County, home of the Durantula
    OK we'll see who needs to be saved by the bell, Black Morris
    Realizing he stepped in the ring with Morbius, that's horrid
    More so than being stuck in Chinatown amongst the tourists
    Sure beats Deth driving his Taurus to get beat by The Saurus
  20. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Round 2...FIRE AND SWORD: Deth to 4rrogant

    Gather round...yall bout tuh see this 4rro9ant wimp guy ate n turned into rap's first victim of Hentai rape

    Anybody who writes:

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *...and thinks that trash is hott great n lyrical*
    Is beyond salvation for even God's great miracles, n I ain't being satyrical
    This ain't abstract rap Black in fact it's empirical. Check it, my psalms spray
    Bombs slay like a grande Pompeii n stomp ate 4rro like entrees at Imperial's!!
    You'll get wet like cereal when I put on a mask like Ray Mysterio
    Everything you say? Ghey material! Your weak text gets Reaped, wrecked!
    Lemme tell you how impossible it is for you rejects tuh beat Deth:
    U have a better chance of surviving point blank phaser fire
    The major ire of Satan's Days of Fire and getting noosed by razor wire
    Floatin to Jupiter with no space attire, Rondo becoming a Lakers signer
    Being the space station space designer, as Brett Favre becomes a Raider liker
    Making the raunchiest porno star a Quaker Wifer...then making the Quakers like her
    Walking away straight up after you raced up and face fucked a freighter liner
    Being the meditating trailblazing writer of a hit series starring Scott Bakula
    Swimming around Africa with a Croc gnawing ya scapula n a lot uh hot
    Glock shots tuh ya back n uh
    Surviving gettin bitten by Dracula after uh Griffen's attackin ya
    Then surviving Deth's writing n spittin uh rap at cha

    Everybody? I'm sorry you had to read two verses of 4rro's trash n scripts
    I'll give you what he lacked in his when my savage spits mallot his cabbage, ribs, n smash in wigs!
    My rappin's sick! Melt his bones tuh scavenged strips! Cook his flesh like cavendish!
    I'm smashin trycks!! My pen got that legendary monster stroke like Krakken dicks!!
    Losin? I ain't havin this! You ain't passin this when Deth the pro tests//protests lines like activists
    Cuz I'm a sav at this! With the brainpower to outcompute Skynet with my abacus!!
    My punchlines' crackin lids with ill flex leavin ya grill wrecked like scabs n zits
    And martial arts? I mastered this! Yo ass is ripped when The Five Fingers of Deth connect tuh ya abs n lips
    N gitcha jive mandible ground in two cuz I'll 5 Animal Shaolin you...
    ...when I get in my Crane Stance hitcha with a Snake Strike Leopard Fist Tiger Claw and Dragon Kicks!!
    4arro? I'll make you sip on a witch brew n assassin poison flagon mix
    Then laugh n point as you gasp n twitch, while I give ya girl wood like cabin cribs!!
    You pansy gents're slept on the streets like transients cuz I'm packing shivs
    stabbin kids with 16 cuts like amethysts!!
    Plus I'm clappin fifths that'll change up ya looks like fabulous fashion tips!!
    4rrow if we fued I'll eat you cuz when I see you I sea food like crabs n dips!
    Your rap's the pits! My rappin R.I.P.s like I threw you in ashen pits with asps n pits!
    I'm like Christmas. You're like Earth Day. Compared tuh me? You're lackin gifts!!
    You ain't matchin spits, cuz I ride flows like royal ferries. But 4rrow's like those royal faeries!!
    My expelled schemes gotcha shell creamed n leakin like rancid spoiled cherries
    Beat Deth? Never! My hell beams gotcha "well leaned" like "slanted oil derries"!!
    You cook beef? I boil bear meat!! You don't wanna get it on in a song, yo!
    One bat smack quivers 4rrow's head like Tonto n launched bro like Robin Hood's long bow!! med hill.JPG/
    Kickbox this tryck's drops like Tong Po n John Doe ya song, bro!!
    Plus I slam bums like I blammed guns, n bullets? I land drums//island drums...congo!!
    Battle Deth? Wrong, bro!! I'll wipe out what you wrote like your writin redacts you
    Then crush clowns with rough nouns like Titans of Wrath do
    N spit raps that split caps like six packs of Lycans attacked you
    And snore ya troops like Thor n Zues let storms of loosed lightning shellack you
    Plus stop talkin about the links to my bars! You can suck my nuts
    i explain my bars cuz too many of you marks are dumb as fuck

    You rep Washington D.C.? Chocolate City? Then I blame you for all the drama there
    When I put it to this jerk's ear n let the llama flare? He'll get hospital love from Obamacare!!
    You're the atheist in this battle, cuz you ain't got no kinda prayer when I give you that cold blooded iguana glare
    N speak tunes that turn this into a heat room without no saunas there
    Punches fade you like chronic air n gotcha shakin like samba squares
    No crew needed! I'll pull ya card n play you by myself. SOLITAIRE
    Git braullic player I'll lift n stretch you like hydraulic chairs might do you
    Rap fast jabs pack n yall fall when I mark heads with writes that snooze you
    Respect this lyricist stop sleepin n hear it! Get tuh peepin the lyrics!!
    I said: fast jabs...Pacquiao...fall...when I Marquez with rights that snooze you!! MARQUEZ VS PACQUIAO 4 KNOCK OUT - YouTube

    Had to cut down from 120 bars...
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