Final Verse for "Change"

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by dsp2k5, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Sep 7, 2005
    I was debating or not whether or not to write a last verse for "Change", a song I am currently working on. The lyrics are in OM entitled "Change" If you like this verse better let me know and I may loose the second verse or switch them around. I am keeping most of the first verse the same though. Whats yalls opinion?

    I changed alright, from a child to a man ...
    And that can easily be reversed if you dont stick to the plan.
    Some things I would do again, but you choose a hand
    One hand has somethin in it, the other hand has been known to fool a man
    Used to stand up against competition, yall saw me run it off
    Blocked all that, wouldnt even let them punt the ball
    Still hearing em bragging, acting like they done it all
    Funny thing is, I dont see nothing they done at all
    Because not only did change have me sleeping, so was my competition
    But if they thinking they'll see me weeping, they got me tripping
    Not to mention, I never pointed it out when they started slipping
    The bar was right in front of em, n none of em even had the balls to lift it
    I realized I was gifted so I went n picked it right back up
    Got up swinging, so all yall better back up
    Drama? Naw, I gave all of that up, its bad luck
    Plus, my words must inspire the haters, so I think Ill keep my trap shut ....
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