Fight or flight

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    Apr 18, 2013
    I was on a mission for a better position better winnings and endless womenhella driven to take what I was given fine dining and comfortable linen momma see how I’m living all the pain and sweat still nothing to regret been hustling as child my match was set this life of mine is wild you ain’t seen nothing yet all this controversies left you in the blind still I bet that due in time you’ll see the steps to climb went from a youngster doing crime to reaching a million minds teaching with every line speaking the truth helped me find a meaning to my painful grind in those tough times loss for inspiration is what I was facing but I knew better times were awaiting enemies get to shaking not known what they was facing come with me to a better place contemplate everything and be amazed me and my hostile ways depart from this thoughtful days started with a empty dream hopes for a petty fiend so close to everything

    what would I be lil niggas committing felonies went from troubled times to writing rhymes see my life flip the tides went from nothing to something I finally made it a lil nigga from the gutter I stay faded bitches wanna know how I played it never stressing get to stepping with ma smithen & wisson you know I’m spraying I ain’t listening to what you saying representing visualizing a better ending striving for a new beginning can’t keep from sinning I tell myself I wanna stop but it ain’t easy every day is hard you gotta believe me tell the world we need to put the guns away and work for a better day tomorrow ain’t promised to some there is inspiration for some just gotta be patient in hopes to make it it’ll come I can only ask why you hating and praying I fall this is pure concentration I’m embracing while you steady facing discriminating I stay evasive and numb all the revolution has begun as I continue my innovation of escalating the generations to come

    I write with a passion speaking the truth and passing knowledge to the youth and what I’m asking is to break the cycle of violence watching the crime scene sitting in silence hideous and horrible is what it was body stinking up as the flies buzz I write to tell the gory truth niggas is hard headed quick to shoot in this society deprived of necessities men lost in endless greed effigies of those that step to me you gotta fight for what is yours take your greatness and let it pour help the helpless and be forevermore take care of your people and settle scores keep from evil and take a course that leads you to a better force the future is in your hands what will you do endorse a painful never ending horror for something more the answer’s yours

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