Fight Klub on MTV2

Discussion in 'Audio Emcee Hook Ups' started by Fat Red Cheeks With Crooked Tats, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Anyone watch this shit??

    its prob be on for a minute i just havent watched tv in mad long.....

    i know jin won all of last years but he got his ass handed to him this year by serius jones..... i saw the NEMS vs osolo battle.... nems an asshole.. haha.... and osolo has the wierdest fuckin style ever and look like coolio...... he got signed or some shit though .... i saw 40 cal vs Cardi and 40 got his ass handed to him cus he was spittin all his track verses.. but his last verse fucked cardi up.. then i saw lady luck vs remy martin and remy got slayed....

    thats the only shits ive seen... i know theres some wit murda mook on that shit..

    im bout to order the DVD though fuck it... get the un edited shit..

    shows dope though.. dopest show on tv in a while... just wish it was on HBO or somethin un edited
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