Fatal Error (Audio)

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  1. ZodiaKK

    ZodiaKK ZodiaK KillA

    May 28, 2005


    as i retaliate hate escalates ill stab ya face
    u to try a run but ull learn u cant escape ur fate
    ur finished now only the underworld awaits
    u made a fatal error now ill make u pay for u mistakes

    VERSE 1

    when I step up all opponents suddenly fall
    they try to stand up but they even to bloody to crawl
    my rhymes got ya mother appalled as shes suckin my balls
    u try to get away but u fuckin stuck in this brawl
    swingin the mic like a mace slammin the spikes in ya face
    sorry ya lifes a discrase jabbin my knife in ya taste..... buds
    ya taste bud ? Yea I fuckin taste bud
    wake up pull out my papers and then begin to blaze blunts
    ya fake thugs who dont inhale drugs ya rhymes are made up
    insain fuck murder ya family still don’t leave a trace what
    first off I stash the limbs in separate trash bins
    goin to hell early cuz I commit so many sins
    the anti christ curb stomp ya grandmother and ill stab ya wife
    this shit is trife fuck spittin ryhmes im tellin ya the facts of life
    u catch my drift like a kite smash ya wrist wit a pipe
    ill smack this bitch wit delight then slash her kids wit my knife

    VERSE 2

    u say u hustle in the streets u say u move a key a day
    well I carry a key chain in order to collect my pay
    got so many bricks of yay ill build an insolated igloo
    make my own great wall of china with enough left for a roof
    all yall bitches say ya sellin drugs but know nuttin about it
    ya strugglin to slang a gram well im pushin 40 ounces
    sellin to cops, librarians even football anouncers
    at the retirement home I gotta bring some extra pouches
    yall find pennies I find 50 doller bills in my couches
    the only reason I survive in this game is cuz im the foulist
    never hesitant killin the innocent cuz im molevolent
    its evident im sick cuz its decibel that I represent
    this decent into madness physcopathic torment
    trainin seven assasins its clear murders intent
    its intense rippin ya ligaments into segments
    my sixth sence seein everybody dead and creatin menace

    VERSE 3

    im the last mc ud expet to see spittin some club shit
    but when i say club I mean the kinda club u get clubed wit
    the kinda club wit razor wire wraped around the edges
    fuck puttin a round in ya chest ill blast it down ya neck bitch
    watch u digest it leave u wit a massive crevice
    it burrows in and now the leads got ya skin infected
    without a setative ull never live a lack of oxygen
    ur on a respirator gaspin ya chest is achin and it
    feels like its breakin smashin the pains unbearable
    ya fluids leakin like caramel this shit is fuckin terrible
    thrivin off the torture rioting disorder
    seein death everyday cuz ima ryhmin coroner
    hidin in the corridors spyin wit night vision goggles
    then I strike wit a combo and wipe out ya ensemble
    throw u down stab wit the glass from broken bottles
    ya fucked and ya letters more mixed up than a game of boggle​
  2. ZodiaKK

    ZodiaKK ZodiaK KillA

    May 28, 2005
  3. ZodiaKK

    ZodiaKK ZodiaK KillA

    May 28, 2005

    SKAVENJAH New Member

    May 23, 2005
    what up yo.... winnipeg ? i was born in that deathtrap....glad i got out!, well im not the biggest club beat fan....but i guess this is ok....you spit the rhymes consistant...but it seemed like it was missin somethin... cant pinpoint what it is...

    late dun...keep writin

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