Fastest Rapper in America: Ox Elian.

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  1. Contract

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    Jul 5, 2007
    Hi, I'm Hexolit Method. You can call me Ox. Here is the video in which I rap faster than anyone has ever recorded themselves rapping in English, since time began.

    Pale kid raps FASTEST - YouTube

    I'm the fastest rapper in the English language. No it's not Mac Lethal, who recorded this

    Pale kid raps EVEN FASTER (Now on iTunes!) - YouTube

    because people claimed he was speeding up recordings. Then there was Black Kid Raps Faster, this and that person and dude rap faster, and all of them apparently suffering from some disorder that causes delusion.

    All speed rappers use one of two flows at top speed. Unless you execute the same flow, on a beat that has higher bpm, you're not faster.

    I'm usin both of em here. God I'm such a dick
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