Fast Lane freestyle

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by dsp2k5, May 7, 2011.

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  1. dsp2k5

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    Sep 7, 2005
    They claiming they staying in the fast lane
    On they cash chase in the middle of this rat race,
    Non stop, like they got bad brakes,
    But they ass if faking, they aint a damn thing they know about it
    They see a fast lane, they go around it
    I stay on it like I own and founded it
    In her ride while she going down, lips
    Making too much noise, so ya boy turns the speakers up so it drowns out
    And you aint ever met a colder guy, we rolling fly
    She owns the ride, and I dont even know the dime
    Still in the fast lane, ain't going right
    Staying in the left lane, her motor hyped
    Shoulders high, Im knowing Im the cleanest
    Treating myself to whuts up under her Victorias Secrets
    Not to ruin the evening, but before Im leaving,
    She paying the fee for me pleasing her till she screamin and creamin

    In The Fast Lane ... Fast Lane .. Hold Up !!!!

    Inturrupin em wit da trunk popped up, leaning like we usually do
    Chunking up da duece to you because I dont got time to fool wit you
    Especially you girl, you got that "booty doo"
    Because your stomach sticks out more than ya booty do
    They asking "Who are you? Dont worry about it
    Besides, Im already feeling like Im surrounded
    Besides, folks dont like it when I roll out with they spouses
    Trunk bumping so hard, we pounding down mountains
    Other chic keep calling "Where are ya? I been callin ya,
    From my Denalia, dont make me follow ya,
    Oh, sorry, I really dont mean to bother ya,
    But I got weed, I got money, I got a lot for ya"
    Hoppin out the other chics ride, time to switch it up
    Dialin the other chics number, I hit her up
    Tell her where to pick me up, lets get sick n stuff
    But this time she better bring me bigger bucks, man hold up ...
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