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  1. Philly_215

    Philly_215 The Silent Poet

    Jan 14, 2005
    Around the age you are today,
    I was told that you where on your way,
    A boy faced with guiding a life the right way,
    Like I had experienced a thing past,
    Being grounded and homework,
    Anything past playgrounds and chores,
    So as you grew in your mothers womb,
    I continued on with my aimless pursuit of a juvenile youth,

    Then reality called,
    To the hospital your mother was brung,
    Far to soon for a healthy you,
    Faced with facts and statistics my heart still felt distant,
    And my mind i tried to grasp on the enormity of this hand I'd been dealt,
    Yet time slows for no one,
    And you disregarded well wishes and statistics,
    Birth three and half months early,
    A Feisty one pound thirteen ounces,
    With feet kicking and fist swinging,

    You first scream hit me like sledgehammers,
    And my parental instincts kicked in,
    Enraged cause they had to restrain you,
    Guess they didn't know thats Nance's fight to win,
    so from small beginnings comes my greatest intervention,
    Life altering dependent,

    Those three month and half you spent in the hospital,
    Opened my heart to feeling,
    I had never known,
    Concerns that chilled me down to my very core of my soul,
    The moment you squeezed my finger you hand me wrapped around yours,

    You are my focus, my drive,
    My baby girl first in line,
    You are the reason I became a father,
    And not a baby daddy,
    You are the reason statistics,
    Don't confine me,
    You are my God's blessing,
    My answer when I ask for guidance,
    And why's
    My corrective measure when all else failed to make sense,
    Your my simplicity,
    That put all in perspective,
    And I wrote this jus to say thank you for the message.
  2. Philly_215

    Philly_215 The Silent Poet

    Jan 14, 2005
  3. allnakey

    allnakey Sex is no fun by yourself

    Mar 30, 2003
    It's always been very interesting to me to see peoples perspective on life change when becoming a parent. And I do mean a parent, in the sense of actually accepting the responsibility. Not just the title. It's one of those things that as I get older in life I seem to want more and more.

    Anyways I wish I could relate to the piece on the sense of being a father, but I'm not quite there. What I can do is respect the honesty of this piece. We see a transformation from a kid roaming the streets, doing normal teenager things. Not worrying about having to provide for another. Then everything seems to come into perspective. I new challenge and meaning to life arose. The last few lines of the poem really brought some heartfelt closure. This was very easy to read and feel. A simple piece that sums up something not at all that simple. Glad I read this, it made me smile.

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