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    Exposed: Confessions of a Groupie
    Written By Robert Littal


    Over the past 2 months Robert Littal has interviewed over 50 women in regards to their relationships with professional athletes. They range from professional groupies to Wives who have been with athletes for more than a decade. In part 1 of this 3 part series, Robert Littal interviews groupies who tell us how does it feel to always be the other woman.

    Here are some excerpts from these explosive interviews..........

    RL: Candy, you say it is about control could you talk about that a little more?

    Candy: I get a rush from it, these athletes and celebrities are use to getting what they want, and they are use to being in control, so when you take it away from them it is a power trip. I once had a player on the Atlanta Falcons begged me not to leave his hotel room. Said he would leave his wife and kids for me. It was like that scene from Harlem Nights with Sunshine. I am talking about a man who is 6’6” 300 pounds who I have wrapped around my finger, you can’t imagine the rush you get from that.


    RL: Final question what has been the wildest experience you have had dealing with an athlete?

    Candace: I had Brokeback mountain incident where an Atlanta Hawks player who I had slept with a couple of times wanted to bring his friend in on the action. I was cool with it because we had done 3somes before with another girl, so I didn’t think it was a big deal. After a bit I noticed that the 2 guys were way more interested in each other than they were in me lmao.


    To read the entire interview please visit the new http://www.robertlittal.com
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