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Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Mind~$oul, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    Since the realm has been overwhelmed with a lot of new poets as of late. I figure this would be the best opportunity to make this thread where we all can introduce ourselves to the realm. There's people who have been posting in this place for years and I know nothing about hardly. So I'll start it off!

    Of course I've been posting under the name Mind~$oul since 2001. I orginally started posting here on this site under the name Verbal Conflict back in 1999 when I was 15. So I've been here for a looooooooooooong time.

    Mind-Really came out of people saying I thought "deep" when I use to rap. I eventually stopped rapping though because the group I was in at the time began to complain that I was too "poetic". Haven't rapped since 2000.

    Soul-A name I got from my mother(r.i.p) and grandfather. They said out of all the kids in the family I was the only one who loved all that old school music they use to play in the house lol. From Coltrane, to Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Bootys Collins, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Dorothy Moore, Bobby Womack. The list goes on. I loved all of it and I still listen to those artist till this day.

    So that's how the name Mind Soul came about. A lot of people though in my city call me "Boon". A nickname I done had since like 9th or 10th grade. I got that name because everybody thinks I look like and reminds them of Huey from The Boondocks! Birthname is Malik.

    Birthday-July 5, 1984...Cancers rawk!

    I also have a daughter by the name of Cionna who will be turning 6 years old on the 10th of this month.

    My introduction to writing

    I began writing when I was around 8 or 9 years old. I had a real bad stuttering problem when I was younger. So my mother use to make me read a lot of books coming up. I eventually grew into the reading thing and started to write my own stories(atleast tried to lol). Then poetry soon came into my life when my mother took me to a spoken word party when I was 11. I was mesmerized by what I saw and heard. Been hooked ever since.

    That's all you guys get for right now!

    p.s. I'm also a 2x college dropout and an alcoholic
  2. allnakey

    allnakey Sex is no fun by yourself

    Mar 30, 2003
    Well my name is Cullen Quinn... my posting name is allnakey or ( all in a key) funny play on words, but that's just my personality. I'm love making fun of everything, that's how I got to where I am today. Making the best out every situtation and managing to keep my head up.

    I was born april 29 1986, been posting since april 2003... so I've been around the board for a while, noy so much lately but I'm around.

    Hmmmmm what about me... what can I say here, well I grew up in foster care jumping around from group home to group home... basically was raised by the city of rochester, literally. My mom passed when I was 8 and my dad never was there for me... though in the last 2 years of my life he's shown back up. Kind of awkward, but I try to keep the angry minimal. I fall in love quickly, been in 2 serious 1 year plus relationships and working on a long one right now ( 6months and going) Most of my writing reflects my love life and my feelings at the time. Some of my other pieces deal with society and religion... Once in a while I write about my mom...

    I love music, mostly old school RnB and rap, recently I've gotten into a lot of rock music and learned how to play the gutiar. I don't watch much TV and besides sports I really am not intoon with pop-culture. So I can be bland in that aspect.

    O yeah and for most of you that don't know I am WHITE! I dont know how many people from the board have acted suprised when I've said that.

    I'm currently a college junior at Brockport state working on a BA in Physical education and early childhood developement. I work as an employee of the city of rochester working with young kids in recreation. It is one of the most rewarding experience of my life, giving back to the inter-city youth.

    Well that's me
  3. lpoet

    lpoet POET

    Oct 20, 2002
    ...Well...I been around for a minute...I found this place by typing in rapmusic on altavista a long ass time ago....I was just getting into poetry at the time and when I found the realm i thought i had died and gone to heaven....i had never seen so many different styles of poetry in one place...i was amazed at the talent that so many of the cats in here had....so after about a month of lurking on the site i decided to join and post a few poems...i couldnt believe that anyone actually liked my shit...one of my first replys ever on any of my poems was from mind soul......He was the first cat that i think ever really felt my poetry...when i first found this place it felt like home...so much of my life i have felt like i was putting up a front and hiding something and in the realm i could be me...i could write about all the crazy things in my mind and people would just say..."thats dope" or i feel where your coming from...damn...i miss those replies...


    My real names Aaron and Lpoet comes from lonelypoet....a name that comes from several things..mainly just me feeling like i'm all on my own.....(although its been quit some time since i had to brave something on my own)...

    I got a 3 year old daughter named Kyla who is truely the best thing that ever happened to me...infact...shes sitting on my lap as i type this..haha...my beautiful girlfriend and one day wife Briana is the mother of my daughter and is my rock...I swear she holds me down like no other...its not to often you find someone who will do ANYTHING for you..and i have that in Briana...

    Currently I'm living with Briana and Kyla in our new house which we just finished constructing in Feb 06' shits nice..i still cant believe that at 23 i'm owning this big ass house. blessings and hard hard work....I work as a Sales Coordinator for a company called deflecto..no i dont sale shit..lol...I do market research, pricing analysis, study trends, etc....Basically i spend most of my day knocking out spreedsheets, creating and presenting presentations and yelling at my customer service girls who are constantly fucking up some shit...

    O...and i keep trying to get in contact with mindsoul but i swear this cats dodgeing me...

    hit me up nigga...!
  4. absolute zero

    absolute zero Among the living

    Oct 28, 2004
    Explaining myself takes away all the fun.
  5. Bhitiah

    Bhitiah Powerful Scriptures

    May 3, 2004
    yeah...I cant want too...
  6. Nebulaz

    Nebulaz fear God, not man

    Feb 28, 2001
    Heck, I should have my wife explain me, cuz I sure can't. She'd take one glance at me and BAM! she'd have an instantaneous analysis of any part of my life, like she had be probing thoroughly for years. She just knows me.

    As for me knowing me, I don't know about that. I started here in Feb '01. I've come and gone a few times. I've written with some of very talented people in collaborations, and seen them head off. I've read some very talented pieces of work. And I've given those talented people I'm sure horrible advice.

    My reviews really aren't of a popular choice, nor are they probably very accurate. I normally just write as I think an reader would take it. Oh well.

    Been a Christian for a few years now even though I was raised in a Christian home.

    I can't seem to finish a poem that I start, dang it.

    HILARIONSOUL "one of the roughs,"

    Aug 6, 2006
    Well I’m like water
    I’m hard to get a hold of
    I stay in a city of springs and mountains
    my life is 31 and my heart is 21
    see I’ve been from cincinnati to florida
    from ATL to Colorado.
    Through Oklahoma pass Kansas
    I’ve searched the states and found life and love
    I myself like Lpoet, just bought a Condo our house
    With a pikes peak view and a mild winter, I love.
    I am a College drop out but I’m a soldier fighting for what is right.
    No I don’t like the weak azz war we are in now. It’s not right.
    Because our enemies are of holy decedents, who are biblically connected
    with the inevitable. It is written. If you don’t know read the bible.
    My mother passed in 98.
    My father still pimp-in and hustling. God bless his heart.
    He was able to raise all ten kids with one wife..
    I want a marriage and family like him..
    Out of the ten I am a twin but my other half is a woman...
    She is 1 of the 6 sisters.. I have 3 brothers..
    I’ve had two heart attacks survive them both through the faith I have in GOD.
    I’m blessed. I guess that’s about it...not really but hey, maybe you’ll see it in my poetry...
    I’m reborn and loving it... Nice to meet you all...
  8. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    ^yeah, I knew it was none other!

    And how come I have yet to have a conversation with you!

    Seems like I came back at no better time. The Realm is just vibrant.

    HILARIONSOUL "one of the roughs,"

    Aug 6, 2006
    we can talk Collaboration...

    Well Real!
    How come?

  10. poeticdreamz

    poeticdreamz Tha Dreamer

    Jul 21, 2006
    I started seriously writing probably in tenth grade. got alot of awards and what not after a lot of my teachers started putting me in contests and different school functions all through high school. I learned that loved it so much to the point that i was making sure i wrote one poem a week just to keep my style intact. I found out about rapmusic.com through a friend and i signed up. i wasn't used to it so i kind of let it fall off. But i'm back for another turn. i haven't been writing much since i've been in college studying radiology and workin'. so i went through poetry.com and won a couple of awards there on that site. so i figured that it's time to earn the respect of people that i probably will never see. people with all kinds of styles and things of that nature. I pretty much figured that if i could get respect here that i could get respect anywhere. So i plan on being someone that has work that people will love to look out for. I'm going to use every one's criticism to my advantage to develop the writer in me that i haven't been able to find on my own. So ya'll should expect at least one piece from me a week because if you guys don't like me the first time, i promise that i'll atleast be consistent untill you start to like me to the point i'm just infectious. For me, rapmusic.com is a class that i go to every day. To learn and be heard and eventually become respected. I just hope that i'll at least be better than the ordinary poet.
  11. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    well my name is Shane Enloe....
    i was born in Janesville,Wisc. on June 20,1982(Gemini)
    i only lived there for about a year,then my family moved to Tulsa,Oklahoma
    until about 1987-88
    than i moved down south to Ocala,Fl(hate it,still do)
    actually when i was very young,i was always extremely shy and nervous around people
    my mom started taking me to pyschologists when i was pretty young cuz she said she was concerned about me lacking with social activities
    a couple doctors even said i was autistic
    for those that dont know autism affects the brain with speech and relating to people in a social manner
    honestly i dont think im autistic
    maybe ive just grown out of it....
    i dont know
    ive always been extremely shy,independent,and very nervous around people i dont know
    i would say i have a bad case of social anxiety more than anything
    i feel very intense around new people
    always keep my guard up
    still sometimes when i talk its in a very quiet,soft spoken voice and sometimes i have my hands up close to my face as if to constantly guard myself from people...
    i guess you could say im a sus- picious person...very sus-picious
    i always watch people around me very closely
    hardly trust anyone
    it takes a long time for me to trust people
    but once they break thru my icy barriers
    they see im really not that bad of a guy after all....lol

    i started rapping/writing poetry about 17,18

    like mind soul said...i always had a way with emotion and relating to people in my lyrics
    something just clicked and said..."this fits me perfectly"
    i was never a battle rapper
    i still like to write rap lyrics with like a story telling type of twist....
    i would say me strength with writing is explaining details,adjectives,imagery....stuff like that

    more about Ocala....
    Ocala,basically is a fastly growing what used to be a small southern hospitality like town
    urban sprawl like a motha fucka....
    so if people arent aware of their changing surroundings...i feel for them
    cuz this town will get much worse
    guaranteed....probaly about 60 to 70 thous people living here
    so still kind of a small city,but it is very,very cluttered

    i definitely have a thing with psychology and society
    if i studied harder and paid more attention in high school i might have been able to make a career out of it....
    but my school life,was definitely Gemini....
    think way to much and cant focus on one thing for too long
    my mind tends to wonder from subject to subject
    crazy like...
    those that read my poetry can definitely see what im talkin about

    cuz of my problems with speech,im really not the typical Gemini though
    but like Gemini's,i have a thing with remembering all types of strange facts
    basically anything that interests me,ill always remember

    back to how i started rapping/writing
    i always liked rap since i was like 11('93 was like the gangsta rap explosion across the whole world)Dre,Ice Cube and Tupac were the first ones i really listened to
    my favorite is definitely Nas,though
    i definitely feel him....
    the quiet,elegant,strong,soft spoken type
    ready to bring the truth but still keep respect for others and dignity
    i also really like Rakim,Kool G Rap,and Big Daddy Kane

    at first i never wanted to rap
    but then i would write to release pent up emotions
    and since i loved rap i liked to put my emotions in rhymes and kind of imitate my favorites in a way
    after a little while i fell into a style of my own

    i definitely Would Not call myself a traditional poet
    my style is very different
    traditionalists may not appreciate it at all
    but thats ok cuz people doubting me is what gives me my drive
    i am extremely determined by what people say i cant and shouldnt do
    limitations shouldnt be placed on anyone like that
    anyways since about age 18 poetry has got me hooked

    i dont do drugs beside smokin weed since i was like 16 or so
    its more of a relaxation/calming thing for me
    like just come home from work and just unwind
    kind of a spiritual thing in a way...

    anyways to cut to the chase,
    i love writing poetry and definitely feel a karmic connection to it
    no question
    besides what the doubters say
    i feel its a gift and my calling
    and im completely determined to continue on
    my main problem is gathering all my thoughts at once
    i often change directions or forget what i wanted to write when im writing
    i have a roller coaster like type of things with my emotions
    from happy to sad,sorrowful to happy,proud to guilty,etc.,etc
    i would say i have a very heavy concience
    what some people would never be bothered by
    guilt will hit me with a ton of bricks

    im very quiet and consider myself a loner
    overall im a Gemini,though
    except with all the talkin
    other than that
    how Gemini's go from subject to subject in a matter of seconds
    that definitely is me

    umm...i graduated high school in 2001 and breifly went to comm college and dropped out
    ive worked for 3 companies(super markets and shopping centers) since i was 16
    right now i just started a new job and getting full time and benefits
    so im really broke right now cuz some shady things happened with the last place i worked for
    they probaly just didnt understand my extremely quiet nature,i think
    i was pretty angry about it
    things should get better since i get paid so much better where im at now...
    kind of a rough job though,especially on weekends
    but the good thing about me about working is im the type that can grind it out
    thru the worst type of situations
    i wont quit unless i got another job lined up first cuz i know if i quit,i will be fucked....

    anyways thats enough for now...probaly to much information
  12. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    It's BlackSoultan, resident rm.com old man. I was first introduced to rm.com through the poetry realm when a fellow student at my grad school hipped me to it, because she knew I was into poetry. Back then, it was me, evilene (collegue), Kpucha, and MissMoses. I used to write a lot on here, but as time went by, my post counts went down. When I came back, people would not know who I was and would just not reply to me. I have since played the back, but started getting more into performing. Got into recording music and I'm on a second album. Every now and again, you can find me at The Poetry Lounge on Melrose, every thursday I'm at Project Blowed in Leimert Park. Sad to say, I'm rarely ever on here anymore.
  13. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    Yall are interesting. Well I'm Brenda, 18 years old. I was born on November 17, 1987-Scorpio! (I can't beliiieve Mind said Cancers rawk lol. Did your birthday just past?). All of my numbers are odd and I think it does me justice because I'm not like everyone else in my family. Besides that I like to be different from everybody else in the crowd. I wasn't born in the states I was born in the United Arab of Emirates. (my dad works for an offshore comp. and my mother is from Thailand.) I'm mixed to make a long story short!

    I don't really remember how I found out about this place but I joined in 2004. I used to write poetry on accounts of many things but now it seems I just write it as my therapy. Yeah I'm selfish. I still read poetry everyday. I still have a goal in mind to have my book of poetry and lyrics out someday.

    I'll be starting school at the Univeristy of Louisiana-Lafayette in 2 weeks. Neither of my parents went to college but moreso it's something I want to do-b/c I have to. In order to get to that life I want to live! Yes indeed IDK what else to say so that would be all.

    HILARIONSOUL let's make it happen man.
  14. YesikaStarr

    YesikaStarr WordsMadeMeTheirBitch

    Jun 8, 2006
    lets see.

    Yesika Starr isnt a screen name for me, but my birth name.
    ive been writing every since ive been writing.
    a story teller by birth (people like to name those children liars...smh never understanding the creativity behind it).

    anyway i came to the site because of thiah. who i met on hiphoppoetry.com i site i moderate and post most of my poetry on.

    i am devoted to my pen. entirely.
    its an extension of me and comes as natural as it were part of my limbs.

    anyway...i am part of a performing group (we are also a non profit) named The Strange Fruits.

    8 women with the same vision... to provide out youth with words and music...so that they may learn to interpret this chaos filled world we have all been brought into. the youth is our (i mean all of us not just SF) reposibility...thus we women have decided to be responsible.

    a little about me...i am a mother of a beautiful boy (who seems to have a passion for words as well...lol he loves to hear me recite poe and neruda). i am a teacher who currently isnt teaching. lol.

    i giver to her community
    and ladies and gentle men... a communist. lol.
    socialist...marxist...whatever the lable you choose to give it.

    but you will see that as you see more of my work.
    thanks for the feed back ive received already

    and i am always willing to mentor and or become and editor to anyones work.

    peace and blessings.
  15. Bhitiah

    Bhitiah Powerful Scriptures

    May 3, 2004
    ^^^ but I dont post on hhp...I just saw one of her poems and randomly IM'd her one day. LOL...Stalkerrrrrrrrrrrr....hahaahaha...whateva, she loves me now though...lol.
  16. UFO the Phoenix


    Aug 10, 1999
    UFO: Oddie Sloan 4/6/81 (Where Aries at!!! My sacrificial lambs stand up!!!!)....live from Cali, God fearing, college student (junior), going for a BA in English, want to be a teacher, been writing for over 7 years, used to do secular rap, and I was smoking weed in a parking lot one day when a cell phone superhero civilian called the cops on me...and when I notice it was too late....cops were rushing down the street with sirens on blast....and God showed me a way out...and I was untouched....then I was baptized and my whole life changed...I was urged in the spirit to do a 40 day fast...friends and family thought I was crazy but it was something I had to do....and I did it....2004..And in 2006…best feeling every…spirit over flesh…clear your mind so you can see what’s really up (I highly recommend fasting for those of you suffering in whatever area in your life…. the world calls it stupid but I see it as a forgotten way to talk to God…He’s not going to answer prayers if you don’t humble yourself to him)….awwww let me get off that

    Ok so my Rap name was “UFO” (Unidentified Flowing Oddie)…but after that fast I wanted to be called PHOENIX…cause that’s where I did my first 40 day fast AZ phoenix…and I felt like a bird in flames…flying out of ashes…then I discovered that UFO and Phoenix are names of the anti-christ…and I was concerned maybe I was a false prophet….cause when Jesus comes back to rapture the church the media will say the “UFO’s” took away all those people…But I don’t believe in Aliens anymore I believe in the Holy Spirit

    So here I am…. again I was at rapmusic.com back in 99…but rejoined around 04 after my fast…spirit filled and poems flowing out all over…my first poem I posted on here was Vertical Ventilation and it was picked as poem of the week or whatever….I’ve been hooked on poetry and the realm since then….and I’ve always been known as the collabo king for past rap songs I would make with Audioholics, Nimrod, and all different kinda cats from all over the web….I wanted to take that same energy I gave to rap music and apply it to poetry….so its no wonder I would be voted in MOD….and would later do Reality Shows, tourneys, Slams, Golden pen series, word of mouth, and other collabo projects.

    That’s me….just a little background on why I write what I write
  17. YesikaStarr

    YesikaStarr WordsMadeMeTheirBitch

    Jun 8, 2006
    ^ just an observation...

    you are a god fearing man who believes in horoscopes?
    a tad conradictory no?

    lol. ay me and my nit picking.
  18. UFO the Phoenix


    Aug 10, 1999
    ^my defination of "horror Scopes" might be different then yours

    1) Virgo = A virgin giving birth, (prophecy of our savior Christ)
    2) Libra = off balance scales (Virgins seed able to pay the price)
    3) Scorpio = Satan treading underfoot stinging with a non-fatal blow
    4) Sagittarius = the conqueror archer, in Satan’s heart goes the final arrow
    5) Capricorn = Now here’s a poet bonus come upon this Capricornus’ a sacrifice for all of us, notice the Great offering, the Goat is dieing but the FISH tail is promising, of all things a fish emerges from a Goat, it’s a true sign of life and hope
    6) Aquarius = the water pourer of eternal life the living H20
    7) Pisces = the liberator, deliverance out of bondage (sin’s shackles unfold)
    8) Aries = Glory out of Humiliation, the crowned lamb sacrifice of righteousness
    9) Taurus = The judge rushing forward with glory and force, the wrath of God was like the charge of a wild ox, its hard to stop his coming power in the final hour, all the crying is felt, the serpent spying is dealt with the club from Orion’s Belt
    10) Gemini = His rule on earth as Christ the King, Lord and Savior all in one sign
    11) Cancer = Which leads me to Cancer now here’s my chance-ta remedy all wrong answer of the Crab which have a tendency to grasp anything and never release in this stronghold the protector provides a moment of peace, Assemble the flock keeping the sheep from wondering off like centipedes, until we can toast the big dipper in victory
    12) Leo = His enemies destroyed, Christ the victor, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who has prevailed

    ^now the world took those signs and twisted them thats all that is
  19. YesikaStarr

    YesikaStarr WordsMadeMeTheirBitch

    Jun 8, 2006
    and how the hell did you come up with all that?

    cause i know damn well its not in the bible.
  20. nathedawg

    nathedawg New Member

    Oct 14, 2003
    hmm where do i start

    My name is Nate Short... aka nate dogg... tooshort.. all my friends call me short, tooshort, nate dogg and lastly my actual name Nate! lol

    I was born in Dickinson, North Dakota July 24, 1982... only lived there for a year or so than moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    I have an older sister 27, older brother 25, and two half brothers old enough to be my own kids! one is 7 and one is 5... let's just say my mom felt the need to have some more kids, and to think I used to be the baby!!! lol

    Some of my hobbies are grabbing onto anything that interests me and basically going "all out" with it whatever it may be.... try to put my all into everything I do... some view me as a perfectionist, my dad actually takes anxiety pills, so its only a matter of time that I end up popping them! lol....

    My strengths are that I am a very hardworking person, I view myself as an optimistic person most of the time... For the most part when it comes to love relationships (nowadays that is) I know how to treat a woman... moreorless am viewed as a ladies man because of how I show concern for females feelings and just the way I operate when it comes to females in general....

    in a nutshell that is

    My weaknesses... I have a very fragile heart... I was raped at the young age of 5 by my very own uncle, and no i wasn't the only one my bigger brother was also. he took it alot harder he was a year older than me so he actually remembers most of what occured.

    I would rather not remember it. He will get what is coming to him. Fucking disgusts me and to think he is "happily" married *shakes head*

    but yeah some other weakenesses are that I don't work all that well with others... when it comes to working directly with people I just cant do it very well never have and im afraid i never will... although I am a very hard worker and i normally grasp the concept of what it is I am doing... i'm not afraid to ask for help

    In high school I smoked alot of marijuana... probably more than anyone on RAPMUSIC.COM
    Real talk... My big sister used to deal out of her apartment and we got into it thick

    I only smoke occasionally now... I drink but not like i used to

    I am ex Army... a veteran of the Iraqi War.. February 2003 to November 2003 when it broke off after our favorite buddie George W. made the decision to go to war with Iraq instead of taking his scheduled medication!

    I love writing poetry... but I don't write like most poets

    so I have been told

    I write mostly about love and heartbreak... things I can relate to

    I absolutely love hiphop... and yes I am white as most people know that have been posting on here for awhile now

    Hiphop is the love of my life... some of the artists that i prefer on the regular

    Apathy, Celph Titled, Nas, Jay-Z, Game, 8ball and MJG, Ludacris on occasion, Scarface, Z-ro, Ice Cube, Louis Logic, jedi mind tricks, RZa, Gza, method man, Ghostface, Raekwon, the old Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Obie Trice, TooShort, Brother Ali,

    that is just a very small portion of who i listen to

    if anyone ever needs music... I am that dude!! Just hit me up and I will do my best and get you a link to an album of your request

    I guess that is all right now POETRY REALm
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