Excerpts from Karrine Steffans new book

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    Aug 31, 2005
    Excerpts from Karrine Steffans new book
    by Anonymous (no login)

    MediaTakeOut.com got its hands on what we're told is an excerpt from Karrine "Superhead" Steffans' new book The Vixen Diaries. According to our source, this is from the chapter where Karrine rates men in the hip hop industry. Ladies and gentleman, this right here is off the chains...

    How was it?
    It was good. He’s really wild in bed, and don’t let the ‘No homo’ stuff fool you, because he is definitely not a homo in bed. His d*ck is like a baseball bat, but it’s thick too like a overgrown German sausage. He likes to pull hair a lot, and he actually likes it better when a girl rides.

    50 CENT:
    What’s your story?
    50 cent and I have had our share of sexual encounters. We kick it every time he comes to L.A.. His d*ck is not as big as I assumed it would be. It was probably about 7 1/2 inches. But it's not a big disappointment because he can eat pus*y like no other.

    How did you meet?
    I know a few studio owners, so when he was out here recording with Game, I went in to meet them. It jumped off from there.

    Does he have a fetish?
    Yes, 50 loves ti**ies and a*s. I happen to have them both so I guess that's why he immediately came on to me.

    He came on to you?
    Actually he did, I wanted him either way, so if I had to come on to him, or he did, I was still going to get him.

    Was Young Buck good in bed?
    He was the best I ever had. His d*ck was like the Energizer Bunny. It kept going and going. The sex lasted for hours at a time. It was the best I ever had and it got better each time.

    Was this a ongoing relationship?
    It wasn’t a relationship really, it was more of a sex thing. It lasted about 5 months.

    When did you meet Young Buck?
    I met him through one of my friends. She was dating one of his cousins or someone related to him. She introduced me at a party and he took me back to his hotel after that.

    Was he famous when you met him?
    Not really, he was known through G-Unit but this was before his CD came out.
    Any other celebrities you would give a try?
    Yeah. There’s a few, but I doubt any of them would be better.

    Were you in a relationship with Usher, or was it just for the sex?
    I wouldn't dream of being in a relationship with him. YUCK. It was just for sex, but the sex was NOT all that good either. I kinda felt sorryfor him. So I fu**ed him.

    Were you disappointed?
    Um yeah. Because it was after a concert when we “fu**ed” and it was smelling like straight up FISH up in backstage in his dressing room. It was NOT me either. So I'm like babes? What's that smell. He tried to make it seem like it already smelled like that when they got to the arena. I'm like whatever, can we get this over with.

    How was the sex?
    It was fu**ing horrible and on top of that it was smelling back there. This man is not packing, his d*ck is way small and he was having a hard time trying to find my hole. Then ol’ boy did something out of this world, he yelled out something Haitian. I was sick to my stomach. I got dressed and ran out of there.

    Are there any celebs you’d want to sleep with?
    Yes! Just not Usher. I’d fu** Lil Jon before I have sex with Usher again. I really would want to have sex with that guy Tyson Beckford, now he is packing, I seen some movies.

    List of Rappers

    Mystikal - long
    Trick Daddy - long and full of energy
    Twista - medium
    Will Smith - long
    Xzibit - long but comes to quick
    Kool G Rap - Long but cant f**k
    Talib Kweli - medium
    Redman - hung like a banana
    Black Thought - medium
    Russel Simmons - small
    Khujo from Goodie Mob - very long
    Ja Rule - Long and full of energy
    Jay-Z - Real thick and juicy but you cant stand looking at him when he’s on top
    OutKast - Both big but Big Boi is bigger and fatter Dre’s is long and slim
    Pete Rock - big
    Puff Daddy - medium
    Rakim - Long
    Mobb Deep - havoc is big but Prodigy is small
    M.O.P. - Long pipes but Danze has a smelly body odor
    Nas - small
    Nelly - medium
    Scarface - medium
    Snoop Dogg - too long
    Ol’ Dirty Bastard - may his big d**k rest in peace
    Clipse - They’re both long but they cant f**k and Pusha T’s breath stinks
    Common - Long but too skinny
    Da Brat - can eat a p**sy.
    Mos Def - long but his breath stinks
    Timbaland - long and fat but can't f**k and comes to quick
    Too $hort - long and thick but talks to much s*it in bed
    Q Tip - long but skinny. He has an a**hole personality
    Mase - Long but he has an a**hole personality too
    Master P - nice and long and can f**k
    Method Man - Long but comes to quick
    Missy Elliott - pu**y has a bad odor
    50 Cent - medium/long
    Big Punisher - The same size of a can of air freshener
    Busta Rhymes - Big and long bit cant f**k. Just because you are left sore he thinks he did something.
    Canibus - real long
    Noreaga - Long but he cant f**k
    Lil Wayne - nice and long
    Kanye West - Big but he cant f**k
    KRS-One - small
    LL Cool J - Nice and fat
    The LOX - All of them are big except for styles. styles is very tiny. And J Hood is abnormaly fat
    Ludacris - Just perfect. Long and fat
    DMX - Long and can f**k forever
    Fabolous - big d**k but comes to fast
    Fat Joe - small at first but when erect he’s impressive.
    Wyclef - Long but his breath stinks
    Ghostface Killah - Long but he comes to quick
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    this is fake....already been proven....
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    lmao, this is hilarious.
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    thats a long ass list.
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    This is rather suspect.
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    yeah this is outta there cuz she said she didnt wanna spray everyone like its done here. fake..
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