!!! EuroWings Company recruiting workers in USA and EU

Discussion in 'Graphic Forum' started by recruiterusa, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. recruiterusa

    recruiterusa New Member

    Mar 26, 2007
    My name is Veronica Giglio, Manager of the Customer Assistance Department of
    the EuroWings Company.

    Correspondence Assistant/Representative:

    No special experience is required for this position!
    We hire all over the Europe & USA except Alaska and Hawaii.
    We are looking for honest and bright people for this position.
    - Resident of the United States, France, Italy, Austria or Germany
    - Fluent English (for applicants from all countries);
    - Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel;
    - Home Computer with e-mail account and ability to check your e-mail
    box at least twice a day;
    - Adults only accepted (we cannot hire underage people);
    - 4-6 hours free during the week (mainly in the evening /
    non-business hours) for communication and 3-5 hours a week more for
    package processing;

    Job description:
    Those people who are accepted for this job will follow these simple

    1. Receive correspondence from our company and it's clients at his/her
    residential address;
    2. Report to our manager (every candidate will be included in a
    manager's lists)
    3. Forward received items according to instructions of our manager.
    We offer 75 USD for each package shipped out.
    4. Fill in the forms and papers as indicated in our manager's
    instructions (you will receive an e-mail with instructions for each
    5. Ship packages out (through USPS & DHL)
    Our company is taking care for all shipping fees, so you do not have to pay for anything.
    We'll pay you 75 USD for each sent package per month.
    Visit our website for more information: http://www.eurwings.com/
    Our you can email me with any questions you will have: job@eurwings.com

    With best regards,
    Veronica Giglio

    EuroWings Company
    Tel Fax#: (347) 438-3298
  2. ehpik

    ehpik New Member

    May 15, 2007
    lol you're advertising a corporate undertaking on a rap site, your company should already have connects, fucking dyke
  3. Infinitheat

    Infinitheat New Member

    Feb 23, 2006
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