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Discussion in 'Audio Help & Tips' started by Illyricist, Jul 30, 2003.

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  1. Illyricist

    Illyricist New Member

    Mar 12, 2003
    Alright, I'm sick'a seein requests for vocal processes when y'all should be experimenting on your own or use them for reference on creating your own. So, here's a useful guide on EQ'ng. If any of you have one for Compression, please feel free to do so.

    EQ Table


    1. Increase to add more fullness to lowest frequency instruments like foot, toms, and the bass.
    2. Reduce to decrease the "boom" of the bass and will increase overtones and the recognition of bass line in the mix. This is most often used on bass lines in Rap and R&B.


    Increase to add a harder bass sound to lowest frequency instruments.
    Increase to add fullness to guitars, snare.
    Increase to add warmth to piano and horns.
    Reduce to remove boom on guitars & increase clarity.


    1. Increase to add fullness to vocals.
    2. Increase to add fullness to snare and guitar (harder sound).
    3. Reduce to decrease muddiness of vocals or mid-range instruments.
    4. Reduce to decrease gong sound of cymbals.


    1. Increase to add clarity to bass lines especially when speakers are at low volume.
    2. Reduce to decrease "cardboard" sound of lower drums (foot and toms).
    3. Reduce to decrease ambiance on cymbals.


    1. Increase for clarity and "punch" of bass.
    2. Reduce to remove "cheap" sound of guitars


    1. Increase for "clarity" and "pluck" of bass.
    2. Reduce to remove dullness of guitars.


    1. Increase for more "pluck" of bass.
    2. Increase for more attack of electric / acoustic guitar.
    3. Increase for more attack on low piano parts.
    4. Increase for more clarity / hardness on voice.
    5. Reduce to increase breathy, soft sound on background vocals.
    6. Reduce to disguise out-of-tune vocals / guitars


    1. Increase for vocal presence.
    2. Increase low frequency drum attack (foot/toms).
    3. Increase for more "finger sound" on bass.
    4. Increase attack of piano, acoustic guitar and brightness on guitars.
    5. Reduce to make background parts more distant.
    6. Reduce to soften "thin" guitar.


    1. Increase to add attack on low frequency drums (more metallic sound).
    2. Increase to add attack to percussion instruments.
    3. Increase on dull singer.
    4. Increase for more "finger sound" on acoustic bass.
    5. Reduce to decrease "s" sound on singers.
    6. Increase to add sharpness to synthesizers, rock guitars, acoustic guitar and piano.


    1. Increase to brighten vocals.
    2. Increase for "light brightness" in acoustic guitar and piano.
    3. Increase for hardness on cymbals.
    4. Reduce to decrease "s" sound on singers.


    1. Increase to brighten vocals (breath sound).
    2. Increase to brighten cymbals, string instruments and flutes.
    3. Increase to make sampled synthesizer sound more real.



    But if you insist, here's two of the more popular processes:

    1. NTL's Vocal Process
    2. Capheine's Vocal Process

  2. Dj Def

    Dj Def Cuttin Up Da Vinyl

    Jan 19, 2002
    can i get some of NTLs audio? theres none in the link, and i cant find them, but capheins is shit, capheines my dawg and all but that was for some really bad dynamic mic try to be good quality
    and NTLs seems more professional, but can i hear some his audio?
  3. Ghet-Ghet

    Ghet-Ghet Guest

    I'm gonna speek from experience here and tell you that if you religiously follow an EQ table, your music will suffer for it. This chart does not even follow the 10 harmonic octaves our ear cna hear because i starts at 50hznd exponentionally increases instead of starting at 20hz. Ultimately, use EQ guides exactly as they are: as guides, and use your ear to make the final decision.
  4. PG-13

    PG-13 Kiss My Ass

    Aug 5, 2000
    ^^ i never new much about eq-ing i just done everything by ear until i got the sound i wanted
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