"Emergency presents".

Discussion in 'Ladies Lounge' started by GaLaTeA, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Jun 10, 2010

    Occasional or so called "emergency gifts" basically get on my nerves. The whole thing, even when it's done with a full measure of joviality, can't escape a sense of hypocrisy. Sorry.

    At first glance, it appears that the gift can be a concern at most only of the one gifting it, but the reality is that these are mainly a worry load to the one receiving it. The gift giver is actually damn rarely aware of the effect that gesture has, as with most good intentional things, it's negative and burdensome.

    A few banal examples;

    "Do you use the ashtray, which you get from me for your birthday?" ~ would be the 1st level of the gift giver's "sickness symptoms", which soon turns into:"As soon as I saw this picture, I knew that it's cosmetic place would be your bedroom." In short, one large load of crap :)scared:).

    I strongly recommend only five groups of gifts. Those, that are meant to be eaten, those that are meant to be drank, those that are meant to for smoking, and possibly one that is "meant to be laid." And of course ~ money. Everything else is just kind of pleasuring the gift giver's own creativity onto foreign shoulders.

    Expensive gifts? Price of gift shouldn't be a factor, but it is normal and natural, that the price in purchasing a gift follows the financial power of the gift giver. A gift is supposed to be a small token, and as far prices are concerned, a relative concept, linked with the financial abilities of the gift giver.

    Interestingly, if not ironic, is that it's particularly unpleasant and undesirable with purchasing something ultra expensive. I mean, if someone can purchase a gift for 300 eur/dollars/pounds, but they choose to purchase something for let's say 50 eur/dollars/pounds ~ it's ok, but if someone, which is known to shop only at times of substantial discounts, and even then checks the price three times to make sure they won't be paying more for it (just to make one thing clear ~ there's nothing wrong if people like to buy at times of discounts, it's not meant to ridicule anyone), buys a gift for 100 eur/dollars/pounds, then it's quite improper and in a way unfair, not to mention rude. Those kinds of gifts always come with strings attached ~ and ulterior motive that's lurking behind the gift. Something always hides behind that gift. Complex, for example, or some kind of bribe. Perhaps even subconsciously.

    Gift a bottle of wine, whiskey or a cigar. It'll be used even by those, who you'd never think that they would. And it disappears! The gift, that is. And this is the essence of gifts. That it vanishes!
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