ELITE 8 EMCEES: w/Jowelz, Mac, Ed Lake, Userneez, Trap, Mudcrumb, Numbskull, Serge

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  1. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999

    serge'll kill ya whole clique with or without a gat bitch
    i could serve the whole country without a fuckin draft list
    so say so long, we got morses, the Dots' strong force is..
    set with leg's of ammo to combat ya armed forces
    serge god is in the buildin so the blood is gon spill
    like cops with damu's givin them life for they long kills
    serge dot T, that kid the shit ya wanna be
    my keyful strokes just broke ya hope's to manic sanity

    ED LAKE:

    Y'all know how the emcee with the strongest of flows wins
    And most of these herbs write lines longer than Dough's chin
    Plus there's way, WAY too many phony's that's fake
    Children, ain't yo momma tell you not to go near the Lake?
    Now, I just wanna check if all's well with you
    Cause if I'd ever join RBL, watch all hell break loose
    Stop talking so much and be a man, y'all gays are too soft
    So try fucking around and get cheated worse than Razah by Oz
    You pretend to be straight but y'all are born faggots
    Trying to hide it by posting in hookups asking for porn passes
    And anyone asking us to collab, is disrespecting the site
    Just read this shit and learn, bitch, we're repping this right


    Since 2004, I been that man it's seems I'm building
    Cause most dudes been all ass, like Serena Williams
    What you thought, since I stopped battlin I ain't the man?
    Then name one neguh on the net that ain't my fan
    Not too easy, Num been on top of the boards
    Open Mics and Battles, look around.. prolly ya whore
    Been on my dick like you, my hairs are thin pressed
    Yall both like the same thing... yall share interest
    In that, dick you been ryding on for one time
    I gotta stream of bullets, while you waiting for a punchline
    I don't need punchlines just for stealing ya whole
    They call me NumSkull..
    ...Cause neguhs been on my dick til I couldn't feel it no more


    Not playing with you, we skybox status...so why battle at all?
    Like GMs, we take you out the game with no actions involved
    You & man vs. me. With my skill, it takes 2 cats to equal this
    I'll reply vs. you ONLY and still blow out who you guest featuring
    & It's the plain truth, if your hateful, I'm forced to maim you
    Dis any squad & still get invites afterward from the same crew
    I'm the thread that completes fate, fuck with the elite eight?
    When ya barely the leftovers of some shit that we elites ate??
    Put myself in power with enough to knock down Twin Towers
    & It's hereditary..so best believe that both of my twins tower
    This my 1st verse back, and you'll say I've come better, true?
    But you just admitted I've been 4 times better than you instead of 2.


    eMCee TraP surpasses wack cats - i'll stick it to 'em,
    cuz i'm dropping science, math, english & the whole curriculum.
    scorching looseleaf for eons - who thought i'd retire?
    it was a conspiracy theory to save forest fires.
    admire the smooth flow from a kid who's clutch,
    i do this for the children - Galv just does it for touch.
    god or trap, there no difference, so who's wrath is worse?
    i've got pussies raps sown up like afterbirth.
    ask the nurse - her head game is sickening,
    i was getting it behind the altar at my infants christening.
    but it's all for fun - for most, it's just a sure bet,
    your rap careers like MJ's Jumpshot - nothing but Net.
    i'm still focused, while most kids are real hopeless,
    archive my whole catalogue so you don't have to quote this.


    If im not the dopest around…who else is holdin it down?
    If I rewrote history..God woulda loved me, n Moses would drown
    That's how I told it to clowns, don't try ya lying to me…
    The difference between us?...yall try…we try and succeed
    And finally be, as timing proceeds, my claim to fame is past, yet…
    I still got so many concepts…one changed its name to Blackdef
    I cash checks…and smack vets who look funny flossing
    I been on the gutter tip…ya family housings just makin money off me
    Your hopes are worthless, so hard the boulder on my shoulders hurtin'
    Plus I'm so evolved…fuck print, I take my mental notes in cursive
    Only User could pull it off, how outstandin' is that…
    I drop bombs…who you think's responsible for Afghanistan an Iraq?


    Set the TEK, recock the hammer, let the sound shake the globe
    My eyes reamplify in sight to let the targets be probed
    Unleash the worst apocalypse event arisen like beasts
    By leading eight elite savages with death to ya streets
    I got them suckas on the run, indestructive with guns
    My mission’s out to preserve a future life for my son
    Spit my words filled with heat, I express nonchalantly
    These dreams I see at night will cease to come and haunt me
    I live for my own, display unorthodox styles
    Scrap your corpse to the beasts while your bones in a pile
    This embedded death sentence that’s presented to herbs
    Has got dem cats left breathless and bent like theyre curves


    What makes us Elite? Let's start at the feet...
    Stompin Mud holes in emcees without art or Tekneek~
    Like a Lake done came through and washed out your fleet, shit...
    we'll leave ya Skull like a User's - blotchy and depleated~
    So fuck with Mac...
    you'll feel a Serge of voltage higher than a Trapeze artist on a hot wire~
    we didn't even need a match - just the slightest provoking and we caught fire~
    yeah I got priors - but so what? This ain't no laughing matter~
    Bout to show all y'all bastards just how far my raps can splatter..
    brains across the boards faster than a nude Enrapture pic~
    yeah Mac is sick but this ain't the illness you cats can catch and shit~
    so grab a dick and drop the mic - stick with what your acquainted to...
    I don't even like spittin outta spite - but look what ya done went and made me do~


    Jowelz hold titles like car dealerships, deal with it
    Battling or topical, I'm consistently real with it
    I ain't gassed though, fuck it, unless somebody tempt me
    And then I'll drop a classic like epileptics at Wendy's
    So when y'all bent on my left knee, with the Tec to ya left cheek
    Remember what y'all said then about bettin against me
    There's better ways to invest... Y'all stupid with that loot
    Good thing I'm stupider with the Ruger I got in my boot
    I got a hot hand... My index digit's just itchin for action
    Bitch it can happen to any faggot considerin rappin
    Who else you know with the talent? Nobody touchin my skill
    The only cat to rep on RM holdin more than a mill...
  2. MrFlux001

    MrFlux001 Member

    Jul 31, 2012
    You should know to reply to others before dropping your own.

    I was once in a 'net crew' with Trap, good writer.

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  3. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    You got to show respect man...you been in this game how long and you still dropping without feeding your peers ?

    You should know to reply to others before dropping your own...

    Some good verses here, but I ain't sharing nothing on it.
  4. Resilient.

    Resilient. .. . ..

    Sep 9, 2001

    I remember the first time t his was posted back in like '03 or '04
  5. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    Hey tekneek, forgive my butthurt response.

    Still, man c'mon!

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