EAST: 2. Yassa arabfat and Black Beard -VS- 11. Govern and Krytical

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  1. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005

    The Standard League Rules will be Enforced in the Tag Tournament

    Due Dates

    VERSES DUE: Friday 12:00am PST/3:00am EST
    Verses posted after the deadline will not count!

    VOTES DUE Sunday: 12:00am PACIFIC/3:00 Midnight EST
    Votes posted after the deadline will not count!

    • Check-in (Posting in your match to show that you are aware the match exists) is encouraged but not required.
    • Verses must incorporate at least one of the provided topics and must be at least 16 lines and must not exceed 64 lines.
    • Anyone who does not post at least 4 rap lines, incorporating at least one of the provided topics, is considered a no-show.
    • During check-in, you can ask your opponent to agree to a line limit (Minimum 16) and if your opponent agrees, Moderators will hold both participants to that limit.
    • Posting between 4-15 lines is considered a “show” but will not result in a match. If you post 4-15 lines, and your opponent posts between 16-64, you will lose the match but you will remain in the league. If you post 4-15 lines, and your opponent does not show, you will “Win by no-show”.

    • If you do not show you can still vote and post the links in your match to receive full voting points. In addition, if you do not show, yet vote on at least 4 matches (Or, every match available, should there be less than 4 matches to vote on) you will remain in the league.
    • Votes must be hidden! To hide a vote, first thing you type in your reply is a bracket “[“, the word “hide” and end bracket “]”. The last thing you type in your reply is a bracket “[“, a backslash “/”, the word “hide” and end bracket “]”. Unhidden votes will not count towards the match or towards your vote requirements.
    • No second chance votes! If your vote has been edited, even it was only to hide it, your vote will not count towards the match or towards your vote requirements.
    • No bias votes! If you have a personal investment in wanting someone to lose, whether because that member voted against you once, or you just don’t like that person, whatever the reason, do not vote in the match. If have a personal investment in wanting someone to win, whether because they’re crew member, or because you want to face that person in the next week’s brackets, whatever the reason, do not vote in the match.
    • ”Bias” must be confirmed by a Moderator.
    • If there is a match which you will not be able to vote on, due to “Bias” of any type, state so within your match prior to Verses Due Deadline. If this reduces the number of matches available for you to vote on to the point where you are unable to vote on at least 4 matches, the point scale will be adjusted according to how many matches you do vote on.
    • 3-ways are inevitable. In order to provide a tie-breaker in a 3-way, you are now required to indicate in what order the contestants finished (1st, 2nd, 3rd).
      anyone who does not show or vote is suspended one week and must sign-in again to be inserted the following week.


    If You Don't Post A Verse, You Don't Get To Vote Unless You're An Ex Champ. Ex Champs Must Vote On A Minimum Of 4 Battles For Their Votes To Count While They're Not In The League Or Have No Showed In Their Match. If They Fail To Vote On All 4 Matches Before Due Times, None Of Their Votes Will Count.

    I Have No Problem With Crew Votes, But I'm Going To Limit Them To 2 Crew Votes Per Match Because Any More Than That Seems Severely Biased And It's Only Fair To Not Be Cluttering Your Crew Mates Match With Votes. Any More Than 2 Crew Votes And None Of The Crew Votes Will Count At All. Got To Keep Shit Fair And This Has Been An Obvious Problem Of The Past.

    TOPICS: http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=1004335
  2. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    I'm like ''dude, I aint been Yassa Arabfat in years''.

    I'm down for what ever lineage and topic.

    I'll get at you on AIM in about 30 minutes.

    Love you. xoxoxoxo


    Apr 16, 2004
    [HIDE]This verse is Rated R for graphic violence, strongly explicit sexual content and an overall perverse attitude towards humanity. Parental Discretion is highly advised

    Topic: Unresolved Anger

    Yo Momma - The Cowboy


    His life was tortured, a demented soul left him in pain
    Accepting the blame because he witnessed him turn flesh into stains
    Stressing his brain, flashbacks burn his thoughts - resurrecting his shame
    Paying the ultimate price in life, but stil in debt to the game

    The Incident - Halloween Party

    The cold wind froze him because his costume was thin
    As he looked over the females dressed up and plotted to sin
    The cowboy fit he wore was cliché, far beyond played
    But he kept twirling his guns, acting like a star had been made
    People darted away scared that his pistols would fly
    And they'd get hit in the eye then promptly dismissed for the night
    But he kept going, controlling his motions and conversing a little
    At this masquerade ball for dill juices to work with his pickle
    A lady in cat suit was seeming frisky to play
    Entertained by his cheesy tricks and feeling submissive that day
    Mixes with tequila had gave him her permission to stay
    But giving their names was forbidden, masking their intimate phase
    Strangers in following raw instincts without caution at all
    Barely made it to the hall closet before dropping their draws
    His other weaponry made her wetness stink and the odor was vicious
    Like a corpse fucked her earlier and had tortured this bitch shit
    Evacuating was important than the climax of skills
    Procrastination could lead to needing a bath in oatmeal
    Tumbling out from the doom, the fumes completely consumed his focus
    As a man covered in blood walked in the room with the hostess
    But the fool didn't notice her head really had nails in the skull
    No makeup at all; red drips were really shaping her lost
    Watching surprised, the horrific look in her eyes made him shiver
    Not stopping this guy, dressed as a doctor; disguising a killer

    Black Beard - The Killer in Question


    A bitter resentment for me, but the perfect entrance for me
    Holding carpenter's scissors to pinch the nerves through ribs and her spleen
    Feeding my senses that fiend to do the most demented of things
    As I pretend she's a puppet- digging hands through inches of meat
    Put on some shades bridged by her nose so the eyes don't look spaced
    Dragged down isles of this place with a fixed smile on her face
    The jig was up when her stiffened butt spilled intestinal waste
    Leaving a trail 10 feet down her tail made her measurements change
    People smelled this and disgrace was viewed in them all
    So then I dropped her carcass and pulled out other tools for this brawl
    A shotgun with machete attachment got an amusing applause
    In the screams of my shooting scene as blood flew to the walls
    And into pools through the halls, but taking time on a few
    Took off the machete and slowly began carving slices of Sue
    Sucked the meat first from her fingers: dipped in her eyes for the juice
    Like human nuggets without the added grease of frying your food
    Striking for Bruce for more of a challenge like a horse was in action
    So I fired shots and made his body rock and forced him to dancing
    Saw this freaky little cowboy frozen outside of the room
    Only noticed him because his stench was the foulest of fumes
    Through a bottle of vodka at him and my aiming was perfect
    Then followed that with a cigarette lit and the flames were disturbing
    Running behind him like she's wanting the Heizman trophy this year
    Was some black cat who's originating the odors I feared
    She made me run to the streets while sucking my teeth
    I almost regurgitate cannibalistic purges of meat
    Used to be their principal, but was I fired last spring
    For overreacting, they said I did that when I slapped 5 of the teens
    For busting my tires that week plus bb guns they fired at me
    So I'm returning the favor, but my ammo is a little more likely to sting

    Class Dismissed
  4. Kryptikal

    Kryptikal Soulstice.

    Aug 26, 2005
    uh yeh shore.

    verse is almost done werdlife

    EDIT - im gone till monday. so i cant drop links...govern will be dropping
  5. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005

    My focus is clear; a quick glance made me notice my rear
    Swept the ocean and steered back in a loop, then froze in the air
    Target exposed as I stared, aimed and unloaded a flare
    The smoke is glared off the bright lights of explosive terror
    The pilot evacuates this savage fate; parachuting to safety
    Until I chase him down blazing rounds til limbs fall loose with shell
    Shooting like crazy.... vision is doubled as I slip into trouble ...
    Within this bubble calling for backup to come persistent and huddle
    I get a rebuttle,
    "Bravo Dic N Eye, we have your position
    Keep towards the moutains and turn back so we can trap these 2 bitches
    There's one ya left and one ya right, but they're under my sight
    So do whatcha do, you got the name..... "

    "I know.... just come in their eyes"

    Our chuckles are muffled by afterburners shiftin in action
    Missled are fired, but my compadre Yo Momma continues kicking their
    Skillful assassins, I turn around and circle in motion
    Seeing the plane trying to escape, but I fire shots that turn to
    Get back on the radio,
    "We're blasting these crazy hoes man, I'm feeling the rush.
    I have 2 missles left to spit their death til their shit just combusts
    Into the dust, turn their airforce into stencils of rust
    Against 3 million of them, we don't even need a million of us.... "


    "Dic, I'm under severe pressure, they're flying in circles around me
    To get me to land I think so I'm permanently grounded
    They want my plane... hurry man, I'm cornered in motion"
    Turn around and he's got my back, I dive down to the ocean
    The high speeds through gravital force has captured my stomach
    Pulling up, and thrusting level before I crash into rubbish
    I see sparks in both directions, that arent from my craft
    Wing bits fall as Dics bullets tarnish their ass
    They felt the Karma at last as water submerged my previous target
    as the deep sea is softened I pull up to even the odds with
    a meanly lit bomb, which seeks the heat of bitches in this dog fight
    Trying to spiral out, debris flashes, picturing what god likes
    I catch glimpses of some soft lights and pull a loop de loop
    until I even out between two jets..
    in full persuit I shoot
    I get Hit from behind and eject as thoughts split in my mind
    My chute rips in mid flight but I'm suspenended...
    Am i trippin, im fine?
    I Look up to see my chute covering the jets windshield
    Riding the skies caught, blinding the pilot yet its real
    I give thumbs up signaling for dic to bust a few off
    Get ready to pull my backup cord as I cut my chute off
    The wind sweeps me as I glide down back towards our ship
    Breathing deeply, hearing live rounds attacking from Dic
    But wait a second, I see one swimming towards cover beneathe
    Grab my gun from my reach, before I splash and shots plunge through his teeth
    Red rivers deliver a horrible aftertaste in my mouth
    As I hold my breathe, then swim to base and last through this round


    Soaring back with the forces that give me strength through the war
    Victums are minimal, everyone I killed had my aim on their fore....
    Head and they'll be more shed of bloody stains on the floors
    For the rights reserved in liberty all this pain is endured


    Even at my worst moment, I find a way to survive
    Can't let stress infect my mental state and fade out my life
    I'm a pencil writing my future with no eraser to hide
    So I keep it moving in all I'm doing and swim with the waves of the tide
  6. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    Dic was having problems posting so he asked me to
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